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I'm sorry, I don't understand. Do you mean to cut the mold all up once you've used it one time? So that you cna't use it again?

Just casted the legs and they came out perfect! (well to my standards anyways) so I'm really happy. One of the hands I casted screwed up again but the other one was perfect too. Even had all 5 fingers  :P The clone head had a little air bubble in the back but nobody should ever see that so its fine too. YAY. Oh and I mixed up the perfect amount. Think I'm getting the hang of things finally.

EDIT: Think I jinxed myself. Made a tad too much again. I was able to use most of what I made but some things - namely the hands messed up again. But I did get it in the female mando torso and I think it worked fine. So all sucessfull except the hands and made alittle too much.(I'm reassuring myself lol)

Collections / Re: ArtooConvoy's Collection
« on: July 13, 2006, 10:41 AM »
Wow cool collection. I like the Lava Reflection r2 too!

Yep I agree with that!

Man those gunship bubble turrets are sweet! I still dont have side turrets on my gunship yet :(

Owen made some pretty frickin sweet clone wars mandalorians. You know, that green color scheme? And a pretty badazz holiday special Boba. ;D

DAY 3 :)

Well I woke up and tried to pry apart my 2 part mold and it wasnt easy. I think the vaseline dried overnight or something because I know I put a ton of that stuff in the mold. Still works fine though.

As for the 1 peice molds - well they ended up being too thick. I dunno whats worse, having a good strong mold where you can't get the part out because its so thick or having a really weak mold that you could tear to shreds any second.  ??? Oh well.

My plans for today: cast the legs a few times and maybe try to get a good solid cast of the torso. Also cast the hands a few times since all the hands ive made so far didnt have any fingers.

Oh and kind of like the random update on page 12 about random stuff - I'm going to North Carolina next week to our cabin so I'll maybe be able to work on some customs while we're up there but maybe not. One thing I know is the area used to have a good hobby store. Although now that I think about it, I think it closed down. Whatever. They still havea  good walmart that was packed at last years black thursday lol. And what was the other thing I was goign to say... (sorry I just got up :p) Oh yea check out RS everyone is telling this b0bafett77 character that he'll be as good as Ricky UK in a few years and that he's goign to be a customizing legend. Heh, he's already a legend but not in the good way haha.

Joe - What is that guy exactly? What's he supossed to be I mean?

Firtz - Looks great.

Yes, That's why I'm sort of making notes and taking pics as I go along. Hopefully I'll have enough stuff at the end of day 3 where I can post a good amount of stuff I learned. Not necisarily (wtf, sp?) a toturial because I'm far from a master, but maybe some little things to help newbies like I was (and still am lol).

Right now I'm waiting on the 1st half of a two part mold to dry and the 1st part of a 1 part mold to dry. I didn't make enough the first time so its gotta dry before I make some more and pour it in.

As for what I've got so far - Enough parts to make the top half of a female mandalorian. They have some sculpey in some places where I made a newbie caster mistake and got some air bubbles. Also they dont have holes where the joints will go yet. And I've got some parts for a second female mandalorian. Also have some casted heads and necks and one mando helmet. Good so far I guess :) Liking all the experiance I'm getting.

EDIT: Finished up my second 2 part mold and my 6th, 7th, and 8th 1 peice molds. I think All of them turned out okay but by time they are dry I'll be fast asleep so they'll be sitting overnight.

Thanks again Glass. I'm really excited you are posting tips and stuff for me cause you are THE MAN at casting stuff. I did what you said and only tried the gauntlets and a mandalorian helmet this time. And I only used about half a spoonful so I wasted little to none. Oh and when I flipped it this time, I'm not positive but I think I waited long enough. I just don't want to wait so long that it gels up and wont fuse together. We'll see in about 30 mins.

-Rangefinder happened to fill in from all the excess lol. Mandalorian helmet and the gauntlets were good but no matter what I do the fingers on the hands dont seem to want to cast. All my tries so far have been fine except for the fingers.
-Also I'm working on a new way to make the one peice molds. Accually its mostly glassman's idea but instead of just leaving the helm upside down on the spruce attached to cardboard, I made a lego square around the helm so when I pour the mold in it doesnt all spread out on the cardboard. So thats good. Only problem will be if the mold ends up being too thick instead of too thin like last time.
-Will make a mold of 2 different sets of legs and one jetpack tomorrow. Might remold some of the helmets and heads if the test version works.
-Overall I'm getting some good stuff so far. I did waste about a half a bathroom cup so far of the resin but I shouldnt be wastingas much anymore sicne I do small bits at a time now.

EDIT2: Made that other mold I was talking about. Well not the whole thing, only the first half. Around 10 PM tonight I'll prolly have all the molds I made today completed and will pour in some plastic to sit overnight.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: the miracle of epoxy resin
« on: July 12, 2006, 07:44 AM »
Good to see your playing around with the cheaper stuff instead of the expensive stuff like I am lol.

