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Hall of Justice / Re: Mattel Batman
« on: March 12, 2004, 11:32 AM »
I think I'm actually kind of leaning the same way Morgbug, although I never really got into this line (same with MOTU, a theme with Mattel-handled lines maybe?).  I got the Zipline Bats, and I thought that figure was so outstanding...and I looked into what else was out there.  I've always been a Batman fan, and thought it might be a nice "small" collection to have.  Then after I saw what was out there, the line's problems, and the possibility that it might almost be over...I kind of reconsidered.  I'm thinking about holding out to see what the next animated line has to offer.  I like these comic versions, but I just don't know if the line will last too much longer from the sounds of it.  And, seeing a collector of the line such as yourself give up on it says a lot to me to that maybe it isn't worth it to try to get into.  I'm happy with my Zipline Bats for now :).

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: When They Were Funny...
« on: March 12, 2004, 11:23 AM »
Good topic, and I agree with most of the people mentioned here.  I remember when I was younger, I thought Dana Carvey was hilarious, but now he just makes me sad.  I agree, I think he probably still is funny...but just in the wrong places now.  He belongs on something like SNL, but unfortunately probably won't ever go back.

Eddie Murphy...good call on that one.  What happened to this guy?  He was very funny, and still can be (I might be stupid, but I get a kick out of him in Shrek)...but in movies where he actually appears...yikes.  He has had some real stinkers over the recent years.

Robin Williams...I'm not sure about him either.  I think he is probably one of the funniest guys around, or at least was.  His old comedy stuff is really good, but anymore when I see him he just seems a little....too much, for me at least.

Bill Murray...I think he still has it.  I always enjoy his movies (haven't seen LiT though), but he was great in the Royal Tenenbaums (under rated movie I think).  I'll still always remember him mostly from SNL, Caddyshack, and Ghostbusters...but he's done some other good movies too.

Chevy Chase is someone I really enjoy, when he was at his best.  Christmas Vacation is one of our all-time favorite movies...and definitely my favorite of his.  The other "vacation" movies aren't too bad either.  Caddyshack, of course, is great too.  Just happened to see him in Funny Farm on TBS a week or so ago, I haven't seen that movie in a long time.  He's got some other movies that aren't bad, I know a lot of people are fans of Fletch, although I don't know if I have ever seen the whole movie.  Its too bad to hear he is a prick in real life, he's one of those guys you hope are nice in real life.  For some reason I still get a kick out of the video for "Call Me Al" with him and Paul Simon, not sure why, just seems funny to me.

Tim Allen...I agree with what everyone has said.  He is a really funny guy, and I used to watch Home Improvement quite a bit when it started and I was younger.  As the show went on, it got un-funny to me.  Some of his movies are not too bad though, no classics mind you...but watchable, at least to me.

I actually got back into collecting (not counting childhood stuff) a little later than most of you.  For me, it actually started around the time of Phantom Menace, when Star Wars hype was at a big high again.  I worked at a local store (a Pamida for those of you who have heard of them) in our town when I was in college, and remember when the first shipments of Star Wars figures came in.  A co-worker and myself ripped open the boxes a little early, and were able to buy whatever we wanted before we put the stock out.  I thought I would just buy 6 Episode I figures, just to have some, but it went downhill from there.  After that, I discovered the POTF2 line, which I thought had great sculpts compared to vintage (looking at some of them now, I think they look terrible...but at the time, they looked great).  I first picked up a commtech Han and Luke, and then I remember finding the site Brian's Toys and picking up a number of loose vintage and loose POTF2 figures.  I got to 20 or so modern figures, and it was downhill from there.  I believe CollectStarWars was the first collecting site I came across, and was my favorite at the time.  After spending a long time lurking, I eventually joined up and posted every so often.  I also migrated to Rebelscum when that merger took place, and began to post there a little more regularly.  Once Galactic Hunter started up, I was on board there as soon as I could be.  I started to pretty much just post there, because I thought Rebelscum's forums were getting kind of wacky.  Then, I heard more about JediDefender here from Scott, and eventually came over and joined up.  I'm very thankful he told me about it, because this is my favorite community....and probably actually the only one where I have actually gotten to know some of you as friends, and by name.  I now post mainly here, and occasionally at GH (but the traffic is low there at times).  I have posted the occasional reply over at Rebelscum too, but probably less than 10 times since I joined up here.

