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Photonovels and Movies / Re: Coming Early 2008 to JD Forums...
« on: April 11, 2007, 08:07 AM »
wow...its Heroes in the jedi time traveller gonna be callled Hiro? lol...seriously though this sounds amazing...cant wait

wow...this looks really looking forward to this one!

wow...your sculpting is amazing..they look SOOO much better than the hasbro versions...great still sculpting with green stuff at the momnet but ive got some sculpy in mail now so any day now i can start some serious customizing...any tips?

hey that keller marine is excelent very crisp and clean good job

hey dd aint seen you on here in to see you havnt lost any talent...those rc's are great!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: new pn project
« on: February 19, 2007, 03:36 PM »
thanks pretty busy at the moment but the work is progressing..still a bit of photography and custom building before i can start the the way darth depressis im very interested in your proposal..i looked through your stuff and your pretty gd...i'll shoot you a pn when it all comes together.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: master brisk's customs
« on: January 29, 2007, 12:54 PM »
thanks anton...just to catch up...been some complications with the pn...but i hope to have Death: a prationers tale up by the end of feb...hopefully...theres not much new on the customs side of fodder has kind of run out and i havent the time to buy more... :( on the up side i am repainting my jawa jedi to make him look better...also i have found a site with really cool ideas for sw stuff...they are making a fan film they are called IMPS: imperial military personel stories if you check out theyre concept art they have some really cool ideas...must be off...coursework to do....thanks for listening...update soon!

wow...i gonna have to get hold of some fixit...that is excelent well done there

hey everyone...its been a while for me to post on here...but the new digital i bought has promted me to try again...last time i posted a pic was july...and my camera was well....lets not mince word...the camera sucked...but im trying goes...we got cal skirata (for the upcoming pn im working on Death: a practitioners tale) we have my jedi master with the 802nd clone legion and my finished jawa jedi...with improved hood!

first jedi master

simple really...the recipe is
pilot obi wan body
repainted clone head
mace windu's lightsabre

next jedi master with a unit of 802nd

nothing really special on the clone side the back story for the 802nd i love...they work alongside the galactic marines as drop support

and my kal skirata....this is a pic from my be may be bad!

its a modded ric olie head
on a pilot jango body
with police force legs
and one arm is from kamino jango

and finally my completed jawa jedi

it is a episode 2 dooku battle yoda with a scratch sculpted head

more coming soon

Photonovels and Movies / new pn project
« on: December 13, 2006, 09:08 AM »
look out early 2007 for Death:a practitioners tale...the photography has began...heres a little back story

a young mandalorian, a survivor of a massacre (caused by dooku back when he was still in the jedi order), sides with the republic in the clone wars because of a freind of his...a certain limping commando training sergeant...and takes on the CIS to get revenge on dooku...look out for charecters such as omega squad, cal skirata, jango fett, the 802nd legion of clones aswell as many more!!!

coming early 2007 to a computer screen near you!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: A New Rebbelion
« on: December 13, 2006, 09:03 AM »
looking good...i always worndered what a bunk bed battle would look like lol...nah seriously sounds good...cant wait to see this one!

i have to be honest when i started reading this i wasnt sure if i liked it or not...but now i am...this chapter has me hooked...good work!

niiice...ive never hear of the 713th before..did you come up with it yourself or is it in one of the novels?...paint sceme is veeeeery similar to the 802nd (my own clone legion)....i like this custom...though id have gone with a different pouldren (i highly doubt that is spelt right)...keep up the good work

i really like these customs...but i thought id mention that a clones standard helmet acctually houses a short range transmitter and they would only need to carry a long range antenna but other than that...excelent work...paint apps are really good as usual...keep it up

wow that is really good i only just saw this...i dont know how i managed to miss this helmet for so long but hey ive seen it now....any news on our favorite ice cream man?

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