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Other Collectibles / Master Replicas: Mini-sabers
« on: May 25, 2004, 10:50 PM »
I am sorry if there is already a thread about this.  I was looking to see if there was.

I just recieved my Luke mini saber, I have the other two coming when they are available.

I was just wondering what everyone thought about them?  I was sorta shocked at how small it was, but it does look really cool.

Collections / Re: my unleashed collection
« on: May 25, 2004, 10:46 PM »
Looks cool, I recently just got into the Unleashed line.  I started with Han, so I have the line complete from then on.  I am hoping to find the re-releases of Luke Palpatine and Leia.

Watto's Junk Yard / My new Yoda Tattoo
« on: May 25, 2004, 10:41 PM »
Just thought I would share a pic of my new yoda tattoo.

URL Text

been married 3 and a half years and still no kids for me.

Other Collectibles / Re: Chef Boyardee cans
« on: March 13, 2004, 12:08 PM »
I work at a grocery store and I notcied these cans the other day, I think they look really cool.

I have never seen this figure either.

You know last night I was looking at the Star Wars stuff and this guy came up and started looking.  I figured he was a collector so I was letting him know which figures they had, cause they did have some of the new wave stuff.  I could tell that he was not much of a collector, and he told me that the new clones would look more like stormtroopers in the next movie.  After he said that my snobishness kicked in,  I did not say anything but I was certainly thinking it.  

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Saga Purchases
« on: March 13, 2004, 12:00 PM »
I picked up another Tie Fighter pilot and J-Quille last night.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Saga Purchases
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:46 AM »
I picked up 5 battle droids last night from wal-mart they had them for $2 each, and I also got the 12 inch Lando this weekend as well.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Help Posing the SA Clone
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:45 AM »
I have mine laying on the ground looking like he got shot, that was the only thing I could figure out.

Power of the Force 2 / Re: What's the figure you hate the most?
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:44 AM »
I forget his name cause this figure is SOOO forgettable, that stupid droid that comes with the wooden log or whatever it is, it is from the Special edition.  That figure is just stupid and a waste of plastic.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What's spinning?
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:42 AM »
Just dug out an old relic of mine: Nirvana: Unplugged in New York. Great, great stuff, and kind of sad, since it was one of Cobain's last live performances.

And I miss MTV Unplugged too. I don't get MTV2 here, so no good for me.

I bought Incesticide and greatest hits, this weekend. But me and the wife were jamming Enya's greatest hits all weekend.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: how did you start collecting?
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:39 AM »
I started around 1980 I think.  Christmas that year I got some figures and a cloud car, after ROTJ I got into GI JOE, and then in 1994 I started back collecting when the bend ems and micro machines came out and all the new comics.  A little while later the POTF 2 came out and I just kept on collecting and here I am today 10 years later still collecting.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Weird smells/scents that you enjoy
« on: March 8, 2004, 06:38 AM »
I used to love the way a new cassette tape smelled.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Karate Kid
« on: March 3, 2004, 06:52 PM »
I  own this movie on DVD, and I love it, great movie.  I remember going to see it at the theater when I was a kid.

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