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The Prequel Trilogy / Not All Clones Are Made Alike?
« on: June 19, 2005, 04:21 AM »
Saw ROTS again this evening and noticed something real interesting that I hadn't seen in my previous viewings. In the scene where Obi-Wan is talking with Cmdr. Cody and his men about the plans for their mission to Utapau, the helmet-less clones do not look all alike. There's the clone that looks like Temura Morrison, then there is one who looks of Asian descent, and a 3rd who looks to have the same skin tone as Temura, but is clearly not him. Has anyone else seen this, I thought it to be quite pronounced. Could it be that at some point, the Republic began to use new templates for Clonetroopers? Or could these be enlisted men from the many worlds of the Republic. This could be the sign of the integration of Clones and non-Clones into the Imperial forces that we see in the OT.

The Prequel Trilogy / Episode 3 Flubs
« on: June 19, 2005, 04:17 AM »
After seeing ROTS for the 4th time this evening, I noticed several flubs or mistakes I hadn't noticed before. Perhaps it was the digital viewing that I saw that helped make these apparent. I'll start off with one I noticed before and I believe has been mentioned in the past...

- Luminara Unduli while on Kashyyyk does not have green skin/makeup on her face or hands, but instead she's white.

- The classic backwards frames, heavily apparent in the OT with Imperial badges on the wrong side of the chest or R2 completely backwards, reappears in ROTS in the form of the Super Battle Droids checking out Obi-Wan's starfighter in the beginning of the film. While they're yammering away, you can see that the red dot which is supposed to be on the left side of their torso is on the right for about 2 seconds.

- When Anakin arrives on Mustafar and walks towards the interior while telling R2 to stay behind, he lifts his hood over his head. You can clearly see BOTH of Hayden Christensen's flesh hands. I guess for a bit Anakin was able to use the dark side to grow him a new limb, must have gotten cut from the movie  ;D

Those are the things I noticed, there's something else too, but I think it actually warrants a new thread for that discussion. Was there anything you saw in ROTS that seemed weird to you such as these 3 snafus?

As I'm oft to do when a bout of insomnia hits me, I start to think of various stats or records. Well the other night I got to thinking, what vintage toys do I still have from my childhood and I got to realizing I actually have quite a few. That surprised me because I had lost a good chunk of my Star Wars over the years. So I was wondering what toys everyone still has from the fun days of playing with them as kids to today  living it up in their collection? For me, I'm only going back to when I was 12, i.e. 1990 as thats the last year I can recall finding vintage in a retail shop. Well here we go...

* Snaggletooth (not necessarily my first, but certainly my oldest SW toy and one of my faves)
* Sand People (mostly painted in blue at some point when I was a kid, best guess was prior to 84)
* FX-7 (No arms at all)
* Jedi Luke
* Bespin Han
* Bespin Lando
* Chewbacca
* C-3PO
* Biker Scout
* Greedo x2
* Chief Chirpa x2
* Teebo
* Wicket
* Prune Face
* Imperial Dignitary (with coin!)
* Skiff Lando
* Weequay
* Squid Head
* General Madine
* Admiral Ackbar
* Nien Nunb
* Biker Scout
* EV-9D9 (lost the left arm at some point, but then bought a new one a few years back)
* AT-ST Driver
* Snowtrooper
* Rebel Soldier
* POTF Lando coin
* POTF Endor Luke coin
* POTF Stormie Luke coin
* Vehicle Maintenance Energizer (sans tools and hoses)
* Radar Laser Cannon x3
* Desert Sail Skiff x3
* ISP-6
* Rancor
* Darth Vader Carrying Case

That's as much as I can remember. To this day I'm rather bummed I somehow managed to keep the 3 POTF coins but not the figures themselves. Several of the figures came from finding $1 figs in 89 and 90 at an old mom & pop toy shop, the last things I can remember ever finding at retail. Good times, good times... So what about you, what dear toys do you still have?

