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Saga '02-'04 / Re: RED LEADER COMING TO TOY'R Us
« on: November 1, 2003, 12:18 AM »
Hey nicklaband Jesse.,
  Here is the  sku #957089 entitled "RED LEADER"
The previous x wing  that they released last year said Red Five!!!!
Check it out!!!!  This could very well be it!!!!! Glad you ask!!!
Let me know what everyone find out!!!!! ;D ;D

« on: October 29, 2003, 08:54 PM »
It is now listed in Toy R Us Computer that they will be getting
a X Wing retailing at $45.00.  The X wing is title  "RED LEADER"
So our wishes for  Graven may happen sooner than what we think!!!!

More Later!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / COULD THIS BE 2004 LINE UP!!!!!
« on: October 19, 2003, 10:35 PM »
I gather up imformation from a various websites and compile every
rumor about the 2004 figures and theme for each month!!!!!


1.Luke(wampa attack)
3.Echo Base Rebel Soilder


5.Luke(Jabba Palace)
6.R2-D2(serving tray)

Jabba  Palace

7.JQUILLE the whipid
8.Tanus S the elom
11.Lando(Skiff Guard)

Battle of Yarvin

12.Captain Antilles
13.General Dodonna
14.Gold Leader(Dutch)

Star Destoyer

16.Adimeral Ozzel
17.Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot


19.General Crix Madine
20.Cheif Chirpa
21.Female Ewok (tba)
22.Luke or Leia Endor


24.Luke(Jedi training attire)
25.Yoda(empire with connectting bases


26.Bespin Leia Gown
27.Cloud Car Pilot


29.Sly Moore
30.Pablo Jill
31.Sentor Yaura

Mos Isly Cantina

32.Hem Dazon(Arcona)
33.Bom Vimdin
34Felipen Travagg(gotal)
35.Banniss Keogg (duros #2)
36.Elis Herot(given)


38.Celebration Amidala
39.Rep Been

Death Star

40.Luke (stromtrooper disquise)with control terminal
41.Han   (stromtrooper disquise)with control terminal #2
42.Death Star Trooper(resulpt)
43.Genral Tagge
44Sim Aloo

Like I said before this is what I gather from all the websites of rumor
hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! More Later!!!!!!1

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Future Waves?
« on: October 18, 2003, 07:29 PM »
Can anyone out there has any imformation about the new African-American Bespin Guard!!!!  I ask my source today and he/she share with me that  he/she have not heard about this one!!!!
 The new Burger King glasses sound cool, since each set represents a movie in OT- my specualtion is the following:

ANH-Red Leader

ESB-African American  Bespin Guard

ROJ-Hermie Olde

On other news, ARC TROOPER 12" at Kay Bees - Was really hoping fror the 12" Hammerhead .

Wanted  to share the next 12" after the Garadan wave is going
to be very collector oriented and is to measure up to the
bounter hunter wave we got of potj.  Could it be we are
1.Plo Koon
2.Sae Sinn Tinn
3.Eeth Koth
Well that is all for now!!!!!!!!!More later!!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / OT 3 Packs for 2004 Suggestion to HASBRO
« on: October 14, 2003, 01:49 PM »
It has been share that Hasbro is considering doing
Original Trilogy 3 Paks.  Let Hasbro know what the
collectors would like to see in 2004!!!!!!!Any


Imperial Officers-one body-Three different headsculpts
  Take Ozzel body=Reissue a Piett, Captain Needa,
and General Veers

Imperial Officers #2
same body but instead of gray mold it in black
Give us Cheif Blast and two others generic officers.

Bespin Guards
Three different headscuplt with different arms
Spanish, Caucasion, African American

Rebel and Imperial Tech

Take the preexsisting  imperial offfericer in the
jumpsuit outfit  make on tan and one in the white add
the different items that goes with them.

Rebel Officers

One green green , tan out fit at the end of ANH.

Take Teebo body repaint three diferent ways give one a bow,slingshot,
and spear

Any other you can think of!!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« on: October 13, 2003, 08:43 AM »
Well I am little confused about these are these the screen sceens or
Toy'r Us multi packs.

For the time being I going with screen sceen it make more common sense.  Now what could they be!!!!!!!

Battle of Naboo!!!! I have check out other boards and everybody is
saying that this abosutley screen Maul,Obi, and Qui-Gon.  I not to
sure about it might be a new Rep Been, Haidmaiden, Padme in
one of her new outfits!!!!!!

Jedi Council-Shaak Ti (chair is different),Ki-Adi Mundi , and possible
Eeth Koth!!!  this would only leave Sae-Sinn Tin,Adi Gallia, Colman Trebor
and Plo Koon to complete the sitting council.

Pit of Cartoon(Exciting)Deck of Sail Barge with vintage Nikto,Weequay(skiffmaster), Sgt Dollagn. there would be room enough to place the
dexule Slave Leia on board to recreate the sceen in ROJ.

Or could be inside the sail barge where we could get some more
of Jabba's patron such as the Resculpt  Bib Fortuna,  Hermi Odle, or  a Kaatu (Vintage Version

The Target Glasses sound very promising.  I have all three sets of the
Buger King Glasses. This could be a tribute to those glasses, and have exclusive figures coming with then are just begging for some new scum  from Mos Isly Cantina!!!!!!!

