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hey guys,

an odd thing has happened to me in the last few days when coming to the forums. when i goto the main page it asks me to log in, despite the fact ive not logged out. all i have to do to correct this is go into any section and it will show im logged in, then i just hit the back button and the main page of the forums says im logged in. i've only experienced this problem on these forums but I don't think this is a huge problem or even one that can necessarily be fixed, but I thought you all would want to know in case others start experiencing it.


Watto's Junk Yard / Top 10 Rock Bands of ALL Time
« on: November 12, 2004, 10:24 PM »
Despite the myriad number of music threads already (please mods don't ban music talk!  ;D) I had something on my mind sparked from a conversation I had earlier today with a friend.

Who do you think are the Top 10 Rock Bands of ALL Time? A basis on who would make the cut would be their success at their time, their influence on the genre, their continued success today (especially if they are no longer active), and of course their musical abilities. Here's the Top 10 list my friend and I came up with, including some reasoning behind it. It's not in a particular order, it may be too difficult to rank one band over another....

1.) The Beatles - they are responsible for the modern rock band concept and of course helped lead the way for the British invasion. The music they played had not been heard on such a wide scale when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and it forever changed the way people thought about rock and roll.

2.) The Rolling Stones - The Stones took what the Beatles started and gave it more of an edge sending Rock a bit farther away from it's Blues and Motown roots. Wildly successful for 40+ years, the fact that they can still play is a wonder all onto itself.

3.) Led Zeppelin - Not only did they take what the Stones and Beatles did and gave it even more of edgier and unique sound, they revolutionized the idea of "conceptual rock" that would later lead to bands like Pink Floyd and Dream Theater. Considered by many to be the pinnacle of rock bands, their music is as fresh today as it was 30 years ago.

4.) Jimi Hendrix - The man did things with guitars no one else could ever dream of at the time. It's his take on the axe that has given rock it's true voice and was no doubt an inspiration to everyone on this list.

5.) Pink Floyd - While Zeppelin revolutionized the idea of "conceptual rock", Floyd took it to a whole other level. Their music allowed people to think outside the box when it came to rock and has led to some amazing work throughout the years.

6.) Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne - Sort of a combo here as Ozzy was wildly successful after he left Sabbath, but the band wasn't so much. Sabbath is the pioneer of heavy metal, they took the style of the Stones, mixed in a little bit of the blues and gave a darker feeling that had never been heard before. Without them, modern rock today could very well be the equivalent of bands like Oasis or REM.

7.) AC/DC - Coming in a little bit on the lighter side of Sabbath, AC/DC is a fast paced explosion of rock that can electrify anyone. Their song library is considered to be the epitome of arena rock and despite the saddened change of lead singers they have never lost a step.

8.) Metallica - Disregarding the last 7 or so years (every band has to have a hiccup), Metallica has been the influential driving force for today's hard rock/metal. Influenced by such bands as Motorhead, the Misfits, and Diamond Head, Metallica took their spirit and brought out the fast-paced speed metal mixed in with melodic overtones.

9.) Pearl Jam - Though many credit Sonic Youth and Nirvana for starting the grunge/alternative phenomenon of the 90's, it was really PJ that brought it into a national scale. Their angst-ridden songs became the anthems for Generation X'ers such as myself worldwide and have influenced the not so heavier but certainly not soft side of rock for the last decade.

10.) Grateful Dead - This was solely my buddy's entry into the list as I would have put The Who in, but the Dead's amazing ability to draw in people seems almost unmatched. Even after Jerry Garcia's death people still clamor for the Dead and that certainly has to count for something, doesn't it?

So what are you're thoughts and what's your top 10?

