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30th Anniversary Collection / 30AC Wave 5 - Expanded Universe
« on: April 11, 2007, 10:01 PM »
So it seems like Wave 5, which is bound to be revealed soon, will consist entirely of EU figures.

What's rumored:
Darth Malak
Anakin w/Tattoos
Yoda w/Kybuck
Roron Corobb
Pre-Cyborg Grievous
and Fans Choice winner darth Revan

Sounds great! The Mcfigure scheduled for this wave is the girl-Luke.

I for one cannot wait for Pre-Cyborg Grievous and Roron Corobb. Kybuck is bound to be disappointing. Anakin is destined to pegwarm. Malak and Revan will disappear in a blink of an eye.

I wish Voolvif Monn and Nelvaanian Warrior were also in this wave, but oh well. Maybe next year. This wave sounds great regardless. Lets hope more info comes to us soon...

30th Anniversary Collection / April Fool's Wave
« on: April 5, 2007, 06:38 PM »
I know, I should've started this thread sooner. But a few days ago, as we began seeing Wave 2 of TAC on the shelves, it reminded me of another wave we should've gotten early April...

Hasbro's infamous 'April Fool's' wave from SDCC2006.

So that made me think of a question I'd like to ask you:
Of the six figures 'revealed' that day, which would you most like to see?

Dead Jawas 2-Pack
Willrow Hood (aka ICMG)
Funeral Pyre Darth Vader
Yarna dal Gargan
Xtra Crispy Owen and Beru Lars
Funeral Pyre Qui-Gon Jinn

My order:
1. Willrow Hood
2. Yarna Dal Gargan
3. Xtra Crispy Owen and Beru Lars
4. Dead Jawas 2-Pack
5. Funeral Pyre Darth Vader
6. Funeral Pyre Qui-Gon Jinn

What about you guys?

Photonovels and Movies / THE F O R C E: Two more characters!!!
« on: April 5, 2007, 06:01 PM »
Well, I have made quite a few changes to my upcoming photonovel since delaying its debut due to unforeseen events. Even the title is different.

So I decided to start a fresh new thread for it. A new thread for preview pics, character lists, and updates on dates for new episodes. Eventually, the pn itself will be shown right here in this very thread, sometime in early 2008. I have learned from my past mistakes and Im therefore not giving a specific date, because things may come up that get in my way of reaching any goal dates (again).

What I can tell you is that there will be a pn, it is on its way, and it will be delivered early 2008.

And what I can also tell you is that you can expect a preview in four to six weeks! It should be great, it'll be a hit! With brand new characters, like a non-Jedi with above-average strength, a Neimoidian Republic Guard with the ability to read minds, and a time-travelling Jedi, all struggling with understanding their unique powers and surviving the first full-scale war since the formation of the Republic...and cameos from favorites like Mace Windu and even Rykrof Enloe...this pn will be one of the best ever in the history of the hobby.

So, fellow JDers...look forward to the new photonovel series...

THE   F O  R   C    E . . .


Toy Reviews / RQ Reviews TAC #03: Mustafar Lava Miner
« on: April 2, 2007, 11:35 PM »
Here's my review of this figure:

Articulation: This figure, who really doesn't do much in the movie, has been given a very generous 12 points of articulation, 2 points shy of standard super articulation. This is very very cool, and his poseability is very good thanks to this.  ;D

Sculpt: Our miner has a very slight sculpting problem, and that is his legs are somewhat pre-posed for the amount of articulation they have been given. However, I'm fine with this considering that our insectoid friend really doesn't do much else in the movie. The rest of the sculpt is extremely detailed, and looks like it could be fresh out of the movie. The big H really nailed this one considering the very limited screentime of the character.  ;D

Accessories: This flea-ridin' bug has everyhing he needs to go mining. He has a very nice lava-ladle full of lava (how appropriate!). Also, the coin is pretty cool, too! I don't know what JJ will think of him having only one accessory though, that'll sure be interesting.  ???  ;D

Paint Aps/Deco: Excellent! His armor is scorched from walking around in the lava (heck, your armor would be, too!) and the clothing is accurate.  ;D

Value: It is a great buy! A very interesting character, a well-executed sculpt and paint-job, and one of the coolest accessories churned out of Patwucket in recent years (nowhere near as cool as the gorg, though, that'll probably ALWAYS be my favorite accessory). And a cool coin!  ;D


Articulation: 9.5/10
Sculpt: 9.5/10
Paint Aps/Deco: 10/10
Accessories: 10/10
Value: 9/10
TOTAL: 48/50  8)  ;D

GO OUT AND BUY YOURSELF A MUSTAFAR LAVA MINER! You will not regret it, very enjoyable figure! I think he has really disappeared in this wave in people's minds, as he is a casemate of sought-after figures such as Galactic Marine, Super Battle Droid, and McTrooper. But he's really great, once you get to know him. Who needs a stinkin' Galactic Marine when you've got a bug that rides a flea and scoops up lava for a living? Not me!

