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New Picture at bottom of this post

Just a few words and pictures of work on my custom 4 man squad of republic commandos. When all 4 are completed, I'll give them weapons and names and a squad name and stuff. For now, just check out the figures and forget anything about a back story ;)

Not only have I updated everyone's visors to have the same color glow, I've updated the squad's communications man to have an antenna and I redid his pack to match the rest of the squad's packs. Here are two pictures of what I'm talking about.

I've finished the squad's sniper as seen in the following pictures.

This is the squad's heavy ordinance/demolitions expert.

Thanks for looking, please post your comments, good, bad, both, whatever you feel like :) I also apologize if the pictures are too big for you. I'm just trying this new way of taking and uploading the pictures, and this way seems to be the best for seeing the details of my customs, at the expense of being a bit too big. Let me know if it screws up your monitor or makes the page load too slow.

New Picture, smaller, and showing all of the squad so far:

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP chat
« on: February 24, 2007, 08:58 AM »
Smarty or whoever does the newsletters, make sure you still have me on the list please. I signed up twice already but only got like 2 letters total.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CommanderKorbra' Customs
« on: February 22, 2007, 03:36 PM »
Hey guys,

Don't freak out about this not being starwars related. I'm working on a project for one of my classes for Romeo and Juliet. I'm doing 2 things for this project - A little sculpey scene and hopefully 2 regular sized figures FIXITed and painted up to be Romeo and Juliet.

So onto the question, what figures do you think I should use as the bases? Articulation isn't really a big deal. In fact, I'll probably FIXIT or Sculpey over the joints before I paint the figures anyways. I just need a generic figure that might work as a base for Romeo and one for Juliet. If you have any ideas, please post them. Ideas for in scale swords or other props would also be great.

Oh, and if you have any full body shots of some of the actors in in costume from the 1968 film, or costumes by themselves from that movie, or even just a full body shot of something Romeo and Juliet might have worn in the play, it'd be a big help.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Got help on yakface with the stuff above.
Update on my customs, in order of me wanting to complete them first to last:
1. Romeo and Juliet (might opt to just go with the sculpey scene and no 3 3/4inch figure.
2. UGP Bith figures
3. Finishing up repaints of about 20 felucia troops and Bly and Deviss and so on.
4. The last Commando in my squad of 4. I'll get pics of the other 3 up soon.
5. Finish up sculpting my second ARC. I've got a lot of work to do, using FIXIT. This one will be much better than my first, and it uses a Ep 2 comm. tin trooper as the base. Then I'll have to paint it and dullcoat and get pics.
6. Paint up 2 casts of the Parjai helm to use on my older customs where I used a sculpted Parjai Helm.
7. Might use some acetone to get off the crappy weathering on Delta Squad and try my hand at weathering them.

Oops, why the heck did I put that I'm not working on figures? LMAO, I meant to say that I am working on figures for it.

Anyways that compliment means a lot to me Master_Phruby. Thanks much ;D

Alright CHEWIE contacted me and we talked a bit. I'm not working on a few custom figures I'll be able to send. I'll probably want them back, but maybe not.

Hey guys, I'm back in it. Just letting you know what I'm doing.

I've got some Bith heads left over from one of the Catina commemorative tin sets plus some body fodder I could use to make a few civilians with. That might be okay, wouldn't it? I've also got some astomech fodder I might be able to do something with.

Hey, thank you very much! Here is a female mandalorian I finished Jan 22.

Helmet - Casted Jango
Head - Bespin Leia
Hair - FIXIT Sculpt
Neck - FIXIT Sculpt
Torso - Casted sculpt, same as other female mandalorians
Belt - FIXIT Sculpt
Holster - TSC Garidan modified
Waist and Upper Legs - ROTS Padme
Lower legs and boots - VTSC Han
Guns - Jango, duh lol
Shoulders - TSC Hem Dazon
Middle part of arms including joints - G.I.Joe Bombstrike
Gauntlets - TSC Boba Fett
Hands - ROTS Padme


Maxxsium- Very nice mandalorians you have there. So detailed and freaking awesome!

Any of you "leaders" plan on contacting me?

Thank you for the suggestion. I think I might try to add some more antennas on him. For all my paint I use Apple Barrel or Folk Art from Walmart's crafts section. I've got a Titanium White that I mostly use and then also a Misty White that I mix with the other one sometimes, for no reason at all. On white over dark I usually do like 3 or 4 coats, but sand down after each coat to make sure there isn't too many unwanted bumps or build ups of white paint. Just enough to be all white.

Thanks :) I just added a new slightly bigger better detailed pic of the commando.

Heya! This is my most recent custom. I took a Scorch figure I had and sculpted some stuff on him. Then I painted him white, and finally did a series of washes, drybrushes, and sandpapering. This is the Communications Specialist in my squad I'm working on. 2 more commandos are being painted white right now, and the 4th member of the squad is still MIA at some retail store ;) Look for finished other members of this squad later. When they are all completed I'll give the squad and members names and possible backgrounds. Oh and sorry about how the pictures turned out, not all of the weathering detail is visible. LMKWYT

Thank you very much Glassman and Anton. It puts a smile on my face knowing that people enjoy my work. Here's my latest custom, finished a few days ago:

This Rodian jedi fought alongside many other jedi in the Battle of Geonosis. He 'killed' many opposing battledroids. Sadly, he didn't last until clone troopers arrived to pick up the survivors of the battle.

He was going to be an SA Mace Windu from Geonosis until I discovered the 30AC first wave would have an SA Mace in it. So I used a VOTC Greedo's head and hands and made a rodian SA Jedi with soft goods skirt. LMKWYT please. Thanks

Well said, DoctorPadawan.  I couldn't of said it better.  Personally, I would spend more on my hobby.......
that is if I could find the toys half the time.  There is money to be made with us collectors and yet.......
you know the rest.

As excited as I am about this battlepack, it looks like it's gonna be hit and miss with this one.

This is my opinion also. I would spend a lot more money on Hasbro products if they'd ever show up anywhere for any amount of time.

Thank you master brisk arpor. I was totally not expecting this amount of compliments on all the sites. I mean, first time using FIXIT and trying out that weathering technique and some new paints. Pretty cool. I'm currently FIXITing an Episode 2 Commemorative Tin AOTC Trooper into another ARC. Ruprecht's recent tutorials and a little practice will have this one turning out at least as good if not better than the Alpha 91. Hope I can satisfy you all again with the new one!

Stay tuned...

Nice constructive crit mixed in with compliments, Incom. That means a lot to me. I put all the blue on the pauldren because of the way it looks in the Republic Comics on the ARCs. They are a bit bulkier looking than normal pauldrens and seem to have more blue than black. However now that you said sometihng, It might look better with less blue. :P

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