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Saba Sebatyne: master soear, master skywalker, master jade, master dijo! Theyíre unconscious. Help.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) we require a medic.

Chi-Ro: master Putag; help me revive them via the force.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) there coming around.

Chi-Ro: master Soear, did you learn anything?

Gigin-Taue: no, what happened.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) were spinning out of control!

Tenel Ka Dijo: where has solo led us?

Luke: (grasping his head) the dark side encumbers this space, it pulls us down to the surfaceÖ
Gigin-Taue: thereís only one place in the galaxy capable of such an actÖ.

Umble Zarr: the graveyard of the sith: Korriban.

Saba Sebatyne: we are too few to survive on the planets surface.

Mara: (rushing to Ben, whoís in tears) I have a bad feeling about this!

Luke: I think we may yet have a chance if we survive the landing.

Cas-Lo: pilot, do you have any control of the ship!

Republic pilot: none strap yourselves in! Itís going to be a rough landing.

Mara: (cradling Ben) perhaps we can guide the ship down to safety.

Chi-Ro: (strapping in) impossible the dark side overpowers this space.

Luke: (assuming seat next to Mara) heís right. Were too weak when compared to the aura of this place.

Gigin-Taue: dearest hold zeb-ska close, we may yet survive this.

The Transport vessel is pulled thru the planets atmosphere at tremendous speeds, the ship breaks thru only to fly straight into the constant orange lightning storms that rattle the fragile tombs and ancient temples of the long ago abandoned planet. The vessel spins out of control as it comes crashing down upon the valley of the sith, a mighty canyon filled with pyramids and temples. The ship touches down upon the rocky surface exploding as it skids down the skeleton ridden landscape, until it smashes to a stop into a mammoth statue of an ancient sith lord. The vessel begins to burst into flames as the refuges of proloxis IV exit quickly with montagra en toe; the ship explodes as Aceff-9 leaps with threepio in his arms.

Cas-Lo: well were here to stay.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) droid secure, vessel destroyed.

C-3PO: no one has ever rescued me like that before.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) itís my program.

Lightening strikes loudly in the distance.

C-3PO: oh dear how horrid!

Mara: (cradling Ben) we canít stay in the open like this, the ghosts will drive us mad in no time.

Saba Sebatyne: How do you know so much of this place Mrs. Skywalker?

Mara: (cradling Ben) I was once in the direct service of the emperor, this was his so-called ďplace of powerĒ.

Gigin-Taue: (holding umble zarr close with one arm) I believe we should take shelter within one of the temples.

Luke: itís probably worse in there than out here.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) the storms are increasing by a margin sixteen percent.

Cas-Lo: one things for sure, were here for a reason. Now will either montagra or master Luke wish to explain it to the rest of us?

Putag: (speaking ewokese) this is not the time master vont!

Umble Zarr: yes, isnít it a bit ironic that while attempting to delve into Montagraís mind weíve been sent here.

Luke: this is the work of the beastís unknown master.

Tenel Ka Dijo: yes I reached its will before we where knocked backwards, it needs something from the surface of this place.

Gigin-Taue: protocol droid; question the beast as to where his master needs us to go!

C-3PO: Oh dear oh dear.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) master requires an inscription of a Prophesy in which supreme power can be bestowed upon its enactment.

C-3PO: (repeating in English) master requires an inscription of a Prophesy in which supreme power can be bestowed upon its enactment.
Mara: (cradling Ben) oh is that all?

Montagra: (speaking ecado) No fire haired woman, your doom awaits in the catacombs!

C-3PO: (repeating in English) No fire haired woman, your doom awaits in the catacombs!
Luke: (igniting saber) enough threats montagra!

Mara: (cradling Ben) Luke! Stop. His words are meaningless.

Chi-Ro: (holding Luke back) his threats are empty, please stay focused master Skywalker.

Gigin-Taue: Luke, we need you.

Luke: (disengaging saber) Iím in control, do not worry.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) we must be going to these catacombs.

Saba Sebatyne: I sense a mass of negative energies coming this way.

Cas-Lo: (taking montagra by the throat) where do we go!

Montagra: (speaking ecado) follow me!

C-3PO: (repeating in English) follow me!

The beast leads the charge of the fleeing Jedi whom ignite their sabers.

Luke: Acheff bring threepio!

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) I copy.

C-3PO: watch your hands, you could break something. And slow down I could fall apart!

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Iím not programmed to take orders from you.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) we must go to the deepest levels, the oldest of the old. The writings of the first dark siders are required.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Move faster, the energies are closing in all around us!

The group flees into the temples of the sith, lighting the way with their lightsabers, the infants begin to cry out as the sith sprits pursue the bunch howling and screaming curses in ancient tongues.


Luke: threepio can you interrupt Ecado?

C-3PO: why yes master Luke, oh dear what a scurvy creature it is. Iíve never seen one before but oh my.

Montagra: (Cursing in Ecado)

C-3PO: how rude.

Cas-Lo: could we come to the point already droid?

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

C-3PO: master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

Luke: thatís all heís been saying since we encountered him on the barge, I became furious due to his inability to answer who was controlling him.

Gigin-Taue: I understand your dislike of not receiving an answer, but this impatience is unbecoming of a Jedi.

Luke: (shouting) Iím really getting tired of being continually lectured on the rules I set in place and taught you all! Without me youíd all be at the mercy of the emperor. Some of you wouldnít even be here.

Cas-Lo: (waving arms frantically) yes master Luke let your clouding of the truth come loose and spill fourth your allegiance to the dark side and theÖ.

Luke: (force pushing cas-lo to the ground) do not accuse me of such acts!

Mara: (screaming) stop it!

C-3PO: oh dear.

Han: (running to Lukeís side) take it easy Luke youíre flipping out!

Cas-Lo: (swatting blood away) I forgive you, but not your actions.

Luke: (embracing Mara) somethingís pushing me out of control. somethingÖ

Mara: (Maraís gaze falls upon montagra as she embraces Luke) what is it? please tell me Luke.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) your time approaches soonÖ

Luke goes to stomp montagra but is stopped by Jacen and Chi-Ro, as Putag, Saba Sebatyne and Tenel Ka Dijo burst into the chamber as followed by republic troops.

Tenel Ka Dijo: master Soear, we must evacuate the planet!

Gigin-Taue: (springing to his feet) what? The space raiders have fled what danger could there be now?

Tenel Ka Dijo: the storm and the raging rivers are flooding the mainland causing the countryside to fall into the oceans.

Saba Sebatyne: we have two days until the entire countryside is beneath the sea.

Gigin-Taue: I order a complete Evacuation due to the impending devastation of the planet, and wish to have Montagra extradited and imprisoned.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) Iíve already sent the remaining transport vessels to pick up survivors.

Cas-Lo: but what of master skywalkerís use of forbidden practices!

Gigin-Taue: Master Skywalker and I will discuss these issues on the transport. That shall be enough for you master vont. Now rally all inhabitants of this temple.

Cas-Lo: yes master Soear.

The entire countryside of Krushi migrates to the Jedi community of Lexírer, as republic transport vesselís lift off. The landing pad in front of the temple is filled with refugees and transport vessels, the Millennium Falcon is chosen as the vessel to lead the evacuation to the nearest republic base. The Royal Procession boards the last transport vessel, as led by the millennium falcon with Han, Jacen, Lowbacca, Clighal, Corran Horn, Kyle Katarn, and Artoo-Deetoo aboard. 

Luke, Mara, C-3PO and Ben depart the planet aboard the same transport carrying Gigin-Taue Soear, Umble Zarr cradling Zeb-Ska, Cas-Lo Vont, Putag, Chi-Ro Rahem, Tenel Ka Dijo, Saba Sebatyne, and Montagra in chains guarded by twenty Republic Troops with Acheff-9. The vessel lifts off as Gigin-Taue looks upon his Temple for the last time thru the transport ships circular window.
Once in space the entire republic Relief Effort as led by Han Solo blasts into lightspeed leaving the countryside of Krushi to its fate on the once inhabited world of Proloxis IV.Gigin-Taue comes to visit Master Skywalker and family.

Mara: what are you going to do now?

Gigin-Taue: Iím not quite sure; personally Iíve had enough of the proloxis system. And the responsibility of ruling a planet never sounded that appealing to me.

Luke: a Jedi goes where the force leads him.

Gigin-Taue: I think Iím starting understand your little outburst from earlier.

Luke: the farther we get away from the proloxis system the better I feel.

Mara: itís really too bad, lexírer was a great teaching facility.

Gigin-Taue: it could have been better, no need worrying about it. Unless were going to start giving swimming lesions.

Luke: (laughing)

C-3PO: itís nice to see you in a jovial mood again master Luke.

Luke: thanks threepio.

Gigin-Taue: Master Dijo and I have been discussing the matter of Montagraís mental block.

Mara: have you come to a conclusion yet? Or is everything going to remain unknown until we land at the nearest star base.

