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I've got a few extra MOMC Silver figures still lyin' around, so I'm looking to sell them as a lot.  Boba Fett, R2-D2 and the new Clonetrooper - all 3 MOMC for $30, plus shipping. Sorry, but no one's getting the Vader.   ;)  So give me a holler if you're interested!  

- Matt

Saga '02-'04 / Paint and production errors. Got any?
« on: March 24, 2004, 04:05 PM »
With the void that is new figures over the past several months, I've been spending my free time sorting through and consolidating my collection.  The other day I got to my pile of carded Hoth Midget Troopers, and noticed one of them looked a little different than the rest.  After staring at them for a while, I finally realized it was because his visor wasn't painted green, like the rest.  In fact, it wasn't painted at all!  I'm not usually one to get into paint variations or errors, but I thought this one was pretty notable and cool (kinda like the visor-less Jango a while back).  I'll probably hang on to it and keep it carded just because of it's uniqueness.

Not sure if I have any other major paint error figures, but I have snagged a few card production errors, including:

  • Star Tours R5-D2 droid packaged BACKWARDS in the bubble.
  • Saga Anakin (Tatooine Attack) with NO insert in sealed bubble.  Target had to scan a different figure in it's place, since there wasn't even a barcode.  I hesitantly traded this figure away to error collector Cohens4, but got some pretty good stuff in return for it.
  • POTJ Tessek, with a Ketwol Force File
Nothing that exciting, to be sure, but still a decent little error sampling.  I've probably get a few other production and paint errors here and there, but these are the few that come to mind.  By no means am I an error collector, but I do enjoy, and usually keep, the ones that I randomly stumble across in stores.

Anyone else have some good error figures?  Anyone actually collect errors?  BTW, when I say errors, I'm talking one of a kind errors, and not running production changes that Hasbro's made.

So...  Whatchya' got?

Feedback / CorranHorn's feedback
« on: March 23, 2004, 08:56 PM »
Just had the pleasure of finishing up my first transaction with CorranHorn, and it went just as smoothly as I expected it to!  Jason's a great guy, who you shouldn't hesitate to deal with if you get the chance.  Highly recommended!   8)

Thanks Jason.  Let's do it again some time!

- Matt

Feedback / DualSaberMaster's feedback
« on: March 22, 2004, 01:19 AM »
Met up with Ricardo here in person down at Wizard World L.A., and he fronted me some moolah for the package I'm about to send him.  Very cool fella, and a highly recommended trader for sure.  So don't hesitate to deal with DualSaberMaster!   8)

Thanks Ricardo, and it was great meeting you...

- Matt

Watto's Junk Yard / Are you a Star Wars collecting forum snob too?
« on: March 11, 2004, 05:58 PM »
This isn't exactly a "when did you hop online and where" kinda thread, since we've had those before.  But rather, more of a "How long were you collecting Star Wars stuff before you actually joined (and posted in) any Star Wars forums?"

I collected the modern line of Star Wars stuff from the inception of the modern era's "rebirth", back in '95 (or earlier if you count the Galoob stuff).  I was as die-hard a collector as there was, and surfed all the various collecting websites for many years to keep tabs on the latest news and offerings.  But it really wasn't until the "great" CSW/RS merge a couple years back that I ever felt like getting involved, and actually chatting with all you crazy wackos.   :P  Did some forum lurking at CSW before that, but never felt like chiming in for whatever reason.  So it took me nearly 6.5 years to speak up finally, but once I did, I realized you all weren't so weird after all (well, most of you anyway)...

