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The Vintage Collection / Re: $5 Vintage Collection @ Five Below
« on: October 29, 2012, 02:04 PM »
Not the right place for it, I know, but could anyone pick me up some AT-RT Drivers at their Five Below if you see them?  I'm looking to get three of them (if possible), and don't have a Five Below anywhere near me.  PM me if you can help. :)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: The Future of the Clone Wars Toy Line?
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:40 AM »
So I am a bit of an optimist when it comes to the show.  I have read lots of speculation about the death of the show, but I cannot find hard evidence to support those assertions.  I listened to Filoni speak about the show 3 times and this is not a man who's job is finished.  Season 5 is essentially done and I imagine they are well into mapping out Season 6. Some of the images they showed us were 18 months old.  Filoni also mentioned a number of storylines that will develop in future years.  Of course, CN could cancel it and CW could come to an end, but I do not want to be fatalistic about it.  I think things are more positive than many believe. 

Would be nice to have solid info though either way.

I really don't think TCW is in any danger of going away at this point, because the people financing the show (George Lucas and Lucasfilm) have made it clear that shows are going to be produced regardless of ratings or outlet availability until they reach a point that, creatively-speaking, it is time for the show to end.  Everyone involved with the show from a production end, from Dave Filoni to the writers to the cast to GL himself, still seem excited about the show, the stories, and the characters, so its not like a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the crew is an issue.  Also, while 9:30 PM on Saturday nights might be the "death slot" for network television programs, 9:30 AM on a Saturday morning is (unless my childhood is to be disregarded) a pretty prime-time slot for kids' cartoon viewing, but I continue to watch the show online the following day due to Comcast being money-hungry monopolizing morons anyway, so time slots are irrelevant to my viewing habits anyway.

That said, I really don't know where all the doom-and-gloom in terms of ratings is coming from.  From what I can tell, fan reaction to the last season was overwhelmingly positive, and IMO, the show just keeps getting better and better from a story perspective (not to mention the animation itself, which looks amazing these days).  Even people who loathed the prequels (Simon Pegg, for example) seem to be really big fans of the show.  I hear "declining ratings" mentioned by people but I have yet to see any actual evidence to support their claims that "OMG THE SHOW IS DEAD!"

As for figures, I think the main problem I have is that they did a separate animated line (which I have collected from day one) to begin with.  While I do not have the negative view of the "realistic" versions that some do (I'm actually really excited to get some of the characters in realistic form; I'm hoping that Pre Viszla is on that short list), I am disappointed to see the animated line descend into seemingly 1990s Batman territory with endless versions of main characters, countless repaints, and a almost total lack of background characters and/or villains for said heroes to fight.  It certainly looks like Hasbro is doing everything they can to make the line fail in one way or another so they can move on to something else.

All this being said, three concurrent action figure lines for Star Wars is, and has always been, way too much product and confusion.  I've said it a million times, but stores see all three lines (even vintage) as one thing and as long as there is Star Wars on the pegs, either 20 Saga Legends/Movies Heroes Super Battle Droids, 20 Clone Wars Anakins and Obi-Wans, or 20 Vintage Qui-Gons, they're not going to get/order more.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Celebration VI
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:37 AM »
If you really need to hear Hasbro state the obvious, then check out what they said when my pal Jayson at Yakface asked them today.

I think the issue is that Hasbro hadn't given a straight answer until now.  I didn't necessarily see it as "beating a dead horse" as much as "putting the horse out of its misery" since nothing definitive had ever been stated as to where these figures were, when and where they were being released, and so forth.  This is the first time I'd ever heard someone from any site ask Hasbro straight up what the deal was and have Hasbro give them a straight response, unobscured by talk about "ifs" and "maybes."  Kudos to Jayson for doing that.

Anyway, sorry for the derail onto distribution issues (again), and back to actual convention discussion.  And Jeff, thanks for whatever information you can pass along on your trip, but remember that, first and foremost, you're there to enjoy yourself. :)

Keep calling with a sku/barcode...  worked for me.

Did that a couple of times too, with similar results ("It says our warehouse has them on order" or "It should be on the next truck next week", quickly followed up the following week with "It should be on the next truck next week"). 

Isn't collecting supposed to be fun?  Maybe I need to just quit altogether, because I'm annoyed more than anything these days.  When you have some websites (not this one, obviously) where people imply you should stop asking Hasbro about distribution issues this year because such questions have "reached a saturation point", despite us still not getting a clear answer about if and when figures are actually going to make it to retail, you kind of lose interest and hope.

Oh well, they're just toys in the end scheme of things, and Hasbro is doing their best to help me save money.

My TRU has yet to even get these, and a scan of the shelf tag that's been there for two weeks didn't give any details on when they'll be arriving ("Sometime in the next three weeks, I think" said the TRU employee who scanned it).  Perfect.  Perhaps by that point the store DR refers to will have succeeded in their test so I can pay 5 bucks more per set.  Ugh.

