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1. Jawa w/2x-7KPR
2. Hrchek Kal Fas
3. Bannis Keeg
4. Han (Cermony)
5. Rebel Officer
6. Imp Scanning Tech
7. Danz Borin
8. Commander Willard

The Legacy Collection / Re: ICMG, what?
« on: July 6, 2008, 01:11 PM »
The Cantina Baglady!!!

 1. Taym Dern-Garen
 2. Kaatu (JP)
 3. Y-Wing Pilot
 4. Nikto (vintage)
 5. Paploo / Lumat
 6. Jess (Blue/White Hair Slave girl)
 7. Sim Aloo
 8. Shasha Tiel
 9. Kithaba
10. Grizz Fix

First glimpse of the protype is on POTF2.  Owen's homstead is a nice addition for us collectors!!!!

Here the lastest,

General Grevious (to scale)
Bail Organa (Senate attire)
Queen Organa
Felucia Clone Trooper
Agen Kolar
Stass Allie
Commander Faie

Forgive the grammer- I can not take credit for the list !!!!!

Here is some new info on what is  COMING in  2006 and the beggining of 2007!!!
I can take credit for the list it came off Rebelscum, look l00% legit.

****A new sculpt of the Dewback!!!!   maybe there are some others!!!!!

Gold Leader Y Wing pilot

SnowSpeeder with Zev pilot-Toy R Us Exc

***Cloud Car with Saga Pilot-could this be the year!!!! (New Sculpt)

Tie Interceptor-redone without battery pak

B-WingFighter-Pilot-  could we finally get vintage b wing pilot

Federation Tank-with two battle droid!!!!

****Tower Droid-WTF new sculpt-I have not got a clue!!!!
****Gunship Pods Exclusive-come with 2 clonetrooper attack to gunship!!!!
****Trade Fedreration Gunship-as seen on Kaysheek-blue one
****Pod Walker-half of the at-Te. 

This is source is rated to 99% accurate!!!!!!!!!!!

More News later.....

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Defender 2005 Wishlists
« on: October 11, 2005, 06:30 PM »
Battle of Hoth

1.Genral Veers
2.Toyrn Farr-share parts with new Leia Hoth
3.Leia (Hoth)
4.Major Derlin

Battle of Corusant

1.Commander Cody-Hasbro comfirm he is coming 2006!!!
2.Palpatine-Senate Dual Robes

Battle of Geneonis

2.Padme(white arena outfit)
3.Barris Offee
4.bulter Swan

Battle of Tatoonie

1.Tonika Sister-one in the blue
2.Hem Dazon

Battle of Naboo

1.Chief Chirpa
2.Romba-share parts with Warok-like the whipid and the Elom)
4.Sim Aloo
5.Endor (Luke)
6.Endor (Leia)
8.C-3PO-retool legs

Battle of the Death Star

1.General Tagge
3.Luke X Wing Pilot(share part with the Red Leader)
4.Red Leader
5.Grand Moff Tarkin-new head sculpt
6.Red leader R5 Unit- repaint of the R5-D4

Rumors are growing strong about h the release of more VOTC figures-if theyare
POTF card I do not know- But Hasbro has shared that they would like to do another set.

Here what I like to see!!!!
š 1.Tusken Raider
š 2.Jawa
š 3.Imperial Gunner
š 4.Death Star Trooper


š 5.Snowtrooper
š 6.Han (Bespin)
š 7.Luke (Bespin)
š 8.Fett-ESB Colors


š 9.Barada-in the red pants
10.Gamorean Guard
11.Biker Scout
12.Adimeral Ackbar

I truley believe that the pass will repeat itself:
Thisš is where they are in stormtrooper Disquise now in VOTC style
(C Scenes)
Luke (stormtrooper Disquise)
Han (stormtrooper Disquise)

 Jedi Spirits
Anakin(young version)

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Future Waves/Themes
« on: August 27, 2005, 03:54 PM »
I have not posted anything for a while!!!  but when I
read  this thread - man I love everybody since of humor
in this thread!!!  Great Suggestion, Everyone!!!! In the Last two years Hasbro has really put a lid on what is coming out!!!! Here are s few more!!!!!