I would occasionally post some thoughts on the old Tomarts/AFD boards, but I was by no means a regular there.  Oddly enough, the only name I specifically remember from their forums way back then was "Fatty Bitchall".  (you were there, right Matt?)  No idea why that name, and only that name, stuck with me - but it did.  And now look at us still together after all these years.   :-*

But what I've noticed after being heavily involved in the forums for a couple years now and therefore having my reality skewed, is that I can't really imagine Star Wars collectors out there who aren't members of any of the SW boards.  In fact, I tend to completely forget (or ignore the fact) that there even are any, even though that's exactly what I was for many years.  When I occasionally see other fellas in front of the Star Wars stuff in the toy aisles or at conventions, I always wonder to myself just which forum member they are, and that it's odd that I don't recognize them.  Could there actually be collectors out there that I don't know?!  I think I've become some kind of collecting forum snob, where if you're not "in the community" then you're somehow less of a collector than me and my pals, or just non-existant altogether...   :P

Weird, huh?  So are you consciously aware that there's "others" out there who collect this stuff as passionately as we do, but could give a rat's ass (quiet Rob!) about actually discussing it on the internet with a bunch of geeks like us?  That used to be me, but obviously I've come full circle now, since I wanted so badly to join the "in crowd" online here!   8)

So are you a forum snob too, or are all Star Wars collectors created equal, regardless of forum participation or not?

Original Trilogy Collection / Silver Sandtrooper!
« on: March 8, 2004, 12:55 PM »
Well, the GH Swami just updated his report from yesterday, and apparently some people have gotten e-mails from on online e-tailer confirming this - it appears the next in line for the "Silver Collection" of figures will be a Sandtrooper!  Good choice.  I like it!   8)

I was always thinking that really the only other figure this "Silver theme" would work well with would be a Stormtrooper, but a Sandtrooper would be very cool as well!  Still should've been a Stormtrooper instead of a prequel Clonetrooper, but I digress...  That Clonetrooper's due out real soon too, so be on your toes!

So, whatchya' think about the Silver Sandie?

Original Trilogy Collection / Prequel figures ARE coming!
« on: February 27, 2004, 03:23 PM »
No, I don't have any specific information on this, like WHICH figures, but I thought this little tidbit from Hasbro's Q & A today was quite notable, definitely implying that Prequel figures can very well be released on the new Silver and Black OTC cardback design, just without the "OTC" bubble insert...

Question: Are there multiple line looks for 2004?  Iím confused between the blue packaging and the stuff I saw coming out in all the Toy Fair coverage.

Answer: Itís simple.  The new black and silver packaging is our new line look for all Fall products.  Product that is from the original 3 movies also gets an OTC logo.  Other product (i.e., the Yoda lightsaber) only gets the black and silver look.

So will we still refer to these as OTC, or what?!?  "PTC"?  Or just "Prequel Crap"?  ???

What do you want to see from the Prequels still?

I've seen some of my good forum buddies recently seriously change their collecting habits, when they had previously looked like they were set in stone.  So I was curious how everyone's collecting habits have evolved over the years.  Did you change from carded to loose?  From Star Wars to LOTR?  From figures to props?  From completist to just what you like?

As for me, I've stuck to my guns since late '95 when the modern line initially debuted, and haven't looked back.  Carded and loose, obsessive compulsive completist to the end.  I'll army build for the OT, but I just stick with 2 a piece for the Prequal crap.  I've only ever collected Star Wars and nothing else, so that hasn't changed either.  I've always dabbled in "other collectibles", and will generally jump into any Star Wars sub-line if it strikes my fancy (like Kubricks).

So I guess there's no mystery or drama surrounding my methods of collecting in the past, present, or future.  Guess I'm just Mr. Predictable...   :P

So, how 'bout everybody else?  How have your collecting habits changed over the years, and why did they change?

Feedback / Matt's feedback
« on: February 20, 2004, 03:03 PM »
Recently polished off a perfectly smooth transaction with the fella they call Virex (or any other incarnation thereof).  He went way above and beyond for our deal, and therefore earns a sterling recommendation from me here!  Thanks for the good times Matt.  Hopefully we can do it again some time...   8)

- The other Matt

Other Collectibles / Master Replicas AT-AT
« on: February 16, 2004, 03:19 PM »
Looks like Adam's guess was right - Master Replicas just confirmed for ships...   :o

Very curious to see how this situation plays out, especially since their first vehicle is going to be the AT-AT, which is rumored to be one of the next two vehicles from Code3 as well.  I still haven't picked up my X-Wing from them yet, so I may just hold off until I see what's happening with MR at this weekend's ToyFair in NY.  I really want to see a price on their AT-AT, though I fear it's likely going to be way out of my range...