Thanks smarty. Thank you Glassman for the encouragement. I just had a good night's sleep and I'm ready to tackle everything again. Glassman your Iron cow prod toturial really helps. Great job on that. ;D As I did yesterday instead of posting 5 or 6 times I'll just edit this post if anyone wants to see what exactly i do as the day progresses.  8)

EDIT: Made some 60D and accually I made too much of it again. Not as much as last time though. Man last time I wasted a ton eck. Okay anyways I used the 60D to re-do the legs and torso of the female mando since the 45D torsos and legs had big air bubbles in them. Also put some 60D in a clone neckpost and a captain Antilles head and then right when I started to pour into the clone head mold the 60D started curing. I guess from now on I'm going to mkae one spoonfull of each part (A and B) and then mix em and see how far that goes. One thing I noticed if you are wearing viynl gloves while working with the 45D or 60D and it starts to cure, it'll feel warm... weird lol.

EDIT2: Planning on remolding a few things. I've got pics of everything I've done so far that I'll post later too.

EDIT3: The torso screwed up again from an air bubble. I'm thinking even though I let both parts sit for a second that when I mash them togteher I mess em up. Legs came out fine as well as the clone neckpost.

I was there for the second time ever and both times someone either sent me a pm or bumped this thread and i happened to be on the computer when they did. lol.

I was telling my Dad a bit about the UGP and he thought it was a really cool idea. One kind of thing he mentioned (guess it goes in the overall design part) is that maybe when people make customs for the diaroma that we could put a little card next to it with a number on it and then in a seperate location list all the numbers, what the custom is, who made it, and how to contact them. I thought it was a pretty cool idea myself. Or we could alter the idea a bit and instead of all the little numbers being in the diaroma, have a seperate list that has all the names of people who contributed customs, what they contributed, and how to contact the person. I dunno, yall think about it. :P

Laidout everything and tried my hand at making my first mold this morning. Its pretty straightforward but I didn't make enough of the stuff. And I kind of made too many air bubbles. But this doesnt really matter because I didn't even make enough to fill the mold box a quater of the way. Basically just have a bottom to the mold and now 4 hours have passed so its ready to make some more stuff and create the first half of the mold. After 4 hours I cover it with vaseline and make enough to fill the second half of the mold. And then tonight if there still enough time left I might try to put some resin in there and let it sure overnight. Wish me luck guys :)

EDIT: Got that next part done and now have all the parts half way in the mold and half out. To tell the truth I'm nt sure if it's going to work. I worked a little too fast and parts sunk into the mold a bit more than I think they should've. Oh well, I'll see how it looks later when I get the entire thing ready to use.

EDIT 2: Coming out pretty good I think. The smooth on stuff got here so I used some on the smooth sil 920 and make a fe molds. I think most of the stuff went onto the cardboard instead of staying on the helmets and heads though. And there were lots of bubbles so we'll see how well that turns out. Got the vaseline on my 2 part mold and poured the ohter half. About and hour into drying i accidently got my elbow into it but luckily not deep. If anything it just screwed the top half of the mold and ill remake it. Oh and the smooth sil 920 is frickin thick, kinda hard to work with. I dont like it being completely transparent on both parts A and B either because you can't really tell if they are mixed well or not. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?!? I'M JUST HAPPY I CAN FINALLY START MOLDING AND CASTING STUFF! MAJOR WOOT LOL

EDIT 3:Should have pics of the molds up tomorrow and maybe some pics of my first try at casting

EDIT 4: All the molds dried, The sillicone one looks to be okay but I don't know how well the joints will work on the ocmpleted custom. The smooth sil 920 molds were mostly too thin and/or had airbubbles that made a hole in the mold so that was sadly a waste. I can't afford to waste $100 worth of stuff so I'd better get my butt in gear lol. Just wasted some 45D too! Sheesh that stuff's potlife is fast. It flows good though so I guess the only bad thing was that I made too much.
Notes to self :)
1. Make less of the liquid plastic since it cures fast
2. Try out the idea to get the one peice molds thicker
3. If any of the 2 part mold peices dont come out right, try to remold them I guess.
4. Use less sillicone in the 2 part molds so its not wasted.

DN like I said in the chat last night, I love the gunship and alot of your clones. Very creative. Keep up the good work.

Yep at least one person did. Now you can be the second  :P

I got the RTV Sillicone rubber stuff for the 2 part mols from Micromark and then got the Smooth sil for 1 peice molds along with smooth cast 45D and 60D from smooth on. Micromark seems to be the faster on processing and letting you know whats goign on and accually deliving everything. But that's fine because I can work on molding things while I wait for the stuff from smooth on.

I can't wait to get started! I'm reading some of glassman's posts on the subject and reading what micromark sent in my package. Also sanded down what I was going to mold and got it all smooth. Maybe by tomorrow night I'll have an update with a pic of the mold for the female mando torso. There's a little baggie of things I plan to mold and cast sitting in my work area so this time period is going to be very exciting for me.

Not to keep bumping and double posting but my stuff from Micromark got here today! Wow that was fast! I can start molding stuff now and then whenever I get the smooth-on stuff and I feel confident enough I can start casting peices :):)

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