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Whenever you start casting these definitely put me on the list for:
Master K'Kruhk
Verpine Male
Twilek female

You really have some fantastic skill there and the fact that you are willing to share at such a low cost says alot. Are you planning on getting into the toy industry at some point? You really would have quite an amazing portfolio.

Such a cool and original idea. The look on Luke's face really suits how green he was in the book. Very impressive.

Lol, love those pics of Han. So what kind of Paints are you using on your X-wing? Just regular acrylics of something special? Did you do the battle damage on the rear engine? If so how? I'd really like to modify my old X-wing too... :)

CHEWIE- Darth N's hood looks shiny because I sprayed him with some satin finish sealant. I think your idea is a good one and I'm probably going to try it out once I get a chance. I had the same thought about NJO Luke looking a bit young but I reasoned that Mark Hammil has a very boyish look (even now) and that's not necessarily something most people ever really grow out of.

Jedipurge- I agree that the shoulders look a little big but I'm used to Marvel Legends so it doesn't really bother me. I guess after collecting ML you end up accepting the loss of sculpt for articulation.  :)

Gregorbian- I like that idea about the obi wan boots. If I ever end up with the extra parts, that is exactly where they will be going!

Thank you all for your comments!

A quick update: First Bultar Swan

Bultar Swan is one of the background Jedi from the battle of Geonosis. I used the Twi-Lek Dancer's head from the Jabba's Dancer's three pack because she was one of the few female figures I could find that had Asian features. From the neck down she is Adi Gallia from the Jedi Council screen scene.

Adi Gallia is a great base for female jedi as she has pretty good articulation and a nice soft goods skirt. I'm thinking about getting another to do Jocasta Nu in the future. The pleather outer tunic is from an evolutions AOTC Anakin.

And continuing with my NJO customs here is Kyp Durron

He uses an Army of Darkness Two headed Ash head with a Clone wars Anakin body. I figured the CW designs were different enough to be beliveable NJO outfits.

I've always liked Kyp Durron's character so this was a fun one for me.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Lestat's Customs: Dagobah Luke (SA)
« on: April 12, 2006, 05:38 PM »
Here's the last figure in what would have been my custom con entry: Super articulated Dagobah Luke
This is basically a kit bash (so what else is new ). He has the Saga Dagobah Luke's head, torso, and waist joint and VOTC Luke's legs and arms. The arms were done by cutting the pegs off of Saga Luke's Arms and then making holes in them to fit the pegs of the VOTC arms. Theoretically he now has a pair of articulated arms and a pair of unarticulated arms but I don't really have any desire to switch them.

The shoulders may look a tad big but I'm ok with that, Luke looked like he had been working out on Dagobah anyway.

<Edit: The look of the arms and the proportions overall were bothering me too much so I ended up changing him. See Pg 4 for the new version.>

You've got paypal ;D

I'd say the best sequence was the Maul fight. The best overall was the clone wars cartoon followed closely by ROTS.

I think another idea that would have made the series a bit better would have been to play up the love triangle angle with Obi wan Padme and Anakin. It makes sense that Padme would be at least a little attracted to some one closer to her age (or older) and it would make Obi wan slightly more culpable in Anakin's fall. Maybe just an unspoken kind of attraction between Obi wan and PAdme that Anakin picks up on, nothing more.

Overall I am happy that the prequels were made but like most of you I feel that there were several missed opportunities. There were alot of great concepts (Maul, Clones, etc.) but they were never really utilized as well as they could have been.

  I agree that it should have been Maul or Dooku but not both (I would have picked Maul). By the time Maul showed that he was the terror we had been expecting, he was dead. Besides Maul just came off as this amazing fighter and you had no touble believeing he could take on two jedi at once, whereas old man Dooku was just a bit of a stretch, sith lightening or no.

 I think Lucas weakened Boba Fett's character by having him appear as a child. It makes him less ruthless and more pitiful <which is the same thing he did to Vader throughout the PT>. I think that AOTC and TPM could have been combined into one movie with the leftovers being in the opening crawl of what should have been The Clone Wars.

Another thing that I think is unfortunate is that we never really got to see the Padawans/ Knights training. Yoda alludes to how hardcore it is in Empire but all we get is kiddie stuff. It would have been nice to see Anakin training, and that would have been a great opportunity to develop his cockiness and everyone else's wariness of him.

 Anakin should have been played by the same actor all the way through the movie. They should have just dropped the plot point about Jedi having to train since they are children for the sake of continuity and charcter development. Just because Yoda said Luke was too old didn't mean that you needed to be 3 years old when you started. I think 16 would have been reasonable and they could have made Hayden pass for 16 (he didn't need to be super young, just younger than Luke.)

Last but not least George should have allowed a better director to work with these actors. While you can usually find at least some fault with the actors I blame Lucas and here is why. If you have seen Hayden Christensen, Sam Jackson, and Natalie Portman in ANY other movie you know they are excellent actors. But in the prequels they just seemed to not give all that they were capable of. When that many good actors aren't performing up to snuff that says bad directing to me, talent without guidance.  Lucas' singlemindedness may be what got the original movies made but it really functioned as a double edged sword this time around.

Darth Maul would be my first pick (and I agree that he should've been alive the whole series). A close second Mace Windu who didn't do too much but he had this presence that when he did cut loose it was going to be bad ass (very similar to Boba Fett.) I think it's more how the other characters seem to defer to him more than anything else.

I don't think it really makes sense to put Cody up there unless we're taking the cartoon into account. Cody really doesn't do much more than the fifty other guys who look just like him.

Power of the Force 2 / Re: Mara Jade - what's she worth?
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:53 PM »
I got a loose Mara for 12.00 w/ a BIN on Ebay. You can get her for a relatively decent price if you're vigilant (and an opener). I think she'a a pretty decent figure. She's not all big and bulky like other females in that line, she actually fits pretty well with the newer stuff (despite, of course the  lack of articulation). I thought she was a worthwhile buy.

Saga Collection '06 / Battle of Endor Luke
« on: April 5, 2006, 04:37 PM »
Does anyone have any idea if this figure is going to have better articulation than the old Saga Luke? From the pictures I've seen it looks like a straight up repack. If they re-did the body slightly and maybe kept the headsculpt (making in ball jointed) he would be perfect.

Battle of Carkoon
Leia x1

Battle of Hoth
AT- AT Driver x2
General Veers x4

Battle of Geonosis
Scorch x1

Battle of Coruscant
Utapau trooper x3
Commander Cody x1

<this includes stuff I've negotiated in trade, mostly found at retail though>

I really really like that Corran Horn! I don't mind that he looks a little older because he looks older on the cover of I, Jedi. I might have to try my hand at one of these to go with the NJO Luke I made. I also am digging the Galactic Marine! I don't think the snow detailing is too much as long as whoever he's standing with has similar detailing. Nice stuff!

LOL that Mando Wok made me laugh out loud! Great stuff! I particularly like Screed and the clones. What did you make Screeds skirt out of?

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