Modern Haves

8/11: Just in I have 2 Skirmish in the Senate Battlepacks, MIB and complete for trade or for sale a $11 + shipping.
(Trade pending)

POTF2 Orange cards, MOC:
- Princess Leia Organa - 3 bands on belt 
- Princess Leia Organa - 2 bands on belt 
- Obi-Wan Kenobi w/ short lightsaber
- Death Star Gunner (pending)

POTF2 Green cards w/ Holographic Stickers, MOC:
- Nien Nunb
- EV-9D9

Episode 1 Items:
- Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene MISB
- Trophy Assortment Darth Maul w/ Sith Infiltrator MOC

Attacktix Items: - NEW!
- #10 Clonetrooper (Loose)
- #20 Clone Lieutenant (Loose)
- #30 Commander Bly (Loose)

Other Modern Hasbro Items:
- Swoop w/ Driver - Mint In SOTE Tri-Logo Box
- Action Masters Stormtrooper Die-Cast Figure from mid 90's, MOC
- WOTC RPG Mini Nautilan Warrior Mint in Baggie (C3 "Exclusive")

Ask for details on all card conditions.

Video Games:
- Star Wars for NES
- Super Empire Strikes Back for SNES
- Super Return of the Jedi for SNES

I don't know if the video games work or not, they haven't been played in almost 10 years as that was around the time I sold off my NES and SNES.

- Various pieces of custom fodder, too many to list, if you're looking for something specific, ask I may just have it.
- Various loose Micro Machines vehicles and figures, too many to list, if you're looking for something specific, ask I may just have it.

Modern Wants
- Evolutions ROTS Anakin Skywalker (loose & complete)
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- Fan Choice #4 Saga McQuarrie Stormtrooper MOC (card condition doesn't matter)
- Kitik Keed'kak from OTC Cantina Screen Scene.

- RA-7 from OTC Sandcrawler
- Takara SCF Ramjet and Thrust colored figures

Vintage -  I am only interested in trading my vintage pieces for other vintage pieces, though if you want to trade your vintage pieces for modern pieces feel free to do so. All items are loose and are in a somewhat played with condition, ask for details. All of my items are authentic originals and I only want authentic originals in return.

Vintage Haves (All are authentic originals)

Vintage Figures
- POTF General Lando Calrissian (no accessories!)
- Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise (complete w/ helmet & staff)
- Han Solo in Hoth Uniform (incomplete w/ Hoth backpack)
- Leia Organa in Combat Poncho (no accessories!)

Vintage Mini-Rigs
- Radar Laser Cannon (complete but no stickers)
- Desert Sail Skiff (complete but no stickers)
- Droids Side Gunner (incomplete, missing wing guns, cockpit gun, and part of the side gunner hatch)

Vintage Weapons/Parts
- Prune Face Cloak
- General Madine Staff (slightly crooked)
- IG-88 Rifle
- Hoth Survival Kit Belt & Grappling Hook
- Chess table from Millenium Falcon (no sticker)

- Vintage Droid Factory playset, Loose base and crane (no hook) with a few parts (of which you can see in the image below:

Vintage Wants (Must be authentic originals)
- Hoth Leia Blaster
- Nikto Staff
- Sy Snootles Microphone
- Endor Luke Blaster  (willing to pay for this if the price is right)

Vintage Playset Parts
- Pivot Pin for Crane from Jabba's Dungeon (see image)
- Lever for Laser Cannon from Darth Vader's Star Destroyer (see image - I just need the lever)
- Dewback Reins

If you're interested let me know via PM and we can work something out.


Hi All,

I've been in the process of finally getting my loose figure collection displayed in my Collection Room and was taking a look at various figures of which I had multiples and had some variation questions. I've already consulted Toysrgus, the Scum Vintage Archive and Kim Zoll's webshoots photo gallery, but they did not have all the answers I am looking for. Hopefully though someone will so I can more accurately document my collection database.

Imperial Commander: I have both the "Skinny" and "Round" head versions, of which I understand the Round head version w/o COO stamp is a TriLogo figure. My questions for the Round head version are, what country could the figure have been produced in and is the skin on the face painted or the actual color of the plastic the head was moulded in? That second question coincides with a question I have on the Skinny head version, I have 2 which appear to have paint applied to the face and another which appears to have the face color in the color of the plastic the head was moulded in, could this be correct?

