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Hi, all. I've just joined and wanted to share my customs. I'm a member at Rebelscum too. Check these out-

My first custom, a female Sith. I had just learned how to customize figures and didn't have a head for a head swap. Since the pictures, she's turned into a female mandalorian:

Second Custom - Parjai Trooper. I think this is my best custom because I used one of Glassman's helmet casts and took my time to make this good:

Third and fourth customs, these guys are part of my huge mandalorian army. Still have to customize alot of the army, but it's looking better with these guys in there:

The blue mandalorian was based on this:

This is the army so far:

My most imaginative custom and the first one I've used sculpey on. I have plans to try a second version with less sculpey and more real parts. I'll also be fixing the helmet so that it fits on the head better. Yellow Female Mandalorian:

You may have noticed that the yellow and red mandalorians are from this picture from SW Insider:

Please Let me know what you think :)

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