Tenel Ka Dijo: no master Jade, we propose that the four of us should be strong enough to delve into Montagraís mind and find the answers.

Luke: that much pressure on his simple mind could split it in two.

Gigin-Taue: its worth the risk master Skywalker, that beast holds to keys to whom is responsible for this mess.

Mara: their right, if we donít get a name out of his head. Cas-lo is going to pin this all on you Luke.

Luke: All right, but the moment the beast begins to show signs of mental collapse we must cease our mental connection. Agreed?

Tenel Ka Dijo: Agreed.

Gigin-Taue: Agreed.
Mara: Iím pretty sure he can handle it Luke.

The four Jedi masters make their way back to the area where montagra is being kept. The beast is still in chains and lying on the floor of the vessel, Acheff-9 stands guard with its Turbo Laser Canons extended towards Montagraís head.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Mrs. Skywalker shouldnít you be seated?

Mara: its ok, were here to interrogate.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) your time approaches soonÖ

Luke: could you shut up?

Tenel Ka Dijo: what did he say?

Luke: nothing, just empty threats. Letís begin.

The four Jedi sit around the creature Indian style, while meditating in unison. Montagra begins to recoil in pain as the mental connection is made. The Jedi delve deep into the simple mind of montagra, they are violently knocked backward by a blast of energy from the mysterious masterís mental hold on montagra. The blast compromises the transport vesselís engines and causes the ship to fall out of hyperspace spinning out of control towards the ancient Sith home world of Korriban.

Cas-Lo: where are we pilot?

Republic pilot: Iím not sure, but were spinning out of control somewhere between Cinnagar and Koros Minor.

Cas-Lo: the Horuset System! Oh no.


Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) then depart this area or be dismantled.

C-3PO: (leaving area) over bearing brute.

Mara: ok heís more than useful.

Luke: is this Chi-ro going to be of any help to us?

Jacen: of course, chi-ro and I have been training for our master hood under Gigin-Taue. But heís a bit sure of himself at times.

Mara:  great, another hot head with a lightsaber.

Luke: letís get going to the escort.

Luke and Mara embrace, Umble Zarr glares in the distance while being held by her husband. Luke hugs his son and places him in the care of his mother and Acheff-9.

Elsewhere, Commodore Doo Haffa and Montagra survey a holographic representation of their invasionís progress.

Commodore Doo Haffa: the fires have concealed our ships so far, but I fear the republic may call upon the Jedi.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking ecado) master, commands us to remain within the plumes.

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: what of the Jedi, doesnít your master wish for us to destroy the temple?

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking ecado) I dare not raise any issue with master.

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: perhaps youíre right, but Iím certain those Jedi will be plotting something.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (taking upward stance) do not force me to do anything rash!

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: Iím risking my fleet on this, if we donít take possession of this planet soon the republic will descend upon us before we can mine the ores and build new ships.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (igniting saber with tail) youíve outlived your usefulness!

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

The beast flies at the commodore with its feet out and takes hold of his neck with its jaws. While doo haffa goes to draw his laser pistol montagra stabs the commodore in the stomach repeatedly with its lightsaber, while chewing thru his neck. The commodoreís second in command exits the bridge of the barge. The beast is then bombarded by the voice of his master.

Montagra: (choking on neck bones) nooo! Master, he has become too questionful.

Imposing Voice: (coming from all around the beast) Your reactions to these situations have gone according to your witless perception. Stay where you are, do not attempt to move the fleet and dispose of all whom attempt to disobey my command!

Montagra: (spitting out neck tissue) yes master! I obey youÖ

The prescience of the imposing master vanishes, leaving montagra on the floor of the bridge.  The space raider fleet remains within the cover of the raging jungle fires as clouds begin to start rumbling. Lightning begins to strike rapidly, followed by a massive gust of gale force wind; the clouds begin to turn dark grey, as does the sky of Proloxis IV.

Within the Jedi Community of Lexírer: Gigin-Taue Soear, Saba Sebatyne, Putag, Corran Horn, Umble Zarr, Lowbacca, Cas-Lo Vont, Tenel Ka Dijo, Kyle Katarn, Clighal, and Mara Jade-Skywalker concentrate their collective force abilities to bring about a massive rainstorm over the burning countryside of Krushi. The eleven Jedi sit quietly meditating while the world outside is soaked in a massive monsoon like storm that spills rain all over the planet.
The Jedi Escort speeds thru the jungles as the storm engulfs the entire planet. R2-D2 drives the vessel from within a computer console while Luke, Jacen and Chi-Ro concentrate on locating Montagra via the Force.

Jacen: I donít understand how an Ecadogren can cause this much trouble, it just doesnít make any sense weíve overcome so many intelligent adversaries in the past.

Chi-Ro: Grand Admirals leading imperial remnants and the yuuzhan vong all had the same objective: control of the galaxy, were yet to learn what drove these Space Raiders to invashion.

Luke: are you condoning warfare if itís based on the purpose of conquering another civilization or continuing Jacenís observation of montagraís successes where so many others have failed?

Chi-Ro: neither master Skywalker, I just find it hard to believe that the old scrapper factions would venture this far from their outer rim piracy to invading an entire planet devoted to research into the force.

Jacen: this planet has nothing of value to them, and what of montagra? What would motivate a half trained Ecadogren beast to lead a planetary invashion? 

Luke: I agree this entire chain of events benefits neither party.

Chi-Ro: if were to unravel this mystery, we must capture montagra. What can you tell us about the beast master Skywalker? What exactly did you teach it?

Luke: (standing up) for a short time during the Yuuzhan Vongís invashion of the galaxy. Mara and I where stranded on a backwater planet called Haducu, oddly enough the planet was inhabited by a tribe of Ecadogrens. Montagra was the only one with enough courage to confront us, immediately I sensed the force was with him. I slowly befriended the beast, but its training was like pulling teeth from the start. I was never able to fully tame the beast. When our transport arrived we couldnít take him with us, whatever friendship we had formed during our time together was forever shattered. What little I taught montagra wasnít enough for him to cloud the intentions of the space raiders.

Jacen: did anyone else know of your interaction with montagra, beside the transport crew and Mara?

Luke: no, I chose never to speak of him again.

Chi-Ro: just as most teachers do of their abandoned pupils.

Luke: I didnít know you had experience in that area Rahem?

Chi-Ro: Iím sorry if Iíve over stepped my bounds master Skywalker, itís just something Iíve seen happen many times over. Students whom fail their master and are never spoke of again after they depart the temple or the academy; this same action is practiced at both training facilities. Abandonment is a pain that remains inside of us and constantly reminds us that they left us, they didnít want us.

Jacen: you assume montagraís turn to the dark side was caused by his abandonment on Haducu. How could you consider it abandonment if that was his home planet?

Luke: no jacen, I feel chi-ro has discovered a in which to ensnare montagra peacefully.

Chi-Ro: thank you, I have longed for the encouragement of master Skywalker.

Luke: I just hope the beast will take the bait; there is an open-ended possibility that heís too far-gone to react to an extended hand of help.

Jacen: if that fails my bond with nature and creatures could be of use.

Luke: have you ever seen an Ecadogren?

Jacen: no, but I doubt he could be more venomous than a pack of voxyn.

Luke: I never taught any voxyn how to wield a lightsaber.

The Jedi Escort emerges from the jungle and into a vast clearing of the jungle where once stood the city of Orran. The entire clearing is filled with the advancing space raider fleet, which upon taking notice of the escort vessel open fire blindly into the jungle. The gale force winds flare up as the escort takes a hit and speeds into the hull of a junk barge; the vessel tears through the raggedy ship as the Jedi aboard guide the vessel via the force.

The rainstorm violently starts tossing the junk barges around and bringing massive trees down onto the junk barges, the advancing mercenaries are bombarded by a massive mudslide caused by the overflowing rivers of Proloxis IV.

The junk barge with the Jedi escort wrecked into it slowly falls to the jungle floor as The Republic Relief Effort descends upon the downed junk fleet raining laser bolts. Within the junk barge Luke, Jacen, and Chi-Ro sense the prescience of Montagra.

Luke: I knew it was him, be cautious heís a biter.

Chi-Ro: (igniting saber and illuminating the area) great.

Luke: artoo you stay with the ship. Itís safer there.

Jacen: (igniting saber) I think I can handle one Ecadogren uncle Luke.
Montagra: (speaking Ecado) oh really boy!

The beast jumps out from behind a broken command console while igniting his saber, he locks swords with Jacen as he snaps his jaws at Chi-Ro who reacts by jumping backwards a foot.

Luke: (igniting saber) put down the weapon, youíve found me. We can end this together montagra.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) I donít need you! I need to obey the voice.

Luke: (assuming battle stance) voice? What voice? Whoís controlling you?

The three engage Montagra in a dizzying lightsaber duel, force jumping around the creature as it randomly strikes out at them passing the lit saber hilt from its tail to its mouth and its feet until it becomes short of breath, while once again locking swords with Jacen.