This figure is a 'hot buy!' He's gonna be a hot buy because he's cool! Heh, get it?...No? Oh well...

BUY ME!!!  ;)

Modern Trading / CLOSED
« on: March 27, 2007, 09:49 PM »
This thread is closed.

Well, the Saga Collection had a thread like this last year, so I figured I'd start one like it for this year.

For me, these are all my opinions on upcoming figs from pictures I've seen:

Darth Vader- A completely pointless repack. Absolutely no idea what motivated Hasbro to give us the ROTS version with so many superior Vaders out there.

Galactic Marine- Looks very good, much anticipated. It looks like and I've heard this from other members, that it may have a stading problem, and that'll be hard with no display stands this year.

Lava Miner- Very cool! It looks interesting, well articulated, colorful, and neat! Without doubt the figure in this wave that I am most excited to pick up.

Mace Windu- I've heard he's less than stellar, but from what I've seen, he looks okay, his head sculpt is awful, but that's what customizing is for. It'll certainly be better than any previous Windu figure, that goes without saying.

Airborne Trooper- I love it. It looks pretty sharp. I hate the legs though, same problem Galactic Marine is gonna have.

Obi-Wan Kenobi- Terrible. It will pegwarm. This slot in the wave could easily have been filled with a Collection 2 Jedi from '05 that hasn't been released a gazillion times, perhaps Shaak Ti, or Ki-Adi Mundi. I just don't get the reasoning behind a repack like this.

R2-D2- The paint looks appauling, but I think the sculpt and the cool feature that it can do with SBD is going to save it from any criticism that's too brutal.

Super Battle Droid- I am very happy to see an SA SBD, and on top of that one that has the cool feature with R2. My only concern is the holes, but even that's not too bad. I do feel the flames could have been snap-on, however.

Biggs Darklighter (Pilot)- Finally! One of the worst figures of the POTF2 era gets a resculpt, and it looks superb.

Han Solo- Looks great, well articulated, but I see it pegwarming. Every little kid already has a Han Solo figure, and that'll hurt this figure in the long-run.

Death Star Trooper- Wide legs? Wide legs? I don't like it at all. I actually think the POTF2 one looks better, and it's not even that great. A poor attempt to make collectors happy.

Rebel Honor Guard- Again, wide legs, it'll pegwarm, a disaster of a figure. Am I getting it? No way, Jose!

Ceremonial Luke Skywalker- This figure looks amazing. I can't thank Hasbro enough for resculpting that mess of a figure from POTF2, and a great job it looks like they did! It looks really, really, really great, and I cannot wait to pick this figure up.

Academy Biggs Darklighter- I don't like it. It looks like a nice figure and all but I'm just not interested. Pass.

Tatooine Luke Skywalker- It looks pretty good, if it's as good as it looks then I'll buy it no problem. I'm not thrilled or anything, but it just looks decent enough.

Jawa with LIN Droid- Super, super cool! Man, I can't wait to pick this beauty up! New Jawa sculpt, new droid, I love this! What I love especially about this is that Hasbro could've pulled another Chief Chirpa on us and just given us the droid knowing wed still be excited, but they went above and beyond and threw in a new Jawa! Hasbro, be this terrific more often!

Darth Vader- This is the first Darth Vader released since the Evolutions version that I am actually very excited to pick up, this is neat!

Miiyoom Onith- Alright, it's not my favorite figure of the year but it'll be nice in cantina dioramas next to Feltipern.

Elis Helrot- Ever since I saw Episode 4 at age 4, I have thought this freak was super cool. I am thrilled to see it be released. Yipee!

Umpass-stay- Looks like a total, pre-posed letdown. And no drum? C'mon! One of the absolute worse figures shown to this point, and it's a real bummer because it had so much potential to turn out great.

CZ-3- I love this figure! Groundbreaking protocol droid articulation, I'm skeptical about that headsculpt, but I think this figure will turn out a-ok.

