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LEGO / Lego 2008
« on: June 16, 2007, 01:17 AM »
I used to be a Seasonal Lego Merchandiser and i've remained in contact with the Full Timer that is in the area I used to work in... Aparently there is a survery of sorts that Lego is doing now that involves folks getting a look at and giving their opinion for some of packaging for the upcomming products for 2008. They've sent packages of boxes to the Merch's in many major cities. Some of the test boxes they've sent are for some of the new Star Wars products.

There is a Anakins Jedi Starfighter with a Clone Wars Logo.
A Stormtrooper Dropship with a Force Unleashed Logo
and A At-PT "Pod Walker" with Clone Wars Logo

also there are some other lines that are getting some interesting new looks and a new License that I for one am extremely excited about seeing in Lego form.... 


And now after seeing the packaging in person I can reveal a bit more:
The AT-PT comes with 2 clones and looks very very good

The Stormtrooper dropship is not affiliated with any particular event however it does have a large logo that does say "build your armies" and comes with 2 Stormies and a Tie Pilot

The Anakin Starship from Clone wars is Grey and Yellow (very Similar to Saesee's Starfighter)

The Set from the Force Unleashed is The Rogue Shadow (I believe) it is Vader's Apprentices ship apperantly and comes with Vader's Apprentice, A very hacked up Vader and the Female Imperial Officer (who's name escapes me right now)

Sorry I can't give picks but all this is very very hush hush and I'm sure I'm breaking some confidetiality things by telling this much! But 2008 is gonna be a great year for legos!!!

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