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Other Collectibles / My completed 1/4 Scale Screamin Models.
« on: February 28, 2006, 02:50 PM »
Hi, this is my first post its a little long because I want to make an effort with my first post... I apologise in advance for boring you all... you could always just scip to the pictures.

I came across this range purely by accident. I bought a joblot of what could be described as Star Wars junk from ebay. The main auction was for a Stormtrooper diorama... it was the 1/4 scale stormie coming through a door.... the door was made from white melamine... its now in the bin.
However the models were quite impressive and had potential but were poorly painted stormie was matt white etc, some had parts missing (chewies crossbow for example is scrathc built from parts I found) while others had just fell apart on there way too me.
I repainted all of them I'm fairly happy with the out come allthough I think I may buy some material and give the tusken raider a material cloke rather than the plastic one. So far completed is the Tusken, Stormie, C3PO and chewie. The R2D2 is actually a bubblebath I bought years ago which just happens to be roughly the correct scale, I intend on weathering this a little eventually.
I'm eventually going to build stands for them all so they fit in with the sideshow statues I'm going to build 3po and R2 on a sand style base (Like sideshow Luke) and have r2 on a slightly higher hill of sand to mask the very slight scale difference.
A customised screamin Darth Vader came with the lot but after doing the best I could with it I've decided it just doesnt look right so I bought a new kit off ebay and I'm going to build it the way it should have been, I also have a Yoda and Boba Fett to build to go with these. I'll have quite an impressive 1/4 scale collection once there done as I have the Sideshow Luke and I'm hoping to add the Han to my collection when I see it on ebay at the right price (I got Luke for 80gbp it retails for 150-200gbp over here)

Anyway I'll stop boring you with my stories heres the pics:


Also heres a pic of the Vader. I intend on giving this another coat of Matt paint on the parts that should be cloth (it dried gloss for some reason last time) and placing this on Ebay shortly. The chest plate isnt correct it didnt come with one but I found this piece of vinyl in the box and it looks ok as a chest plate I was going to scratch build one but like I say I've bought a new kit so I'm going to leave this as it is. Oh and the cloth cape is covering a huge hole in back from where its been hacked apart to change the stance.

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