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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Outrider's Customs UPDATE
« on: June 18, 2006, 09:13 AM »
HEllo everyone, Happy Father's Day!  My computer has been extremely weird lately...acting up.  I believe that I've corrected the problem and hopefully it'll be better... for a while at least.  I've just glanced at the latest submissions over the last week or so and I cannot wait to reply to all of you tonight.  I also have an update for my own thread as well so please check back this evening.  Thanks so much and believe me I missed the down time.   

Excellent work, Excellent work!  One of the best female custom figures that I've ever seen. 

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Rykrof Enloe Imperial Era
« on: June 5, 2006, 09:56 PM »
Now thats just my style!  What a great figure.  I love the mixing of parts and the sideburns tie it into the OT very well.  THe imperial rank and the Kepi are just awesome.  Omce again the ROTS Tarkin figure yields another cool custom.   Just a great effort and the end product is very cool!  Awesome!

Thats a sharp looking figure.  Great blend of parts frm many SW lines.  I really like the chest piece and the boots with that armort plating on them.  ALso the layered outfit looks cool especially that pic from the back.  The weapon reminds me of another more familiar bounty hunter who infiltrated Jabba's palace.  Always cool to tie in accessories like that!  

Nice work


here's a link to my holster tutorial.  Its as detailed as I can make it.  I hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you.  Please let me know what you think of it.   ;D

Thanks for commenting on my work as well. 

By the way, those are some very cool looking customs guys!  Nice to see some new ideas injected into the often bland imperial designs.  I really love the imperial/slave owner style figures.  Great idea. 

Great job on this set!  Its great to see some completely original concepts and designs such as these 2 cool figures.  Great to see such a great custom hutt.  They both came out great.  Each one has great features , the beast master's kilt came out great.  Nice to see some custom soft goods! 

Gardula is just awesome.  Those!

I know that by now most of you have seen this guy in the boards but I thought since its my most recent imperial creation (made within the past month) it would qualify for this thread.  To those who haven't seen it here ya go,

Nicely executed removable helmet.  I'm currently working on a set of commandos with removable helmets as well.  The things that I like about your commando are the blue visor, reminds me for some reason of Vader.  Nice looking.  The black armor looks cool with the lower calf area in the white stripes.  Cool deco. 

The weapon is also pretty cool.  I like that modified muzzle that you made.  Do you plan on making more gear forthis commando?  I'd love to see some gear and exras. 

Really nice looking and original stuff man!  I love that beast master!  That kilt looks dynamite!  Very original concept and great execution!  They could be used in Black sun dioramas, boonta Eve, Jabbas dioramas, cantinas etc.  I love when customs can be used in a variety of displays.  Really cool stuff !

FINALLY!  I've been waiting for somebody to make this spacey BABE!  AWESOME job on this one.  figures in white robes or gowns can be really difficult and yours came out great.  When I got the E3 visual dictionary I was amazed to see how hot this chick was and you have captured her essence well.  Keep up the good work.  A+

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: The_Tin_Man's Customs
« on: June 2, 2006, 07:54 PM »
I really like the Nemoidian pilot.  THat Lushros Dofine figure is in my opinion on of the most versitle, customizable figures to come along in a while.  Youir pilot figure is a nice turn of the dark/drab robes worn by so many. 

THe starfighter is also nicely done.  Cool colors.  I agree that perhaps some weathering would make it look more space weary.  Very cool as is though

"Make Not A Sound!"  The Chronicles of the 414th.

Outstanding work on the Terrorists.  I love that Wyphid!  Also great back story.  Very creative and I love the idea of him hunting sandpeople for sport.  That poor race of people get picked on by all sorts of people these days,  Ani, Maul, Kenobi, Terrorosts,  Very nice creativity.

Need I say that I'm a huge fan of your Imperial threesome?  These guys look great!  Nice mixing of parts and heads.  Solid, neutrally posed detailed imps are as you may have guessed my passion.  These guys are top flight!  Nice job as always. 

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CloneCommander1's Customs
« on: June 2, 2006, 06:56 PM »
Outstanding clone commando!  I love the paint, weathering, deco, and articulation!  Fantastic job all around. 

The Red ARC is outstanding.  Beautiful job.  Do the weapons fit into the holsters?  Its just a very sharp looking piece.  I prefer red ARCS to the blue ones and this guy justr looks great!

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