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The Vintage Collection / Re: TVC Rogue One Imperial Assault Tank
« on: September 9, 2017, 02:10 PM »

I'd love to see a return to the "big" vehicles again. The BMF is still one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Ditto the BAT-AT.

Ah finally! I actually just went and ordered Jyn, Cassian and a couple Deathtroopers to officially begin collecting Star Wars again. I don't know how far down the rabbit hole I'm going to go with episodes 7-9, but I'm really excited to get some more stuff from the OT and Rogue One. Eh, **** it...I'll probably be all-in, as long as it's super articulated.

I'm not really thinking themed waves, but here's some figures I'd like to see sooner rather than later...

Palpatine with throne
Tonnika Sisters (can't believe we're still asking for these two)
Wuher (updated)
Shasa Tiel

Rogue One
Director Krennic
Mon Mothma
The whole ******* squad
Pretty much everyone in that movie

I know I'm in the old-fart category of Star Wars collectors at this point, but I'm not that old, and I'm really disappointed that the winner is some weird new EU character that I'd literally never heard of.  I don't know her story, but the character design is beyond boring.  A woman in a vest with a weird helmet... yay.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to lose sleep or anything, but I've been wanting a new Sim Aloo for nearly 20 years now... so as far as collecting disappointment goes, this is up there.

Hopefully Hasbro puts the runners up on their to-do list.

Yeah, but she's got a tattoo sleeve and goggles, so you know she's fierce. The whole character reminds me of this.

(this is nothing against tattoo sleeves, by the way, just the contrived way they're used to "attitude up" a character.)

**** YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I haven't bought a Star Wars figure in about 2 years, so I'm really looking forward to having the hobby back.

Rogue One / Re: Rogue One 3.75" Wave 2
« on: September 6, 2016, 10:06 AM »
* Ducks in to see if the 5-POA thing is over yet, sighs, leaves.

Modern Classifieds / Re: Star Wars figures FS
« on: December 1, 2014, 08:38 AM »
PM sent!  ;D

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: The Black Series 3.75" - Wave 5
« on: November 30, 2014, 01:30 PM »
Man...I haven't seen a trace of any of this wave. And Ree Yees was one of my biggest wants in the line!

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: The Black Series 3.75" - Wave 5
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:05 PM »
Holy ****...Ree Yees?! I'm psyched. And I haven't been psyched about SW for a long time.

The Y-Wing and B-Wing are my two biggest wants for an upgrade, now that I finally have Slave-1. I'm generally okay with the larger sized X-Wings we have, as they are still way ahead of the POTF2 version.

I'd love to see them tool up a Z-95 Headhunter though. Hell, I wish they had used them in the prequels.

Interesting about the wings snagging into place. I've been unable to get mine to do so. Seemed like I was going to break it. I'll have to try it again when I get home.

The trick is you have to rotate both at the same time.

I actually replaced the spring, but the wings were too wobbly, so I put the original spring back in. It's pretty easy to get it to click in place, and it stays in flight mode much better. Maybe I was just lucky with mine.

Do you think the droid factory set will be sent with packing tape around all six figures with the shipping label pasted to the back of one of the figures?

I think if they are sent individually with a mailing label stuck to the back they would qualify for postcard shipping rates.  I expect to see six tracking numbers for my order.

At first I read this quickly and thought you ordered six Slave-1's...I'll admit, I was a little jealous!  ;)

Other Toy Lines / Re: NECA Predators
« on: August 14, 2013, 04:06 PM »
I tweeted some pics of the Jungle Disguise Dutch:

Nice! I just followed you on Twitter. My username is @MisterSkeezler

Shipping and spring issues aside, this thing is a really, really welcome addition to my collection. I'm a bit giddy about it. I'm actually planning to do some paint weathering to it.

Wow, that sucks. I hope they resolve it for you quickly.

I received my Slave-1 today, but it arrived thrown in a box with some stuff my wife ordered for our daughter. The package was still slightly damaged, but I'm an opener, so it happened to work out for me. The toy itself was fine...aside from the wing situation.

Who approved this at Hasbro? I find it a bit discouraging that these shipped out without working correctly. I guess I have to locate some pen springs and take this sucker apart tomorrow. I'm glad to have an ESB Slave-1, but I hate having to correct faulty toy design.

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