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Nothing new, been taking a lot of time off since the summer. Lots of things going on. Just don't want this topic to die. I'm sure I'll be back some time! Afterall, all the customizing parts and paints and equipment isn't just going to use itself up.

This is a mandalorian who is a wookiee. He was adopted into a clan of mandalorians after a small fight between the mandos and some wookiees. He was very very young at the time and grew up learning much about the mandalorian culture, not basic wookiee culture. He has a ton of experience in many different situations. If you are going into a war, you want him to be right behind you.

A lot of time and effort went into this custom. It gave me something fun and not too strenuous to do while recovering from getting my wisdom teeth yanked out. I really enjoyed working on this custom so I hope it shows through, even with the crappy pictures. I chose the colors I did for a couple reasons - I liked the color contrast. I didn't have a mandalorian with these colors. And finally, they were the colors of my high school. Let me know if you have any questions and please post any comments you guys have. Good or bad, helpful or not ;)

Since there are many pictures this time, just click the one below to go to the webshots folder I made and look at the rest. Thanks

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: master brisk's customs
« on: July 2, 2007, 08:09 AM »
Hey that life sized armor set is great! You know now that I might have to do a custom of you in your armor lol! Keep up the good work :D

EDIT: BTW, thanks for that site. I'm finding lots of cool color combos for future mando customs

Fan Art / Re: EU Female Clone Trooper Commando in battle
« on: July 1, 2007, 10:56 AM »
I really like both of the pieces. And Straxus you did a very good job of coming up with a plausible background story for fem clones.

Thanks you two  ;D

And lol Anton you are probably right about Hasbro making one of these guys now.

Thank ya Deanna!

reposted from the other customizing forums:
Hey guys, just a very simple 100% repaint I did while working on another nonhuman mandalorian. I know you can still see the blue joints, but it's not that big a deal to me lol.
This dude is just a parjai trooper for Bly's legion. In the last pic you can see him standing with his general, commander, and a few fellow troopers

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: WIP
« on: June 24, 2007, 02:11 PM »
Hey those are pretty cool. The clone wars obi really stands out to me. Great work.

Here is my latest mandalorian. I'd done plenty of human male mandalorians... a few human female mandalorians... even a human kid mando. But this is my first alien species mando. A little sculpting went into this custom, and an entire repaint. Hope you like. Oh and by the way, that isn't a regular sword. It is made of mandalorian iron which is why it stopped the jedi's lightsaber blade.

Hey all. This is my newest custom. Just a pretty simple repaint of last year's Boba Fett figure. I did do a lot of drybrushing on him though. Look forward to a star corps airborne trooper and a few alien mandos from me in the near future.


Wow, sweet customs. Aiwha squad looks amazing. I was thinking of doing it at one point but did a couple white commandos instead. These are much better than any I could have done. The wookie, droid, and Arconan smuggler are very nice too. I like the idea and execution of the idea for the Nautolan Sith. Very scary looking. Kinda like something you'd see in a Star-Wars Nightmare!  :P And finally, that wookie is sohweet! I'd follow that guy into battle anytime. Looks like some wise wookie general or something but not the kind that sits behind 20 lines of his men.

Alright, just giving a little praise. Keep up the good work.


|Generic Grunts|
Then there are 6 plain ole grunts, two of them with reddish orangeish brown pauldrens. These are just regular 327th corps members under Bly's command.

If you'd like any more pictures or have questions, please ask. And please spill out ANY comments you have. Thanks!

*Oh yea and my newest custom Felucia troop will be posted soon. I'm also working on some mercenaries and an ARC trooper. A couple mandalorians are planned out. And I apologize for dropping off the face of the customizing world, but I'm back into it hardcore for at least 3 months now. Yay :)

|Evo Grunts|
Next are the 5 Evo grunts, all with a reddish orangeish brown colored pauldren like in the movie. I removed some stipes and made other stripes bigger on these evo grunts to match the other grunts better. In the pictures, their heads are turned around so that the chin isn't poking out.

|Special Grunts|
Next are the three regular grunts with yellow thigh armor. In real life, these are the bodies from the extra Commander Bly figures, and a SA#41 helm painted up. For purposes of my little explanation, lets just say they are a slightly specialized group of grunts under Bly's command. These guys all have yellow pauldrens. One of them is the squad's sniper.

Tried to post, but my pictures didn't work. I might have to reload them and try posting again later. Sorry

Well, here they are. Finally. I didn't get much response when I showed these to people I knew off the internet. Probably because they can't see what other collectors and customizers can see in terms of little details and what kind of work you have to do to get a certain look. For this squad, I chose a black grimy wash with a little bit of gray and white drybrushing on the colored parts of the armor and pauldrens. Every one of the members of this squad was weathered using the same techniques, but at different times, so none of the battle damage should match up. I'm very happy with these, they look so great standing on my shelf by Aayla. First, we have Commander Bly with a brown stripe and completely repainted helmet. Next is Commander Devis with a slightly changed red colored armor and an extra stripe on his feet like seen in the picture of him.

WOoo! YAY! RC customs! Very nice painting on these latest customs. I love them. When you get the entire squad completed, let's see a pic of them all together in action.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Your First custom...
« on: February 28, 2007, 08:56 PM »
Great topic.  My first custom was using a ROTS figure I found on clearance. I bought some paints and very carefully painted her. But, I didn't know you could paint over the joints, and as a result there are a lot of blue spots. Check out this monster:

lol :-X

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