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Gentle Giant / Re: And The Mystery Ent. Earth Exclusive Is....
« on: September 9, 2012, 02:37 AM »
I'm guessing Pawlus brilliantly convinced Hasbro & Disney to pass along a complete 63 piece set of the Disney astromech exclusives (sans hats).  $119/per.  **Pete cringes**

That, or Cliegg Lars (w/ chair) in a battle with BT for best overpriced AOTC character debut figure in 2013.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Will your collecting habits change?
« on: September 6, 2012, 07:04 PM »
Don't sweat it, Mikey.  I'm actually quite flattered that my opinion has such a great impact on you, so much so that you took the time to type up lengthy post after post to justify yourself to me.  You're my number one fan and I appreciate you.  I will have some Force Guy T-shirts made up and as soon as they're done, I'll send you one.  XXXL, yes?

Wow, pretty pathetic if you get your jollies from "putting idiots in their place."  If I'm supposedly such an idiot, and you take the time to respond with lengthy post after post, uh, what does that make you?  Think about it. 

I know you want to look witty and cool and impress people on a toy forum, and I know you were pretending to be Dr. Phil earlier, but let's analyze you for a minute.  You get joy from "putting idiots in their place" on a toy forum, and you feel the need to buy everything with a Star Wars logo stamped on it so that you can get that feeling of being "complete".....hmmm.....sounds like there's something major missing from your life.  A void that can never be filled, but you obviously get comfort from collecting little plastic men.  Don't worry though, I'm here for you.  I'll give you my email and/or phone number so we can talk.  I'm here to support you.  Maybe you just need a hug, in which case, I can't help you.  But here's a virtual hug in the meantime.


Thank you for so eloquently proving my point there, Force Guy.  Like I said...

Um, I've been nothing but civil in this discussion and don't really appreciate my question being called "borderline stupid."

Mike, sorry for the confusion, but youíre completely misreading my comment there.  Itís again directed at Force Guy, and is effectively suggesting that he is being borderline stupid for not having a better understanding of your question here, and what kind of collectors itís actually more geared towards.  Iím not sure how much more clear I couldíve been in regards to your topic than when I said this:

I think speedermike's thread here had a very valid (edit: that means good) question, speaking to exactly what many collectors have gone through over the years...

Sorry a good thread's been run so far off course.  I have nothing further (on topic) to add to it at this point though, so I'll just shut up and politely excuse myself now.  :)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Will your collecting habits change?
« on: September 6, 2012, 03:08 AM »
I'm with you guys.

I don't mean to frighten you here (and hopefully you don't attempt to flip-flop now), but Iím with you all as well, or maybe you just selectively skipped over that part of my prior post:

Obviously there's dozens of additional uber-background characters throughout the saga which we'd probably all love to own...

I love the most background of background characters as much as anyone.  But again, I was just talking about what I realistically expect to see out of Hasbro, which is several of those figures sprinkled in sporadically each year across the course of the license, but not within the first couple waves of a new line.  If Lot Dodd, Yarna, Wuher, and Malikili all sell like crap, how well do you think Tey How, Ann Gella, Toonbuck Toora, Cin Drallig, Mosep, Baniss Keeg, Tsivvzt, Treva Horme, and Fozec are going to sell?  If I was a betting man, Iíd say weíre going to get every single one of those figures eventually, and Iíll be excited as hell when we do.  Iím just not going to quit the line until they come out, or get myself into a panicked or even disappointed state when theyíre not announced within any given new wave.  The line is what it is now Ė primarily resculpts, with hopefully some new EU characters thrown into the mix from time to time to liven things up.  If you canít see that, and are expecting something different from Hasbro, youíre living in fantasyland, and will surely be in a constant state of disappointment with the remainder of the line.

Just continue to be Hasbro's ideal customer and gulp everything down like a nice little boy.

Fortunately, I am a good little boy who gets a super swell allowance from his parents, so I have the luxury of affording every new smirking Obi-Wan, furled eye-browed Anakin, scowling Maul, expressionless Vader, bulging helmeted Clone, whining Luke, and exclusive George Lucas with belly-button lint (better have a removable plaid shirt and be the waddle-less 70ís version though).  And since I still live for the ďthrill of the huntĒ, I greatly enjoy tracking each and every one of them down.  My joy is now somewhat diminished, however, as I had no idea of the tremendously negative impact my toy purchasing has on your mental well-being.  I feel horrible too, for helping to ruin this toy line that weíre all here collecting.

To be honest, I'm not sure why a completist would even bother reading or posting in this thread.

