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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Happy Birthday Artoo & JGordon24 !
« on: October 31, 2007, 05:20 AM »
Yikes!  Looks like I missed a bunch of birthdays this past week while the computer was temporarily packed up...  Big happy belated B-Day wishes to Simon, Jay, Nathan, Chris, Artoo, John(s), and Jim (and Bertha too, of course)!

Hope you all had a super swell day.  8)

- M

Feedback / Re: Padawan's feedback
« on: October 20, 2007, 03:42 PM »
Ditto from me!  Some Kubrick lovin' from Jon here.  Great communication, fast shipping, superbly packed, etc.  No worries here!  Thanks for fillin' a hole in my collection, Jon.  8)

- M

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Changing Collecting Habits? NEED ADVICE!
« on: October 20, 2007, 03:42 AM »
Yes, Kubricks are definitely some of the coolest SW collectibles out there, no doubt.  I'm not sure how much of the Kubrick section you've perused, Brent, but is it safe to assume that you're aware of the prices on the chase/variant figures?  Here is our almost up-to-date Kubrick checklist.

If you took up Kubricks, would you want to be a completist?  If so, you're looking at 11 different 1:96 chases that'll run you around $100 apiece, if not more.  Then there's another 3 figures that are 1:48 that'll run about half that amount, probably more.  Then there's another 5 that are 1:12 which'll be around $20 - $25 each.  The Early Bird set of 4 is about $130.  The 10+ carded Kubricks (7 of which are unique) will run you anywhere from $75 to $250 each.  Then there's the various boxsets (including $100+ Speederbike), etc.

My point is that if you're going to go completist on this line, be ready to drop some SERIOUS cash on it.  Yeah, each regular wave of 6 figures can be had for a paltry $40 - $50.  It's just all the other stuff that really adds up.  Just wanted you to know what you'd be getting into here...

They're definitely great though!  Lot of folks refer to them as "crack" around here, 'cause they're so damned addicting (and expensive).  Anyway, good luck wiith whatever you decide!

- M

TV-9D9 / Re: Live Action Star Wars Series for real now
« on: October 17, 2007, 06:56 PM »
seriously....that neck wattle is getting out of hand.

No doubt.  That thing seriously blows my mind every time I see it.  With all his millions of dollars, Lucas should just bite the bullet, and have that atrocity surgically removed.

He must be too busy with all the other projects he's got going on to workout.

I don't think it really even has anything to do with that though, which is what's really bizarre about it.  The rest of him seems to be in relatively fine shape.  He may be 15 - 20  pounds or so overweight, but not much more than that.  His waddle, however, would seem to indicate that he weighs upwards of 500+ pounds, which is obviously not the case.  That thing is just a freakish biological defect or something, with a life of it's own.


Newbies / Re: The Wookiee Welcome Wagon: New Guys Read Here
« on: October 17, 2007, 05:18 PM »
Hey Pat, welcome to JD.  Thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself to the gang.  Hopefully you guys can continue to pop in from time to time.  In the meantime, good luck with ISY, and I look forward to chatting with you around the boards...

- Matt

P.S.  Do you want me to split this post off into a more personal seperate thread for you?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Phatty's Creations
« on: October 17, 2007, 05:12 PM »
Yeah, that custom Jedi is some beautiful stuff there!  I'd like to see another angle on that figure as well (with the face).  Very nice work on those Clone mini-busts as well.  Don't see too many people customizing those things.  Well done.

Did you ever try customizing the GG Bust-up line with the Hasbro 4" line?  Pretty close in scale, and I know a number of people who had pretty good results mixing and matching those lines together.

Retail.  Always retail.  I live for the "thrill of the hunt", so shopping online is basically "cheating" to me. ;)  Of course, I have the luxury of being in SoCal, where there's about 30 Target stores within an hour of me, and another 20+ WMs and TRUs, so I'm lucky in that respect.  However, I can see how folks in other areas that have only one or two (poorly stocked) stores nearby would definitely want to go with the online route instead.

I do shop online whenever there's an online exclusive (like at EE), of course.  Maybe an eBay purchase from time to time as well, but that's about the extent of online shopping for me.  Of course, with gas prices surging way over $3 a gallon again, and traffic being as ****** as it is in L.A., I may need to start rethinking my shopping methodologies soon here...  :-\

I just caught Jesse's news post on the main page, and apparently Target is purportedly gearing up for yet another big Star Wars sale next week.  Pretty strange, considering they just had their 10% off sale two weeks ago.  They must have a big backlog of crap, which would explain the inexplicable absence of new product at their stores over the past few months.  Probably want to clear the old glut out heading into the all-important Holiday season as well.

So it looks like the 30AC basic line will go on sale for $5.99 a pop.  Even better than their prior sale.  Good stuff, as that's back to where the figure prices really should be.  Transformers for $11, and select other SW stuff on sale too.  Time to load up!  8)

Thanks for the scoop Jesse!

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NBA Offseason 2007
« on: October 16, 2007, 06:40 PM »
Word breaking out of Lakers' training camp right now is that Kobe's supposedly cleared out his locker and left.  That whiny bitch is possibly gone for good from L.A.  Can't wait to get a whole buttload of pathetic scrubs from the Bulls, or Howard/Terry from the Mavs...  But as much of a whiny bitch as he is, I'd hate to lose him.  Love him, or hate him, he's still the most exciting (and best) player in the NBA.  Of course, Jerry Buss didn't help matters when he started popping off last week about potentially trading Kobe, after everything had completely died down finally.  Buncha dumbfucks out here in L.A.