But if it's in the same ballpark as Code3's price, I'll probably switch teams!

Well, forget that.   :-\  While the Master Replicas AT-AT looks absolutely AMAZING (as expected), there's just no way in hell I can deal with the $1,200 price tag that accompanies this piece unfortunately.   :'(  Pretty much the same type of deal we saw with the old Icons X-Wing and Tie Fighter, which I think were originally $1,500.

So now I have to further contemplate whether I want to hop back into Code 3 or not...   :-[  (and yes, I've heard all your comments on the matter fellas!   ;))

Other Collectibles / GG Armory Vault 1/6th Scale Helmets
« on: February 16, 2004, 02:03 PM »
Well...  There was certainly an interesting development this weekend, which I would say definitely seems to pertain to this short-lived line of Riddell helmets, and our desire to have seen it continue...

Look familiar?

Gentle Giants is coming out with an all-new subline of 1/6 scale helmets called the Armory Collection - which look pretty much exactly like the Riddell ones here.  Were the Riddell versions 1/6 also?  Can't recall right now.  So anyway, for you mini-helmet collectors out there, better strap on your boots full of cash, 'cause it looks like this line is coming back in a major way!  The GG helmets are going to be packaged in PAIRS, and they've supposedly already got over 50 different helmets in the works!   :o

From RS:

I'm guessing this will definitely drive the price of the Riddell Stormtrooper WAY down, as soon as Gentle Giants releases their version...   8)

So, who's going to collect these things?  Anyone seen a SRLP on them?

Original Trilogy Collection / Recarded rehashes up the ying yang!
« on: February 16, 2004, 01:36 PM »
Well, I've already made the comment in several other threads that I wouldn't mind if Hasbro recarded every OT figure they ever made into this new OTC designed card that we've seen with the commtech Han, and I'd still buy 'em all again.  That said, they appear to have a pretty good start on that idea already...  So what does everyone think of all the recarded rehashes that are on the way for the OTC line?  Some of these figures will be appearing on their 3rd or 4th different cardback now...  Yikes.   :o

I copied this list from Scott, so hopefully it's got everything covered here.  Looks like at least 14 rehashes so far, in addition to the 7 figures from the Dagobah and Bespin waves:

[ ] - #04/05 - Luke Skywalker - POTJ X-Wing
[ ] - #04/06 - Luke Skywalker - Saga Jabba's Palace
[ ] - #04/07 - Han Solo - CommTECH Cantina
[ ] - #04/08 - Chewbacca - POTJ Mechanic
[ ] - #04/09 - Princess Leia - POTF2 New Likeness
[ ] - #04/10 - Darth Vader - Saga Throne Room Duel
[ ] - #04/11 - Scout Trooper- POTJ
[ ] - #04/12 - R2-D2- Saga HOF Version
[ ] - #04/13 - C-3PO - MMC Version
[ ] - #04/14 - Boba Fett - Saga Pit of Carkoon
[ ] - #04/15 - Obi-Wan - POTJ Version
[ ] - #04/16 - Stormtrooper- CommTECH
[ ] - #04/17 - Wicket- POTF2
[ ] - #04/21 - TIE Fighter Pilot

Well, bring it on!  So, is it safe to assume only the carded completists are going to be going after these rehashes?

Of course, you can add the 3 rehash vehicles into the mix as well - Millenium Falcon, X-Wing, and Tie Fighter.   :-\

Fortunately, since the rest of Hasbro's line this year is so amazing, I don't think most people will mind the plethora of rehashes coming.  As long as they keep up with the cool appropriate backdrop behind each figure, I'll be first in line to add 'em to my collection!   8)

Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT! New OTC forum section!
« on: February 15, 2004, 06:17 PM »
Just wanted to let everyone know that we've created a new OTC forum here at JD, for all conversation about that line of figures.  We've already moved most of the OTC figure discussion over there, so if you're looking for a topic in the Saga section but can't find it, it's most likely been moved into the OTC forum.