To be honest, Iím not sure why someone who gets so upset over other peopleís Star Wars toy purchasing habits is posting on a Star Wars collecting forum.  Well, actually, I do know the answer to that, but inherent trolling is a discussion best served elsewhere.  Also, based on much of what Iíve read around these boards, it looks like most of the head-honchos around here were at one time completists as well (as were apparently many others JD members).  Should they not have been posting on their own boards here until they overcame their abnormal and repulsive afflictions?  Have you directed similar angst at JD mods like Scott, Rob and Jeff in recent years for having been completists too, or is it solely reserved for Pete_Fett and I in 2012?

I think speedermike's thread here had a very valid question, speaking to exactly what many collectors have gone through over the years: former completists who have turned the page to being more selective due to time, money, space, family, resculpts, repacks, distribution, etc.  Itís just a natural progression in the life of many collectors (especially over the course of 17 years), though a progression I donít foresee myself making anytime soon, hence my original answer to this threadís specific question.  In fact, why would speedermike be asking folks who are already selective with their figure purchasing if they're going to remain selective based on the relatively boring waves 1 & 2 of the new 2013 line?  Aside from the obvious B-A-D aspect (which Mike isn't emphasizing), that'd be a borderline stupid and seemingly repetitive question.  If anything, this thread is geared more towards completists (or those closer to it) than already selective buyers like yourself, so perhaps you're the one who shouldn't be replying here, eh?  Think about it.  :P

Also, please don't confuse my lengthy post(s) with you getting my knickers in a twist.  You give yourself too much credit.  I just greatly enjoy putting idiots in their place, that's all, and sometimes that takes more than pathetic one-liners to adequetly accomplish.  With that in mind, Iíll let you get back to your boringly predictable and far more "succinct" juvenile digs now FG.  Iíve said my peace.


The Vintage Collection / Re: Will your collecting habits change?
« on: September 5, 2012, 08:52 PM »
There's still a wealth of characters, from the OT, PT

A wealth, huh?  Wow, I must be missing some of the SW movies then.  Weren't there only 6 of them, or did I somehow miss a few over the years?  They didn't finally make that long-rumored sequel trilogy did they?  Man, I'll be pissed if I completely missed that!  Seriously though, I was just listing characters that are notable enough (in the movies or collecting community) for Hasbro to legitimately consider making in the immediate future.  I should've also included the various missing Amidala outfits too, and maybe Dorme.  Care to show off your extensive list of characters that don't require a Blu-ray freeze-frame of the movie to catch them?  Obviously there's dozens of additional uber-background characters throughout the saga which we'd probably all love to own (which 95% of us couldn't even name).  I have no doubt that Hasbro will eventually sprinkle a lot of these into the line over the next 8 years, but I'm smart enough to realize we won't be getting them all at once, and especially not in the first couple waves of a brand new line.  Like I estimated above, probably 90%+ resculpts and a small percentage of EU and all-new characters.  I guess it just comes down to our various levels of patience in getting the tiny fraction of new goodies.

So let me get this straight: your criteria for buying figures is that it simply has to have a Star Wars logo stamped on it, yes?

Pretty close, yeah.  Your cognitive skills are exceptional too, I might add.  Let me guess - you're at least a high school graduate, yes?  Congrats.

I guess having the buying habits of an automaton makes life more simple in the sense that you don't really need to expend any thought whatsoever in your purchases.

Exactly.  See how pleasant "collecting" can be?  I can easily save my brain for far more challenging matters, like trying to keep my Blu-ray collection "complete" too.  Uh-oh.  There I go, using the "C" word again.  I hope you're not having another rage-induced seizure.  Seriously, the way you continuously whine and bitch every time someone says the word complete, or collects differently than you do (Clone Wars, etc.), reminds me of a couple of my petulant nieces and nephews who constantly fuss when they feel like their friends have more toys than they do.  Childish.  I'd love to give them some prozac to calm them the hell down, but they're obvbiously too young.  Might be something worth considering for yourself though, since it's painful to watch someone come off so completely sad, mad and miserable.

It's just a hobby dude.  Calm yourself.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: September 5, 2012, 07:36 PM »
I've caught each episode of this new Collection Intervention show as well, and while I've found it very entertaining, I wholeheartedly agree that their view on collecting is highly skewed and pretty offensive.  The cute auction lady pretty much functions solely based on value and age (vintage).  Most modern toys are deemed worthless and should be sold off, and anything vintage that holds little value needs to go too.  Obviously this is not the reason most of us collect, and I'm not even sure I've noticed anyone on any forums yapping about collecting things solely as investments.  Each collector on the show seems to reiterate this, as they've all told the lady they have no idea what their stuff is worth, nor do they particularly care (which seems to confound her).

Regardless, I do greatly enjoying seeing all the different collections.  The Star Wars house in episode 1 was a thing to behold, but withholding the fact that she works for Rancho Obi-Wan was obviously more than a bit deceptive.

