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Wow, been a while since this old classic was bumped back up...  I was going to start a special "Holiday Edition" of this thread, but ultimately decided to just confine my whining to the usual place.  So here goes:

Stuff that annoys the **** out of me when it comes to the Holidays:

1.  The glitter EVERYWHERE - all over the house.  This seems like a minor nuisance, but when the Christmas cards are pouring in daily (many covered in glitter), and the ornaments/decorations are going up all over the house (some with stupid glitter on them), despite one's best efforts, this glitter crap winds up ALL OVER the freakin' place.  From the floors, to the couches, to the counter tops, to the toilet seats, to...  It seems like everywhere I look, the gleam from some fleck of glitter that's gone astray catches my damned eye.  Then, actually picking it up from wherever it is gets even worse.  Only way that works is the ol' lick the finger and stick it method.  Ugh.

2.  Getting Christmas/Holiday cards from friends that ONLY show their kids, and not them (the parents).  I'm sorry, but I see plenty of kids as it is.  When it comes to my long lost friends from elementary school, Jr. High, High School, and college, I want to see what THEY are looking like 10 - 30 years after the fact, not their kids (exclusively).  Unfortunately, it seems like 75% of the cards we get only show people's kids, as if their parents didn't even exist.  Lame!  Sorry for all of the folks in here that this issue probably applies to as well...  :-X

3.  Having to keep the house spotless, and all of the latest SW acquisitions tucked away throughout the entire month of December, due to the constant barrage of cocktail/Holiday parties that the Mrs. likes to host.  Week after week...  "Clean your **** up!  20 people are going to be here in a couple of hours!"  ::)  Fortunately, I'm squeeky clean as it is, but hiding all of the newest stash is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge by the month.  Oy.

4.  Well, everyone hates the crowds, right?  I guess that's a no-brainer.

So, any Holiday complaints from the rest of you...?

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Bar's open! What'll you have...?
« on: December 18, 2007, 02:44 AM »
Had a boatload of beers with Colman down in San Diego.  Stone was one brewery I seemed to be sticking to, but it was quite hoppy with a hefty aftertaste.  Can't remember most of the other varieties I'm afraid. 

Yeah, good times.  But just to elaborate, the old man was drunk, whereas the much more youthful JediMAC was only 'buzzed".  But yeah, we sampled far more than a handful of brews last weekend, at more than a handful of fine drinking establishments.  I lost track too, but I know there was a fair amount of Guinness consumed (as always), and then other randoms, from various Sam Adams, to Coronas, to everything in between.  I just wish it hadn't rendered you so completely useless for the majority of Sunday...  :P

Feedback / Re: Darth Slothus' feedback
« on: December 17, 2007, 03:41 AM »
Got some moolah from Jon for some Concept figures I gave him, and he threw in some HTF Titaniums to boot.  Good stuff.  Thanks for the smooth trade, as always.

- M

Newbies / Re: hello JD
« on: December 16, 2007, 01:31 PM »
Hey CC, welcome to JD.  Yeah, some amazing customizing work displayed 'round these parts!  Anyway, enjoy the customs, and we look forward to chatting with you around the boards here.

- Matt

Anyone out there still interested in a set of these to open?  I've got one up for sale in our classifieds if you are...

Here's some nice group shots that Jayson at Yakface took:

Modern Classifieds / FS: Disney Cantina Band figures (opneners) - SOLD
« on: December 16, 2007, 03:31 AM »
Anyone interested in a non-mint (opener) set of all five of the Disney Weekends exclusive Cantina figures?  They'd be $16 each ($80 total)...  EDIT:  SOLD!

Here's what they look like (courtesy of Yakface):

These are the same figures as in the WM Tin set last year, but they've got exclusive bases that interlock, and play the Cantina music, as seen here (thanks Jayson):

Again, mine are all carded still, but they're not close to mint, and would serve better as openers.  I'm open to other offers too, so drop me a line if you're at all interested in these.  Thanks!

- Matt

Newbies / Re: Hello there!
« on: December 16, 2007, 02:48 AM »
Belated welcome to JD, DMC.  Always nice to have another Target supporter on board!  ;)  Hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to let us know if there's anything we can do for ya'.  We're here to serve...  Looking forward to chatting with you around the boards here...