To be honest, I kind of stayed away from posting at first...because I didn't want to be one of "those guys".  I was pretty uneducated on the whole forum/board thing at the time, and now I have really embraced it.  It is a great way to meet people with common interests, and it is fun to chat about it.  I have met some great people through these boards too, and I think sometimes it is just nice to know that someone else out there is "like me".  None of my friends (high school or college) collect anything like this (toys, movie stuff, etc.) it is a little harder to talk to them about it.  They think its neat when they see it, but most of them would have no clue about most of the lines, characters, figures, etc. that I would talk about.  And, to be honest, I always think that some of them probably think it is silly....but oh well, its my only hobby so what else am I going to spend that expendable income on? :P  Overall though, I don't think I'm a snob.....I do wonder sometimes when I see people in the aisles if they belong to one of the online communities, but I don't think I would ever have the guts to go up and ask them.  Honestly, I don't know how a person could really collect a line anymore these days without some online news.  With the way things sell, don't show up, or have chase figures, etc., I don't think I would even know what is out or coming out without some sort of news source.  Its funny thinking back to buying vintage figures when I was a kid, I didn't have any idea what was coming out or when, you just went to the store and saw the figure and "cool, I want that".  Of course back then, most things weren't hard to find it seemed.  The only snobbish way I think I am is that I maybe have a little bit of a preference to the communities here and at Galactic Hunter (which is much of the same people).  Particularly here, I have never met so many helpful people in a seems like everyone here is looking out for one another, and that is nice.  There are so many nice people here, and it is a great community to be a part of.  I thank all of you for making it that way, and keeping it that way.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 11, 2004, 02:36 PM »
The letter is a good idea.  I really hope that those of you who got your orders in yesterday morning are able to get everything you wanted.  I personally was not able to get my order in, and I'm really hoping that there are still some Adventure Kermits left whenever they come back online, but its only fair that those who ordered their stuff first yesterday have that opportunity first again as well.  On that subject....does anyone know when the heck they are coming back online?  You would think they would be working 'round the clock to fix whatever bug there was...I was kind of surprised it wasn't back up and running this morning....but then again, I wasn't surprised too I guess :P.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Sesame Street Figures
« on: March 11, 2004, 11:24 AM »
I was wondering the same thing Mikey, unless that letter is reserved for Big Bird or something?  I have no idea.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Sesame Street Figures
« on: March 11, 2004, 11:13 AM » has a few more details on the first wave of Sesame Street figures.  Apparently now they have "action features".  Ugh.  Maybe it won't be too bad.  I know I never would have thought I'd see/hear the phrase "now with banana-phone answering action!" associated with action figures :P.  They still do look pretty neato though, wouldn't mind getting a Cookie Monster.  They also have some pics of the figures, accompanied by accesories and "letters" for each of them.

Sesame Street Figures

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 11, 2004, 10:01 AM »
Definitely not a stellar debut for the store.  I didn't get in quite in time to place an order (was hoping to get a Kermit as well), but I guess it works out ok.  It really stinks that those of you who got orders in got them cancelled, but the $50 gift certificate makes up for it I think.  Hopefully no pertinent credit card information or anything like that leaked out, otherwise, things should be ok.  Plus, it sounds like you are guaranteed to get those patches too.  I hope every still is able to get what they wanted, but I will give the store credit for trying to make things right with the GC.  Some places would just say "tough" and "order again".  Good luck to everyone who did place orders though, hope it all works out and you still end up getting what you wanted.

The Prequel Trilogy / Grievous Insider Cover
« on: March 11, 2004, 09:28 AM »
Yeah, just saw that new Insider pic of Grievous this morning.  Kind of cool that they are featuring him so much and actually letting us see him this early.  You can check the pic out here:

Insider Grievous Cover

Thanks for the info on the Batman releases.  I have actually been looking for the 1989 Batman movie on DVD lately, but haven't been able to find it (except online).  I have heard that the DVD itself isn't that great, so I'll just hold out for the SE next year.  Thanks again!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Great 2004 collectors challenge
« on: March 10, 2004, 03:46 PM »
You scare me too Adam, but more power to you if you can afford it...and you have a collection you enjoy.