Luke Skywalker- I on't know about this one, I'm gonna wait to see it in person, because I just can't tell if it looks good or bad. It should be good with the rancor that's coming up.

I think thats it, if I left any out, theyre probably just so bad that theyre forgettable!  ;) Im pretty excited about most of these, but the one figure of the year I am most excited about is not mentioned above. It's that kicka$$ Holiday Boba Fett. I just think that figure is so ******* cool, I just love it! Packaged and out of the package, marvelous.  8)  8) ;D

This very long post will definitely be modified in the future. So what do you guys think? Any wave 1 acquisitions you love or hate? Any figs from future waves you can't wait to get your paws on? Well, thats what this here thread is for, so get posting!

Star Wars Action Figures / Girls, Older Women, Bald Guys?
« on: March 10, 2007, 02:01 PM »
Hey all, I'm working on my pn, and I need ideas. Where are there heads for:

A young, original looking white Jedi woman?
An older looking female Jedi?
A bald white Imperial officer?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, preferably heads outside of the Star Wars 3.75" line but yeah all ideas would be super. I need help, and fast so I can keep up the pace on my filming.

30th Anniversary Collection / 30AC Wave 8 - Attack of the Clones
« on: March 4, 2007, 12:21 PM »
So Wave 5 is AOTC. What is rumored? (i'm too lazy to check any lists) and what do you want to see?

I'd really like:

Zam Wessell (SA)
Po Nudo
Padme w/ripped shirt (SA)
Jango Fett (SA)
Coleman Trebor w/battle damage
Represantative Binks (SA, softgoods)
Clone Trooper (Kamino Cafeteria)


30th Anniversary Collection / 2007 30AC UGH Promotion
« on: February 11, 2007, 01:36 PM »
So, UGH returns! What are you guys doing? Participating? Kinda participating? Thinking, 'UGH...UGH's back!'?


Hey Hasbro! / Admiral Ackbar
« on: January 15, 2007, 11:55 AM »
Now guys a character this classic just has to be resculpted, and soon. So much face and lines in ROTJ and just the sheer importance of the role he played makes him eligible for so much better than the plastic treatment he has received. Last time we even saw him was POTF2 and that sculpt and articulation were inadequate at best. Id like to see a new SA incarnation of him perhaps in VOTC or a Rebel Leaders battl pack featuring him, Mon Mothma, OTC Madine, OTC General Lando w/new head, and another Mon Calamari guy, maybe a repack of the POTJ officer.

Cmon Hasbro, bring on the Ackbar! Make him good, make him soon!

Hey Hasbro! / Zam Wessell
« on: December 31, 2006, 12:57 PM »
We dont have a very good Zam Wessell, shes an important character, and Hasbro hasnt put her in the modern line since 2002 and both of her figs werent very good. Shes one of my favorite SW characters of all time, and Id like to see a new one, SA , maybe packed with rifle, pistol, clip-on veil, soft goods skirt, removable helmet, assassin droid, and kouhuns. Thatd be perfect! Your thoughts guys? Would anyone maybe sign a petition cause thats how much i want her made!

Hey Hasbro! / Nien Nunb
« on: December 31, 2006, 12:52 PM »
We havent had Nien Nunb in the line for a long time, since 1997-ish. And he has 5 points of articulation!  :P He's an important guy, he copiloted the ship that destroyed the Death Star and he speaks in the movies. Please, make him Hasbro! We dont need SA just BA (BETTER articulation). Would anyone sign a petition cause thats how badly I wanna see him made! Your thoughts guys?

Watto's Junk Yard / My Name is Earl on NBC
« on: December 18, 2006, 11:06 AM »
I really like this show! It may just be one of the most clever and hilarious ever created. Anyone else watch it?

Coming Soon in 2007, I am starting a photonovel series here at JediDefender. The title is not revealed yet, mostly because I havent made one up, but I already have a storyline figured out. So stay tuned and keep checking for updates. I'll give some more plot stuff away probably over the course of this week.  8)

Conventions / Live in CA? Big Toy Show!
« on: December 7, 2006, 11:22 PM »
There is a big toy show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in the San Jose area in late March. I plan on selling there and buying there. It is a huge place, great for making contacts, and meeting other collectors. There was just one on Dec. 2 that I went to at the same place managed by the same people. Huge place, I mean huge. Great stuff. Repeats itself in March. 24th, I believe. Could be off by a couple days. I will update with more info when I get it.

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