Watto's Junk Yard / ROTS Tickets Are On Sale As Of Today!
« on: April 15, 2005, 08:58 PM »
I didn't want to throw this in the movie section, cause I'm avoiding spoilers and don't want to actually see anything I'll regret, like I did in the ROTS toy section :(

Anyways, Revenge of the Sith tickets went on sale today nationwide, I've ordered my midnight showing tickets and thought everyone would want to know, cause it's always possible the first showings could sell out quickly. So don't wait, act now, be the first to see ROTS, buy your tickets now. Buy, buy, buy, buy!  ;D

Revenge of the Sith / When will the clearances begin?
« on: April 14, 2005, 07:36 PM »
Taking a look at the wall of ROTS figures at my local Walmart and TRU, I'm wondering when the clearances will start taking place on figures to get the glut out of the way. For TPM I recall seeing lowered prices on figures in late August, however for AOTC I saw lowered prices as early as June. I think there may be a bit more life to the ROTS line in this regards, as the first week of May is the release of the ROTS video game which should get some pub, then 2+ weeks later the movie is released and will be in the public's mind for a couple of months. So I'm thinking by the middle of July we should start seeing clearance prices popping up. What do you think?

Toy Reviews / Reviewing the ROTS Sneak Preview toys
« on: February 21, 2005, 02:26 AM »
Well I'm back reviewing some toys, been a long time since I've done this so I may be a bit rusty which will effect what I type. For those of you who don't know I used to do reviews often on the various boards, just got tired of doing it, but the ROTS Sneak Preview toys have inspired me to do some. So here we go.

First off the figures, my rating scale has changed over time, here's what it currently stands as on a 1 to 10 scale....
10 = VOTC Stormtrooper (obvious no?)
1 = POTF2 R5-D4 (hasn't changed in 8 years)

Figure #1: General Grievous. Well I'm not fond of the character concept in general, but the design has a unique look that this figure has matched well as the details are well done but the sculpt doesnt work as my figure has a hard time standing. However the paint apps look poor and it wasn't just my figure but every figure I saw at the store (about 10 of them) had the same apps that looked like they were lightly splashed about instead of uniformily brushed on. But the worse part of this figure is the plastic used to make him, it's almost as rubbery as those used with the AOTC Super Battle Droids and thats going to lead to problems down the road. I had hoped Hasbro would have gone away from that, but that was obviously too much to hope. The plastic makes utilizing the articulation given very risky, I almost tore off the elbow joint on the left arm when trying to work it. The figure comes with 10 pts of articulation including with elbow and knee joints and ball joint shoulders. However the knee joints basically are forfeit because this guy just cant stand, I have to use the cape to keep him up. So overall this I think is a lackluster figure, i think in the end the cons outweight the pros, so on the CorranHorn figure rating scale, I'd have to give Grievous a rating of 4.

Figure #2: Tion Medon. Well while this figure seems to be of a bureaucrat (fair warning on all of these toys DON'T read the packaging they contain spoilers as I learned with the Starfighter) so this figure doesn't need to do much. But the sculpt is well done and the paint apps are smooth without any runoff. The plastic used here is much better and it seems Grievous will be the only case of rubbery plastic used on the figures. Tion comes with a lot of articulation, ball joint head, 3 pts on each arm including ball jointed shoulders, a torso joint, and even though he wears a ful length skirt, he has actual legs which move. The accessories though do have the rubbery plastic used and I can see the cane getting all messed up after a few months. Not much to do with the figure but just stand him as a background guy, but I would have to give the guy a rating of 6.

Figure #3: Wookiee Warrior. This is the best figure of the bunch and one of the better all around figures made. The bulk of this figure is outstanding, this is a total asskicker for sure. He's loaded with articulation, though I would wish he had ball jointed elbow joints rather than the angled cut ones. This guy can do all sort of poses and is ready to kill, the ball jointed shoulders and knees are a total plus. The amount of accessories are great too, the blaster is well sculpted, but the other pieces like the shin guards and helmet keep falling off my figure. :( But overall I would have to give this mammoth of a figure a rating of 8, its the best of the bunch.

Figure #4: R4-G9.
They did it, they finally did it!!!! Hasbro finally figured out how to properly execute the 3rd leg mechanism. By turning the droid's dome to the right, the leg will go down, turning it to the left will bring the leg up. The body is the same overall sculpt used on astromechs since the POTJ days. But there's some extra additions as there are now coils at the front of the feet and each foot has little wheels which help the play value and do not prevent R4 to stand up only on 2 legs. I got to say though the paint scheme sucks though, ugly coloring except the gold on the dome. All of the R4's has poor paint apps too, took forever to find one I wanted. And while the hologram is a nice treat, it's pointless to use cause it makes the droid either tip over on two legs or look stupid on 3 legs. Overall though its the paint scheme/apps that will hurt the figure's rating as I give it a 7, could have been more with a better paint job.