Chi-Ro: (assuming battle stance) I think heís lost it.

Jacen: (holding back montagraís blade) easy for you to say.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

Luke: (force pulling montagra by the throat to his grasp) what voice!

Jacen and Chi-Ro step away from the enraged master in astonishment.

Chi-Ro: the force choke is forbidden, thatís a sith move.

Luke: (holding the beast by the throat) I know arenít I the one who forbid its usage!

Montagra: (gagging in Ecado) I surrender the fleet, master has abandoned me like all the others!!

Jacen:(assuming battle stance) put the beast down!

Taking Noticing of his actions, Luke drops the beast and force pulls a cable from the ceiling while wrapping it around montagraís tail, feet and neck. Chi-Ro takes the chewed upon saber hilt from the tail which was grasping it tightly. The three Jedi with montagra being drug by artoo are taken away from the battlefield by a republic transport vessel as the remainder of the space raider fleet flees in the wake of the storm.
The transport vessel returns them to Lexírer where Gigin-Taue is informed of Lukeís transgression towards Montagra and his usage of the forbidden force choke. Luke stands in front of Gigin-Taue whom uneasily sits in his fatherís place Umble Zarr stands near by cradling Zeb-Ska; montagra is shackled to the ground and guarded by Jacen, Chi-Ro, and Kyle Katarn. Cas-Lo Vont paces between Luke and Montagra ranting his case. Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, Mara and Ben stand together well behind Luke.

Cas-Lo: (waving arms frantically) master skywalker is clearly in league with this creature!

Gigin-Taue: (springing to his feet) you have no grounds to start accusing master Skywalker as the one behind this invashion, we have yet to even question the beast!

Luke: montagra cannot speak basic master soear.

Cas-Lo: luckily general solo brought a protocol droid. Can it be summoned?


Umble Zarr: it was nothing more than a little hero worship Mrs. Skywalker, I longed to question the man who had risen to the challenge of Dethroning the Emperor and vanquishing his own father.

Mara: you must be Mrs. Soear, a pleasure.

Umble Zarr: (shaking hands) no, the pleasure is mine. Mara Jade, the woman who once could hear the emperors command from anywhere in the galaxy. Another champion I have longed to question.

Gigin-Taue: hello my dear, where is Zeb-Ska?

Umble Zarr: Asleep, Luke it has been far too long since our last meeting.

Luke: (clearly annoyed) yes umble, it has.

Gigin-Taue: well master Luke, the council will convene within the hour. Umble what are the cooks preparing for our fest tonight.

Master Soear and his wife make their way back towards their chamber as Luke and Mara are left to share an uncomfortable silence.

Mara: (walking away) I wonder how disruptive you let you get.

Luke: (attempting to follow) whatever youíre attempting to accuse Umble and I of is unthinkable and falsely based. I will not be condemned of actions that I did not partake in! Do you understand me Mara.

Mara: (turning around) youíre scaring me Luke. Iíve never seen you like this.

Luke: (stomping past) I donít have time for your acquisitions. I must meditate before the council convenes.

Luke storms off back towards the landing pad where the Jedi escort is landed, Mara is left standing in the middle of the temple completely dumbfounded. Skywalker boards the ship and confines himself within his meditation chamber. Suddenly the spirit of Yoda appears within the chamber.

Luke: master yoda, I thought the distances where too great for obi-wan to communicate with me.

Yoda: too far for obi-wan they have become. But not for me.

Luke: masterÖ

Yoda: come to chat I have not, things you have done that are questionable. Lies that remain hidden from those dear to you, will only awaken more dangers.

Luke: itís too late for you to lecture me, I cannot tell them.

Yoda: the longer you cloud those around you; the harder will it be for them to trust you once more.

Luke: I will not let it be known. Thereís nothing you can do.

Yoda: under its will, the dark side has you. Corrupted you are Luke, redeem yourself you must if any progress is to be made.

Luke: I need no redemption master yoda, I have everything under control.

Yoda: so certain are you? Your attempts to control are blinding the truth. Until you see the truth then useless you are to the forceÖ

The spirit of Yoda disappears while looking down in shame. Luke continues his meditation. On the other side of the planet Han Solo leads the entire Relief Effort in battle against the Space Raiders base of operations in a steep valley, the republic fighters rain laser blasts on the highly defended base which is heavily fortified and guarded by massive junk barges.

Han: jacen, stop only aiming at the turrets take out those troops!

Jacen: (from within turret) Iím not going to murder those mercs dad. Its goes against my training as a Jedi.

Han: forget your training and help me win this battle!

Jacen: (from within turret) I canít concentrate on this with you yelling at me.

Han: All right, concentrate. Groups seventeen and nineteen move in on my course and eliminate those turrets. Bombers I need a hole in that front gate ASAP!

Bomber: I copy general solo.

The millennium falcon as followed by a muiltude of V and X wing fighters dive low and open fire on the base, exploding the entire front gate sending the mercenaries on the wall flying in every direction.

Han: call me crazy or is that base empty?

Jacen: (sitting in co-pilots seat) this kind of trick requires the power of the force.

Han: what are we dealing with here? Pissed off garbage collectors or force-sensitives?

Jacen: We need to contact Gigin-Taue, with this base empty that means their forces are mobile.

The relief effort speeds away from the disserted base. Meanwhile in the deep forest regions The Jedi Council convenes.

Gigin-Taue: Iíve summoned you the leaders of this Jedi temple, to debate the disturbing chain of events of late. That started with the murder of my father. And now have led to the complete invashion and destruction of our community at the hands of the space raiders.

Cas-Lo: I for one would like to welcome the insight of our revered guest Luke Skywalker.

Corran Horn: were here to discuss our reaction to the invashion, master Vont. Not witness your further attempts at belittling the image of master Skywalker.

Luke: thank you master Horn, I believe a one-time pupil of mine is leading the Space Raiders. But I cannot testify as to whom as completed his training or pointed him in this direction.

Mara: the beast montagra doesnít have the wits to come up with an invashion of this scale.

Luke: Nor does he have the force potential to cloud the intention of this invashion from us.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) these Junkers arenít this brazen, this is too bold for them.

Cas-Lo: nevertheless they have invaded, they have destroyed most of our cities, they have set flame to the jungle, and they will find this temple. What are we to do wait until they find us before we act?

Tenel Ka Dijo: I agree with master Vont we must stand up for the destruction of natural life. This has already gone too far.

Gigin-Taue: now now, tenel your dathomir instincts are not to be misread as the will of the force.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Are you willing to sit here as the jungle burns around you, I will not allow it.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) I too will not sit by as the jungles are burnt!

Luke: the foliage will grow back; the people of this planet will not, there have already been heavy losses on all fronts.

Saba Sebatyne: how many more must we allow to be lost in vain, before we act?

Corran Horn: this council is unbalanced without the presence of Yap-En Soear.  But a decision must be made.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) were not senators, this should be left to Gigin-Taue to decide!

Cas-Lo: I agree Lowie, but this council is the only ruling body capable.

Gigin-Taue: Iím sorry that Iíve imposed this upon you all, But my fathers aids where lost at Orran.

Saba Sebatyne: my knights are more than capable of protecting the temple.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Iím prepared to call upon my sisters on Dathomir, if this council is incapable of coming to a decision on this matter.

Gigin-Taue: I will not accept the aid of the Witches of Dathomir that is out of the question!

Mara: youíre already turning down the aid of outsiders.

Luke: Master Soear our relief effort has already sustained heavy losses.

Clighal: and my healers arenít quite up to the challenge yet.

Cas-Lo: we need to come up with a solution before the space raiders can claim this planet.
Putag: (speaking ewokese) my apprentices arenít capable of defending themselves against ion canons.

Gigin-Taue: may I suggest we attempt to gather our collective force energies and generate a rainstorm strong enough to extinguish the raging fires?

Luke: with our combined energies we can also attempt to stop the space raiders.

Clighal: Cunning plan, but what if were unable to stop them all.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) their junk vessels wonít be able to withstand the           kind of weather we will summon.

Corran Horn: what of this Montagra?

Saba Sebatyne: Ecadogrenís arenít exactly known for their wits.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) He has displayed unusual intelligence.

Gigin-Taue:  no matter, we must do this for the sake of a peaceful resolution.

Cas-Lo: unless anyone else has something of importance to add to this session. Then I believe we may get started on focusing our energies.

As the nine council members start meditating, Han and Jacen Solo bust into the chamber bearing bad news.

Han: weíve lost all trace of the space raiders, their base was deserted and there is zero visibility out there due to the smoke.

Jacen: have you come to a decision on how to deal with this invashion?

Gigin-Taue: weíve decided to focus our energies on causing a planetary rainstorm capable of putting out the fires and crashing the junk barges.

Han: what of the merc army, I doubt these guys are afraid of getting a little wet.

