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I see your Hasbro pessimism is still firing on all cyliders, DP.  :P

Would you expect anything less?  ;D

In all seriousness, though, the last 2 years have, at least when it comes to Hasbro's action figure line, not been very fun at all for me. I just don't have the time or energy for the hunt anymore, and with prices going nowhere but up and space at a minimum, I think I've reached my relative end. I'll probably still pick up some of the 3.75" Black Series if I can find them, but my days of morning toy runs are over.

It's probably not the best basis for this, but when I think of the future of the 6" line, I can't help but look at Hasbro's distribution of Marvel Legends as an example. To this day, I have only seen about 1/3 of the figures Hasbro has done in that line (which, granted, may be partially due to me not showing up at 8 AM at Target).  Given how horrible it has been to find a SW figure past the TPM wave this past 14 months, I don't see a 6" collector line is going to get better market penetration.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there and I'm sorry for derailing the thread, but I've just been frustrated with everything Hasbro's done lately and it has felt more like a chore for me to collect. I'm not having fun, so it follows that I should just stop putting myself through the irritation, especially when, in the end scheme of things, they are just toys.

Well, this pretty much solidifies me not collecting this line at all. Boba Fett has been my character focus since I was a kid, pretty much, so now Hasbro's starting a line with him as an exclusive that I have zero chance of getting, since I can't go to San Diego and since SDCC exclusives are impossible to get at HTS. Way to go, Hasbro: you lost and frustrated at least one potential collector before you even started.  ::)

Guess my Lego collection is going to be the 100% focus in terms of Star Wars from here on out. At least I can be thankful that Hasbro is saving me a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

My hope is that with Hasbro apparently going with the "budget" approach as it relates to Movie Heroes (5 POA), they'll finally admit that the Vintage/Black Series/whatever line is a collector-focused line and offer a figure assortment that respects that fact. I'm talking super-articulation as the bare minimum with no corners being cut on deco and no sacrifice of film authenticity for stupid pack-ins and gimmicks.

We already know we aren't getting BAD pieces so I'm hoping they realize anything other than a stand (and we all have all we need of those at this point) as a pack-in is a waste. Use whatever budget for those on including lightsaber hilts that attach to belts, or for a frigging leg strap for the holster. Lack of holster aside, the Vintage RFT is a perfect example of great accessories packed in to add value, so more of that where they can do it would be great.

And if they're going for a true collector-focused line, and with the main characters being well-represented in the budget line for kids, don't sacrifice spaces in the Black Series to repack Obi-Wan and Anakin and X-Wing Luke for the millionth time. If you do a main character in the Black Series, make it a version that isn't identical, costume-wise to another figure (like 3 identical Obi-Wans in 3 different assortments). Do a ROTJ-deco Boba Fett using the Evolutions body with mods as necessary, or do a cloth-lower coat Hoth Han with the hood up.

My other main hope is that they not overdo things in terms of the number of figures released. Part of the problem these last few years is there have been too many figures split across too many "waves" and 90% of them didn't show up to retail or, if they did show up, were victims of horrible case packs and only showed up once. They could cut the line to 24 totally new figures for the entire year (4 waves of 6 figures) and release an assortment every 3 months, with the first release being a case of 12 figures (2 of each new figure) and, in the off months, release a revision case with the more popular figures as a fill-in assortment. No short packs, no chase figures (which is my biggest fear with the 6" line), and for God's sake, no Phantom Menace figures for a long time.

Like I said, each wave would have 6 brand new figures which would encompass five of the six films and, as available, realistic versions of CW characters. I won't go into personal wish lists but I think we could (mostly) all agree that realistic versions of animated Jedi who appeared in the films (Mace, Fisto, Koon) with forearm armor isn't going to be interesting. Do stuff like Bo-Katan, Pong Krell, Hondo Ohnaka, Duchess Satine, Savage Opress, or even Rex and Wolffe instead of just blowing a spot on "Saesee Tiin in Leg Armor".

My biggest hope is that, whatever they do, people are able to actually find it. If Hasbro doesn't get their **** together this fall, especially after the complete cluster**** of the last 3 years, a lot of the people who have been sitting on the fence and giving the big H another chance are going to jump ship completely.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6 Inch Figures?
« on: January 29, 2013, 03:25 PM »
I was discussing this with a friend today and our feeling was that, for 20 bucks a figure, they had better include every conceivable accessory that the character had (removable helmets/switchable heads, multiple weapons, lightsabers AND lightsaber hilts, cloth robes/capes, and so forth) and that, for a character like R2-D2 or Yoda who are, as P-Siddy noted, much smaller than other characters, they should come with an even larger number of accessories.

The real ideal, I think, would be if they did a build-a-figure aspect of this and included the smaller characters in pieces.  Namely, you do a wave 1 with Maul, Luke, Sandtrooper (ugh, why not a regular Stormtrooper?), and someone else, and have each include a piece of R2-D2.  Ditto with wave 2: four figures, with extra parts to build a Yoda.  Wave 3 could be someone like R5-D4 or a Jawa.  That way, you're making each figure as important as the next, and offering something cool as a pack-in along with the higher price.