Thanks Pete.  I almost wish I hadn't put the list together, since I thought we were a lot closer to finishing up the whole vintage carded line than we actually were.  Now I'm a little bummed and disappointed with my findings.  At least we're close to finishing up the loose ones though, which is more important in my book.

    • Boba Fett (issued on ESB & ROTJ cards)

    Whoops, I forgot the mail-away rocket-Fett:

    I'll give this one an asterisk too, since it's actually a vintage/Kenner figure on the card, and not an updated modern version.  It'll probably qualify for those non-pickier folk though, I suppose.[/list]

    The Vintage Collection / Re: Will your collecting habits change?
    « on: September 5, 2012, 03:51 AM »
    I just can't get behind the Droid Factory character choices, as they seem to all be resculpts

    Well, to be honest, unless the figures are EU, CW, Cliegg Lars, Tonnika Sisters, Torryn Farr, Sim Aloo, Sgt. Doallyn, or a miniscule handful of other characters, everything from here on out is going to be a resculpt, right?  That's just the way of things at this point, after 17 years of the modern line (wow, that sounds like a long time).  That said, I definitely agree that the first couple waves are pretty boring, even for resculpts.  But I've pretty much accepted that the final 8(?) years of Hasbro's SW figures are going to be 90% or more resculpts.  Even so, I'll probably be buying them all, just to stay complete.  No point stopping now, when I'm (hopefully) more than 2/3rds of the way through the line!

    Forgive me ... for my lack of interest in doing the research myself

    OK, since you're a bunch of slowpokes, I piqued my own curiousity and did some (a lot) of research and was pretty surprised with my findings on this topic, with how far Hasbro still has to go.  So based on my initial requirement of wanting each figure on their debut card, as well as requiring the same photo as was on the original Kenner card, this is where I think we're at right now as far as what's still missing:

      • R2-D2
      • C-3PO (issued 2x on ESB card)
      • Chewbacca (issued on a ROTJ card)
      • Stormtrooper (issued on ESB & ROTJ cards)
      • Death Squad Commander
      • Jawa
      • *Walrusman (issued w/ completely different picture)
      • Hammerhead (rumored)
      • Snaggletooth
      • Power Droid (rumored)
      • Boba Fett (issued on ESB & ROTJ cards)

      • AT-AT Driver
      • Bespin Guard(s) - black & white
      • C-3PO w/ Removable Limbs
      • FX-7
      • Imperial Commander
      • TIE Fighter Pilot (issued on ROTJ card)
      • Lobot (rumored)
      • R2-D2 w/ Sensorscope (issued on ROTJ card)
      • Hoth Rebel Commander
      • *Hoth Rebel Soldier (issued w/ completely different picture)
      • 2-1B
      • Ugnaught

      • AT-ST Driver
      • Bib Fortuna
      • Chief Chirpa
      • 8D8
      • Emperor
      • *Emperor's Royal Guard (issued w/ completely different picture)
      • General Madine
      • Klaatu (Skiff Guard)
      • Lando (Skiff Guard)
      • Paploo
      • Leia Boushh
      • Rancor Keeper
      • Ree-Yees
      • Squid Head
      • Teebo

      • All of them except Lando General (issued on a ROTJ card)

      So there's more than a handful of "does that qualify?" figures in there, including the three with totally different pix (very annoying), and the six that were issued under subsequent movie titles (just dumb).  There were also TWO different Bespin Luke and Leia cardbacks of which we've only gotten one each.  Then there's the question of whether General Lando qualifies on a ROTJ card, or does Hasbro need to do a POTF cardback instead (which will obviously be an issue with all the rest of the POTF figures).  Zuckuss and 4-LOM are mildly iffy with the name change and silver bordering of the C5 exclusive set.  Etc.  Etc.

      Agree?  Disagree?  Care?  I just thought it'd be interesting to look into this since the remaining loose vintage figures discussion and corresponding debates are really dwindling down at this point.  Are there any loose collectors that have been collecting carded just for these vintage figures, or is this solely a discussion for the handful of remaining carded collectors?  Either way, it's obvious there's no way Hasbro is getting through the rest of this lengthy list solely during the next vintage run, that's for sure.  Oh well, as long as they tackle the remaining "loose" figures, I guess that's what's most important.

      Collect All 92! / Re: Vintage Figures Which Have Not Been Updated
      « on: August 27, 2012, 07:58 PM »
      So on FB yesterday GH reports that Sim Aloo, Blue Gonk and Mustachioed Guard are on the very short list for the next time Vintage comes back

      That was good to see confirmed, however expected.  Color/facial hair variants aside, Sim Aloo was really the only vintage figure left on my list here that was an absolute must have.  It's sounded for years like Hasbro's been interested in polishing off this entire list as well, so I'm sure we'll eventually see the rest of the minor variances get made too.  I'd love to see Hasbro just do a "Vintage-deco" wave similar to what Curto teased for April Fool's a few years back:

      Obviously you'd need to add Ponda, Greedo and Momaw into the mix there as well to really round out the set, though they'd obviously be far more ideal in one of those Target vintage 3-packs.

