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Joe Defender / Re: 50th Anniversary Line
« on: May 30, 2014, 09:45 AM »
Apparently there's a wave 2....  Yeah... Good luck with that.  ::)


Joe Defender / Re: 50th Anniversary Line
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:08 AM »
While I'm happy to see these on BBTS, or any online retailer for that matter, I have to wonder why?  Did TRU decide not to take the full load and Hasbro needed another outlet?  Or did Hasbro decide TRU didn't have the reach and didn't want to leave money on the table?

The skeptic in me wants to see this as happening due to something possibly not working out with TRU in the way it was first set up by Hasbro.  But, who knows...


I don't recall ever really caring what a movie's name was as long as it didn't suck.

Joe Defender / Re: GI Joe Retaliation - The Toys!
« on: May 20, 2014, 02:13 PM »
If you spotted Blind Master then it was probably the wave with Jinx and the Night Vipers in it.  Lady Jaye and Colton were repacked in that wave with the Cyber and Dark Ninjas and a couple other figs...maybe a Roadblock.  I spotted that wave at TRU a couple weeks ago and picked up the NV figs and Jinx. 

I spotted the Ultimate wave again at Five Below the same day; that's with Ultimate Duke, Flint, Roadblock, SE, SS, Cobra Commander, Combat Ninja, CG, Kwinn, Budo and Data Viper and one other I'm not thinking of...might be the Dark Ninja though.

Some of these waves have been showing up at Tuesday Mornings stores also.  Not sure how long the restocking will last but it's been a good ride.  I filled in the last couple of holes and picked up some army builders so I'm pretty happy especially as it doesn't look like we'll get anything else besides this 1 and done 50th anniversary wave until the next movie...and we don't know when that will be.  And speaking of that 50th wave, I'm still interested to see if we actually get it.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
« on: May 16, 2014, 07:15 PM »
I just didn't understand if everyone is outside getting things mopped up, why did they leave Garrett's body on the ground inside? Shouldn't there have been someone around bagging him? He puts himself together and I thought here is the beginning of Aquarius but then gets splatted into goo by Coulson.

I thought the same thing.  I thought that whole scene was unnecessary.  Other than that, I really liked the season finale.

So whats with the same guy running the Playground as he did in the other hidden bunker? Is he a clone or medical hologram-type guy or just some alien? No more Ward on the team but I think he will be back. He still has to grab Skye for her father. I just wonder if the black guy is also Hydra since he initially showed up with Garrett.

I don't think Triplett is Hydra.  It was mentioned that he is a grandson of a Howling Commando (I'm assuming Gabriel Jones) and that's where the team got some of the weapons used in the last couple episodes.

So whats with the same guy running the Playground as he did in the other hidden bunker? Is he a clone or medical hologram-type guy or just some alien?

I wonder if he's just simply a twin.

He didn't seem too broken up over his brother's death if he was a twin.  Maybe a clone or the new Marvel universe version of a Life Model Decoy?


Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: May 8, 2014, 06:15 PM »
I stopped today and nothing at my B&N either.  I also don't need to be buying but $10 for an Alien and I'd probably be in.


Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: May 7, 2014, 09:55 AM »
Wow, that's kind of an interesting place to find them.  I wonder if the buyer for B&N is a fan?  It may be worth me swinging by my store this week just to take a look.


I think there are, or have been, a couple companies that released the modular walls you're talking about, Jesse.  I know one of the releases, maybe more, was done for the Gundam collectors in mind and the Transformers fans bought into it.  But, yeah, I've seen guys use them as backdrops for taking photos and they work with 3.75" figures up to Deluxe, maybe even Leader class TF stuff. 

It doesn't even have to be that fancy, I've seen excellent dio stories that printed a sci-fi type wall on regular paper and glued it to foam core to make walls and floors and it looked fine.

I can enjoy a good dio as much as anyone, but I'm personally more of a playset guy and that's the turning point in the arguments that I've had before.  Hasbro is a toy company that makes playsets, or made them in the past anyway, while what a lot of guys on the forums want are dios even though they pay lip service to the "playset" idea.  That Bespin set?  I love that thing!

I'm not completely opposed to 3D printed stuff.  Sean Huxter, who is a 12" GI Joe (mainly Adventure Team) collector, has recently been printing some AT themed accessory sets for his figures that have the feel of the vintage stuff released by Hasbro.  Just updated for the modern world.  The stuff turned out really well and looks great but it's mostly one offs or maybe a short run for a couple of friends.  And they're small, he's not doing trees or large wall pieces, he did a bazooka and a flight backpack, that type of thing.  There's also a guy that did a 3.75" scale AT Mobile Support Vehicle that's nice but for the cost of a low run piece like that, I'm not really in.