Luke:  I will deal with Montagra, alone.

Mara: as you wish.

Jacen: uncle Luke are you sure, I would like to accompany you.

Luke: no jacen, I can handle this by myself.

Cas-Lo: Montagraís capture means more to this council than whatever personal reasons you are harboring, master Skywalker.

Gigin-Taue: I insist that your nephew and Chi-Ro Rahem accompany you; they are this temples best students. 

Luke: very well, but I wish for my wife and child to remain here.

Mara: I wouldnít ever take Ben into harms way and you know that.

Han: my troops need to rest and I doubt this place is big enough for all the survivors.

Cas-Lo: they may take refuge in the lower levels.

Han: great. I have to go work on my ship.

The general leaves the room as the council members scatter in different directions to prepare both themselves and their students.
Jacen approaches the three with C-3PO and a hulking bodyguard droid.

Mara: (cradling Ben) whoís the can?

Jacen: this is Acheff-9; heís a new standard issue bodyguard droid. Mom sent him here to watch my back. Iíve reprogrammed him to guard you in Lukeís absence.

Luke: thatís nice of you jacen, but you know Mara can take care of herself.

Mara: yes, but I welcome the droids help. It doesnít hurt to be too careful these days.

Jacen: exactly.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Iím here to protect, go about your regular routine. There is nothing to see here.

Mara: well heís certainly covert. Is this fastest he moves, or is he pretending to be a piece of junk.

Jacen: Iím not quite sure, but Iím certain heíll keep Threepio Company.

Luke: oh yes, Iím sure but what exactly makes him a bodyguard droid is he outfitted with any weapons?

Jacen: letís hear it Acheff.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Iím capable of dispensing nine thousand laser bolts per seconds via my built in blaster modules. I can generate a protective energy shield for a period of fourteen hours. Iím also well versed in physical forms of combat.

Mara: thatís great, but how do you shut him up?

C-3PO: Oh my! An advanced bodyguard unit.

Jacen: like most droids their vocal transactions are vital to their other functions.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Cybot Galactica Protocol Unit. Is your prescience required at this moment?

C-3PO: (cowering) no I believe it isnít.


Luke: it must have been rather lonely growing up on Gall, completely afraid of the forbidden power that was bestowed upon you. This I can understand, but your disrespectful actions of late are inexcusable vont.

Cas-Lo: (unhooking saber hilt from belt) it is my experience that when two fellow Jedi are in dispute over something of such importance. The best way to resolve the matter is for the Jedi to Spar.

Luke: (taking hold of saber hilt) you must be joking.

Cas-Lo: (igniting purple bladed LightSaber) and through such an activity the guilty party is always revealed, in our case you shouldn't be able to maintain your clouding of the truth during our practice session.

Luke: (letting go of saber hilt) I require no weapon to combat you.

Cas-Lo: I wouldn't recommend that, this chamber was designed by Gigin-Taue as he crafted new fighting styles. It is highly advanced to say the least.

Luke activates the chamber and jumps over cas-lo as the floor begins to rotate counter clockwise, the council leader pursues Skywalker as he levitates to the ceiling while igniting his green bladed lightsaber. Vont strikes at Skywalker and is quickly pushed backward via the force into a wall of pulsing spikes; cas-lo repeals back towards Luke and locks swords with him.
Sparking and humming sabers stand between the two whom slowly come back down to the floor as a series of pillars rise up. The two set foot upon the violent moving pillars and continue their duel while jumping from pole to pole striking at one another with flawless moves. Upon almost reaching a stalemate, Gigin-Taue Soear bursts into the chamber and deactivates the training session. Both Jedi return to the floor of the chamber while disengaging their lightsabers.

Gigin-Taue: Master Luke, I had hoped the senate would dispatch you.

Luke: I was already on my way, well before comm-scan took notice of the advancing fleet.

Cas-Lo: master soear, I can't believe it. I heard the entire countryside was in flames?

Gigin-Taue: and so you challenged master skywalker to a duel upon hearing the news of my possible demise.

Cas-Lo: it wasn't like that; Skywalker is clouding something from the rest of us. I was attempting to lower his concentration on the mental block.

Luke:  and as you can feel for yourself Master Soear there is no mental block being transmitted from me. I assume Master Vont is clearly attempting to continue his advancement in rank.

Gigin-Taue: I accept neither of your conclusions and wish that whatever ill tidings that exist between the two of you will go unsettled until the balance of peace and justice is restored to proloxis four. This is my first action as lord of the planet; I request the council be summoned master vont.

Cas-Lo: yes master soear I will do as you wish.

Master Vont Strides out of the chamber, slowly followed by Luke and Gigin-Taue whom are greeted by Mara holding Ben, Han, Jacen and C-3P0.

Mara: I can't believe the nerve of that guy, accusing you of lying about something.

Gigin-Taue: (patting Luke on the back) in my all journeys I've never met anyone more focused or truthful than you master Skywalker, I assure you that once his true motives are revealed Cas-Loís punishment will be strict.

Luke: (returning the gesture) I've never condoned capital punishment. But cas-lo is clearly under the false impressions bestowed upon him by his up bringing.

Han: I would've knocked his lights out if he'd accused me of anything.

C-3PO: Oh dear! General solo I do believe you shouldn't be so prone to react with violence.

Han: cram it threepio! Its bad enough I had to shut you down after you blathered the whole trip here.

C-3PO: Impossible man, master Luke is artoo with you?

Mara: (cradling Ben) yes threepio, He's on our ship conducting repairs. Please don't distract him; He's getting a little old.

     The Slightly rusted droid makes his way back to the landing pad.

    Han: do you think you guys could take him off my hands?
    I've been close to having him melted down.

Luke: sure, artoo has seemed a bit lonely without him.

Mara: and a bit hard to understand.

Han: well Luke are you going to need me to lead your troops any further? Or would you like to take command already.

Luke: I'm sorry Han I need you to continue leading the relief effort.

Han: (walking away) I don't know how many that is you owe me.

The aged general quickly departs the deep forest regions; the falcon speeds past several hundred battle damaged Transport vessels.

Meanwhile in the burning countryside of Krushi, the space raiders deploy their Ground troops that are made up of several different races of hired guns. Including Sanyassan Marauders, Gamorrean Warriors, Tusken Raiders, Weequay Vibro-Axe men, and Rodian game hunters. The indifferent troops march into the jungle in groups of twenty per platoon, overseeing the advancement is the scurvy simpleminded Ecadogren: Montagra.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) show them no mercy, destroy everything you find.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

The mercenaries charge into the jungle screaming various battle cries, as the Gotal space raider commodore attempts to consult Montagra.

Commodore Doo Haffa: we've lost several barges, and their too blasted to repair. So far I still maintain this will be the end of us.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) I've been commanded to lead you Junkers to victory over Proloxis Four no matter what the cost.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (swatting the floating droid away) no matter what the cost! How dare you gamble our junk fleet on this atrocity.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) You will not question what I've been told to command you to do or suffer with these people you will.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (smacking floating droid) force enhanced mind tricks work only on the weak minded. Now you are under the control of someone who wishes us to commit this act of war upon a new republic founded world, I'm more than open to continue this if I can confer with your master.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) masterfully not comment, master has commanded me to do this. Master is a voice in my head that can hurt you if master wishes to.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Montagra: (grasping head with feet) ahhhhh!

Commodore Doo Haffa: (cowering) the pain! My head it's cracking under the pressure of the voice! Stop! please I will do as you command.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) do you understand? If master is forced to comment once more I will kill you to stop the voice.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (cowering) I will continue the invasion, without anymore question of you.
Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

The commodore quickly runs back to his command junk barge, the vessel speeds towards the newly rising plumes of a proloxian outpost. Montagra detaches his saber hilt from his belt with his tail and ignites the Red Bladed Lightsaber while running after the advancing troops. The translation droid hovers behind him at a safe distance.

 The Space Raider junk fleet and mercenary armies split into three divisions while clouded by the massive plumes of smoke. The junk barges descend upon the city of Velorp while firing ion canons blindly, the towering capital building splits in two and comes crashing down on the fleeing residents right as Republic Transport Vessels come smashing Through the canopy jungle.

The transport vessels deploy ground troops to protect the rest of the fleeing citizens whom run for their lives as laser blasts bombard the stone and wood built city, right as the population of the city makes their way past the main bridge. The junk barge piloted by Commodore Doo Haffa opens fire on the Dam that was keeping the Velkílu River from drowning the vast canyon city. The entire the city is covered by the raging river as well as the four transport vessels. The junk barges continue on their path of Destruction.

Back in the Deep Forest Regions, Gigin-Taue Soear gives Luke and Mara a small tour of his Jedi Temple. The three walk past several training chambers where Jedi Masters give instruction to groups of ten apprentices per class, their studies range from lightsaber practice to meditation and levitation.

