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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Darth Simmons Customs
« on: July 29, 2007, 12:47 AM »
I have updated the pictures of the Death Star Troopers to new clearer pictures.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Darth Simmons Customs
« on: July 26, 2007, 12:35 AM »
Nice! The DH-17s I sent you are being put to good use, hooray for accuracy!  ;D

Absolutely! You made my year with those, RQ. Thanks again. I saw your bridge diorama, it is AWESOME! You're a serious collector/customizer/trader for being only 13! Believe it or not that speaks a lot about your personality. I hope you put as much pride and care into all the other aspects of your life as well.

I forsee great things from you. We will watch your career with great interest.

Star Wars Action Figures / Darth Simmons Customs
« on: July 25, 2007, 03:52 PM »
Since I am early in my customizing career, I will post this thread and feature all of my customs to date. You won't see me building a whole bunch of customs. It's because I build them for my son (or me to play with them with my son!) So they have to be durable. I can't use glue and popsicle sticks because it just won't hold up. So my customs are either born out of a necessity for articulation (like my ANH Luke), a lack of liking for the Hasbro versions (my ROTJ Han) or something that has never been done by Hasbro (my Rodian Jedi).


Here is my first custom, created back in April of this year. It's a Rodian Jedi, but not Badoo Bok. I have a different storyline for this Jedi. His name is Neela Chak. (Thanks to Ben Skywalker over at FFURG for the last name!)

I used the Kit Fisto body from the Jedi VS Darth Sidious Battle Pack. The hands are from the VSTC Greedo. I used the head from a POTF2 Greedo, even though it's a little bit small, because it looks the least like Greedo. I wanted a Rodian that had its own look.


Next is my ultimate version of Han Solo from Return of the Jedi. I didn't like the Hasbro VTSC version because he was sickly thin, had articulation in some of the oddest places, and the ball joint head looked like his neck had been stretched. So I put together my own. The shirt color is a little off, but I had no choice. The arms/hands seem a touch big, but they are better than the teeny little VTSC arms. Plus these actually fit the torso without modifying. I also painted the blaster to look like it does in the movie. Eventually I will revist this figure and add articulated legs. I plan to use the legs from a commtech Han and replace the boots with the boots from TSC General Veers. First I have to figure out how I will paint the bloodstripe. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

To make this one, I butchered 4 Hasbro Han Solo Figures:
VTSC Endor - Vest, Trenchcoat, blaster for ANH version(see below)
Saga Endor Raid - Head for ANH version (see below)
POTJ Bespin Capture - Legs, waist, torso, blaster
Commtech ANH - Head
The arms are from the GI Joe Valor Vs Venom Dr Mindbender (Version 5)

This is a bi-product of my ultimate ROTJ Han. I had debated over using the Saga Endor Raid head on the ROTJ version, but after advice the FFURG forums and realizing that the head looked more like Harrison Ford in 1977 rather than 1983, I put it on the Commtech body and here are the results.

Here they are side-by-side:

Sorry for the fuzzy photos. This seems to be the best I can get out of my camera.


The 30th Anniversary Collection Moisture Farmer Luke is possibly the worst sculpt I've ever seen. It inspired me to make my own custom version. Hasbro has had a hard time producing a good Mark Hamill sculpt. So here is my custom version of Luke from "A New Hope". First I went to and looked at the version comparison picture to pick the Lukes I wanted to use. I liked both the POTF2 Flashback version and the POTF2 Commtech version. The crazy thing is that one had good arm articulation and one had good knee articulation. Both had a pretty good head sculpt. I wanted the figure to have the best articulation possible. I ended up using the flashback torso for the neck ball joint, hinged elbows, and articulated wrists. Plus the flashback tunic has the removable macrobinoculars. I used the boil-n-pop technique to simply switch the legs and now I have 2 ANH Lukes. One with all the articulation I wanted for my oldest son and one with less articulation that I could give my middle son.