- Matt

Newbies / Re: Hey There!
« on: December 16, 2007, 02:44 AM »
Welcome to JD, Neil.  Nice to have you stop by.  You're lucky, you've got one helluva collector's group up there in MN to hang out with and swap with!  Anyway, enjoy the site, and holler if you have any questions (or suggestions) about anything...

- Matt

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Baby Prince_Maul Has Arrived!
« on: December 12, 2007, 12:41 AM »
Congrats to you and Queen Maul, King!  Was Darren a week or two early?  I may be brainfarting, but I thought you weren't quite up to your due date yet.  I suppose this means we won't be seeing you on Sunday now, eh?   I'll have to drop you a line and catch up, and figure out some alternate plans for swapping some loot with ya'.

Enjoy fatherhood, and good luck!

- M

I decided not to pick them up yet until I clear out the house a little more.  Not too exciting with them being just the repaints.

Wha'?!?  Don't you start going all un-completist on me now, King!  Sheesh.  The nerves of some people...  >:(

Don't you try using that "new father" excuse on me either.  Ain't gonna fly!  :-X

What's out limit ? We going with $20 plus shipping ?

$25 plus shipping ?

Yeah, like Robb just mentioned, it depends on the person, but most folks usually go $20 - $30ish, but I've seen a few go even higher (and lower) than those limits, so it's really up to the Santa.

I'll see about getting a list up soon here, but I know off the top of my head a couple of things that would interest me would be the carded variant of the Legends Clone Commander with the larger cannon styled gun (like the new Sandtrooper has) that briefly came out first, before they switched it to the flimsy little rifle more commonly seen.

I'd also be very interested in ANY of the new Wal-mart exclusives, since those are usually a nightmare to come by out here.  I don't think the Comic Packs have quite hit yet, but they should be soon.  I've seen a couple mentions of folks finding the Jabba's Palace band 5-packs and the Galactic Heroes Cantina Cinema Scenes this week though, so those would definitely work.  The mintier the better, but I'd settle for whatever condition's available.

I'll try to think of some more stuff in the next day or two.  Sorry!

Feedback / Re: Morgbug's feedback
« on: December 10, 2007, 07:49 PM »
Much thanks goin' out to Brent for swapping a spiffy Canadian McQuarrie Vader figure for some TAC junk I gave him.  Always a pleasure with this Canuck, and even more so in this instance since it was in person over some beers!   8)

I guess thanks are also in order for the free hotel room stay as well!  :-X

- M

JediMac you are so right when you wrote this...

Actually, I didn't write that.  Sal did.  And Sal, no offense taken by your post there whatsoever, so no worries.  I obviously don't expect everyone (hell, most anyone) to start treating the hunt as "a game" like I do.  That's just what makes it more tolerable, and in an odd way fun, for me.  I was just teasing everyone else for "cheating", and resorting to online shopping.  Obviously for the average SW collector, that method usually makes way more sense, both time-wise, and money-wise.

Truth be told, I actually greatly enjoy shopping at Target, which is why I buy 95% of my SW stuff there (outside of other store's exclusives, of course).  My occasional issues/run-ins with Target employees or managers isn't all that big a deal to me, and they're probably far less frequent than my prior post may have implied.  At the end of the day, I'd prefer to shop in the cleanest, most organized, safest, and for the most part respectful store (plus the store that offers the most SW sales).  Target wins every one of those battles hand's down.  Walmart disgusts me in every way, shape and form - from their business practices to their third world atmosphere.  It's a ****hole every time I step into one of those stores.  TRU is an overpriced dinosaur.  K-mart and KB don't even count anymore.

So it's Target for me.  Exclusives and the occasionally unhelpful and pissy employee, be damned.  :P

Quite a spirited discussion!  Since we're all sharing, please allow me to add a novel of my own...  :P

I certainly see both sides to this "argument", but I think I look at the chasing down of Target exclusives slightly differently than most folks do (or just more realistically, perhaps).  I look at it as more of a "game" - me against Target, and me against my competition (scalpers and other collectors).  Obviously, we all know how the Target system works and how to use it to our advantage, how Target employees view us, how our competition for the figures operates, etc.  To me, it's "May the best man win", or perhaps the most clever, diligent, lucky, and/or persistent man.  It often takes a combination of all of those things to continuously have success with these tricky and very popular exclusives.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind here on the boards is that the factors can really vary by geographic locations.  I know that here in SoCal we have far more "scalpers" and toy dealers than in most other areas of the country because we often get the newest stuff first here on the West Coast (so on to eBay it often goes).  However, that's offset by the fact that we also probably have more Target stores per square mile than anywhere else in the country as well (9 w/in 20 minutes of me).  With all those stores also comes a wide variety of employees and managers, some who pay us no mind, and others who loathe our every breath.  Lots of collectors 'round these parts too, so the combination of all of these elements can often lead to some less than desirable shopping environments for us at our local Targets.