Gigin-Taue: as you can see master Skywalker my temple is the target of this invasion, my students are trained in methods close to that of Jedi whom served the old republic.

Mara: how do you know to train in the ways of old?

Gigin-Taue: with the help of your nephew Jacen, we attempted to mold a teaching guide based after the knowledge bestowed upon him by Vergere. As you can tell this is the best way to train Jedi. Your academy on yavin four stunted all of our growth Master Luke; it is more than clear to me now that you where trained at an alarming rate which to say the least has driven its far share of students to the Dark Side.

Luke: master soear, I find your methods to be astonishing and groundbreaking. But I do not agree with your observations on the training methods of my academy.  Besides you where briefly there and left before your training was complete at the whims of Umble.

Mara: who? I've never heard of UmbleÖ

Gigin-Taue: that's strange; the one your husband speaks of is my onetime pupil and wife Umble Zarr.

Luke: she was a disruptive student at the academy; I assume she's blossomed into a fine mother.

Mara: I'd think you would have made mention of her before if she was such a distraction to the other students.

Gigin-Taue: she was more of a distraction to master Luke, constantly answering every question that he asked to our class before the other students could react.

Mara: nothing worse than an overly eager student.


The entire planet is engulfed in blinding light for a matter seconds, but as the beacon discontinues its
radiance the space raiders are met by the relief effort that arrived during the blast of light.

Han: blast this garbage! Groups three and four help me rescue to the procession.

Cef: copy general solo!

A group of V-wing fighters soar upwards and open fire on the lead space raider barge. The falcon speeds
down to the beacon where the Royal procession is under siege from hired mercenaries whom attack the highly trained Jedi with Vibro-axes and blasters. The ensuing firestorm rains debris upon the city; Chi-ro rahem ignites his Blue bladed lightsaber and decapitates four mercenaries lunging towards umble zarr.
Gigin-Taue and Jacen Solo use the force to smash a group of barges into one another as they attempt to
open fire on the beacon, the burning rubble rains down on the city crushing thousands of fleeing citizens.

At that moment the falcon extends its ramp and maneuvers itself between an advancing army of mercenaries and the royal procession.

Jacen: (deflecting laser bolts) get aboard everybody!

Umble Zarr: are you off your bolt jacen that has to be a space raider decoy!

Gigin-Taue: (igniting yellow bladed LightSaber) no my dear, that's his Father's infamous Vessel. It's more
than safe; now get zeb-ska and yourself to safety.

Chi-Ro: (running to Zarrís side) just go! I've got your back.

Jacen: (absorbing laser blasts in his palm) everybody down!

As the young knight makes his warning a space raider barge takes a hit and crashes into the planetary
beacon causing a chain reaction of explosions along the coastline of Orran. The entire countryside bursts
into flames as the space raiders continue their bombardment. Citadels and mighty towers come crumbling
down on the citizens whom are running as fast as they can into Transport vessels, some vessels are knocked out of the sky as they lift off by laser blasts or falling debris. The royal procession quickly boards the falcon as Jacen and Gigin-Taue fend off the advancing mercenaries.

Gigin-Taue: (disengaging saber) there's nothing more we can do, let's go!

Jacen: (running up the ramp) Orran's fate now resides within the hands of the star fighters.

Gigin-Taue: (embracing umble and zeb-ska) may the force be with them.

Jacen rushes to the cockpit where his father sits alone driving the vessel, the young Jedi jumps at the
chance to assume the seat once frequented by Chewbacca as copilot.

Han: these Junkers didn't used to be this brazen.

Jacen:  the senate should have just paid them for collecting all the space garbage.

Han: how ironic, now were fighting off that same garbage.

Jacen: where are mom and Jaina?

Han: Jainaís had enough of Jag so there going their separate ways, Damn shame too the kids would have been some great pilots. Your mother and I haven't seen each other ever since the Republic was reformed and the Yuuzhan Vong where sent packing.

Jacen: its amazing how spread out we've all been, I can tell were all trying to pretend Anakin is also
somewhere out there living his own life.

Han: I don't want to talk about it. That's another reason your mother and I are practically separated, she
can't move on or except He's gone.

Jacen: I feel sorry for you both, but we must get to the deep frontier council.

Han: jacen don't sulk. I'm sorry it's justÖ

Jacen exits the cockpit, Han turns to his controls and continues to shut out the reality of how broken his
family has become. The falcon speeds into the jungle followed by dozens of Transport vessels that depart
the Battle of Orran. The Space Raider Junk Barges surround the republic assault vessels and open fire.
Destroying most of the command ships and raining debris on the burning city of Orran, the jungle around
the city is engulfed in flame causing a charge of wildlife. The ensuing blaze creates a massive plume of
smoke that encumbers the countryside of Krushi, the sole inhabited continent of Proloxis IV. The space
raider fleet attempts to adjust their formation while evading the smoke.

The Jedi Escort Vessel piloted by Luke Skywalker emerges from the canopy jungle at the entrance to the
Deep Frontier Jedi Community of Lexírer. A vast moss covered wood temple built into a massive tree, the
only technical looking part of the temple is a massive Landing Pad covered with vines.
The vessel lands and extends its ramp, Luke exits the vessel with Mara and Ben at his Side the three are
accompanied by a platoon of Republic Troops and fourteen Jedi Knights adorned in simple robes. The group enters the temple and is greeted by Jedi Masters Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn.

Kyle Katarn: Luke, this is a surprise.

Luke: (shaking hands) Kyle, I didn't expect to find you here.

Kyle Katarn: This place kind of just begs for you to stay once you show some of your skill, so don't go
exhibiting your teaching abilities.

Mara: (holding Ben's hand) what does somebody miss life out on the fringe.

Kyle Katarn: no, teaching and remaining somewhere for more than a lunar rotation is not something I'm used to.

Corran Horn: Do you know if Master Soear survived the attack on Orran?

Luke: I have no information on that; we came here to confer with him.

Corran Horn: you missed him; they had the coronation in Orran. I doubt you could have missed the shining
of the beacon.

Mara: my eyes are still recovering.

Luke: (picking up Ben) I take it Cas-Lo has been left in charge of the council.

Kyle Katarn: oh yeah, and this guy is a real piece of work.

Luke: what do you mean by that, I remember Master Vont having somewhat of an authoritative approach to his actions.

Corran Horn: He's just a little too eager to assume the title of senior council member in gigin-taueís

Mara: (taking back Ben) Doesn't Gigin-Taue have to give up control of the council in order to assume
lordship of the planet anyway?

Kyle Katarn: true, but Cas-Loís already under the assumption that no one survived. He's acting as if old
imperial rank advancement where still in effect, it would also appear that the murder of Yap-En is being
swept under the rug.

Luke: are there any suspects?

Corran Horn: not at the moment, but were certain no one in the Jedi order possesses the skill exhibited
upon Yap-En.

Mara: (holding Ben close) what do you mean?

Master Cas-Lo Vont appears from out of the shadows.

Cas-Lo: Yap-En Soear was killed by extensively lethal focused energies expelled by a Force-Sensitive
practicing a mysterious form of combat.

Luke: Greetings Master Vont, I take it you came to that conclusion sometime before the coronation was

Cas-Lo: of course, I was in charge of the investigation. There was no reason for the senate to dispatch
you, I'm sure your attention is needed elsewhere.

Mara: (holding Ben) don't talk to him like that.

Luke: Mara, could you please stay out of this.

Mara: (putting Ben down) I think you need my advice in dealing with him; master vont like myself grew up
in a strict imperial environment.

Luke: nevertheless, could you return the ship and attempt to contact Han.

Mara: all right, but I'll be back.

Mara and Ben return to the ship as the four Jedi Masters continue the argument as they march Through the Temple which houses many ground breaking training facilities designed to sharpen a Jedi's Skills to
perfection in both lightsaber combat and force abilities.

Corran Horn: your disrespectful actions towards Luke Skywalker are inexcusable Master Vont.

Cas-Lo: he may have saved the galaxy on countless occasions and personally restarted this order, but I do not have to like someone who I can sense with every once of his power is hiding something from the rest of us.

Luke: how dare you accuse me of such an act?

Kyle Katarn: I knew you'd like him.

Cas-Lo: Master Horn, Master Katarn I believe you have students to teach. Luke and I have matters of great importance to discuss.

The veteran Jedi depart the arguing masters who enter the lightsaber training chamber. The doors shut.


After the Mysterious death of an Most RESPECTED JEDI MASTER,
several thousand SPACE RAIDERS have begun their invasion of
territories on the untamed jungle world of PROLOXIS IV, under the
leadership of simple-minded MONTAGRA, who it would appear has
garnered the attention of an Yet to be identified DARK LORD OF
THE SITH. Upon hearing such news, the NEW GALACTIC REPUBLIC
is left no other Option; but to send a RELIEF EFFORT led by LUKE
SKYWALKER. The Jedi was already en route to pay his last respects
to the fallen master, As well as head up a lengthy investigation into
his dark demise. Unaware of the attempted revolution, Jedi Master
and Heir to the Throne GIGIN-TAUE SOEAR comes to the end of his
right of passage as The BALANCE OF THE FORCE is left in serious risk
of breaking And ushering in a new era of SufferingÖÖÖÖ..

