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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Your Opinions of George Lucas
« on: May 28, 2008, 04:15 PM »
I'll try to keep this clear and not rambling.

I'm pretty ambivalent towards George Lucas.  Don't know him as a person, only through his movies and his businesses.  I feel that on a personal level, he seems like somebody that would be extremely fascinating to talk to (and not just about his movies), or to just have as a buddy.  As a filmmaker, I do wish he had a better appreciation of the place his original films hold in the hearts & minds of his fans.  I think he had very good intentions when he began working on the OT:SE, but it should've only been an experiment and not a replacement.  The original message coming out of Lucasfilm that the OOT films were apocraphyl and should be ignored was a huge PR mistake.  Then, when he began working on the PT, I believe he had simply lost the touch -- and that happens to all of us, can't blame the guy for that.   His error has been in not recognizing what so many people see as obvious missteps in his films.  From the cutesy, fart jokes; to the ham-fisted love story of Anakin/Padme; to the dreadful death/birth scene at the end of ROTS, George did not put the professionals in place to help him make good decisions and he has to take the blame for that.  It's not a mistake to dream up Jar Jar, but it is a mistake to not get a true second opinion.

As a whole though, I gotta give the guy props for creating Star Wars, and releasing the reigns for ESB.  Those two films and the Luke/Vader struggle in ROTJ are the saga for me, all the rest is just the fat that I cut away from the meat and give to the dog, so to speak.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fracture!!
« on: May 28, 2008, 12:15 PM »

Other Collectibles / Re: Hasbro Mighty Muggs
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:37 AM »
I posted this over on RS about a month ago, but have gotten zero help.  I am wanting the SDCC exclusive Mighty Muggs Commander Gree.  I am unable to attend SDCC because my job's busiest time is from June-August, plus I don't think my wife would understand why I need to fly to the west coast for a "toy show."   Anyway, if anybody is planning on attending and could pick me up one of these, I would really appreciate it.  I can pay you for the item and for shipping to Texas.  Shoot me a pm if you're able to help...

If Hasbro does turn back to the vintage-style card for this line of Legacy figures, I just hope they go all the way with the idea.  No more of these then-and-now tributes we've seen on the back of previous vintage figures.  I want to be able to flip over my vintage Jar Jar Binks and see a figure line-up with a command to "Collect all 1,238 Figures!" (or whatever the # is up to as your mileage may vary) and then have little, teeny-tiny pictures of every figure since 1995.  I will not be satisfied unless my $7+ guarantees me some serious eye-strain!  :P

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: 'The Hobbit' movie
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:04 AM »
Wow Bam... where'd that avatar come from??   :o :o

I lifted it from the website of the local sportsradio station, 1310 The Ticket.  It was posted under the heading "Hello Frisco!" -- Frisco being one of the suburbs of north Dallas.  I don't know who she is, or what it has to do with Frisco, but frankly that doesn't bother me.  Ignorance is bliss, and she puts me in a blissful mood.  :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Super Hero/Comic Book Movies
« on: May 27, 2008, 05:43 PM »
Finally caught Iron Man yesterday.  Wow! what a great film.  I'm familiar with Iron Man & his supporting cast, but have never been the biggest fan; didn't hate the character, just never read any of his comics.  I have to say, though, that this movie blew me away.  I thought all the actors were top-notch and gave great performances.  The scenes with Tony & Pepper were extremely well done & the James Rhodes character -- perfect.  The best part of the film to me is the middle when Tony is back in Malibu designing the armor and testing & tweaking it, taking it on a test-run, and finally in action back in Afghanistan.  The last third of the movie, the final fight against Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger felt a little rushed, but didn't really detract from my enjoyment.  I didn't get to stay for the "hidden" scene (my buddy had to get home to meet with a realtor & sign some paperwork), but that gives me the perfect excuse for seeing it again with my teenager.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: 'The Hobbit' movie
« on: May 27, 2008, 05:36 PM »
The article also speculates that Indiana Jone's own Mutt Williams could be considered.

I certainly hope that's not the case.  I'd rather a lesser known, but qualified actor fill the role.  I just don't think I can live in a world where Shia Lebouf (sp?) is thought to be a billion-dollar movie franchise hero.  I'm sorry but he's riding the coattails of huge concept movies and is not the reason for the success of said films.

