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Vintage Kenner / Re: This Auction Is Crazy!
« on: October 24, 2003, 11:23 PM »
also he says something about charging a 25% handling fee if you use pay pal.  Give me a break.

Vintage Kenner / Re: This Auction Is Crazy!
« on: October 24, 2003, 11:22 PM »
I think it sounds sorta fishy.  I mean it is in storage, how does the guy even know that the stuff is still in good condition.  Plus, a complete vintage set of figures would not cost no where near as much as he is asking.  For that Price I would want all the figures to be MOC.  Then MAYBE it would be worth that much, but I would still not pay it.

Vintage Kenner / Re: For Those Who Never Saw This Beauty!
« on: October 18, 2003, 11:04 PM »
that is a very nice figure, it must be nice to have that kind of cash to spend on things, oh well I will just have to be happy with my ROTJ MOC's on creased cards.  lol

Vintage Kenner / Re: Store Bin & Header 12-21 Back Display
« on: October 18, 2003, 12:29 PM »
that is soooo awesome.  Now I know how all those Star Wars MOC's stayed unpunched.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Rocket Firing Boba Fett L-slot & Missile
« on: October 18, 2003, 12:28 PM »
Even if I had this sort of money I would never spend it on that figure.  

Vintage Kenner / Re: online stores
« on: October 12, 2003, 07:55 AM »
I use e-bay about 90% of the time.  I was just wondering if there were anymore more good online stores, besides Cloud City and Brians Toys.  I have used the Earth Toy mall, in fact I won an auction from them for a 21 back Obi One.  Those people are great to work with, they ship very fast.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Millennium Falcon Computer On eBay
« on: October 7, 2003, 01:35 PM »
I have seen this before, it is pretty cool.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Any Purchases You Regret?
« on: October 7, 2003, 01:34 PM »
I am a completist for the most part when it comes to the basic figures.  I have passed on most of the deluxe figures.  I just don't care for them that much.  I have even thought about parting with the ones I have or either to open them or soemthing.  

Vintage Kenner / Re: John Kellerman's Book Now Available To Order
« on: October 6, 2003, 09:44 PM »
so is this book worth the price?  I mean what is all in it?  TOns of Pics?

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Any Purchases You Regret?
« on: October 6, 2003, 09:43 PM »
I sorta regret buying some Lego stuff earlier this year.  I was not able to find any new figures, so I started picking up Lego stuff.  Well now that stuff is just in a box shoved in my closet.  I do not even have it displayed.  I have been thinking about trading or selling it.  Or maybe even taking everything apart and starting over again.

Power of the Jedi / POTJ Recent Purchases
« on: October 6, 2003, 09:39 PM »
I just picked up the 300th edition Boba fett for $4.  on ebay.

Vintage Kenner / online stores
« on: October 6, 2003, 09:38 PM »
what online stores do you guys use for Vintage MOC's?  the only one I have used is Brians Toys, and they main complaint I have with them is there grading.  I got a C-7 Weequay and his feet were sticking through the bubble!!!!  Now to me that would hardly count as a C-7.  Other than that the card looks great,  I just shoved his feet back in the bubble and put it in a star case and you can not tell at all, but I know it is there, so I guess I will eventually upgrade it, but am in no hurry.

I was just wondering what other places have good deals and accuratley grade their figures.

Sorry if there is a thread about this already.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Best vintage deals you've gotten
« on: October 6, 2003, 09:35 PM »
Man that is such a sweet deal,  I paid like $56 for my EV-9D9.

Did the guy not know what he had?

how was the condition on them.  It would be great to see some pics of these.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Best vintage deals you've gotten
« on: October 5, 2003, 08:10 AM »
Dang!! You got an Imperial Dignitary for $3????

That is a great deal.  I paid $25 for mine and thought I got a decent buy on it for that much.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Sears Canada General Veers Vacuformed
« on: October 5, 2003, 08:08 AM »
It looks real nice in that acrylic case too.

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