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Star Wars Action Figures / Alpha ARC 91
« on: January 28, 2007, 01:50 PM »
This is my latest custom. It's the first one I've used my new FIXIT Sclupt on. This used to a be a Commander Cody figure that got it's head and belt copped off. So I decided to make Alpha ARC-91. I think it looks pretty cool if I say so myself.  I also tried a new weathering technique posted by Jeditaz earlier this month. Oh and a few final things, this ARC is based on all the different ARC's seen - Hasbro's figure, the Alpha ARC in the coming soon comic 2 pack, the ARCs in the Republic Comics, and so on. He's got some Jaig Eyes (a mandalorian honor) because he displayed outstanding courage at the Battle of Hypori. Hope you like it, here's some pics.
Full view

Brothers in Arms

This one is darker but didn't wash out as much detail as all the others.

Thanks for looking, LMKWYT :)

This is my newest custom. Before I say anything else, I'm apologizing about the pictures. I'm possible the worst on the boards when it comes to finding a good place to take pics where it actually has good light. Anyways I really liked making this custom. It is based on the picture shown. I tried to stay as accurate as possible, make it as articulated as possible, and have fun doing it. I used almost all my skill with this custom, casting, dremeling, painting, boiling and popping, and so on. I even had a couple of big mess-ups or a half finished figure I wasn’t happy with so I scrapped that part and started over. Anyways, enjoy and please, please comment, I really love comments and constructive criticism on my customs. Also, to the lady in the costume - great costume and thanks for all the inspiration!

Helmet - Casted Jango
Head - Bespin Leia
Hair - FIXIT Sculpt
Neck - FIXIT Sculpt
Torso - Casted sculpt, same as other female mandalorians
Belt - FIXIT Sculpt
Holster - TSC Garidan modified
Waist and Upper Legs - ROTS Padme
Lower legs and boots - VTSC Han
Guns - Jango, duh lol
Shoulders - TSC Hem Dazon
Middle part of arms including joints - G.I.Joe Bombstrike
Gauntlets - TSC Boba Fett
Hands - ROTS Padme

Wow long recipe o_O

Also, my new Mandalorian set-up

Oh, and yes she is a little tall. Who says there can't be a bit of variety in height? Thanks for looking, LMKWYT :grin:

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Sith's Herald
« on: January 18, 2007, 04:40 PM »
I love your customs. I'll take time to post in more detail later, but for now let me say your Montross rocks.

Also, you mean Kal Skirata right? I did a figure of him way back, I'd like to see how your's turns out.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: SA Dash Rendar
« on: January 15, 2007, 07:55 AM »
OOOHHHHH MAN now you've got me regretting chopping up my spare Han. Awesome figure.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Tonphanan's customs
« on: January 14, 2007, 04:28 PM »
Hey, Welcome to JD's customs section. ;D

Sith Lord - Original looking. His face didn't seem too menacing until I saw the side of it, nice job on this one.

Vader Vs. Dath Maul Star Wars Tales - Pretty sweet. They'd make for a nice diaroma of some sort.

Other Vaders - Good use of refrence pics and different parts to make these Vaders look damaged.

ARCs - Very cool. I need to make me an SA ARC soon. Also like the ARC Commando. He'd fit in pretty well with all the other ARCs.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Are we serious or not??
« on: January 14, 2007, 12:37 PM »
I understand. I knew he wasn't singling out anyone, I just felt the need to explain myself.

Anyhow, I'll be checking out all the threads in this part of the forum and catching up on everything. Let me know if you need specific things done, including customs.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Are we serious or not??
« on: January 14, 2007, 09:05 AM »
I haven't read this whole thread yet, but I have to defend myself in Ryan's post. I didn't specifically drop out of the UGP, I dropped out of customizing completely. An online game became fun to me while customizing seemed to get boring, then came an onslaught of work and suddenly I wasn't a customizer anymore. Now I'm back seeing as the work is less and the online game was shut down.

However, before I left, I was commited to the project. There was just nothing to do. Nobody sent me any assignments or the newletter or anything. You have my name there for bailing out but apparently didn't have my name on any list of people to tell what to do. If you all want my help then you need to send me an assignment or something - a figure to make or whatever.

Here is my mandalorian army going through time. What got me to start customizing mandalorians the most? I've always loved Boba and Jango and reading things about the mandalorians. I saw RS user Darth_Soundwave's custom mando army and decided to start my own. So, do yall like it so far?

March 2006: The beginning
Group pic:

April 2006: New figures join the ranks

June 2006: A dropship joins the army
Far left:
Far right:

Jan 2007: Gaining a recruit or more each week
Group pic:

Far left:


Far right:


Lol thanks Incom ;D

A little update:

You know, I should try and get a pic of the entire mando army sometime soon. It grows about a mandalorian a week but the last pic of the army was way back when I finished the mando dropship.

The SA Bacara just got a painted head cast and a dremeled out Bacara helm added onto him. He also got some Hasbro like battle damage and dullcoated again.

Currently working on molding a few peices and painting a few different mandalorians.

In the future: Look for the finished Danakin pic female, a finished black armor/suit female modeled after a convention costume I saw, a dark skinned mandalorian, an older mandalorian who's had his fair share of battles, the first alien mando to join my group (rodian or something else depending on my fodder bin at the time) and finally 2 extra parts clone ARCs with lots of FIXIT sculpting on them.