Sucks to be Ki Adi Mundi, though -- about to get a head tap from the Super Battle Droid, a double gut shot from his clone forces, and for good measure, stepped on by the Tri-Droid.  Looks like he just threw up his hands and said, "Ooh eff this!"

    Below is a list of everything that I have for sale.  I have pictures of everything listed below; if you want to see a picture of a particular item just let me know.  The prices listed do not include shipping.  For sake of ease I ship all items by USPS priority, except for loose figures which I can ship USPS First Class (so long as the total weight of figures doesn‘t exceed 13 oz., in which case I will ship USPS Priority).  Shipping does not include insurance, but can be added at the buyer’s request for the actual cost of the service.  If you live in the Richardson/Plano area of north Dallas I could also meet you somewhere to trade or sell (understand that with a full-time job and 3 kids involved in all sorts of school & community activities my free-time is sparse and it may be several days before I can meet you).

    I have also listed the figures/coins that I still need.  Please contact me and we can work out a trade if you have anything that I need.  I’d prefer a straight-up one-for-one trade on any figures, but am ready to haggle. 

    I haven’t done any trading/selling on these boards but I’ve been active on eBay since 1999 and have a feedback of 1365 with 99.6% positive .  My eBay I.D. is ‘bamaker’  I’m bailing on eBay & PayPal due to the recent changes and will try to supplement my hobby by trading/selling on these boards.  I will only accept money orders, personal checks, and cash (mailing cash is not recommended, however).  Also, I can only offer these to U.S. residents.  I know that cuts out a whole segment of the collecting community, but I’ve just had too many difficulties dealing with international shipping and would rather not get into it again.

    • #01 Darth Vader
    • #60 McQuarrie Rebel Trooper
    • Episode IV
    • Episode V
    • Expanded Universe (Gold)
    • Celebration IV Exclusive
    2007 30th Anniversary Collection - MOC
    • #03 Mustafar Lava Miner
    • #60 McQuarrie Rebel with coin - Priority!
    • Cantina Bandmember (Disney SW Weekend)
    • Concept General Grievous (
    • #02 UGH Galactic Marine
    • #04 UGH R2-D2
    • #09 UGH McQuarrie Stormtrooper
    • #11 UGH Han Solo (Smuggler)
    • #12 UGH Luke Skywalker (Yavin)
    2007-2008 Saga Legends
    • Covert Ops Trooper
    • Commander Neyo
    • Zev  Senesca
    • Princess Leia (Boussh Disguise)
    • Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader)
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pilot)
    • Biker Scout
    • Chewbacca (Wookiee Rage)
    • Darth Vader (EpV)
    • R2-D2 (Electronic)
    • Yoda (Firing Cannon)
    • Imperial Officer (all head versions)
    • Battle Droids (all versions EXCEPT the one with OOM-9)
    Loose Figures
    • Han Solo (Hoth); blue coat - Battle of Hoth Ultimate BP
    • Luke Skywalker (Pilot) - Battle of Hoth Ultimate BP
    • Clone Engineer - Star Wars: Battlefront II Clone Pack
    • Jet Trooper - Star Wars: Battlefront II Clone Pack
    Price per 2-pack: 1st 2-pack - $5.00.  2nd 2-pack - $4.50.  3rd 2-pack & on - $4.00