      The Vintage Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2012 Discussion
      « on: August 27, 2012, 07:43 PM »
      One thing I found interesting in the recent EU poll is how much the SOTE sub-line is still on people's minds.  I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's always been annoyed with the glaring holes left behind from Hasbro's ommissions of Guri, Leebo, Jix, Luke, Coruscant Lando, etc.  I'm guessing since SOTE was more OT based, and such a cross-licensed and massively promoted multi-media event, that particular story line has had a more enduring hold on most collectors, as opposed to the rest of the SW novels and EU over the years (aside from Clone Wars, of course).

      I really hope that with Hasbro's newly extended license, and the diminishing movie character selections/re-do's left, that Hasbro will find time to get around to these.  A full wave of them would be ideal, but that's obviously not going to happen since there'd be a pretty limited interest in these relatively unknown characters.  Maybe if that online exclusive wave sells well enough over the next few months, they could do a similar full (online) case of EU figures that may not appeal to the masses/kids at retail as much.  Throw Jaxxon into the mix, and I'll be one happy man!

      So I trust Jeff passed along all the TOC results to Hasbro last week at C6.  Did they confirm they'd make them all for JD's fine patrons?

      Forgive me if I missed a thread/post on this somewhere (and for my lack of interest in doing the research myself), but does anyone have a list of the remaining carded updates still needed in the TVC collection to complete the entire vintage "92" figure run?  I'm not talking every vintage carded variant, just the debut cards for each respective figure.  I've completely lost track, and am interested in how close Hasbro is to finishing them all up, and whether it's plausible to do so during TVCs next run in a year or two.


      This Ultimate Action Figure Collection book looks to be shaping up pretty nice based on all the previews shown recently.  I'd have actually preferred a chronological look at all the figures, but considering we're up in the 2,500+ range now, that's obviously not a realistic idea.  The grouping of like figures is actually going to be pretty cool both for reference and comparison's sake, though I'm still not sure if that's how the whole book lays out.  Anyone know?  $40 is a surprisingly reasonable price on this thing too!

      Is it just me, or do Curto and Paul look like they could easily be brothers, if not almost twins:

      The Vintage Collection / Re: Celebration VI
      « on: August 27, 2012, 06:14 PM »
      Maybe they'll start making "Detours" style figures ;).

      Please don't give Hasbro any ideas!  I'm happy with a scaled back line, to be honest, as I'd much rather refocus my collecting dollars on Blu-rays, travel, home improvement, and more "normal" real-world types of things.  The 2020 license extension is scary enough, but if CW is gone and the live-action series isn't happening (which I doubt is true), then at least Hasbro will be forced to stay focused on movie (and EU) figures bottled into just one or two figure lines at retail.  I think that'd help the overall health of the line: One kids' line full of underarticulated repacks, and one collectors' line full of all the good stuff.

      As for the rest of the C6 showings and news, I'm excited to finally get that ESB big Slave-1 version out of the way, and just as happy to hear they're finally going to eventually knock out the MUCH needed larger version of the desert skiff.  If Hasbro's smart, they'll co-ordinate that with a (hopeful) release of Jabba's Sail Barge.  Speaking of which, has anyone posted a link to the finished Tatooine diorama from C6?  I haven't seen anything pop up around the collecting sites yet, and was anxious to see how it all turned out.

      Here's what we know so far:
      • Jango Fett (Pilot)
      • Sandtrooper
      • Battle Droid (red)
      • Anakin Skywalker (ROTS)
      • Yoda
      • Darth Maul
      • Obi-Wan Kenobi (AOTC)
      • R2-D2
      • Darth Vader
      As for these three, I'm absolutely speechless:

      I know Hasbro's officially gone on the record umpteen times at C6 saying the MH line is now a kid's line, but c'mon, even those decade old sculpts are insulting to the children!  I guess this is a good reminder of where the old figures go when the Hasbro reps (used to) clear the pegs at B&M stores.  Epic fail.  Wow.

      Here's thumbs of the rest of the lineup:

      No way in hell that Sandtrooper's going to stand up if he's not leaning on his vacuum as a crutch.  I guess it's a smart move to get that Pilot Jango out there with the upcoming Slave-1 (mini) re-release, so kudos to Hasbro for finally putting 1 + 1 together.  And now that I think of it, I guess that's the FX R2 there, which probably makes more sense for the kids, as opposed to any other R2s with an articulated dome.

      So is there anything new in that mix, other than the light-up saber Anakin and the Sandtrooper's vacuum accessory (or is it a blower)?  I'll be picking up those two, at least, but hopefully that's it.

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