Just a thought.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Brian's Toy Exclusive - Jocasta Nu
« on: January 14, 2013, 04:01 PM »
Count me among those who have yet to receive their Jocasta, although to be quite honest, I hadn't really been paying attention lately and had pretty much forgotten about her.  I don't know if that's more due to just a general apathy toward Hasbro stuff recently, or because there hadn't been any movement from BT, but I did order one, so hopefully they'll actually send it to me, sooner or later.   ???

Droid Factory 2013 / Re: 2013 Droid Factory = Dead
« on: January 7, 2013, 07:49 PM »
What I find in the release of this statement is that prices will be going up regardless. I don't think there has been a time where Hasbro has said that they were doing things to keep the retail cost down and have it not go up anyway.

Yeah, the Battle Packs are probably the best example of diminishing value with rising prices that Hasbro has tried over the years, and I sadly see that becoming the rule rather than the exception. 10 bucks a figure is already pushing it way too far, IMO, so the implication that prices will probably go up again (or at least stay at current levels with even further reduced paint apps and articulation) has me hoping for a more extended break than this to be honest.

I can see Hasbro doing an entire line of Movie Heroes repacks from now until Episode VII (with the Droid Factory figures already tooled mixed in and Mara Jade offered as another Jocasta Nu-type exclusive) since I'm assuming they'll have to work quick on those toys. With the lead time necessary on toys, Hasbro would have to have finished concept art and actor names and likenesses in their hands right now and with Disney/LFL not even releasing a director for the film yet, I doubt that.

This might be what finally makes me wind down on my collecting days, at least where Hasbro is concerned. I've gotten all four of the Class I deluxe sets this week and its honestly felt like more of a chore than anything else. On the other hand, and I've said this before, Lego is giving me a great deal more enjoyment than I've had collecting Hasbro's stuff in a long time, plus Lego is doing new Clone Wars stuff (Z-95, Krell) that Hasbro doesn't seem to be interested in approaching. Oh well...just rambling out loud. I guess what I'm getting at is that not only is the break going to allow me to buy things that I enjoy more, it's also going to give me (and others I'm sure) the time and distance to figure out if and when I am going to continue buying Hasbro products period.

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 4, 2013, 01:28 PM »
I'm aiming for Moria and Orc Forge soon I think.

I highly recommend the Orc Forge set. It was one of the most fun sets to build and has great display and play qualities. You'll probably want to get it from Lego's site as it's a Target exclusive otherwise and I haven't seen one in Targets since well before the holidays.  Moria isn't bad, but it is WAY overpriced. Most of that is probably due to the Cave Troll being a new piece but it still is the least "value" of the LOTR sets IMO.

Also, TRU has, in general, gotten ridiculous with their prices, Lego or otherwise, in the last year or so. I won't buy Lego from TRU at all unless there is a sale of some sort and never buy their exclusives anywhere but Lego SAH, which is always actual retail and you get VIP points, semi-frequent free shipping and free polybags over a certain amount.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: CW Mandalorian Troop Shuttle
« on: November 18, 2012, 09:02 AM »
Was able to get one of these at the local TRU with the help of a really nice employee.  There weren't any on the shelves, but there were 8 cases on the top of the display unopened (two different numbers on these, btw), and he was nice enough to pull them down and let me grab one.  The Mando Transport is now fully stocked with Mandalorian Warriors, and the Anakin JSF has been donated to Toys for Tots. :)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: CW Mandalorian Troop Shuttle
« on: November 15, 2012, 11:00 AM »
Local TRU got another case of the Value Packs and, once again, no Mando Transport.  Ugh.   :-\

Feedback / Re: Jesse James' feedback
« on: November 15, 2012, 10:57 AM »
Jesse hooked me up with three Five Below Vintage AT-RT Drivers to help outfit my Turbo Tank.  Thanks for helping my geographically challenged self out Jesse!  :)

My general OCD when it comes to outfitting my vehicle collection (i.e. realistic figures in realistic based vehicles; animated figures in animated vehicles) has finally reared its ugly head again and, as a result, I have a whole pile of loose/mint/complete animated Clone Troopers of various styles and flavors that no longer have a place in my collection.  All items are in fresh out of package condition and have been either stored in Plano tackle boxes or inside vehicles (such as the Turbo Tank or AT-TE) since I got them.  At this point, I only ship in the continental United States, and accept payment in US currency only (I also don't have PayPal, so it will probably need to be a US Postal Money Order unless you want to work something else out).  Shipping is extra, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  So, on to the list!