The wayward fleet descends upon Proloxis IV, a massive untamed jungle planet. Ruled and founded by a Rebellion relief effort some twenty years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. After the threat was subsided Squadron leader Yap-En Soear took to the throne of the planet, ushering in an era of philosophical research into the force. Under his rule the well fare of the Jedi community prospered as his son Gigin Taue journeyed deep into untamed terrorties with wife to be and apprentice Umble Zarr.
Twelve years past quickly and peacefully as the newly established Jedi council in the deep forest regions continued to break new ground in force techniques, until conflict arose amongst the highest ranking over the ascension of cas-lo vont to council leader due to the fact that gigin-taue was forced to ascend to the throne of the planet, because of the murder of his father whom it would appear was killed by someone practicing extreme force powers that would not only rival but outclass the strongest of the new Jedi order.

Aboard the Jedi Escort Luke Skywalker communicates to his fleet to prepare the troops for a ground deployment, his wife Mara Jade braces their two-year-old son Ben as the vessel breaks through the planets Atmosphere.

Luke: alright, keep your noses up were heading into heavy fire from what comm-scan is telling me.

Han: (through intercom) thatís great Luke, but the fleet and I would much rather know the force is telling

Luke: sorry Han I was just trying to be a commander for once. But while were on the subject I'm sensing a massive amount of soldiers, pilots, generalsÖand Montagra!

Mara: yet again, we cross paths with that beast you unwisely decided to train while we where crash-landed onÖ.

Han: (through intercom) hey cut him some slack Mara, Iím sure I've taught countless kids piloting tricks while stranded somewhere with nothing else to do.

Luke: you keep your eyes open Han lead the first waves in; I must go to the deep frontier council to confer with master Gigin-Taue.

The Millennium Falcon speeds past the Jedi escort with dozens of V, X wings and Mon Cal destroyers following the general to the undefended city of Orran.

Mara: it's the prescience of montagra, I can feel it.

Luke: he vowed harm would come to you, and there's be nothing I could do about it.

Mara: threats, that's all Luke empty threats. Sometimes I think you're still a farm boy leading his fathers saber through the galaxy.

Luke: I could do without the belittlement in front of my knights, but to say the least there has been part of what he said that has gone unknown to you for sometime.

Mara: and that would be?

Luke: understand that this rather difficult for me, but he swore that somewhere in the caves of Korriban: he discovered a prophecy, which foretold the end of the GalaxyÖand the force.

Mara: I suppose we have more than something to do with it.

Luke: Yes, Mara. But I must confess each mission since he told me that I've begun to feel something arising in the force.

Mara: if were both doomed to the preordain; then what of our son whom we both know is an unexpected and reluctant force user.

Luke: I believe he will be left with the ultimate test of our kind, and survive to conquer his own days.

Mara: at least we can rejoice in the fact were together now in this moment, and for some reason I think these are the times that count in the eyes of the force.

The two embrace as the vessel heads into the overgrown jungle path to the deep frontier. The Relief Effort Speeds through the canopy jungles to reach Orran before the Space Raiders Attack the capitol city.

Marching down the main bridge of Orran is a procession of Jedi masters, knights, apprentices, Soldiers, medicine men, senators, and of course residents of the planet; All marching behind the royal family of Soear. Bells ring all throughout the valley, praise is shouted from the rooftops as the citizens welcome the new lord of the planet. Gigin-Taue comes to the end of the path and walks over to the Switch of the planetary beacon, all throughout the cities of proloxis four was built a series of sensors all connected to the beacon in Orran that when turned on would light up the entire planet.

For one such instant Proloxis four would be the brightest shining planet in the galaxy, capable of being observed from any sky, of course it is tradition for the beacon to be switched upon emergency or the coming of the new lord. His wife Umble Zarr stands attempting to show joy while holding their three old son Zeb-Ska, behind the new queen stands Jacen Solo and Chi-Ro Rahem both Jedi Knights Training under Gigin-Taue for master hood of the Jedi arts.

Gigin-Taue: upon setting off this beacon my fathers rule comes to an end, if only he where here to see this glorious moment. I will let you my people hold me to the oaths I have taken to uphold Peace and Justice upon this our home world of Proloxis IV.

The crowds cheer and throw purple flower buds into the air, and light giant sticks of in sense. The entire City of Orran is engulfed in the flower buds, all present are too jovial to detect any ripple in the force as the impending Invaders approach. Gigin-Taue knells before the trigger to the beacon as he goes to press the trigger jacen Solo senses the rapidly approaching junk Barges and junk fighters.

Jacen: (igniting green bladed LightSaber) no Master Soear! Were in danger!

Chi-Ro: do not undermine the abilities of our master!

Umble Zarr: (Cradling Zeb-Ska) what is the meaning of this Solo!

Jacen runs to stop his master from igniting the planetary beacon as an armada of Retrofitted Junk Barges blast out of Hyperspace above the city. Gigin-taue gasps in aw of the sheer multitude of vessels preparing to open fire upon his birthplace; the ships go to open fire as Soear Engages the beacon.

Photonovels and Movies / StarWars THE VOLATILE VISION issue 4
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The Mammoth Armies of the Gogekíra descend upon the beach surrounded by rock formations that conceal the vast valley. The tide comes in violently at the feet of Anakin Solo whom stands fully adorned in the gold Hastlo built Armor, which glistens in the sun.

Jacen Solo Hovers close to his brother while holding his saber hilt firm between his gloved hands.

The two stand looking out at the advancing armies which are followed by Dozens of Massive serpentine Vehicles, then from out of the mist rides Chi-Ro Rahem.

Chi-Ro pilots his speeder bike at full speed to the front of the advancing line to take control of the charge and personally handle the Jedi. From out of nowhere jacen solo chops off the front of the speeder bike causing it to wreck into the sand and send chi-ro hurtling through the air.

from where he curls up into a ball and rolls along the sand until he jumps to his feet igniting his concealed weapon of choice and flinging his torn up robe into the air as he engages Jacen Solo with his Deadly Light-Chukes. The hovering knight enters into a violent duel with the Teras Kasi warrior, whom displays a show of force against the knight by joining him in the air to lock light blades.

Left standing at the head of the trail, Anakin solo must wait for the advancing army to almost engulf him before gives the signal for the Hastlos to converge upon the GogekíRas.

Just as the advancing armies come within ten feet of the Jedi, he engages his saber and charges towards the gogekíra army. As he ignites his saber the hastlos fly up from the vast valley and dive downward in front of him with their wings spread outward continuing their path across the beach and into the advancing army.

Chopping several dozen of the warriors down as they go with their knife-like armor.

as he steps into the violent sea four massive serpentine war machines emerge from under his feet causing Anakin to force jump  into the blood soaked ocean full of corpses. the Jedi wades his way over to the small island where chi-ro and jacen are dueling, only to find jacen being fought down to the sand as chi-ro pummels the disfigured Jedi with both light blade and teras kasi energy bombs.

Anakin brings his saber down on chi-ro, who takes the blow to his arm, which he protects by firing off teras kasi energy. Baffled at the sight of this, Anakin stalls in amazement only to be attacked by chi-ro rahem, who swings his light-chukes around at tremendous force powered speeds clashing with Anakinís light blade with each swing. The completely overpowered Jedi is backed up by his floating brother from behind who speeds at chi-ro from the behind.

The hastlos continue flying through the gogekíra wave after wave, the brutish warriors begin to start grabbing the hastlos out of the air and tearing them apart before they can decapitate them. The serpentine machine starts blasting flocks of hastlos out of the sky.

From out of the distance the millennium falcon ascends upon the scene firing all its weapons at the serpentine machines exploding three as the mighty vessel thunders across the sea.
Jaina:(in captainís chair) this looks grim, dad keep your eyes open up in that turret!

Han: (within turret) donít worry, about me you just make sure your brothers are alive via the force.

Jaina: I never thought youíd ask me to use the force, theyíre alive. Not safe but alive.

Sliding down the side of a cliff while clinging to his ignited saber hilts keeping Zeb-Ska clung to the side of the cliff.

Coming to a stop on a vast expansive area overlooking the molten core of the planet Gurlituim. Just two hundred meters above the core resides a launch pad that has Maldiniís Assault cruiser and an Gogekíra Serpentine fighter parked upon it, aside from the ship sitting at the center of an pillar is The Kaliber Crystal.

The young Jedi disengages his sabers and gets to his feet, only to be attacked by Pando Dranet from the rear again.

Reacting flawlessly the young Jedi proceeds  to stab Dranet through the head and decapitate him.