Jimmy can drop me an email if you found about this new items are these
legit!!!! Remember the email I sent you about the Hasbro Rep I talk to
He/She will be back this Saturday I will be able to find out more about
Lars Family Landspeeder and the Mositer Vaporiser that he/she talk about!!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: October 12, 2003, 10:41 PM »
Hey guys they listed a gold leader x-wing pilot- I thought gold was
the y-wing pilot  and  red leader (Graven Dreis)was the X Wing Pilot
can any one shed some light on this.  We must also be get get a Mos Isly
wave at some point since Hem Dazzon is coming.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: October 12, 2003, 10:22 PM »
Hey Jimmy,
 Have you heard from your source from hong kong on the stuff that was
listed on galtichunter- any word if the new tie is a new sculpt. Any other
new figures you can share would be greatly appreicated. thanks!!!

Saga '02-'04 / RUMORS FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: October 12, 2003, 06:03 PM »


First up, if you are craving more Imperials for you collection??
How about a first ever issue of Admiral Ozzeland a new
Imperial Tie Fighter Pilotwith improved articulation!!!!
To round out the Star Destoyer wave a new scuplted Dengarwith backpack.

If you head is up in the clouds now wait for the next wave,BESPIN
which includes long awaited vintage Cloud Car Pilot, Bespin Leia Gown, and a new sculpt of Lobot(much needed). Our very own
Jimmy is also reporting a new African-American Bespin Guard too!!!

If this was not enough completing the Battle of Yarvin waved is a new
Gold Leader X Wing Pilot!!!WoW!!!!! That Blast came from the Death Star!!!

Others that was mention for basic figures was a Dagobah R2-d2 for Dabobah Wave.

A new Han Endor for the Endor Wave.

From the Prequal are Sly Moore, Senator Yarua, and jedi Pablo Jill.

There will also be some reissue of previously release figures as well
Darth Vader, Leia, etc.

Ultra Figures

 For those who love those furry creatures with attitude, an ULTRA Ewok2 Pack with Catapult is planned.

Vechicles,Exclusive, and the Rest

Sandcrawler is coming to Target.  You already knew that. But did
you know that Target will also carry Star Wars drinking glasses packed
with exclusive figures? Cool Concept!!!!!

A new Tie Fighter with more accurately wings as well as new color verson of the Y-Wing and X-wing(Gold Leader) will be dogfighting as an exclusive for a retailer.

Muti-packs to be release includes themes from NABOO FINAL BATTLE,

Another large 12" exclusive for Kaybee is also planned with the same pricepoint as the Gamorrean Guars..... more detail to follo. Could this
very well be the Momaw Nadon that we heard about awhile ago!!!!!

All for now!!!! Stan

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Future Waves?
« on: October 10, 2003, 09:44 PM »
Hey Jimmy,
  Can you please describe J'Quille and the Dengar. How big in ration is the J'Quille to Ephont Mon.  Can you share with us have you seen any others pictures  of new figures coming for 2004. And is the third diginitary you saw Sim Aloo (does he look as good as the new digintary we will be getting later this year. thanks !!!!

Saga '02-'04 / Wave 4 Battle of Yarvin
« on: September 28, 2003, 10:39 AM »
Well having  Wave 3 just announce and a preview coming in October makes
us wonder what is instore for the Battle of Yarvin(Wave 4). So far:
1.Captain Antilles
2.General Dodonna

With so many suprises the possibilities are endless!!!!

3.Red Leader (Garven Dreisis)
4.Commander Bob Willard
5.Rebel  Guard
6.Han Solo(Celebration Baquet)
7.Wedge Antilles
8.Gold Leader(Dutch)
9.Luke Skywalker(Celebration Baquet)????
10.Any Rebel Pilot
11.Grand Moff Tarkin
12.Admiral Tagge
13.R2-D2 with a readout board of trench run
14.Biggs Darlklighter(pilot)
15. Green R2 unit
16. Green Rebel Guard

Can anybody else thing of any more!!!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / Imperial Digintary on Ebay!!!!
« on: September 27, 2003, 05:50 PM »
Overload 307 has posted the first images of a card Digintary!!!!
I do not have the mean to post a picture so if some one can paste
an image that would be GREAT!!!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New Hasbro Jabba Palace Announcement!!!
« on: September 27, 2003, 02:37 PM »
Exciting is not the word!!!!  Wow !!! 2004 is going to great year for us
collectors.  The recent pictures are great and I am HAPPY ;D that
Hasbro went ahead and posted some new images. Still holding
out hope for the rumor Bib Fortuna and Hermie Olde.  I know that
the premilary draWING WAS DONE FOR THIS FIGURES!!!!   This
may be a part of some the new Sceen Sceens for 2004!!! Remember
that Jimmy said they had these on the internal lists and that
they were tossing around a few ideas on how they were going to
add Hermie to mix!!!!  So lets have HOPe that we will see for
2004 a Screen Sceen that will included Hermie Olde, Bib Fortuna,
Ephant Mon.    Also the Hem Dazon could be very well apart
of this new mix-Baniss Keogg,Hem Dazon, and Bom Vimdin!!!!
Jimmy have you heard any more of this possibilities!!!!!!!!!!

Saga '02-'04 / 6 Deluxe heading our way 2004
« on: September 25, 2003, 08:56 AM »
We are getting 6 new deluxe figures for 2004!!!!

Wave 1
2.General Riekan(tactial map)\

3.C-3p0 (escape pod)
4.Jabba the Hutt

Wave 3

I love to see obi-one with a tractor beam
and a imperial gunner with a turbo laser

What would YOU like to see as a deluxe?????

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Future Waves?
« on: September 17, 2003, 09:11 AM »
Hey Jimmy , Can your source share with us what  other waves may happen in 2004.  How about the deluxe line-has anyone heard about  a new mositure vaporier thatis coming with tatoonie wave!!!!  I truely don't know  about  this one. I heard that we are finally getting a Madine next year-any speculation on
this.  anyone heard about the new family lars speeder possiible being
talk about at Hasbro?????  Can anyone share any lights on these products??

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