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Hey Hasbro! / Re: ANH Cantina Band
« on: April 22, 2006, 07:13 PM »
I'd buy another set just for more Bith parts for customs :)

Saga Collection '06 / Re: 2006 vOTC (or vTSC) - now with pics!
« on: April 22, 2006, 02:33 AM »
I saw them at KB yesterday, they're nice and all, but I just cannot justify that kind of expense for what is basically a ROTS-era articulated figure with an extra $5 tacked on for a retro cardback that'll just go right in the trash anyway :(

Like I said earlier, I'll snag all of the Greedos and Sand People I want when Target inevitably markes them down to $1.24 each, just like last time :D

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Saga Collection - The Stands
« on: April 22, 2006, 02:28 AM »
I wish they'd dump the stands and holos altogether in favor of more/better accessories.

I keep trading away all of my holos and stands simply because they are useless to me.

BTW- You canremove the characters' names with some non-acetone nail polish remover if you want generic movie stands for your other figures ;)

Seeing this packaged makes it impossible to not want it!!!!

Not for everyone. I, personally, couldn't care less about it ;)


Great walker vehicle! I always thought that that Mini-Rig looked like it belonged atop a pair or chicken legs (it's design  was actually based on an early sketch for the AT-ST) :)  If I had more than the 3 I have set aside for an Imperial Scout Air Speeder patrol, I'd do a similar custom in a heartbeat!

The Qui Gon looks very cool and deceptively simple in overall design, which can be a very good thing sometimes. Often customizers can "overdo" a custom, but this one is just perfect in it's simplicity.

As for the new version of the Rykrof series, Option #3 provides the best of both worlds- large pic for details, yet a cinematic faux widescreen appearance. Option #3 gets my vote!

Feedback / Re: Bobafett77's feedback
« on: April 17, 2006, 06:38 PM »

Thanks for the Scortches and the Clone Pilot radar tower!

Enjoy the UGH's :D

THIS OTC Jedi Council Floor Piece from TRU Set

It has to be this shape or it's not the one I need to complete my project :)

I have tons of stuff to trade! Check out my Swap Shop threads :D

Not bothering to get any. Ditto for the rest of the VTSC.

I just can't rationalize paying that much for a single figure, let alone five different figures (or multiples) at that pricepoint.

I'll snag my Sand People and Greedos for $1.19 each (or less) when they inevitably get marked down at Target like I did all of those VOTC Chewies/Yodas/Landos last time around ;)

Modern Trading / Re: Spectre's Swap Shop
« on: April 15, 2006, 02:38 AM »
Updated to reflect current deals and to add a bunch of new inventory!

Items Added Include:

Vintage(1978-1985) Star Wars figures!

VHTF Canadian/European exclusive "Shadow Raiders" ("War Planets" action figures!) figures!

"Titan A.E." Drej aliens!

a Toy Biz "Resident Evil" Series II monster!

boxed European Ep.I beast pack!

Target Exclusive Star Wars figures!

M.A.R.S. Heroes weapons!

and more...

More inventory to be added in a few days!

I love these crossovers between Star Wars and GI JOE... so well done.  I wonder why they don't make GI JOE figures in the Star Wars style... they'd go over better I think and give us TONS of customizing fodder.

Thanks :)
I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro did a similiar product line in the future, afterall, there are Star Wars Transformers on the pegs now....

On this custom, wonderful backstory to him and the custom came out great.  Good use of parts and the head was a good choice.  Almost a bit rough paint (maybe too thick) on his face, but that could be just me.  I know I can never paint skin though, and this looks way better than I do.

Yeah, the flash seems to have brought out every flaw in the paint on the head :(
Made him look kinda lumpy :(
It looks far better in person though :D
I'm glad you enjoyed the backstory, I try to have a "reason" for every custom to exist, it helps to make them more "realistic" that way. The very first time I saw that head, the first thing I thought of was that I had to use it for a custom Chuckles someday....

I think he kinda looks like David Soule (sp?), the actor that played Det. Ken Hutchinson on the original "Starsky & Hutch" series I used to watch back in the seventies (yeah, I'm old, so sue me ;) ).

Great job on the weathering too, not too much at all but enough to bring out details in the sculpt, like the slight wrinkles in the shirt.

If they made a new Chuckles in the style, I'd get several.


You're no slouch in the weathering department yourself :)

Keep bugging Hasbro for more fodder...