I'm trying really hard to get my WIP bin cleared out completely so that I can start new projects, but I want to take my time on all of the WIPs so that they look good. Wish me luck :wink:

Finished up this mandalorian WIP. Many more WIPs should be finished up this weekend. Pics kind of washed out the drybrushed details and stuff but oh well.

This is based on a pic I saw on some art site, but Danakin Skywalker showed me a pic of his female friend dressed up in a costume with practically the same paint scheme, so I dunno. I plan on making a female mandalorian with the exact scheme from Danakin's pic to go along with this mando so then I'll have both of them :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Rise of the Empire carries on!
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:13 PM »
That sniper is amazing! Swappable helmet and awesome paint scheme, nice job!

Wow, I am seriously thankful for all your replies. I had forgotten how good it felt to make some fun customs and post the pictures and then read comments from you guys. I'm glad you like all the customs I made.

IncomT65 - Lol at you searching for the Padme pic. :P Thanks for the compliments, and yea I actually did clear out some of the parts bin with this bunch. Some of them had been WIP for a few months while I was taking a break so it felt good to finish them up.

Deanna Rash - Thanks ;D

Darth_Ennis - Hey buddy, glad to see you are still customizing. Thanks for commenting over at RS and here. About the racing stripe mando, Danakin Skywalker informed me that the color scheme was almost identical to one of his friend's mando costumes. Apparently the character is really a girl so I was thinking about finishing up the WIP and then making a female mando to go along. They'd be a mando couple with a similar paint scheme. Might be cool.

Clone Commander - I agree about the neck and head of Commander Cody. I just had an extra one and a headless clone so I figured I'd use it on him. He does look like some long necked peahead guy though, so he stands in formation on my shelf with his helmet ON lol. Also thanks for the compliments.

Edit: Searched through my star wars pics folder and found the pic. Guess I'd saved it since I was planning on making a custom of it:

2 of my most recent:

Few of my recent customs after getting back into customizing. I had alot of fun making these. I've got a group shot then individual shots with some extra info about each custom and then 2 shots of some of my WIPs. Um, I'm sorry about the pictures... I don't have a studio or an expensive camera not to mention a very low skill level of picture taking, but they'll work I think. EDIT: They are really small too, for some reason.:confused:

Onto the customs:

Group shot of all the customs together hanging on our pool deck.

Commander Bacara SA version. I just took Bacara's parts off him, threw them on an SA troop and then used a dremel and some new really cool glue to swap the necks out. I made a point of not using a figure stand in the pic - good to have Bacara standing up now instead of falling on his face all the time. Oh yea and I didn't do any extra paint on this figure because I wanted it to be very very Hasbro-ish, just new articulation.

Same as above, I wanted this to be mostly Hasbro-ish so not really any paint on this figure except a few extra black marks on his armor. I had an extra cody head and neck and a neck-less 501st, so why not put them together with my new glue stuff? Helmet is too big for him so I added some sculpey inside to make it tighter.

Extra Padme head, extra Slave Leia body, saw a pic someone did putting Padme's head on Leia's body and it looked great so I figure-ized it. No extra paint or anything just because I'm lazy, but we'll say it's because I wanted it to look Hasbro-ish ;) BTW can't even find the slave Padme pic anymore, oh well.

Bought this half completed custom from MurderWeapon a few months ago and just painted some things on him and dullcoated him. All MW's ideas and stuff, just with a little extra paint from me. Dunno WTF I was thinking about the battle-damage on him though, it looks terrible. :P

Ready for the "real" customs?

SA clone body I'd screwed up on so many times I just decided to paint the whole thing light gray. Then I figured I'd make him a commander for the 41st elites ion their gray armor. I think it turned out really nice IMO.

Got this Anakin in a trade a few months ago and threw him in the bin of mandalorian fodder for some reason. Must have been sleepy. So a few days ago I open the bin and think, what the heck? But, I thought a kid mando might be pretty cool. No armor besides the helmet and jetpack but he does have a gun, knife, and droid. I guess he's practicing flying and shooting or using his rangefinder. Who knows?


Mando 1- Almost finished mando that I can't seem to finish off. Based on a pic from some random site I saw.
Mando 2- About half way finished Jango from Open Seasons. Dang, reminds me I need to buy that comic sometime.
Mando 3- Kal Skirata, he was finished at one point and dullcoated sitting on my shelf reserved for my Mando army. Then I got the bright idea to boil him and cast the legs. When I boiled him to put the legs back in, the dullcoat turned white and screwed him up. I guess I'll get around to repainting him one day.
Wtf Jedi- Um... I dunno. Hardly painted mix of parts.
Also have a half finished SA jedi and leg-less Commander Cody on the table and some new molds for casting in the making. Plus many ideas and parts of ideas up in my head for future customs.

Well, thanks for looking. All comments appreciated.

Star Wars Action Figures / I'm back!
« on: December 25, 2006, 10:13 PM »
I'm back after a really long break. I'm working on a clone custom at the moment and with all the fodder I got for Christmas, I'm sure there will be others coming soon too. Just wanted to bump this thread up from the last page lol.

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