I've also haven't posted my totals here yet, but since I'm keeping track of them this year in a spreadsheet anyways, I just as well post them.  My wife wanted me to keep track "so I realize what I actually spend on that stuff".  :)  Jan/Feb were a little higher than she/we liked, but I told her it evens out throughout the year.  I personally haven't found anything new since the last week of Jan/first week of Feb.  Thanks to some much appreciated help from Matt (JediMAC) I have been able to get a few other things though.  Here's my rundown so far this year (without tax added in I guess, can't remember that):

R-3PO - $4.99
Animated Wave 1 - $6.99 each=$27.96

Luke Skywalker - Hoth Attack - $4.99
Luke Skywalker - Jabba's Palace - $4.99
R2-D2 - Jabba's Sail Barge - $4.99
R1-G4 - Tatooine Transaction - $4.99
Animated CW Wave 2 - $6.99 each=$27.96
Ultra Wampa - $9.99
SA Clone - $4.99
ROTJ Burger King Glasses (ebay) - $18.50

 Total= $114.35

Other than that, I haven't found anything for quite some time Star Wars-wise.  I'm really hoping to find a Jabba and Skiff Lando sometime soon, as well as the rest of their waves if possible.  It seems like many of us are going through a dry spell in our areas though, hopefully things will pick up soon.  I did receive the Chewie/Luke Unleashed...but paid for them last year so I didn't count it on the spreadsheet.  I just wanted to start fresh and see what the spending was for 2004.  I'm happy things are coming out/being found quickly this year...but every time another wave is found somewhere, I feel a little more behind :P.  Overall, my wife isn't too crazy about my total, so I'm laying off vintage loose figures and ebay purchases...and just sticking to modern stuff for now.  I guess I did also purchase a Zipline Batman (had to have a Batman) that isn't included on there...I think it was about $7.  Good luck to everyone, hopefully stuff starts showing up soon.

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR Trilogy Figures
« on: March 10, 2004, 02:52 PM »
I've been thinking quite similar to you Morgbug, I really like this line (and want to collect it), but haven't been sure if/how I can justify it (especially to the Mrs.)  She thinks I collect plenty with Star Wars alone.  I should have just bought the FOTR box set earlier too, but now there are current figures I like as well.  And, like you said, at the prices now they are so much more tempting.  I know one thing, if these had been 3 3/4" I think I would have been all over them from the get-go....although they do a great job with these 6" figures too....but space is a premium in our office right now :P. the way, thanks for the offer of the Gimli, Morgbug.  I'll have to wait and see what I'm going to do about this line right now, but I really do appreciate the offer.  Thanks again!

Other Toy Lines / Re: Muppets
« on: March 10, 2004, 02:49 PM »
If there are any left once StarWarsShop comes back online, I'm down for one too.  I have always liked the Muppet line, and although I have been unable to collect it, I don't want to pass this one up.  Is anyone else around these boards still collecting the rest of the line?  From what I have heard/read Target is not going to carry these anymore?  So is it just TRU (or online/speciality shops) for these now?  I kind of wish there was a way to pick up some of the older figures, for reasonable prices.  But, while I'm wishing, I wish there was a regular Rowlf coming out besides the one exclusive to the playset.  He was my favorite Muppet, but not sure if I want to spend the moolah to get the whole playset just to get him (although it looks great).  A very tempting line though....

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 10, 2004, 02:46 PM »
Yeah, it seemed to be running great when it was up...and I do like the look and use of it.  I was hoping to order me a Kermit (and maybe something else), but then it went down when I was getting ready to.  Hopefully it will be back up again soon, and Kermit will still be there :P.  I don't collect Muppets, but this is just too cool to pass up.  Problem is, once I get it, I'll probably want more Muppets.  Otherwise, this could be a nice site, another hopefully reputable option to buy figures through as well.  Hopefully they can get all of their problems resolved soon.  I agree though, it seems anything new and Star Wars related really gets hammered once it is up, you'd think they would know this by now.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: How's Star Wars Selling in Your Area?
« on: March 10, 2004, 02:40 PM »
I really hope that everyone's luck turns around soon, but I'm glad to hear that this area isn't the only one in a "dry spell".  I haven't seen anything new in quite some time (with the exception of animated Clone Wars stuff, there seems to be plenty of that...other than Clones).  Otherwise, no "regular" basic figures (or Ultra for that matter) to be spoken of.  I have seen a fair amount of the Bail Organa wave at TRU, but otherwise it has been basically nothing since I found the Tatooine and Hoth Waves towards the beginning of February.  But, I guess things started early this year...just anxious to find me a Jabba and Lando Skiff.....and all the rest too I guess :)  Every time I hear of another wave being sighted, I feel a little more behind.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 10, 2004, 10:12 AM »
Yeah, the site seems to be running great.  I noticed that their prices are the same as EE as well.  Too bad its only by the case for now, but it will be nice to have another (hopefully reliable) place to preorder/order from in the future too.  I'm tempted to get an Adventure Kermit, I don't collect Muppets...but it just looks so cool to me.  Plus, I'm worried if I get that one I will want more Muppets (that line is pretty sweet).  They do have a lot of nice stuff on there though, if I only had more money and space :P.

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