ESPN is now reporting that he's not going anywhere, and merely "re-organized" his locker.  ::)

Why do I feel betrayed by Hasblow again...?  They tell us how sorry they are for the amount of repaints and lack of new sculpts that fans are upset about- They tell us not to worry, that they'll fix everything and start generating some new sculpts again en masse.  So this is how we're thanked in 08'?? Yet another ****** repaint wave with 1 new sculpt??

I'm not really going to hold this wave against them.  Even though it's technically listed as Wave 1 for '08, it'll in all likelihood come out before 2007's over, so I'm assuming this is just part of the repaint crap that they're currently entrenched in.  I don't think they told me all of 2008 would be the new stuff, but rather that the newer molds would start coming out in early '08, so we needed to try to hang tight until then.  So we may still possibly be stuck with this repaint **** until wave 3, 4 or 5 of next year - who knows...  But yeah, they better hurry up with the new stuff before they've lost every last collector of this line.  Hell, they'e already turned many people from "completists" to casual collectors for these, so they've already half-way buried themselves right there.

Speaking of repaints, I've finally seen a couple of those (formerly) extremely elusive Plo-Koon Fighters.  It does indeed exist! :P  I've also seen a lot of those BSG repaints over the past couple weeks too.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NFL 2007-08
« on: October 16, 2007, 05:53 PM »
A bit suprising that we here in Denver will get the NE/Dallas game instead of the Raiders/Chargers game. I'm not complaing though...

Yeah, you're lucky Matt.  Even all the (former) Raider fans here in L.A. were hoping to get the Dallas/NE game, and were pissed to get stuck with the same old Raider horse****.  At least LT finally played like himself again though, so that was fun to watch.

Almost as fun was watching the Adrian Peterson highlights.  Man, you MN guys might have something pretty special there.  If he's finally fully recovered from his injuries (especially the collarbone), that guy may be the next LT, and bring the Vikes back to national attention.  Speaking of which, watching Randy Moss blow up again this season has made me seriously sick to my stomach.  As I'm sure has already been pointed out earlier in this thread, his amazing performance this year so far has proven nothing more than what a huge QUITTER that guy is.  Granted, he's got one of the game's best QBs throwing to him now, but still, he could've should've been nearly as entertaining the last several years when he gave up on both the Vikings and Raiders.  What a waste of time that was in his career, as he's obviously now proven that he still very much had it in him during those pathetically unproductive and boring years.  I'd love to see that cost him a spot in the HOF someday.  This guy's an amazing talent, but doesn't deserve a spot in Canton due to his beng one of the worst sports and biggest quitters in the history of the game.

As for the Pats, yeah, they look insanely good this year - maybe the best they've ever been.  Can't wait for that 11/4 Sunday night matchup in Indy next month.  If anyone's gonna beat them, it would be the Colts at Indy.

Oh, and go Packers!!  Nice to see Beth Brett back (not last weekend though)...  :-X

Newbies / Re: hello from the Tamer
« on: October 16, 2007, 05:21 PM »
Welcome to JD, Tamer.  Nice to have you join us!  I'm sure you'll dig the friendly and mellow vibe around here (outside of our Politics forum, of course).  Lots of old-timers (and customizers) 'round these parts, so hopefully someone's got a few extra AT-AT parts floating around somewhere that you could use.  So does your "Walker Focus" also extend to AT-STs and the like, or just the full sized AT-ATs?

Anyway, enjoy the site, and I look forward to chatting with you around the boards here.  Be sure to give us a holler if you've got any questions, comments or suggestions about anything.  We're here to serve...  ;)

- Matt

P.S.  Go Packers!  :-X

Canada doesn't count  ;)

No offense JangoTat, but yeah, iFett's right - I can't easily purchase stuff at Canadian retail from Southern California.  ;)  Actually, this wave trickled out to retail in Canada almost a year ago.  Unfortunately, they were few and still pretty hard to find, and Canada's as far as they ever went.

It would be cool to grab some of the other OT figures originally planned though, so hopefully this line comes back out, even if only briefly.  I hate seeing prototype stuff, but then having it never come out.  So a Snowtrooper, Han, etc. would be cool to finally add to the collection.  Not that I overly love this line or anything, but I do feel like my collection is "incomplete" since I technically saw other Titanium figures ready for release, that apparently (temporarily?) got canceled.  I guess we'll find out soon...

I recieved my case with pilot Luke, Tatooine Maul and Cylon Saturday. Maul doesn't look much different than the cinema scene one way back, but iIreally like the Cylon and Luke.

Did you get that from EE, Arthur?  I've had a standing order in with the for this wave for like 5 months (with Sean and Jon), but haven't heard anything other than "exptectd Oct. ship date", which keeps getting pushed back each month.  Hopefully this means they're finally on the way!  Of course, I'll be rather annoyed if they wind up back in retail stores, after paying the extra shipping and crap from EE.  Oh well...

PM sent on the Kubricks, Jon...

- M

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