Out in Space the long awaited republic fleet blasts out of hyperspace above Gurlitiuim, the fleet is ambushed by the blockade of Gogekíra Assault Cruisers.

Olop: alright rogues! Now we show our stuff to these bogeys.

Before his transmission can be heard, his vessel explodes in flames as the entire blockade opens fire on the advancing fleet detachment.

Jacen Solo submerges from the violent ocean, via the force he pulls a serpentine machine mid air and hurls it towards chi-ro rahem.

The teras kasi warrior reacts by using force push to blow apart the massive vechile so it crumbles to pieces around him. Not wasting the open window for attack Jacen.

Han: Here comes the Pain.

As Chi-ro goes to deliver the death blow the millennium falcon Fires its lasers at chi-ro, sensing the attack via the force. Rahem does a full body teras kasi power shield.

Down in the caverns, Luke begins to show weakness before his ravenously attacking Daughter.

Zeb-Ska force jumps down to the launch pad.

Luke puts in his last efforts to win the duel as maldini kicks him in the stomach and back flips over his head while stabbing her lightsaber into his left eye. Luke falls to his knees in pain cradling his smoking Ocular Cavity.

Maldini: (swinging saber and going to strike Luke) only now you will understand my purpose, to bring about the destruction all that exists in the eyes of the force, which will stop controlling the fates of all!

Maldini lets loose a volley of dark force lightening upon her father whom unwisely attempts to absorb said lightening with his prosthetic hand.

Luke: (cradling smoking ocular cavity) why!

Zeb-Ska: (jumping to the launch pad) get away from him!

Maldini: now it comes down to it. But neither of you know what is needed to enact the Prophesy, which is way you fail.

Zeb-Ska: Master Luke, donít worry Iím here.
Maldini: (preparing to strike) it is only a matter of time now, he will die. And thereís nothing you can do about it Jedi.

The two lunge towards each other with sabers drawn, Luke springs to life and force pushes both in separate directions as he takes up his saber and holds it high above his head.

He brings the blade down upon the Kaliber Crystal, running it through and releasing an explosion of pure force energy.

The ensuing explosion happens in slow motion for all force-sensitive present that make for their escape routes as the destruction engulfs Luke Skywalker and splits the planet Gurlituim in half. Maldini runs to her Attack Cruiser and speeds away into hyperspace from within the planet; Zeb-Ska does the same from within a Gogekíra Serpentine War Machine.

Chi-Ro Rahem leaps into another Gogekíra war machine and speeds away as the planet explodes into two separate halves of burning rubble.

Closing shot of four vessels speeding away as the planet splits in two and explodes.

                      To be concluded in Star Wars Episode Nine: Reign of the Force
                    Set Twenty Minutes after events in Episode Eight and forty-six years after
                                                    Episode Four: A New Hope.


Zipp Minnia: Master Vont, I will not take any more of your disregard
For my office!

Cas-Lo: A Jedi cannot let himself nor his order in this case; be swayed by the political movements of a traitor.

Cas-Lo: Your deployment of this fleet detachment on behalf of Luke Skywalker is an act of treason. Therefore it is within my authority to have you removed from power.

Zipp Minnia: Iím Sorry to inform you of the fact that your scope of power was just recently downsized via a motion passed in the senate this very night. Due to your continual neglect of galactic law; the grand master of the Jedi order may no longer deploy Jedi without the express permission of  this office. Iím also calling for the disbandment of the Jedi Crusaders.

Cas-Lo: I hope you understand the blow youíve inflected upon the Jedi Order this day! When you where appointed Ambassador to the Jedi Order it was your duty to defend our interests!

Leia: what Iíve done is exactly that Master Vont, youíve disgraced the order my brother restored for too long. It is time for the Jedi to unite and defend the Republic!

Zipp Minnia: Therefore Master Vont; I believe you have a great number of Jedi to recall from crusader actions. And under the new guidelines, your prescience is no longer required in these functions.

Meanwhile Anakin and Prag the hastlo historian look through the hastlo relics.
Anakin: Iím finding it hard to believe this Jedi knight could teach you his ways, but not his name.
Prag: yes I too have ventured to find his name, but that part has been lost to time.

Anakin: well at least you chronicled his exploits in this temple.
Prag: Iíve only been able to read half of the rooms halls in my lifespan, still thereís more to read. And learn.

Anakin: did he leave any instructions of what to do if this kind of thing should happen?
Prag: many instructions where left, but there actually written in prophesy form.
Anakin: has everything he predicted gone to plan?

Prag: yes, so far at least. And thatís why were down here. He predicted a historian would give the new protector of my kind, the scarred armor in which my fore fathers constructed from his wrecked vessel.
Anakin: Iím only here to stop my cousin, not become the protector of your kind.
Prag: (placing helmet on Anakin) the choice is not yours, it was written and now it will happen. This helmet forged from the knightís vessel will protect you in battle as you save whom you can from the impending catastrophe.

Anakin starts putting on the Hastlo built armor. Then the hovering Jedi knight Jacen Solo floats into the badly lit temple.
Jacen: oh no, theyíve conned you into dressing like them.

Anakin: shut up, this is the armor of the knight whom brought the crystal here.

Jacen: I have to admit Iím curious if there is anything foretold about us.
Prag: just that great destruction will befall our planet during the dooming war.

Anakin: dooming war?

Prag: yes it is foretold the planet will face its darkest hour in this generationís life span. But it Is my opinion that not everything can be foretold.

Luke stands at the edge of a cliff meditating, as the spirit of Anakin Skywalker Appears.

Anakin Skywalker: son, listen to me.

Luke: father, all this has transpired and you never came to offer me council. Why?
Anakin Skywalker: you never required any council from me, now you require my insight. And approval to go through with this.

Luke: should I continue on this course?
Anakin Skywalker: yes, it is the only way. Be sure to inform the others to be wary, your adversaries are closer to achieving their fiendish goal than they may appearÖÖ..

Anakinís grim sprit starts to slowly fade away looking down as he does so.
Luke: you must explain, donít go yet father!

Anakin Skywalker: itís not my choiceÖ..Let go of your failures and prepare for the coming conflict by accepting your pathÖ.or you may continue wallowing in this despair that has dulled your connection to the will of the force.

A Hastlo flies over head, camera pans down to reveal a beachside fire where Luke, Han, Zeb-Ska, Anakin, Jacen, Jaina, C-3p0, R2-d2, Fectro, Atapi Powrarry, Prag and Payma sit plotting.

Atapi Powrarry: their migrating our way and they have left the colony unprotected.

Fectro: how large are their ground forces?

Atapi Powrarry: their are many soldiers riding upon the backs of dozens of Metallic Serpents.

Luke: are your defenses strong enough to withstand their attack?
Atapi Powrarry: strong enough to withstand the warriors, but not there mechs.

Luke: has the fleet arrived yet?
Jaina: still en route to this system.
Han: well I guess were going to haft to make this happen without them.
Zeb-Ska: are you all insane, what about the massive blockade in orbit up there. Even if we win this somehow theyíll still descend upon us with more troops.

Atapi Powrarry: our army even in its strongest formation and best flight patterns could only hold them off for a short while. but the death toll would be rather large.

Luke: well you must face the fact that in any such conflict their will always be causalities.

Zeb-Ska: but what would be the benefit of fighting a losing battle?

Luke: Han will take you and I to the colony. Iím certain maldini would be there safeguarding the Kaliber.

Han: then you want me to return to the battle.
Luke: correct, from there the two of us will rely upon our own skills to fend off whatever defenses she has awaiting a break in.

Anakin: and I take it were to remain here.

Jaina: maybe youíll be of some help to the greatly outnumbered hastlos.
Prag: youíll save whom you can, says the prophecy.
Anakin: I have not forgotten.

Fectro: so we may yet have a glimmering chance at this battle.

Meanwhile Jaina Pilots the falcon over the landing platform of the Gogekíra Base, the ramp opens as Luke and Zeb-Ska jump out and run towards the guards whom attack both Jedi with body sized clubs. The falcon speeds away.

Zeb-Ska: (igniting both lightsabers) only in knowledge or defense.

Luke: (igniting lightsaber and cutting off the arm of one guard) yes my apprentice.

The two Jedi are quick to dispose of the guards, and make their way down the stairs to the Command center.

Upon entering the vast room Pando Dranet attacks zeb-ska from the rear igniting his Red bladed Saber. His feeble attacks at the fully trained boy are effortlessly fended off.

Luke struggles to catch the ensuing duel. just before he reaches the two, Maldini emerges from force cloak and force pushes Zeb-Ska and Pando, sending the two down into the excavated caverns that lead to the core of Gurlituim.

Luke turns and blocks a salvo of force lightening from Maldini.

Maldini: (advancing) how easily you fall into my trap.

the sith mistress springs forward via the force while firing dark force lighting upon her father. Who absorbs the energy via the force.