Next are my simple but effective modifications to some Death Star Troopers and DH-17 blasters. Here's what I did. First, I split the tunic below the waist to allow him to sit. Next I added some sculpey inside the helmet to make it sit a little higher on his head. (Warning, if you try this be sure to cure the sculpey immediately after making the adjustments, otherwise it can take the paint off the hair! :( ) Third I switched the calf parts of the legs. One figure got both of the shorter pieces and one got both of the longer pieces. This looks better than the way they came.

I used 2 Hasbro accurate scale DH-17's for these figures being that's what they generally carry, not the E-11's that they come with. However the accurate scale versions Hasbro makes are like the ESB DH-17's which are NOT what the Death Star Troopers carry (but closer than E-11's). So I modded these to look more like the ANH version. I removed a portion of the top bar, trimmed the butt of the handle, cut off the magazine sticking out of the side, and repainted the nozzle and added a touch of silver where it should be on the ANH version.

I also modded the Death Star Troopers holsters to fit the DH-17s.

Feedback / Re: Greg's feedback
« on: July 23, 2007, 02:19 PM »
You will trade with Greg. He is the trader you are looking for...

Good communication, provided a delivery confirmation number, and is willing to work with you incase of special circumstances.

You can go about your business. Move along.

Modern Trading / Re: Capture of Tantive IV Rebel Fleet Troopers
« on: July 22, 2007, 10:07 PM »
Sorry folks, this thread is closed....

Feedback / Re: Robo-Quack's feedback
« on: July 21, 2007, 10:17 PM »
The absolute best trade I've had so far!!!

Robo-Quack really goes above and beyond the call of doody - Doody! Get it?!? HAHAHAHAHA (Oh, I won't quit my day job)

Modern Trading / Re: Capture of Tantive IV Rebel Fleet Troopers
« on: July 20, 2007, 01:36 AM »
Is there any trade demand for those?

lmao. im sorry that was just funny.
why dont you just army build those too? make a tantive scene, have a couple of good ol dead "rebelscum"
Because my budget, or the lack thereof, won't allow it.

Modern Trading / This thread is closed
« on: July 19, 2007, 11:58 AM »
I am thinking about purchasing another Capture of Tantive IV Battle Pack for the Stormtroopers, but I have no use for the Rebel Fleet Troopers. Is there any trade demand for those? Would anybody be willing to trade some other figures for them?

I am trying to justify the $20 price as I would be stuck with yet another commtech Darth Vader, and I don't want to spend the money if I will be stuck holding the Rebel Troopers too.

Let me know if it would interest you.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: PLEASE DON'T REPACK: Worst Ideas For Repacks
« on: July 13, 2007, 03:16 PM »
i actually think the head ball joint is one of the best things hasbro has to offer on their figures. it adds for a lot better poses. and if you dont think it looks "realistic" enough for you..then go the gentle giant. :)
Not cost effective... and as far as the headball joint goes, that's just my opinion. It doesn't mean I'm right.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: PLEASE DON'T REPACK: Worst Ideas For Repacks
« on: July 13, 2007, 02:14 PM »
Actually I like the ball/socket joints Hasbro is using.

They make for a more natural looking pose if you're wanting the head tilted I think...  Much more versatile, and definitely simpler than injection-molded ball/socket joints like Dutch Vander's.  I don't think they all look bad, and actually I think very few have had  an awkward look to them really.  Usually I blame that on sculpt more than design.  VTSC Han was I believe more odd due to the head's excessive shrinkage, more than anything.

His articulation at the torso was a little overdone too, but I think the rest of the figure is pretty decent and iwth the vest on he's quite nice.  Take the arms/legs and sculpt up a new torso, and I'd be pretty happy I think.