Now onto the vehicle, again a fair warning DO NOT read the description on the back of the box if you want to remain spoiler free about a prominent plot line in ROTS. So onto my vehicle rating scale...
10 = Saga Imperial Shuttle and POTF2 F/X X-Wing Fighter
1 = POTF2 Cruisemissile Trooper

Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter: An interesting design here as it's a cross betwen the AOTC Jedi Starfighters and Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. It's a compact little fighter that has a lot of firepower to it (including two firing missiles), it has slick lines and a smooth hull, except for the damn droid socket! Not only did the designers have to stick another astromech into a starfighter, they did it in such a way where he sticks out as an eyesore. Half of the droid is visible and though it's removable (of course it's only half a droid, not even a full one) they didnt include a cover plate to hide the big gap that not having the droid in makes. The cockpit interior is well done and has a lot of room than similar ships. The action feature of this guy, is to pop open 4 panels to make the ship have angled wings similar to Vader's TIE. A interesting thing that Hasbro did was to include a large number of battle damage stickers that you can put anywhere on the ship, however they forgot to include instructions on where to put some of the actual stickers. Overall, this a fun toy to play with, but the droid socket hurts it, I'd have to give this ship a 7.

There ya have it, an overall good batch of preview figures, with a little tweaking they could be even better. Hope everyone finds my review useful, now onto the main ROTS line we go....

Hi All,

I came across an OTC Gammorean Guard this morning at Walmart, for $1 I wasn't going to say no. But when I got home, opened it up and compared it to my POTF2 Gam Guard, they looked pretty much the same. I've seen pics online showing that the OTC version was supposed to have newer detailed paint applications. But mine surely doesn't, maybe a little bit around the face. But the pics I see show better detailing on the outfit. Did I somehow get a poorly painted version, or did the Hasbro not go with the more detailed paint apps?


Vintage Kenner / XE Spotlight's C-3PO's!
« on: January 25, 2005, 05:14 AM »
This is sorta OT, but it's definitely vintage-related. 80's/90's pop culture website X-Entertainment has a great article on the C-3PO's cereal from the mid 80's. In reading the article, Matt who runs X-E, recalls some vivid SW-related memories and how SW helped to somewhat shape his life. As someone who clearly remembers seeing C-3PO's on the shelf in the cereal aisle, I too was brought back to those days of yore. So enjoy this article and bring back your youth, if even for a moment....

Watto's Junk Yard / Spybot question
« on: January 17, 2005, 12:22 AM »
For those of you using Spybot Search & Destory ver 1.3 I have a question about an annoying action taking place with the prog. Every time I run the program, it ends early, maybe 10% complete, as it tries to access either the win.ini or system.ini file. The funny thing is that it indicates the search has completed, despite the fact that said file cannot be accessed since it is in use. Has anyone had this happen to them before and do you know how to get around it?

Thanks in advance!


Based on a suggestion in the FForums, I've announced a new FFURG Casting Call for the month of January. This time it's all about Team Pride as we're looking for customs painted with the color scheme of your favorite sports team, whether its football, hockey, soccer, baseball, or anything in between. So let's get those submissions rolling! Head on over to FFURG for more details.

Happy Customizing!

Original Trilogy Collection / Did OTC Do Well?
« on: December 30, 2004, 02:31 AM »
Ok so while walking the aisles today looking for clearance items, I got to thinking, was the Original Trilogy Collection line successful? In my little corner of Chicagoland, the only OTC figures left to be clearanced out where the Bespin and Endor Generals waves. In fact for 2 or 3 weeks prior to X-Mas, these were the only OTC figures you could find at the major retailers. So did all of those recarded figures actually sell? In the end was there a market for these figures within the hobby, or did the DVD's actually help out? Here's some tidbits of how OTC moved in my area, I'd like to hear how it did in yours. My concern is if Hasbro can deem this a success, they will continue this concept to the point where retailers and customers will lose interest in the line.

* Except for the Dagobah wave case, the first 3 months saw OTC figures fly off the shelves. The local Wal-Mart had a centerpiece display with several dozen OTC figures (all recarded figs), within a day all the figs had been sold and the centerpiece was dismantled.

* The Bespin and Generals wave saw almost no distribution in the area until 2-3 weeks prior to X-Mas, now they're the only OTC figs that can be found on clearance. The oldest OTC figure I can now find is a lone Dagobah Luke at an Osco Drug store.

