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Wow all of these are great sculpts. You've done superb. I also like the Bacara repaints.

This one was fun to make and (to me at least) fits right in with the other Hasbro jedi. Aayla Secura was the base (d'oh) and I used Shaak Ti's skirt and right arm. Repainted everything but the legs under the skirt. LMKWYT -

Oh and I'm almost done with the first casted female mando. This is the one that won't have hardly any articulation. The next one should be better. Almost finished with the original female mando too. Hope yall like it even though it took forever and everyone else made a female mando too...

Great job Brent. I like them both. Cool idea having Appo wear the Stormie helm and that pauldren.

A little off-topic: I had to laugh at the last two posts misspelling Fett as Hett, and feyy. :)

I missed it again I guess... :( I freaking always miss the chat. Can someone like message me the night of the chat from now on?

EDIT: I mean I know when the chats are but like Thursday night if someone would PM me to remind me that'd be great.

Well when I make a custom and then Hasbro makes one, I pick whichever version I like better and display it. The other one either becomes fodder or sits on a different shelf.

Love that idea. Guess I don't have to throw away that spare Emporer afterall. Great little changes and some painting turn it froma  crappy throw away figure to a cool mayor or senator.

Acually the one locking device seems to be working fine at the moment and since I don't have a ton of money to spare I'm saving material anywhere I can. but I do see where you are coming from. I'll make 2 locking devices in the next mold. As for the 501st markings, this clone is based on the Clone Sharpshooter in Battlefront 2 so I just kept the markings they gave him in the game. A Parjai with the regular 501st markings might be cool though. Thanks for the comments ;D

Everyone I'm going to NC for a week. I'll be working on the female mandos while I'm up there and I'll still be able to post on JD and RS but I'm not going to be able to upload pics opn the laptop. So expect a little update when I get back.

Commented more over at RS but that softgoods skirt looks really good Jared. Nice work. Very Tatooine-y feeling :)

501st Sharpshooter

EDIT: 2 of the pics don't work anymore :(

Thank you Ennis :) The first casted mando wont have hardly any articulation because I couldn't get it to work right >:( The second one will have mostly wivel joints but maybe a few ball joined borrowed form a g.i.joe :) So expect:

1 in the squad is all original parts and it's going to be the yellow female mando from insider. This is the one you've all seen pics of already.
2 is going to be all casted parts except for the head and is going to be an original color scheme. low articulation.
3 is going to be like 2 except a different scheme and hopefully better articulation
And finally 4 is going to be the best of the casted ones and is most likely going to be the red female mando from insider. Will borrow G.I.joe parts for this one .

And maybe more after that of course, but this is all I hope to get before I run out of materials for casting. Perhaps a few casts to sell here and there and maybe enough parts to make a custom and sell it on ebay to get some money back for new supplies. Pretty sure yall will like the squad when they're done...

Oh and I finished a BF2 Clone Sharpshooter today but didn't get pics before it got dark. Pics in the morning.

Thanks guys. At the moment I'm kinda tinkering around with the first compltel cast and seeing how I'm going to put all the parts together. This first one wont have that great of articulation yet Since I don't really have the hang of making all the joints fit yet. But its only the first version so... yea.

I'll try to get this first one painted and maybe the second one put together in NC

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: It's a boy!!!
« on: July 14, 2006, 03:32 PM »
Congrats Dre ;D

First ever two part mold:

Second two part mold and what came out of it:

I took more pics but they turned out blurry. Oh well.

Haha, Baniss Keeg is awesome. Great fur detail on Arliel Schous- Defel too. The Catina guy looks great - just like I remember him from the movie. Thanks for updating and please do mit again soon :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Monstermonkey's customs
« on: July 13, 2006, 03:43 PM »
Love the Yakface too. Also like that Geezum guy. Nice work.

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