I know this is something of a reach, but if anyone can help me out, it's the wonderful JDers (blatant ass-kissing).  Anyway, is there anyone going to Celebration VI this weekend who would be willing and/or able to help me complete a "champagne" U-3P0 from the 2009 ESB Legacy Droid Factory wave?  I already have all four limbs and only need 1 each of the following pieces:

-1 x champagne U-3P0 head
-1 x champagne U-3P0 torso

This is the last figure I need to complete that particular line, and it's been driving me particularly nuts these last few years.  With Hasbro doing a Droid Factory swap meet of sorts at the con, I was hoping that, if those particular parts are available, someone could help me out.  I have a ton of different Droid Factory parts from 2008-2010, including some harder to find parts like BG-J38 limbs and head to trade, or I can buy the parts outright.

So, if you can help me out, please don't hesitate to PM me.  Thank you! :)

Make sure you remove the coupon's spyware toolbar it installs without your permission after you print the coupons.

What's this now?

Don't know if this is the place to post this, but the rumors of the "Legends" assortment being discontinued in Walmart's planogram definitely seems to be referring to the DTF wave of figures and not Movie Heroes.  I hit two different Walmarts this morning that had just "completed" their resets, and there were pegs for CW (2-4), Vintage (2-4), and MH (2-4) in each store.  And, in proving what we have been saying for years, Walmart, instead of actually clearancing the DTF figures off the pegs, had stocked each of the 6-12 pegs full of DTF figures.  I guess it's a good thing that the last vintage wave are official internet exclusives (as opposed to the rest of the year, which has been internet exclusive for all intents and purposes), because there's no way that Walmart is getting anything new now.  All three assortments (theoretically) were at 9.96 in the new reset here, as well (Vintage had, oddly enough, been lagging behind at 8.96 for a few months).

In order, by film/source:

01.  Senator Palpatine (The Phantom Menace)
02.  Nute Gunray (The Phantom Menace)
03.  Cliegg Lars (Attack of the Clones)
04.  Boba Fett (Attack of the Clones)
05.  Duchess Satine (The Clone Wars)
06.  Office Duel Palpatine (Revenge of the Sith)
07.  Uncle Owen Lars (Star Wars)
08.  Aunt Beru Lars (Star Wars)
09.  Admiral/Captain Piett (The Empire Strikes Back)
10.  Lando Calrissian (The Empire Strikes Back)
11.  Han Solo in Carbonite (The Empire Strikes Back)
12.  Sim Aloo (Return of the Jedi)
13.  Yak Face (Return of the Jedi)
14.  Ishi Tib-Jabba's Palace (Return of the Jedi)
15.  Ree Yees (Return of the Jedi)

It seems waves 2 and 3 went up between last night and this morning with a lot selling out already.  :(

I was able to get an order in for the listed-as-"in-stock" Imperial Navy Commander I needed, as well as a second Luke Hoth, early this morning (around 7:45 AM), so hopefully it will actually be shipped to me.  First time I've placed an order with HTS since before last year's SDCC fiasco, so I don't know if completing an order for items listed as being in-stock guarantees you will actually get said items.

One would hope that part of Hasbro trying to correct the horrid situation at retail would be to keep individual figures in stock and available on HTS until Droid Factory hits.  Again, here's to hoping that is the case. 

I had gone to BBTS earlier this morning to check on the status of a previous order and noticed these were up, so I jumped on a case.  If anyone needs those four TPM recards (Naboo Pilot, Gungan Warrior, Aurra Sing, and Mawhonic) let me know, as I have no need for them. 

I'm kind of sad that Vintage is going out with such a whimper (I refer, of course, to the distribution as opposed to the quality of the figures, which look great), but Hasbro has nobody to blame for that but themselves.  I'd like to think that, with the launch of the new Droid Factory stuff in 2013 they'll change things to correct these last two years' issues, but something tells me that they haven't learned anything.  You kind of have to admit there's something wrong before you can learn anything too.

Checked my Target on the way into work this morning and the Star Wars section was pretty much identical to how it has been for the last 7 months, with the only thing missing being the SW TFs.  There was one empty peg for the 3 packs, but nothing had been put out (or it had been put out and had already been cleaned out).  The figures on the pegs were the same old, same old from the last few months (tons of Movie Heroes covered in dust, 4 each of animated Anakin and Mace, also covered in dust, and vintage Dofine, NRG, Vos, and Quadinaros, also, again, covered in dust). 

Given that my Target only restocks when they do a reset, period, I'm not expecting anything new to show up in any assortment. 

Bumped with updated wants.

01.  Princess Leia in Boussh Disguise (SA resculpt)
02.  Bib Fortuna (SA resculpt)
03.  Yak Face (SA resculpt)
04.  Ishi Tib (Jabba's Palace)
05.  Sim Aloo
06.  Admiral Piett
07.  Ree Yees (SA resculpt)
08.  Emperor Palpatine (SA resculpt with Throne)
09.  Mon Mothma (SA resculpt)
10.  Wortt (the outdoor Jabba's Palace "watchdog")

01.  Ackmena
02.  Satele Shan (The Old Republic)
03.  T3-M4
04.  Darth Plagueis (he counts as non-CW EU, right?)
05.  Sith Empire Trooper (The Old Republic)
06.  Kazdan Paratus (The Force Unleashed)
07.  Admiral Pellaeon (Thrawn Trilogy)
08.  Sith Trooper (Knights of the Old Republic)
09.  Darth Revan (rerelease)
10.  Darth Malak (rerelease with new articulated arms)

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