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Hey Hasbro! / New Jedi hasbro!!!
« on: June 11, 2008, 10:50 PM »
I believe that there are some jedi and sith that need to be released in the next year or two such as:

*Dark Jedi Sora Bulq
*Luke Skywalker(legacy armor)
*Roblio Darté
*Darth Caedus
*Kyle katarn
*Nomi Sunrider
*Darth Krayt
*Wolf Sazen
*Kai Hudorra

and for lightsabers there should definetly be more shotos and lightstaffs.With more colors like silver,Cyan,yellow,pink,and orange with more doublesabers.

Photonovels and Movies / Warfare
« on: June 10, 2008, 01:28 PM »
I have had this great idea for a photo novel that has been goin through my head repeatidly and had to tell someone.The Prologue:

Time:Takes place after episode 6

In his family,Being a jedi was very rare.But after the birth of three children,two of them having been notibly force-sensitive,were taken away from there family and were escorted to a jedi temple to train.One day at that jedi temple after the brothers had converted there training into knights,there temple was attacked.80% of the jedi were slain.But the two brothers had survived.They fought and slained sith like no others had seen before.The oldest one,Caine was offered to join the sith,or be slained.He chose the to join the sith.While Caine was offered that choice,the youngest one,Cryon had deserted the scene and went into hiding.Now on the other hand,what happened to the middle child you might ask?He was recruited towards the Empire as a soldier,for the recovery of the lost stormtroopers before him,where his father,an emperial knight,had been posted.Although the middle child,Drako,had not been recognized as the emperial general's son,or gifted with force-sensitivity,he was one of the best warhound in the army.Here is the story of Drako Cenvax,Cryon Cenvax,and Caine Farlance.

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