    Shipping is $5.00 USPS Priority for 1st 2-pack; add $0.50 for each additional 2-pack.
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Nelvaan) & Clone Trooper
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side) & Clone Trooper (501st)
    •    Battle Droid & Clone Trooper (Sergeant)
    •    C-3PO & Chewbacca
    •    Chewbacca & C-3PO (Disassembled)
    •    Emperor Palpatine & Shock Trooper
    •    Figrin D’an & Momaw Nadon
    •    Greedo & Han Solo
    •    Luke Skywalker & R2-D2
    •    Luke Skywalker (Bespin) & Lando Calrissian
    •    Luke Skywalker (Endor) & Speeder Bike
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader
    •    Ponda Baba & Snaggletooth
    •    Princess Leia & Han Solo (Bespin)
    •    Princess Leia (Bespin) & Darth Vader
    •    Princess Leia (Boussh) & Han Solo (Carbonite)
    •    Sandtrooper & Obi-Wan Kenobi
    •    Wedge & TIE Fighter Pilot
    •    Wedge & TIE Fighter Pilot 
    CINEMA SCENES - $7.00/ea.
    Shipping is $8.00 USPS Priority.
    •    POTF2 Cantina Aliens
    •    POTF2 Cantina Showdown
    •    POTF2 Jabba’s Dancers
    •    POTF2 Jabba’s Skiff Guards
    •    POTF2 Jedi Spirits
    •    POTF2 Purchase of the Droids
    •    Episode I Mos Espa Encounter
    •    Episode I Tatooine Showdown
    •    SAGA Geonosian War Room (1 of 2)
    •    SAGA Geonosian War Room (2 of 2)
    Shipping is $8.00 USPS Priority.
    •    Jabba the Hutt & 2-Headed Announcer
    •    Jabba the Hutt & Han Solo
    •    Kaadu & Jar Jar Binks
    •    Opee & Qui-Gon Jinn (tri-logo pkg)
    •    Ronto & Jawa
    •    Trade Federation Droid Fighters
    ACCESSORIES/VEHICLES - LOOSE (Each Vehicle still has its box, unless noted)
    •    Luke’s T-16 Skyhopper
    Per Figure Price (unless noted otherwise):  1st figure - $5.00.  2nd figure - $4.50.  3rd figure & on - $4.00