The headball seems like it would make work easier for us customizers, but I just don't like 'em on nonmasked humans. It's not just Han, General Veers is another example of a bad head ball. He looks like he's doing a giraffe impersonation. When it comes to the VTSC Endor Han I could go on and on about how bad it was. (I'm a Han freak and I love to share my opinion). The vintage ROTJ Han was one of my favorite figures as a child so I had been waiting on a great looking ROTJ Han since POTF2 started up in '95. Hasbro has not produced one that I am happy with, which led me to customizing. I have a bigger problem with the articulation across the chest than the headball joints. Anyway, that's just my lil' opinion. (Oh and I definietly agree with you about the Rebel Trooper!)

I'm at my max of 37. Break down is: 32 to fill out a platoon of 36 (the other 4 being squad leaders represented by Tantive IV troopers,) 4 are custom Lts (Imperial rankings added to the armor) and 1 to stand in my Vintage/Modern counterpart display.

With 16 Tantive IV stormies, 59 VOTC Stormies and 37 Cleaned Saga Stormies I have a total of 148 Stormtroopers (including the 4 officers) making up 1 company of 4 of my official Imperial Battalion. Well over 210 if I included all my Commtech Stormtroopers and excess cleaned Saga Stormies I have up for trade.

So that's why it's hard to find them in my local stores... Leave some for other people! ;D Hey do you still have the pauldrons for your Sandtroopers up for trade? I'm building my sandtrooper army.

This Devaronian head, not because of Fritzkrieg, but all of this comic pack sculpt from Hasbro look like Gary Busey, when he was young with that great big sly grin.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: PLEASE DON'T REPACK: Worst Ideas For Repacks
« on: July 11, 2007, 05:50 PM »
OK Hasbro, just stop producing the 30th Anniversary Luke Skywalker Moisture Farmer figure. It looks awful! The only reason people are buying it is for the vaporator. Just sell us the vaporator in an accessory pack or something. This sculpt looks nothing like Mark Hamil. The POTF2 Flashback and commtech versions looked better than this one! (There's no knee articulation either!)

In fact I was so put-off by the TAC Luke that I made my own custom from the POTF2 Commtech & Flashback versions.The one on the left is the main. On the right is the one I made from leftover parts. Both look better than the TAC version.


In this case, I have no problem saying never.   Hasbro doesn't seem fit to make the toolings for an AT-TE that most fans want, the tiny Cloud Car,  and any number of vehicles that are much smaller in scale.  Similarly, they refuse to make any screen accurate playset (or even another inaccurate one, for that matter).  They site that public demand for new vehicles and playsets don't offset the cost of their toolings.  Yes, in current Q&A's they say due to the success of the re-release of both the Shuttle & AT-AT, they will consider larger vehicles when the time is right.  But, both of those are drastically underscaled and are both are considered large vehicles currently.

Would I like accurately scaled vehicles?  Yes.  Do I currently have the space for ones of the size you describe?  No, but maybe again one day.   Do I believe there are collectors that would buy them?  Yes, but that doesn't mean there are enough collectors for Hasbro to warrent the investment.   Whether you or I believe they could turn a profit (no matter how small), it really only matters what Hasbro believes and if they think it's worth it.  I don't EVER see them making this, though I do believe it would be cool.  I would be quite happy with one about 1.5 - 2 times the current size, which would place it within the size of Amidala ship.  That was clearance out and still sold slowly (and probably more for the droid that was packaged with it).

Ya know, there might be more sales if the vehicles and playsets weren't over priced. It might not be Hasbro's fault, I don't know. But when Toys-R-Us had the exclusive Endor AT-AT for $99, come on! That's ridiculous! 50 bucks would've been fair, but 100, no. I just can't afford that. The TAC TIE Figther is $20 (and doesn't come with the pilot) in my opinion that's over priced too. I'd say $15 is fair. Throw in the pilot and then it becomes worth $20. But that's my opinion.

Modern Trading / Re: Darth Simmons Trade List
« on: July 11, 2007, 03:17 PM »
Updated for recent trades. Any body got a Bespin Confession Vader?

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