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Thanks guys.

AE77, Spray mount is a Sprayable adhesive. Sprays on like heair spray. (sorry environmentalists)
It's in most art stores.

I dont use the stick lables. Not that there is anything wrong with em, I've been using
spraymount forever so i stick with it. The good thing about it, is that before you "Really press it on good"
you can lift off and reposition it.

I havent had a cardback separate yet...(as i knock on wood)

So it holds for years plus...

Thanks Chew. Greg and Fister.

Well fister, I'm and opener too, but I love a carded custom figure. It takes it that one step further.

That being said. I Carded these. I took the easy way out and used existing cards and just spraymounted the back and did the insert.




Here are my season 2 cartoon clones.


I did some work on the cardbacks, i still need to cut them and spraymount them.



I put a peg on the pack of cody that the backpack fits onto.


Thats just incredible. It gets better and better as the pic go on.
Love the Junk room.

All are awesome, sithfire. The Gree exceptional! The photograpy is exceptional as well.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Mon Calamari Dancer
« on: July 15, 2005, 09:55 AM »
Just want to say thanks guys for all the great compliments guys.

Star Wars Action Figures / Glassman's Customs
« on: July 12, 2005, 10:23 AM »
*** UPDATE ***  10 APR 08 Page 20

This custom is a result of the Group project #7 over at scum. The group projects are sort of learning excercizes where we share different  techniques to end up with the same figure.

These parts were casted from Aya Vida with hands from Admiral Ackbar and then modified with wax and re-casted.

I casted the final parts in redish brown plastic to match ackbar.

I drybrushed the browns on the figure leaving some of the red showing thru. I drybrushed the front of the clothing as to give it a sort of sheer look.(still trying to perfect that)


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: My try at Fox
« on: June 28, 2005, 01:11 PM »
I have to agree with chewie on this one  Kit.  When the helmet is off, its still a spectacular figure. Great paint apps and weathering.
And the paint apps on the helmet make it sing!

Here's mine. I did this May of Last year.

I finally joined guys, after hearing so much about this spot over at scum.

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