The OTC forum will cover the actual OTC collection with the new OTC design, encompassing the basic figures from the Dagobah and Bespin waves, along with all the rehash figures and ships.  We're also going to move the discussion regarding the new super-articulated, "vintage" carded style figures over there under the new OTC umbrella as well, even though they're technically their own special line, "VOTC" if you will...

Feel free to give us a shout with any comments or questions on the matter.  Now let's get back to discussing all the new figure goodness!   8)

Original Trilogy Collection / Vintage OTC Figures - A New Hope
« on: February 13, 2004, 01:47 PM »

So, it looks like we've finally got our answer to this little "vintage-styled" figure enigma, and it surprisingly appears to be along the line of our oft-requested "Definitive - Figure" line! † 8) †Who'da thunk it?!

Now I'm just a little pissed that this subline is purported to only be 12 figures, 'cause this is what we've all been waiting for! †My only qualm here (and this is a hotly contested subject) is the soft goods... †I think the Luke looks pretty nice (except for the bug-eyes), but Obi-Wan looks like a giant burnt marshmellow! †I'm all for soft goods if Hasbro can find some that aren't "poofy", and that actually lie naturally. †Hopefully they'll come up with a slightly better fabric for Obi-Wan there by the time it's released.

Obviously, we're finally seeing the core characters in all their accurately sculpted, neutrally posed, super articulated glory - like we've long begged for. †That's great! †The only thing that cuts these short of wait we were ultimately hoping for is the lack of the "ultimate accessories" to go along with them. †Yeah, that's a greedy, albeit minor, gripe - but it would definitely be awesome if they threw in all their respective goodies as well!

So these are going to be coming out on repro VINTAGE cards (not in the OTC design), but on the actual vintage cardbacks from the 70's and 80's. †That's going to be really bizarre to see those hanging on retail pegs again... †Sounds like this subline's going to be a bit on the pricier side, since Jeff just pointed out in the OTC thread that EE has these listed for pre-order at over $10 each. †Ouch. †I think most of us agreed we'd be willing to pay a bit more for our "ultimate" versions of these characters, but double the price is a little bit painful. †I'm sure I'll cope though...

So, what are your predictions for the remaining 9 figures for this line?


Boba Fett


I just noticed my picks are identical to Mikey's in the OTC thread... †The only unfortunate exclusion here would be the Emperor. †Of course, we're also shifting a bunch of ANH figures into the other 2 movie's waves, so the actual "movie focus" idea is a little silly to me. †I'd have rather seen them pump out the original 12 ANH vintage figures, and toss in a few more from the other 2 movies, like Lando, Yoda, Fett, and the Emperor. †But here's to hoping for more from this cool line!

Clone Wars '03-'05 / CW Deluxe Spider Droid - Ever seen it?
« on: February 11, 2004, 05:32 PM »
So what the hell's the deal with the Deluxe (recarded) Clone Wars Spider Droid?!?  Has anyone here ever seen it at retail, 'cause I sure haven't!  Aside from Ephant Mon and the Red ARC Trooper, it's the only item I haven't been able to find in stores since the tail end of the Ep. 1 line several years ago.  I have seen it at a "collecting store" I frequent, but it's obviously a tad bit higher there and I haven't wanted to bite on the retail uplift just yet...

So have you found it?  Bought it?  How many?  My carded collection demands one, despite already having a carded and loose regular Saga version.  I hate to succomb to the secondary market, but it looks like I'm going to have to, since the CW line has long been gone from every store around here.  Not a CW figure in sight anywhere (except Animated).

I think my buddy's got a line on a Spider Droid, but at a slight premium ($15).  I should know later tonight...   :-\

Who else is still in dire need of this thing?

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