Luke: (sliding backward) predictable.
Unable to repel all the force lightening; Luke releases it causing several rock slides in the process and unstable rock formations to give way beneath their feet. The sith mistress hurls herself at her father whom is backsliding down an rock formation, Luke force pushes Maldini from the boulder they stand and dropping her on the ground at lukes feet where he lands with his saber extended towards the momentarily defeated sithís throat.

Luke: what is the purpose of this maldini! What are you attempting to achieve by inflicting this conflict upon the galaxy. If itís your mother, she requires no vengeance. You where nothing more than a token of our indiscretion to her.

Maldini: (pulling her saber back) donít lecture me!

Luke: I recognize the fact that this is all youíve been trained to be, but did you ever wonder why you had to be evil, why you had to remain in the shadows, why you where left alone with nothing but a holo-cron and a saber to train with since birth. Why you where being molded to destroy such a beautiful thing as the galaxy.

Maldini: (stumbling to her feet) I never had a choice, but if I had. I know deep down in my soul that I would still hate you and this reality.

Luke: (raising saber for death blow) Iím sorry.

Maldini ignites her saber and advances once more. The two lock swords.

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now announcing a regular photo-novel by Darth Depressis:

Coming to a forum near you this year!


On Gurlituim, Maldini, Chi-Ro Rahem, and Pando Dranet confront Gatma Rade.

Gatma Rade: for the last time sith mistress! I will not release this gem to you unless you agree to relieve my people of our duties to you.
Maldini: I grow tired of having to keep you brutes in check.

Chi-Ro: you are foolish to deny to us.
Gatma Rade: donít threaten me, I greatly doubt you can back up anything .

Gatma Rade: Iíve noticed this all you force types, talk a great deal about how dangerous you are.
Chi-Ro: if you donít give us the crystal soon your going to know first hand how lethal we are.

Master Rahem steps closer to Gatma Rade, pando jumps in-between them. Attempting to stop a fight.

Gatma Rade: it would be in your best interest to step back boy!

Master Rahem steps closer to Gatma Rade, pando jumps in-between them. Attempting to stop a fight.

Pando: now, now letís not start fighting! Are all of your friends like this mistress maldini?
Maldini: no only the powerful and lethal ones.

Chi-Ro: donít make me tear you apart.
Pando: oh come on, knock it off. Were all on the same side here.

The two charge at one another throwing Pando Dranet out of the way. Chi-Ro strikes gatma with his already glowing fist with a show of Teras Kasi skill. Gatma Rade struggles to fight, as chi-ro kills the commander.

Maldini: did you enjoy yourself?
Chi-Ro: but of course, mistress.

Chi-Ro: and now pando your political skills are to be used.
Pando: I get to address the warriors before battle. Iíll begin work on my speech immediately.

Maldini: all is going to plan. Letís find Zug Yagima.
Chi-Ro: and inform him of his new rank.
Pando: as well as Gatmaís acts of treason.
Chi-Ro: very good dranet, you are a great propaganda writer I take it.
Pando: if you only knew.
The three exit the small tattered room, and enter a vast hallway.

Jaina: cutting the sub light engines. Reversion on my mark.

The Gogekíra Assault cruisers continue their orbit around Gurlituim. the millennium falcon blasts out of hyperspace continuing its flight pattern at tremendous speeds.

In the cockpit.
C-3PO: this is suicide!
Han: shut up threepio.
Zeb-ska: hey I think the droid is correct, there going to see us!
Han: donít worry.
Jaina: weíre in the hands of an illegal Cloaking Device.

Han: yet another one of the many advantages of having a wife in high places.
Luke: but maldini, can sense our presences. Weíve practically undermined any chance of the republic having a sneak attack.
Han: I detect a colony in the northern hemisphere.
Jaina: letís land in the caverns; maybe we can mobilize some troops.

Meanwhile Pando Dranet Addresses the Gogekíra Soldiers, while being accompanied by Zug Yagima. The Large tunnels and caverns are full of soldiers awaiting orders, Pando and Zug Stand at top of the large room

Zug Yagima: Well my comrades our trusted brother Gatma Rade, it turns out was a traitor.

Pando: both unwittingly and unwisely disobeyed Mistress Maldini, and was attempting to take the Kaliber crystal to use for his own foolish ventures.

Zug Yagima: in accordance with our own laws gatma rade has paid the price for his untrustworthy actions with his life.

Pando: remember the laws you live by, and youíll survive. But now save the anger you have for gatma rade, prepare yourselves for the fight. Gather your weapons, assemble your platoons on the surface.

The massive crowd of warriors leaves the caverns. pando and zug exit the podium, the two enter a large command post cavern where chi-ro and maldini stand around the glowing crystal.

Maldini: yes but we must save its power for our intended use away from here.
Pando: the warriors are making their way to surface.
Chi-Ro: good work dranet.

Maldini: you are to remain here at my side, protecting the crystal.
Zug Yagima: and what of me?
Maldini: yagima, join your brothers and command your kind to victory over the ways of  Galactic Rule.

Zug Yagima: (saluting) yes my mistress.
Zug exits room.
Chi-ro: I thought you wanted me here as well at your side to help you control the fate of the battle via the Kaliber.
Maldini: it is of no concern to you and your untrustworthy actions on Coruscant. The young sap Zeb-ska didnít need to know our true lineage.

Pando: what are you not telling me, you had better not be planning to double cross me.
Chi-ro: for once I can have something in common with the living embodiment of ignorance that is you.

Maldini: (igniting lightsaber) donít let those last cries of redemption tempt you into sabotaging the prophecy.

Chi-ro: then donít rely on him to go about procedure and act according to the code. He too has had tendency to act out with emotion.
Pando: alright its starting to get hostile in here. We donít need word of a mutiny being afoot in the compound.

Chi-ro: yet again politics are restraining my insight. You had better be leaning towards a plan that is equally beneficial for both of us.
Maldini: (disengaging saber) I have foreseen it, report to the hastlo drifter camp and see to the Obliteration of the Predestine Martyr.
Chi-ro: yes my mistress.
Chi-ro exits the room. Maldini goes back to meditating.

Meanwhile the Falcon lands in the caverns near a Hastlo Drifter Camp.

Luke: well it would appear theyíve been awaiting a savior.
Anakin: speak for yourself, Iím not here to become the demi-god of some dependent tribe of slackers.

Jaina: threepio, we might need your skills.
C-3PO: Yes I am fluent in over ten thousand more forms of communication, due to my last upgrade.
R2-D2: whistles in anger.
C-3PO: you watch your language.
Zeb-Ska: you two act as if your at constant war with one another.
Luke: Anakin and I will handle this.

Luke: Quite organized. so this is what your types do with galactic aid.
Payma: you republic people should look a little closer before you send the credits. we hastlos have lived off the spoils of this planet for eons; weíve pretty much saved up the aid and invested in armor for such an event like this.

Luke: Iím Luke Skywalker, Jedi master.
Fectro: your help is greatly needed.

Prag: our ancestors praised a single Jedi Knight, who crash landed here way before our time. He told many tales of his exploits, and even fought off a group of invading soldiers whom had only come for him.

Fectro: we need you to take back the crystal.

Prag: it must be lost is all our fore fathers said the knight requested. But instead it was encased in a statue by ignorant artisans.

Luke: I agree with this knightís decision. What was his name?

Prag: We lack that vital piece of information, since it was he whom instructed our ancestors in the mechanics of this language.

Luke: of course, Iíll inform my group.

Jacen: whatís the verdict?
Luke: they require our help in a last ditch effort to retake the planet.

Han: oh. Is that all?
Luke: no, they also need you to help.

Jaina: Iíll be your co-pilot.
Han: I wouldnít have it any other way.
Zeb-Ska: and what are we to do master?
Jacen: yes what is our mission.

Luke: Were to retrieve the crystal andÖ. destroy it.

Zeb-Ska: destroy it? Upon orders from whom?
Luke: upon orders from the knight whom I believe was one of two knights charged with the task of taking both crystals far away from the Jedi temple during the rise of the emperor.

Zeb-Ska: it makes sense, they probably feared the emperor getting his hands on it and ruling the galaxy until the collapse of the universe. But whereís the other crystal?

Luke: my sister and I found the other in the temple of pomojema while stranded on mimban. I had thought the gem powerless away from the temple, but I would venture a guess that with the finding of its twin, the kaiburr is probably recharged and Baffling Master Vont.

Zeb-Ska: but wouldnít destroying the crystal in essence destroy the force itself.
Luke: thatís a risk anyone of us going to be faced with, if we steal it back from maldini.

Zeb-Ska: (in child-like sarcasm) but what are the penalties of such an ATTACK!
Luke: yes young soear, the sacrifice is just. And an honor to protect the force.
Jacen: itís suicide and becoming a sith by your birthright.
Anakin: if you turn, weíll be unable to combat you.

Luke: exactly, that is why it is my initiative to be the one whose fate will be ended abruptly.

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