Emperor's Royal Guard: I have 2 "Dark Red Helmet" w/o COO stamp ERGs (as opposed to the "Pale Red Helmet" w/ COO stamp), Kim Zoll's site indicates that these figures were produced in Taiwan, could they have been produced for the TriLogo cards?

Klaatu: I recall hearing that there is a variation where the face paint has a bluish hue to it, is this correct? I have a Klaatu which appears to have this bluish hue, but I'm wondering if that's a paint variation or just a reaction of the plastic over the years.

Cloud Car Pilot: I found two CCP's where the Copyright year stamp and COO stamp were on different legs. One had the year on the right leg with the COO on the left, the other had the stamps swapped. Is this an indication of a change in the figure, I didn't notice much difference between the two otherwise. I can't imagine Kenner would have gone thru the effort to modify the molds to change which leg each stamp was on.

Normally, I don't go off looking for variations except for the limb variations on the Klaatu as they intrigue me with all the possibilities, yet while putting up my figures, I found I actually had quite a few. If anyone has the answers to my questions that would be of great help.


Watto's Junk Yard / Episodes 7 thru 9 NOT Happening....
« on: September 13, 2004, 11:01 PM »
Well until ol' Uncle George changes his mind AGAIN....


During an interview, George Lucas squashed rumors that Star Wars sequels were in the works. Lucas says, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith will be the last Star Wars movie.

"This was never planned as a nine-episode work," Lucas said. "The media [pounced when] I made an offhand comment, 'It might be fun to come back when everyone's 80 and do another one of these.' But I never had any intention of doing that."

The original Star Wars was only three films, and that was what it was meant to be," he said. "After a lot of pondering and thought, I went back to do the back story, but that pretty much tells the story. Episode six is the end. There isn't any more to it."

Revenge of the Sith may not recieve the PG rating, the other films in the series recieved. Lucas claims it is because the film is very dark and intense, making it hard to stick to a PG rating.

Watto's Junk Yard / An apt description of George Lucas
« on: September 3, 2004, 02:41 AM »
As I sit here at the office reading the September issue of Wired magazine, I came across an article about the THX-1138 redux. Amongst the description of the movie itself and how it's central theme is the focal point of every Lucas movie there was a great line about the movie and it's creator...

"... THX was the battle cry of a subversive 26-year old visionary before he suffocated under the burden of his own mythology."

Never have truer words been spoken about George Lucas. The desire for a worthy prequel follow up to the Original Trilogy along with giving his perceived finishing touches to the OT have indeed been a burden to Lucas. But I think they are an unfulfilled (the PT) and unnecessary (OT SE's) burden that Lucas has placed upon himself.

I wonder if the prequels and the special editions were as much a need by Lucas to take back his universe from those who played in it in novels, comics, games, etc as they were a need by Lucas to see his "true" vision come to be.

As we get closer to the release date for the OT DVD which is in essence the Original Star Wars Trilogy version 3, I wonder what the rest of you think about the prequels and special editions in relation to the Original Star Wars trilogy that most of us grew up with. Have the new additions and changes adversely affected the way you look back on that far,  far away galaxy or are they for the better. And what of Lucas, where do you stand on what he has or has not accomplished with the additions/changes in his own mythology?

Watto's Junk Yard / Rocky just want's a freaking coffee!!!
« on: August 19, 2004, 10:33 PM »
Was told of this great little flash toon showing the idiotic tendencies of starbucks and other fast food places....

I swear that squirrel is my hero!!

So I got my first 2 VOTC figs today Han and Leia, WOO HOO, and noticed a couple of interesting points that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere.

1.) The pics on the back showing the vintage versions are the same as those used in Sansweet's Action Figure Archive. When comparing the figures inside the bubbles they are positioned and lit the same way as in the book. Nothing overly important, I just find it interesting.

2.) On the Han cardback, there is a line under the pics of the vintage versions indicating these are not available for purchase. These lines don't appear on the Leia cardback. Could that indicate a running change on the VOTC cards?

3.) On the Leia card they kept the info about the product meeting product standard requirements under the Kenner logo, but its not on the Han card.