Death Star II wave

Slim Aloo
Moff Jerrorod
Adimeral Ackbar(new Sculpt)
Nien Numb(new Sculpt)
SA Luke Skywalker (ressiue with new middle body)
Darth Vader (Evolution)
Emperor (sage03 with new head piece)
Royal Guard(ressisue with force pike)

battle of Utapau

Commander Cody
Commander Fox
2pk of utapauns
SA(Grunt) clones
Obi-(ressuise of #55)
Greneral Greivous(reissue)

Confrontation on Bespin

Bespin Guards (ressiue with running changes bk, white , hispanic)
Ugnaughts(new scuplts)
Bespin luke (new sculpt)
Han Solo(new sculpt)
Boba Fett(ESB colors votc)
(Votc) Stormtrooper

Vader's Offered

Imperial Officer(black tunic)
Captain Needa-this would share parts
4-lom(new sculpt)
Zuckess(new sculpt)

Podrace on Tatoonie

Ben Quard
Ann Gella(fan choice)
C-3p0(new sculpt wioth flage)
Pit Droids(2PK) with assorted colors

Mos Isley Wretch Scum and Villians

Dr. Evason(new resculpt)
Dice Ibogan
Luke votc(pouncho
Obi-One(reissue of the spirit)
Miroom Mym

I can not wait till next year- Hasbro has hinted that they are making  the  ship that they have better-Speederbike
and At-ST, and the Tie interceptor come to mind!!!!!

Hopefully we will see five of these  made in 2006 year!!!!

  1. Hem Dazon
  2. CZ-1
  3. Grand Moff Tarkin (resculpt)
  4. Death Star Trooper (resculpt)
  5. R5-D4 (resculpt)
  6. Bom Vimdin
  7. Treadwell 15/LINV-4
  8. General Tagge
  9. Biggs/Wedge (X-Wing Pilot)(resculpts heads same bodys)
10. Wiolsea

Come on 2006

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Modern Vintage - Waves 4,5,6?
« on: April 13, 2004, 12:42 PM »
It would be nice if Hasbro would do some new OTC cards; mix with some  new ulimate figure versions

Wave 4

1. Grand Moff Tarkin (new Card)
2. Jawa (cloth robe)
3. X-Wing Luke
4. Rebel Fleet Trooper(new Card)

Wave 5

1. Imperial Snowtrooper
2. General Veers (removeable armor)
3. Carobnite/Bespin Han
4. Rebel Echo Base Commander

Wave 6

1. Oola(new Card)
2. Royal Guard (cloth robe)
3. Bib Fortuna
4. Endor Leia(cloth cape)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vehicle discussion/speculation!
« on: February 27, 2004, 06:10 PM »
Hey Guys, my guess is that new tie with bigger wings that is listed on Hasbro new suprise is a exclusive!!!! We will have to wait and see!!!!
Here for Hope!!!! :D

Let all pretend that Hasbro just hire us on as their marketing and
we have to decide what we need to build sells:

Hoth II

General Veers (with removeable armor)
Toyrn Farr (ion control desk)
Leia (hoth outfit)

Tatoonie II

Hem Dazon
Dr. Evazon

Jabba II

Bib Fortuna
Yarna D Gargan
Kaatu (vintage)

Yarvin II

Red leader Graven davis
Red leader R5-unit
Grand Moff Tarkin
General Tagge

Rebel Briefing

Nien Numb
Adineral Ackbar
B-wing Pilot (vintage)
Grey Leader

Endor II

Leia (endor)
Cheif chirpa
C-3p0 (ewok Denity)


Bespin Guard (black and white)

Death Star II

Sim Aloo
Imperial Commander
Moff Jerrorod


Probot-with electronics
Moister Vaporier-with gentarators, womprats
Ewok-with catalput
Rebel Tech-with mini ship,ladders,light wands
Imperial  Gunner-with turbolasers
Dannik Jerriko-U piece of cantina bar

12" figures

Bespin Leia Gown


Death Star Playsets-retail for about  100.00


Jabba Sail Barge

Sorry guys could not help but to dream!!!!!!!

Hey guys , I sure Hasbro is Holding back, just take a look at last year!!!!
I expect not including a few clone wars figures at least three more newly
assortment before the year is up!!!! Not to mention that I just got a glimpes of some thing to come a playschool republic gunship.  I hoping
for a few more ultra OTC assortment for 2005. Not to mention we should
see some 2005 product before  the end of this year!!!! I beleive the best is yet to come-Sandcrawler and Cloud Car !!!!!!!!!!

Original Trilogy Collection / OTC Sandcrawler
« on: February 17, 2004, 08:16 PM »
Head over to the Private Universe they have some info on the Sandcrawler that you can buy it!!!  I can't go there because of this Net nanney
or I would go there to find out for us!!!!

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