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Bultar Swan
Darth Nihilus
Jango Fett (6inch)
Kyp Durron
Luke Skywalker (Bespin fatigues)
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah training)
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
Luke Skywalker Jedi Master (EU)
Mace Windu (6inch)
Mara Jade (mods)

Hey I'm new here but I've been customizing a while now. Here's my VOTC style Jedi Luke.  Ever since Hasbro came up with the VOTC idea idea I've wanted a Jedi Luke.
<Edit: I got rid of the pics of the original Hairdo because I don't want to waste space on photobucket.>
<as an Homage to the vintage Luke and my own laziness I gave Luke a brown Jedi cloak>
 This led to my idea for custom con which was going to be Luke Skywalker: Evolutions. My plans were to do Jedi, Bespin, and toss in the Tatooine luke and do a custom package. Unfortunately I came up with this idea maybe 3 days before the deadline so meh.
This was one huge kitbash. He has boots and lower arms from and evolutions count Dooku, Torso from an evolutions palpatine, cloth vest, head from an evolutions anakin skywalker and face from a Saga Jedi Luke. I originally used the Anakin faced but it didn't look like Hammil so I took a chance stuck the face from the saga Luke onto the anakin head after dremmeling it down to a nub. Then I thought the hair on the Saga Luke looked too amorphus and blobby so I resculpted it. The main torso is resulpted too. The fabric pieces are from Saga Luke's cloak.
The best part about using Dooku's hands is that now Luke can do this!!!!!!

Head- Evo: Anakin skywalker w/ Luke face-resculpted
Torso/upper legs arms- Evo Palpatine
lower arms legs- evo Count Dooku 

This is the final version of Luke: I got rid of the softgoods and went for the look from the final duel with Vader. I also added a belt from a VOTC luke.

I noticed later that there was some stuff stuck to his crotch area that has been removed 8)

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