4.) Opening the clamshell and getting at the cards, I felt as if the smell was the same as when I would get vintage as a kid. It's probably just my mind playing tricks, but the sense of smell is a powerful one that can bring back old memories to the forefront and today that occurred.

Oooh try to say that 3 times fast  :P

With my recent move into a new home, I have the opportunity to utilize a side room attached to my bedroom exclusively for my collection. I've been taking pics of the progress I've made and thought just for kicks I'd make a small website to keep track of everything. So if you'd like please check out the link below to see how far I've gotten. As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

A Work In Progress: My Collection Room

Still in the midst of unpacking after my move, but after picking up a vintage Walrusman for a buck, I decided it was time to go forth with a repaint I've wanted to do for a long time. Based on the Walrusman in this picture  I present my version of the original Kenner prototype Walrusman....

Enjoy and as always constructive thoughts, comments, and suggestions welcomed.

Happy Customizing!

Star Wars Universe / What actress could portray Mara Jade?
« on: February 29, 2004, 02:47 AM »
The other night in the FFURG chatroom several people and I were discussing what actresses could be good fits to play the role of Mara Jade if sequels to the OT were ever done and they were based on the established EU. It was an interesting discussion and I thought I'd try to get a wider scope of a view on the thought. Got to keep in mind that the actress should be someone who if she isn't a natural redhead would look the part of a redhead like Mara who looks very similar to a typical Irish woman (don't go thinking I'm being stereotypical with that statement, I've got a bit of Irish in me  :D).

Some suggestions I heard were:
Monica Belucci, Angelina Jolie,  and Nikki Cox.

The first two didn't seem like they would be a visual match for Mara with a dye job, and Nikki Cox just seems to flighty to me to be in an action role that would be typical for Mara.

My choice was Charlize Theron, she has both the look and the presence to pull the role off and if you have ever seen her as a redhead, all I can say good gawd almighty!  ;D

So what do you think, if we were to be blessed with EU-based Episodes 7 thru 9 what actress could easily fit the role of Mara Jade?

I kinda forgot to post here about the January Casting Call oops. :P

The January Casting Call is all about Luke Skywalker, as the focal point of the OT gets his very own CC. Any and all customs of Luke from all genres are welcomed, deadline for submissions to appear on the debut though is a bit soon, January 23rd.


For February, the Casting Call will be of a Coalition Trooper from a fan-made project called "Virtual Sequels" that will "re"create Episodes 7-9, and is scheduled to debut in May 2004. There is a contest involved with this particular CC, details to be given soon. Details on the "Virtual Sequels" project can be found Here.

For March, the Casting Call will be one that has been often asked for, the Podracers! Any Podracer jockey based off the Episode 1 genre are welcomed, in fact if you have a Podracer vehicle you'd like to share, feel free to send those in as well.

For more details on these Casting Calls, check out the main page at FFURG.

Happy Customizing!

Saga '02-'04 / Case Assortments?
« on: January 15, 2004, 01:23 AM »
Does anyone know of a site that has a reliable listing of all the recent Saga case assortments or can someone tell me the case assts which the re-carded Secret Ceremony Anakin came in?


Saga '02-'04 / Best/Worst of 2003?
« on: December 24, 2003, 02:05 AM »
Well someone has to start one of these threads and I figure since this was something I was thinking about earlier today I'd kick things off. A slight disclaimer though, I am including anything that was officially released in the year 2003 from the Saga line and it's Clone Wars subline, whether or not it was meant for 02 and came late, or meant for 04 and arrived early.

Best 3.75" action figure: Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker - I'm just a huge mark for Jedi Luke figs and this looks to be the ultimate Jedi Luke. A great sculpt, a copious amounts of articulation, and great accessories, top notch all around.
Runner-Up: Clone Wars Clone Trooper - If the Jedi Luke would have waited just a few more weeks to be released, the Clones would have definitely been the best to me.