    Shipping for a carded figure is $5.00 USPS Priority for 1st figure; add $0.50 for each additional figure.
    POTF2 Green Cards
    •    Boba Fett w/Foil
    •    Boba Fett w/photo
    •    C-3PO w/Foil
    •    Chewbacca w/photo
    •    Emperor Palpatine w/Foil
    •    Han Solo (Bespin) w/photo
    •    Han Solo (Carbonite) w/Foil
    •    Han Solo (Endor), brown pants, w/photo
    •    Jawas, tri-logo card
    •    Stormtrooper w/Foil
    Episode I
    •    Adi Gallia
    •    Anakin Skywalker
    •    Boss Nass
    •    C-3PO
    •    Captain Panaka
    •    Darth Maul (Tatooine)
    •    Gasgano & Pit Droid
    •    Jar Jar Binks
    •    Ki-Adi-Mundi
    •    Mace Windu
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)
    •    Ric Olie
    Power of the Jedi
    •    Battle Droid (Boomer Damage)
    •    Battle Droid (Security)
    •    Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Jedi Knight)
    •    Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion)
    •    Chewbacca (Mechanic)
    •    Darth Maul (Final Duel)
    •    Darth Vader (Emperor’s Wrath)
    •    Eeth Koth
    •    Ellorrs Madak
    •    Fode & Beed
    •    Imperial Officer
    •    Ketwol
    •    Lando Calrissian (Bespin Escape)
    •    Mas Amedda
    •    Plo Koon
    •    Princess Leia (General)
    •    Scout Trooper, clean
    •    Zam Wesell (Sneak Preview)
    Star Wars SAGA
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Hangar Duel)
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant Disguise)
    •    Bail Organa
    •    Battle Droid (red)
    •    Battle Droid (white), w/insert
    •    Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon)
    •    Darth Tyranus (Geonosis Escape)
    •    Destroyer Droid (Geonosis Battle)
    •    Dexter Jettster, w/insert
    •    Djas Puhr
    •    Han Solo (Flight to Alderaan)
    •    Luke Skywalker (Jabba’s Palace)
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle)
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase), w/insert
    •    Plo Koon (Arena Battle), w/insert
    •    Princess Leia (Imperial Captive)
    •    R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry), w/insert
    •    R2-D2 (Tatooine Mission), Hall of Fame
    •    Super Battle Droid, w/insert
    •    Yoda (Jedi Master)
    •    Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)
    Original Trilogy Collection
    •    Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Training), standing
    Revenge of the Sith
    •    Aayla Secura  (Holographic)
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Lightsaber Attack)
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Slashing Attack)
    •    Chancellor Palpatine
    •    Count Dooku
    •    Darth Vader (Lightsaber Attack)
    •    Emperor Palpatine (Firing Force Lightning)
    •    Mas Amedda
    •    Palpatine, w/red lightsaber
    •    Plo Koon
    •    Polis Massan
    •    R2-D2 (Droid Attack)
    •    R2-D2 (Electronic)
    •    Yoda (Spinning Attack)
    The Saga Collection
    •    C-3PO (Battle of Geonosis)
    •    General Rieekan
    Vintage Collection (no clamshells)
    •    Greedo
    •    Sand People
    2007 30th Anniversary Collection (w/coins) - $7.50/ea.   I’d do a straight up trade for any TAC or Saga Legends figures from my NEEDS list that you may have for any of the 2007 TAC figures that I have listed here.
    •    Biggs Darklighter (Tosche Station)
    •    Darth Maul (Legends)
    •    Stormtrooper (Removable Helmet)
    •    Stormtrooper (Removable Helmet)
    •    Clone Trooper (Hawkbat Battalion)
    •    Clone Trooper (Hawkbat Battalion)
    •    Darth Vader (Holographic)
    2008 30th Anniversary Collection (w/stands) - $7.50/ea.   I’d do a straight up trade for any TAC or Saga Legends figures from my NEEDS list that you may have for any of the 2008 TAC figures that I have listed here.
    •    McQuarrie Rebel Trooper
    •    Juno Eclipse
    •    Rahm Kota
    Clamshell Figures  - Priced as marked
    •    General Grievous (Demise of Grievous) - Target Exclusive - $9.00
    •    R2-KT - SDCC Exclusive - $15.00
    •    VTSC Biker Scout - $8.00
    •    VTSC Greedo - $8.00
    •    VTSC Han Solo (Trench Coat) - $8.00
    •    VTSC Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) - $9.00
    •    VTSC Sand People - $8.00
    •    VTSC Snowtrooper (x4) - $9.00/ea. (All four for $34.00)
    Shipping for a loose figure is $3.00 for 1st figure; add $0.50 for each additional figure.
    Loose figures include all weapons/accessories.  Loose figures do not include the bonus pack-in items (freeze frames, coins, hologram mini-figures), except for stands -- the stands are included with the figures that came with one.
    POTF2 - $1.50/ea.
    •    8D8
    •    Admiral Ackbar
    •    AT-ST Driver
    •    Barquin D’an
    •    C-3PO (Removable Limbs)
    •    Cantina Bandmember (x5)
    •    Captain Piett
    •    Death Star Droid
    •    Doda Bodonwieedo
    •    Droopy McCool
    •    Emperor’s Royal Guard
    •    Endor Rebel Soldier
    •    EV-9D9
    •    Gamorrean Guard
    •    Hoth Rebel Soldier
    •    Joh Yowza
    •    Lak Sivrak
    •    Malakili (Rancor Keeper)
    •    Mon Mothma
    •    Nien Nunb
    •    Orrimaarko (Prune Face)
    •    Princess Leia (All New Likeness)
    •    Princess Leia (Ewok Celebration)
    •    Princess Leia (Hoth)
    •    Tusken Raider; closed hand
    •    Ugnaughts
    •    Zuckuss
    Episode I - $1.00/ea.
    •    Anakin Skywalker
    •    Boss Nass
    •    Chancellor Valorum
    •    Nute Gunray
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    •    Rune Haako
    Power of the Jedi - $1.50/ea.
    •    Ellorrs Madak
    •    Gungan Warrior
    Star Wars SAGA - $1.50/ea.
    •    Clone Trooper (Silver Exclusive)
    •    Emperor (Throne Room)
    •    Geonosian Warrior
    •    Imperial Officer; blonde hair
    •    Imperial Officer; brown hair
    •    Jango Fett (Sneak Preview)
    •    Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue)
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)
    •    Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender); brown hair
    •    Watto (Mos Espa Junk Dealer)
    •    Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)
    Original Trilogy Collection - $2.00/ea.
    •    Darth Vader (Hoth)
    •    Darth Vader (Throne Room)
    •    Princess Leia (Bespin)
    Revenge of the Sith - $4.00/ea.
    •    Anakin Skywalker (Slashing Attack)
    •    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Duel at Mustafar); Target Exclusive
    •    Emperor Palpatine (Skirmish in the Senate BP)
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Duel at Mustafar); Target Exclusive
    •    Plo Koon (Holographic)
    The Saga Collection - $2.00/ea.
    •    General Rieekan (Battle of Hoth)
    •    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Battle of Naboo)

    PM sent re: Blackhole stormtrooper animated maquette $80 and the Yoda R2-D2 Animated maquette $80.

