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It was really hard to come up with ten that I would like to see, since I have them all. Blue snags I didnt get because I refused pay that kind of money for just one pack-in I needed. So that's #1. The rest are figures that were hard to find for many or figures I could use more of. The ROTS battle droid is probably my favorite battle droid and the stand he comes with is useful for dioramas. If I could get more Gungan Warriors maybe I could put together a little battle scene. The Obi-Wan I guess is disqualified but I always thought that was the best Ben Kenobi sculpt ever done.

1. - Blue Snaggletooth (OTC 2004)
2. - Bespin Han Solo (POTJ)
3. - Hooded Princess Leia (POTF2commtech)
4. - Sio Bibble
5. - Battle Droid with stand (ROTS)
6. - FX-7 (POTJ)
7. - Gungan Warrior (POTJ)
8. - Zev Senesca (TSC)
9. - Yoda (OTC 2004)
10. - Obi-Wan Kenobi (flesh version of OTC spirit)

Its hard to come up with 10 for this movie, but I think our standards are much lower than for the OT - we dont want EVERY background character from the PT just yet. That being said, here's 10 that would be cool.

1. Senate Duel Palpatine (this is the only must have on my list)
2. Medical Droid for Padme "She's lost the will to live"
3. Mid-wife droid for padme "Uuumba"
4. Kashykk Clone Trooper (new sculpt)
5. General Gree (new sculpt)
6. FX-6
7. Bun-hair Padme
8. Utapau refueler guys
9. Senate Speech Palpatine (red robes)
10. SA Yoda with hooded cloak

Pretty much the same list as last year. Ep 1 gets the shaft.

1. Kitster/Wald 2-pack
2. Obi-Wan SA
3. Yellow R5 from Naboo cruiser
4. Twi'lek Masseuse
5. 2x clean-up droids
6-8. Amidala missing outfits
9. Mawhonic
10. Transforming Droideka

I have a room at the Westin Bonaventure and I'm still looking for a roomate if anyone needs a place to stay. Ryan will vouch for me - he stayed with me at CIII. At least I hope he would!

1. Yarna D'al Gargan
2. Klaatu Palace
3. Lumat
4. Warok
5. Romba
6. Sim Aloo
7. B-Wing Pilot (Human)
8. Seargent Doallyn
9. blonde-bearded rebel in scout trooper disguise (easy head swap)
10. R2-D2 blaster damage (all his gizmos popped out)

1. Luke Skywalker, Snowspeeder Pilot
2. Rebel Soldier, Hoth Battle Gear (SA/Vintage)
3. Torryn Far
4. Luke Skywalker, Recovery Room
5. Princess Leia, Recovery Room
6. Lando Calrissian, Smuggler
7. Bespin Guard (black)
8. Han Solo, Bespin
9. Wes Jansen (Wedge's Gunner)
10. ICMG

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2007: A New Hope
« on: February 16, 2007, 11:52 AM »
1. Uncle Owen
2. WED-15 spider droid
3. Red Leader
4. Black tuniced officer (when we finally get one its a girl? go figure)
5. The snitch (the guy in the green cap who snitches outside the cantina)
6. Dr Evazen
7. Lars family Power droid
9. Tonnika Sisters
10. Red Leader's R5 unit.

Here's something different... My vintage style Jango Fett. I made this a couple years ago.

This is the OT movie that really has been ignored relative to the number of characters in it. I could probably come up with 20 I would like to see. But mostly my wish is to have all vintage figures redone in the modern era.

1. Luke Skywalker, Endor/Final Duel (like vintage POTF endor luke but with removable helmet)
2. Yarna D'al Gargan
3. Hermi Odle
4. Romba
5. Warok
6. Lumat
7. Klaatu (palace)
8. Nikto (skiff driver, as vintage)
9. Sim Aloo, Imperial Dignitary
10. B-wing Pilot (human)

Lets see if I can really come up with 20.

11. Jabba's Old Interpreter with droid torture rack
12. R2-D2 with pop-up saber (handle only)
13. Black-tuniced officer 'you rebel scum'
14. Sgt Doallyn
15. Fozek
16. Endor Princess Leia redux
17. 'human skiff guard who shoots Luke's hand'
18. SA Rebel Commando
19. Ewok who takes AT-ST with Chewie
20. Other Ewok who takes AT-ST with Chewie

Theres not alot left that hasnt already been made, but here goes.

1. Bespin Guard (black)
2. SA Snowtrooper
3. Lando Smuggler
3. Luke Medical
4. Leia Medical
5. Torryn Far
6. Luke Hoth Flight suit
7. Captain Needa
8. accurate blow apart C-3P0
9. Wedge Hoth flight suit

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Defender Wishlists 2006: A New Hope
« on: March 17, 2006, 04:22 PM »
Excuse my not knowing the EU names of these guys.

1. CZ-3
2. Bom Vimdim
3. 'Spidery' treadwell droid
4. LIN droid
5. Lars Family power droid
6. Tonnika Sisters
7. Red Leader
8. General Tagge
9. Death Star Trooper
10. "Holding her is dangerous" guy, i.e. a black tuniced officer.

edit: WED meant LIN droid, ie the dome droid the Jawas have for sale.

Star Wars Universe / Re: The Star Wars Actors in Other Movies Game
« on: February 28, 2006, 07:37 PM »
Princess Leia

Star Wars Universe / Re: The Star Wars Actors in Other Movies Game
« on: February 27, 2006, 01:53 PM »
Sleepy Hollow

Star Wars Universe / Re: The Star Wars Actors in Other Movies Game
« on: February 22, 2006, 05:08 PM »
That's acceptable.

Your'e up jedi :)

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