Worst 3.75" action figure: Acklay Battle Obi-Wan Kenobi - A horrible sculpt, pathetic looking action feature and no waist articulation make this the worst of the worst.
Runner-Up: Total Control Mace Windu - Aka Lollipop Mace, while I'm sure a fun little toy to play with, it has a horrible implementation and up to this point they had yet to get an AOTC Mace head sculpt to look remotely good.

Best Deluxe action figure: Durge w/ Swoop - Now this IS a deluxe figure, a splendid sculpt with all the articulation one should expect from a $10 figure, all those bada$$ weapons and a swoop to boot!
Runner-Up: I can't say, none of the other deluxe figs this year struck me as being amazing, some were decent like the Spider Droid, but overall just a paltry deluxe year.

Worst Deluxe action figure: Destroyer Droid Launcher Set - Since it's not technically an army builder set, it has to be a deluxe set, and man does this thing just stink. We get the same old Droidekas (standing and rolled up) from different sets and a poorly functioning launcher. Plus the damn things are still clogging shelves 4-5 months after their release.
Runner-Up: Clonetrooper w/ Speederbike - While I like the concept, the poor sculpt on the figure makes him look like he's a pinada and the cheap plastic used on the Speederbike causes severe warping of the front vane. Hasbro was best left to just re-release the set they had in 2002 instead of resculpting parts.

Best Vehicle: Imperial Shuttle - It's the Imperial Shuttle, the ultimate cool in Star Wars ships. Outside of the issues revolving around its supposed exclusivity and price, this toy is just outstanding, especially as its a direct re-use of the 1984 mold, it shows how great Kenner was and how great toys can still be today. It just looks so great in either a landing mode surrounded by your Imperial troops or flying about as you make those engine sounds we're all prone to making now and then. :)
Runner-Up: Hailfire Droid - This is just a great toy, fun to put together, fun to look at, and most definitely fun to play with and looks true to the model in AOTC. All those rockets launching can be a blast, and the big wheels moving about your dining room floor just harken back to a simpler time of playing with toys.

Worst Vehicle: To me there aren't any, despite several repaints, the offering of vehicles this year from Hasbro was top-notch stuff and proves that vehicles can still sell and get the job done with kids and collectors alike.

Best Subline: Screen Scenes - A great concept, if not a bit high-priced based on the amount of toys received. But where else would we get such obscure characters as San Hill or Yaddle. Mostly great sculpts, with a couple of questions on articulation (namely Mace Windu, but hey at least they got his head sculpt right for once!) and a great set of accessories. Hopefully more will come down the line now that the Xmas rush has cleared most away.
Runner-Up: CW Army Builder 3-packs - Sure the lack of articulation is questionable, but for the average of $10, you get 3 nicely sculpted figures that will look great in any diorama you make. Due to them being placed in the same assortments as the aforementioned Droideka Launcher sets, its been hard to find them for many, but its apparent everyone wants them.

Best Move By Hasbro: Getting rid of the action features and putting an emphasis on detailed sculpts and articulation.
Runner-Up: Adding extra accessories and/or stands to the basic figure line.

Worst Move By Hasbro: Using cheaper and softer plastic on their toys has caused many to become easily warped and damage, i.e. the Clonetrooper Speederbike.
Runner-Up: Continued wackiness in case assortments. Continuously putting out Droideka Launcher sets (yeah I keep harping on it, but it's such a good example) with successive army builder cases had for months covered the pegs with stuff no one will buy until xmas when its a late push for gifts. Same thing goes for the CW Anakins and Yodas.

Well those are my thoughts on the Best and Worst for 2003, what about you? Anything else catch your eye that maybe most others have overlooked?

Star Wars Universe / Color Description of Jaina Solo's R2 unit
« on: November 25, 2003, 11:30 PM »
hey all, does anyone know if the color scheme for Jaina's R2 unit Cappie (R2-B3) has been mentioned in the NJO series. I'm in the middle of the final book Unifying Force, and I got to thinking since I made a custom of Jaina as a X-Wing Pilot, I should go ahead and give her her R2 co-pilot. I know she had at least 2 other R2's previously in the series, but I'd like to do this one. Anyone have any info on Cappie's coloring? thanks!

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