-2008 Clone Trooper (First Release with Battle Damage Wash) with blaster and rocket launcher (12 available)

-2008 Clone Pilot Odd Ball with blaster and rocket launcher (1 available)

-2008 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper (orange markings from Target 5 pack) with blaster (3 available)

-2008 Coruscant Guard Clone Trooper (red Senate markings from Target 5 pack) with blaster (3 available)

-2008 AT-TE Assault Squad Clone Trooper (gray markings from Battle Pack) with blaster, blaster rifle, and rocket launcher (8 available)

-2008 AT-TE Assault Squad AT-TE Gunner (gray markings from Battle Pack) with blaster and 2 blaster rifles (2 available)

-2009 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper (green markings) with blaster and rotary cannon (9 available)

-2009 Clone Commander Gree with blaster rifle, pistol, and rocket launcher (1 available)

-2009 Commando Droid (from Rishi Outpost Assault Battle Pack) with blaster (1 available)

-2009 AT-TE Tank Gunner (basic release) with blaster and rotary cannon (2 available; 1 has green triangle on front of helmet, 1 does not)

-2010 ARF Trooper (Teth Jungle Camo) with blaster, rotary cannon, display stand, trading card, and die (3 available)

-2010 Hailfire Droid Attack Squad Clone Trooper (green markings from Battle Pack) with blaster, display stand, and trading card (1 available)

-2011 Aqua Droid with arm cannon, display stand, trading card, and die (1 available)


-2008 Mygeeto Super Battle Droid (silver/black from Battle Pack) (1 available)

-2008 Shadow Clone Commander and Clone Trooper (Order 66 style Convention two pack) with 2 blasters, antenna, 2 pistols, and 2 Biker Scout pistols (1 available): $8.00 for set

-2009 Droid Factory Cortosis Battle Droid (SBD from WM 2 pack with cannons where hands should be) (1 available)

-2010 Legacy Collection HK-50 (Build-A-Droid from ESB wave) with blaster rifle

-2010 Vintage Collection Endor Rebel Commando (Bald White Guy with Goatee) with backpack, rifle, and helmet

-2004 Saga Deluxe/Ultra Jabba the Hutt with removable tongue, hooka pipe, bowl, frog, and railing: $6.00

Also available:

-2008 Animated Clone Wars Battle of Christophsis Target Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack remnants:  includes Loose/Mint/Complete AT-AP (red markings), 2 x AT-AP Clone Troopers (white with red logos on shoulder pads with 1 blaster and 1 blaster rifle), CIS AAT (blue/gray markings) and 2 x AAT Battle Droids (lighter tan than regular release with 2 x blasters and 2 x rocket launcher blasters).  Basically, you get everything from the Battle Pack L/M/C EXCEPT the Anakin and SBD repacks which, again, ARE NOT INCLUDED.  Total cost for AT-AP, AAT, and 4 figures listed above: $28.00

Thanks for looking!

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:17 PM »
For the first time ever, I saw a case of 2012 wave 3 (the wave with Evazan, 501st Clone, Kithaba, etc) at retail, when one of the local Walmarts put out a case out of the blue.  This WM hadn't put out a case of vintage figures since 1 case of the ROTJ Deleted Scenes wave in February, so to say I was shocked was an understatement.  I wound up getting another Kithaba (to put on my Skiff display) and grabbed Dr. Evazan for a friend who collects the Cantina aliens.  If it wasn't for vintage being EOL, I would hold out hope of finally being able to get Starkiller and Shae Vizsla without selling a kidney.

Also got my case of the final vintage wave from BBTS late last week.  What a great wave of figures overall (the 8 new ones, at least).  The Republic Trooper from TOR might be my favorite figure of the year, and I was surprised at how much I wound up liking the CW Obi-Wan.  Could have done without the 4 TPM figures since I already had them, but it's better than getting yet another Qui-Gon I don't need.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: CW Mandalorian Troop Shuttle
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:12 PM »
My TRU got one case of these last week, and sadly, it was the case without the Mando Transport/Anakin JSF in it.  Oh well, hopefully they'll get a second shipment soon. 

I caved on this earlier this week as well, Jeff.  Given that my retail options are limited to a few Wal-Marts, a single Target, and one TRU, and since each WM only got 2, I figured I may as well bite the bullet.  It wasn't worth the 130 bucks by a longshot (and will probably cost me more as I try to get regular Battle Droids to fill out the rack instead of the statues included), but all in all, it is a pretty fun toy.  I think the timing of it was a huge mistake, what with TPM 3D pretty much disappearing quickly at the box office 8 months before it was released, the overall apathy toward TPM from the general public, and the horrible state at retail in general with SW this year making many people wonder if there were even new SW toys being released. 

Toys R Us applying their infamous "Lego Tax" to everything these days isn't helping things either, but given how many of this year's "new" items are in the "see them once and they disappear completely" category, I figured I'd better buy it now and regret it temporarily than not buy it and regret not buying it if/when I never saw it again, clearance or otherwise, in 2013.  After all, TRU is the only retailer that seems to be getting it in large numbers, and they're not exactly known for clearancing things out on a timely basis.

The Vintage Collection / Re: $5 Vintage Collection @ Five Below
« on: October 30, 2012, 01:10 PM »
Doc P, I'll be in touch with you.  I get paid this week, and I'll try to pick you up three.

Thanks, Jesse; I do appreciate it. :)

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