    I ordered the rev 2 case from New Force Comics awhile back.  Today I received my paypal invoice.  So I guess that means these should be shipping out pretty soon.  ;D

    The Legacy Collection / Re: Your Dream Wave?
    « on: March 26, 2008, 05:07 PM »
    It'd be cooler if it were "bad ass" Mace Windu w/ MF lightsaber, cloak, detachable hand.  ;)
    ...but, yeah, I got what you meant.

    Ha ...  :D
    My original description called for "SA Han Solo w/tools, mask, and handcuffs," but I thought that looked too much like an S&M Han Solo (...poor sweet, innocent Leia  :-\ ...), so I beefed up the description and added the MF.

    But yeah, I'd go for a quality Mace Windu with his Bad MF wallet and "Great-Vengeance-and-Furious-Anger" slashing & kicking action-features.

    Other Collectibles / Re: ACME Character Keys
    « on: March 26, 2008, 03:08 PM »
    Mine arrived last week while I was camping with the family in east Texas.  Finally got my hands on it last night; #133 is nice & safe in its new home.   :)

    The Legacy Collection / Re: Your Dream Wave?
    « on: March 26, 2008, 02:46 PM »
    Okay, I'll bite...

    I'm partial to the OT and will limit my choices to fit in a standard-sized wave.  I'll pretend this is the final wave of figures that Hasbro releases...

    SA Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit, w/interchangeable head to show Wampa damage)
    SA Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit w/gas-mask & interchangeable head for Bespin)
    *New* R2-D2 with Launching Lightsaber (with spring-loaded action that's life-threatening)
    SA Han Solo (Bespin Outfit, w/gas-mask, MF tools, & hand-cuffs)
    SA Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise w/Dianoga)
    SA ROTJ Emperor Palpatine (w/soft-goods and Throne)
    Hyper-SA Rebel Soldier (Hoth Outfit w/brown vest); release 3 versions w/alternate heads
    Hyper-SA Emperor's Royal Guard (w/removable helmet, soft-goods and Force Pike)

    ...and finally, just to screw with us...
    SA Yak-Face (available only in Canada and overseas markets)

    After looking at my list, I agree it's too heavy on the heroes; there's not enough balance of good-guys, bad-guys, and weird aliens/robots.  But this is my dream wave.

    Yeah, I'm a junior in high school, too, and am starting to think about careers and colleges and all that jazz.

    I've thought about majoring in something with Education. I've always wanted to be a high school teacher, especially after having some of my teachers this year. Does anyone know what specific major you would go for if you are looking to become a history teacher when you're out of college? 

    What Chris said is pretty good advice.  I taught U.S. History to high school students for two years in the DISD (Dallas Independent School District), and did it without an education degree or a teacher certificate.  But most states will eventually require that you get some kind of teacher certificate.  I decided after two years that teaching high school students was not my calling (and trust me if it's not your calling you DO NOT WANT TO TEACH -- you'll be doing yourself and the students a huge disservice), and thus never went back to get my certificate.  My biggest fear was ending up like all the other teachers, who obviously saw the job as simply a paycheck, hated kids, and were just very bitter about everything.  I said to hell with that and got out.  As far as what history knowledge you should have ... well I had a B.A. is U.S. History and a M.A. in American Civil War History, as well as dabbling in 19th Century Germany, Imperial Russia, and WWI; but they had me teach U.S. History from 1865-Present (... so I did at least get to cover WWI).  But the overall impression I got from administration and teachers in other subjects was that the history teachers were expected to be able to coach a sport, or monitor the ISS room.

    ...but then the DISD has historically been a very poor school district, so if you get a position in a good school with forward thinking admins and involved parents you'll probably have a much better experience.  Teaching can be very rewarding.  It's been 8 years since I taught high school and I still miss being able to interact with the students and help them make good choices, and just teaching them about life in general.  I still recall taking one class and teaching the boys how to put on a tie and the boys/girls how to look professional so that they could impress potential employees.  The class had nothing to do with history, but that's the sort of thing that I miss about teaching.

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