While it certainly annoys the **** out of me that Target employees often lump the collectors and "scalpers" into the same despicable group, I can understand how our "high maintenance" toy demands might not look all that different from eachother to the average Target employee, so I just have to take the occasional gripes and attitude in stride.  They don't always understand that we're actually competing against eachother (good vs. evil, for all intents and purposes), so if I ever get the sense they think I'm a scalper, depending on my mood at the time, I'll probably point out how off base they are (and that I don't appreciate the insult).  Along those lines, I know I've had a few moments over the years where I've gotten rather pissy with a Target manager or employee, which doesn't really help matters, but I usually reserve that type of behavior for when they're seriously trying to screw with me thinking that I don't know any better.

Now back to "the game" of trying to nab these exclusives...  Yeah, we all know the DPCI trick.  But with enough experience in our local stores, we should also know who to NOT try to use it on, and who looks like a good candidate for offering some help (a new employee, or a younger employee who doesn't care what the "rules" might be, etc.)  I'll "profile" someone to try my luck on as far as pulling something out of the back if it's listed as "In Stock", but not on the shelves.  Do I think they "owe it" to me to go and retrieve said item(s)?  No, not really.  It might not seem like the best business practice to not sell something to a customer if they want it, but I understand that they might have their reasons (as Chuck alluded to above).  If I get rejected with my request, I'll simply meander on over to another part of the store and take another stab at it with someone else, or move on to one of the many other nearby stores to give it another go.  Obviously, the more you try, the better your chances are that you'll eventually succeed, and in that respect, I always do.  Of course, I know I'm more fortunate than most to have a seemingly endless supply of resources (Target stores) available to me to aid in my quest.

It can just take a little patience and perseverance to finally score the desired loot, but if you just alter your mindset into treating it like a "game" (or a challenging scavenger hunt), it can actually be sort of fun, in a masochistic kind of way.  :P  I believe some of us old-timers still refer to this as "the thrill of the hunt", which is usually magnified with these Target exclusives.  But I know that many of you have "wussed out" over the years and resorted to the dark side, and now shop online for your wares.  Cheaters!!  :-X  (back to the topic at hand)  Target managers and employees will occasionally try to play their "games" in an effort to deter me, and I'll counter 'em with every trick in the collecting book that I have to offer.  They may win a few battles here and there, but I ultimately win the war and get my goodies (and may make myself, and/or some of them, look like an ass in the process, but who cares).  However, considering the fact that I spend thousands of dollars each year on Star Wars crap at Target (I prefer to buy all my SW stuff there), I can understand Pete's point about wishing we could have some level of respect for our customer loyalty, but unfortunately it's something I've grown never to expect since regardless of everything, at the end of the day we're often viewed with a bad rap.  But it's on a store-by-store and employee-by-employee basis, so it's just something you have to live with as a collector, I guess.

Not sure what the hell my point was with all that rambling, other than to say that I get both sides of the issue, but looking out for #1 will always compel me to try to beat them at their own games (when they choose to implement them).  That's my game, anyway...

So are these shipping in odd assortments, where the ROTS set isn't included?  I'm finding hoards of the AOTC and ROTJ sets at my local K-mart (and one other nearby K-mart), but have never seen the ROTS set.  It seems I'm finding freshly unpacked cases, so I can only assume there's some assortments w/o that ROTS set...  Anyone else having that problem?

I did notice that Black friday (effective) 25% off sale, Anthony.  Grabbed one at the 50% off price, but they only had two total down in Tustin.  Oh well...  But yeah, I should've deducted the extra $15 off my total there.  Not that it helps much.  :-\

This would have made the sets at least DISPLAY better with a better variety of characters across all 9 sets.

10, actually.  Don't forget the WM Cantina Band Members!  ;)

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