* Of the 3 vehicles, only the OTC Falcon can be found on clearance at Target and Walmart. TIEs & X-Wings are non-existant, unless you head to TRU which of course isn't dropping prices on anything.

* VOTC is where there's a big catch, TRU still has tons of ANH figures, while Target and Walmart are clearancing ESB figures (no C-3PO of course #$!^$#^!  >:(), despite each once having tons of ANH figs. The 12" VOTC doesn't appear to have moved at all, as I still see stacks of those all around.

* Won't even talk about TRU exclusives, the TRU I hit today had at least a dozen of each of their OTC related exclusives, sans the Y-Wing.

So I kinda think OTC was successful, there was enough product to be found and much of it was purchased. Now will Hasbro see that and go "yes, recarded figures sell like hotcakes, let's do it again once Episode 3 has come and gone" or can we get back to having all new figures in each wave?

Watto's Junk Yard / What band do you have the most music from?
« on: December 28, 2004, 03:33 AM »
So sitting here a bit bored at the office, got me to thinking what bands do I have the most music from? Which band did I buy the most albums from or make the most tapes of. So that's the question I'm posing to you all, what band/musician do you have the most music from? Due to the nature of digital music sharing, let's limit this only to records, tapes, cds, or actual radio broadcasts. So no mp3's of albums, concerts, etc. Let's go with the more concrete - you had to go out of your way to get this - stuff.

For me it was a close tie between Metallica and Pearl Jam, with most being on CD except where noted...

Metallica (14)
1.) Kill 'Em All
2.) Ride The Lightning
3.) Master Of Puppets
4.) Garage Days Re-Revisited (tape)
5.) And Justice For All
6.) Metallica (aka the Black Album)
7.) Load
8.) S&M
9.) Garage Inc.
10.) "One" Import Single
11.) Cliff Burton's First Show (bootleg CD)
12.) Garage Days 2 & 3 (2 bootleg tapes)
13.) Chicago's Allsate Arena concert (Jan. 2000 - 2 tapes)
14.) Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (radio show - 2 tapes)

Pearl Jam (13)
1.) Ten
2.) Vs.
3.) Vitalogy
4.) No Code
5.) "Jeremy" Single
6.) "Dissident" Single
7.) "Not For You" Single
8.) Mirror Ball (uncredited on Neil Young's Album)
9). Merkin Ball
10.) Atlanta's Fox Theater Concert (April 1994)
11.) Chicago's Soldier Field Concert (July 1995 - 2 tapes)
12.) Live Cuts/Singles mix (tape I made from radio)
13.) Self Pollution Radio (radio show - 2 tapes)

* All 3 concerts are also from radio broadcasts

In trying to think who would be next on the list I'd probably go with Ozzy or Megadeth, would have to check my old tapes at home, which I want to eventually make digital copies of before they get too damaged from wear and tear.

So what say you?

As Jesse has already mentioned on the front page, we've been working on this for awhile and it's now OFFICIAL! The Forgotten Force Customizing Group and FFURG will be at Celebration 3 on April 21st thru the 24th. The Forgotten Force will be a part of the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall at Exhibit Hall C at the Indiana Convention Center. We plan to have a good number of sessions on a variety of customizing topics, including casting, painting, sculpting, and more. Forgotten Force members will be welcomed to display their customs at the FF booth and sit down to talk with the public or each other about the fun there is to be found in Star Wars customizing. We plan to have a schedule of events for the Forgotten Force/FFURG booth available soon, so keep checking FFURG for all the details on this exciting event. For more information on the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall, check out the details at See you at Celebration 3!

Jocasta's Reading Room / Clone Wars Anthology/Timeline
« on: December 13, 2004, 02:38 AM »
I wasn't sure where to put this, but this section seems like the right place to do so. Is there somewhere online I can find a direct timeline of the entire Clone Wars anthology? Like a complete listing of all books/comics and in what order they occur in? Thanks!

Vintage Kenner / hi-res scan of Desert Sail Skiff box
« on: December 8, 2004, 11:26 PM »
Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a site which has hi-res scans of any of the vintage boxes, specifically the Desert Sail Skiff. That mini-rig is one of my all time fave toys and I've been wanting to find a hi-res (minimum of 1024x768) scan of the full back as shown in the pic below:

I think a crisp clean scan of that would make a great wallpaper for my pc's desktop, and I'm surprised I've not come across a site which has scans of vintage packaging just for that purpose. Anyone happen to know of such a site?


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