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / GI:JOE- Chuckles
« on: April 14, 2006, 09:21 PM »
The undercover operative known by the codename "Chuckles" has always been pretending to be someone else in one form or another over the course of his life. As a child, Chuckles began acting on a well-known childrens' holovid which launched him into a stellar career as an actor that thrived until the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. While playing the part of a young, ambitious Senator Palpatine, in a live performance of a dramatization of his rise to power, Chuckles decided to do an impromptu song and dance number called "Senator Palpy Loves The Teens" in which he mock-seduced the attractive actresses playing Palpatine's young aids. Chuckles' wife, Melinda, who was the writer and executive producer of the program, was not at all amused by her husband's public acting out as she feared if would bring too much attention to their acting troupe's secondary performances smuggling messages to Rebel cells while on tour. The official outrage expressed by the Emperor's public relations officer was no match for the wild, hysterical response from the population at large, earning Chuckles and his acting company the ire of the Empire but the love of a public growing weary of Palpatine's New Order.

Later, during a rehersal for a stage play about the "heroic" Imperial Military and their valiant struggle against the "insidious Rebel terrorists", Chuckles' acting troupe recieved a surprise in the form of a raid by actual Imperial military forces. Melinda was taken away for "questioning", and was never seen again. Angered and despondant over the loss of the woman he loved, Chuckles disappeared from his very public life and joined the Rebel Alliance.

Chuckles has always been a natural chameleon, able to switch effortlessly from one role to the next, a skill that he puts to good use as an agent for the New Republic Intelligence Core. Chuckles can adapt to any accent, speech pattern, or dialect perfectly enabling him to appear to be a native of almost any planet in the galaxy. Though a man of short stature, Chuckles can act "larger than life" making most individuals mistakenly remember him as a larger, more imposing man. Adept at many forms of stage and holodrama make-ups, as well as utilizing masks made from medical synthflesh, Chuckles can flawlessly alter his appearance to suit any role required of him.

Chuckles carries all of the masks/makeup/uniforms/false documents/etc. for his missions in a multiple code-locked suitcase lined with micro-thermal detonators. If anyone other than Chuckles attempts to open the case, the resulting explosion will not only disentegrate the contents of the case, but the case itself, the person attempting to open it, and most of the room said attempting opener was occupying at the time.

Despite his hardships since the beginning of the war, Chuckles still keeps his quirky sense of humor and knack for spontaneity:

When asked to perform in a live, command performance for the New Republic High Command of a dramatization of the events surrounding the rescue of then-Princess (now Supreme Chancellor) Leia Organa (now Organa-Solo) from the first Deathstar, Chuckles again proved to be completely unpredictable. While in the role of then wide-eyed farmboy (now well-respected Jedi Master) Luke Skywalker, apon first seeing the holo of the attractive young actress playing Leia being projected by the prop astromech droid, began belting out a power balad of his own design called "Hot For Sister!" (the chorus of which begins: "So what if we have the same parents, I'm from a farm afterall"), which resulted in a very red-faced Supreme Chancellor Organa-Solo, a calm-yet secretly embearrased stare from Master Skywalker, and some very uncomfortable looks from the rest of the assembled New Republic leaders (expept, that is, for Organa-Solo's husband, who could not stop laughing until there were tears streaming down his face :) ).

Afterwards, when asked why he did it, Chuckles reply was:

"Why, just for laughs of course."

head- Clone Wars Jedi Army Human Jedi (modded)
torso,arms- Commtech Han Solo
lower body- POTJ Lando Calrissian
hands- POTJ Obiwan Kenobi Cold Weather Adventure
shoulder holster,pistol- Saga/OTC General Lando Calrissian
blaster carbine- custom
suitcase- Salvo v1

As you can see, this is as close to a literal interpretation fo the original "G.I.Joe" Chuckles v1 action figure as is possible with Star Wars parts. The only major differences are the lack of a knife on his right hip (I didn't feel he needed it), the lack of a tropical print on his shirt (there is no known reference of this type of pattern anywhere in Star Wars lore so I left it off the finished figure), and the length of the sleeves (for aesthetic reasons,longer sleeves just look better for this type of character).

I felt that Chuckles was always underarmed carrying just the pistol, so I decided to amp up his firepower a bit. I fugured that a blaster carbine-sized weapon would give Chuckles the extra firepower he needs while not being rediculously overarmed. The carbine is a custom made from some G.I.Joe rifle (Blackout?) I got in a trade last year and a piece trimmed from a POTF2 Stormtrooper rifle.

Modern Trading / Re: Spectre's Swap Shop
« on: April 10, 2006, 08:19 PM »
Updated to reflect current deals :)

More items to be added to the shop this weekend!

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Best Army Builder Ever
« on: April 8, 2006, 05:02 PM »
I'll let you know when I actually see one ;)

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the red cross info! You learn something new every day :)

I'm glad you like the custom as well :D

Modern Trading / Re: Spectre's High End Swap Shop
« on: April 8, 2006, 12:19 PM »
I'm beginning the liquidation of my non-toy/comic Star Wars ans other sci-fi properties stuff, so you are going to start seeing some really old, well cared for stuff over the next few weeks :)

Updated today by adding original Burger King Star Wars glasses and an original prop Tribble from the original Star Trek sereis!

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