There's definitely a market for both playsets and dios as well as new figures and toys like what Marauder just pulled off or what Acid Rain and Boss Fight Studios are working on, but the key is finding the right market and getting people to buy in.  When it comes to Star Wars specifically, I think the market is so fractured it would be hard to find a large group to get in on one or two characters if we're talking figures and I think it gets narrower when you start talking playsets and dios.  I mean, how many carded collectors are out there, are they going to be in the market for a dio when they have no loose figures?

I think 3D printing could be really incredible going forward, but I feel like it eventually will be more in the model of people that want dios and custom pieces investing in a printer and downloading plans, or making them, and printing them at home or, like Jesse mentioned, ordering online rather than backing kickstarters.  I'd rather have a printer and make my own stuff than throw $50 to a guy in Australia to print me a tree.  I live in the woods, if I want a tree I can take a saw for a walk...


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: 24
« on: May 6, 2014, 11:12 AM »
I watched this last night and thought it was pretty good.  I know when 10:00 rolled around and knew I'd have to wait another week to see more I was pretty agitated. 

I've missed seeing Yvonne Strahovski on a weekly TV show so it was good to have her on 24, but I don't know where they're going with her character and 24 does have a track record for doing some kinda stupid things with certain characters (pretty much anything to do with Kim).  Chloe's turn is kinda interesting, nothing in her CTU character ever suggested she'd go goth, though and the comparison to Dragon Tattoo seems kinda spot on.

Bratt and Donovan's characters are new.  I think it was just Jack, Chloe and the Heller's coming back so far.  I would definitely geek over an Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower) cameo though.


Joe Defender / Re: 2014 Club Membership Figures/Vehicle
« on: May 2, 2014, 02:43 AM »
Yeah, Cross Country really turned out well.  I got my package Wednesday with Cross Country the HAVOC and 12" accessory set and my free figure came also, in it's own box.

I'm really happy with all of it.  I didn't open CC yet but I put the HAVOC together and it's a solid toy. 

I also think the Man of Action turned out really well.  My figure has great joints, the ******* is nice and the uniform fit well.  I've had a couple QC issues with the 12" figs in the past but this one is rock solid.  It makes the price tag for all of it seem a little better but that was still a lot of scratch for this year's lot.


I just got an email from Marauder that they're going to offer two additional accessory sets even though they didn't get unlocked during the run.

Four things with the Marauder Kickstarter; the G.I. Joe guys are a mixed bag of the cheapest collectors and those that don't seem to have an upper limit on expenditures.  Star Wars can be like that but it always seemed more extreme to me with the Joe guys.  The guys that'll buy at top dollar, those are the guys funding this.  The funding level works out to an average of $204 per backer.  While there are SW guys that'll pony up, I don't think a SW kickstarter would get a $200+ average.  Besides, all those accessories and extra figs in different decos increased the desire to pay more to unlock stretch goals, the Death Star didn't have any stretch goals and the Ewok Space trees had a $50 price before you got anything while Marauder gave you a figure w/ accessories at a $19 donation.

Second, and probably the most important thing, Marauder has a legit manufacturing company lined up to do these figures plus they were designed by pros, Boss Fight Studios, who have worked on Hasbro products and do work for the Joe Club.  Marauder already manufactures accessories with a known quality to them.  The Star Wars dios that I think you're talking about, Jesse, are being 3D printed by guys "in their basement."  Meaning, not professional manufacturing.  I'm not inclined to offer money to someone that's not in manufacturing and probably doesn't really get what all goes into it.  My impression, Marauder is doing retail quality manufactured toys while the SW dios are garage kits.

Kickstarter is the third thing.  Marauder has been there before and Kickstarter is the popular site for this type of thing.  The SW dios got funded but they used Indiegogo...I'd never heard of that site until Yakface started advertising the sets.  I don't know what their reach is, but that may have had something to do with it.

Finally, dios.  There is a segment of SW collectors that want dios, but I've always said that it's not as big as some people think.  I've had that argument with Chewie a couple times, especially on the playset vs dio angle.  Marauder is making generic military action figures that fit in with G.I. Joe collections and are playable toys.  A 3D printed dio may look good on a shelf but it won't interact with your existing fleet of vehicles and they're specific to displaying, usually, a certain type of figure.  Generic figures?  They go anywhere in a collection you want to put them.

I can't think of anything Star Wars related that could hit Kickstarter or the Indiegogo site that I'd back.  If Hasbro ever went the way Mattel did to get Castle Greyskull funded by offering pre-orders, and they were doing an amazing Death Star playset (not dio) or maybe Sandcrawler, I might be in.  But 3d printed?  No thanks.


I ended up backing the Marauder Kickstarter.  It's the first time I've done it but after they unlocked a couple of the stretch goals, especially for the Spec Ops figure, I wanted in.  I donated at the price that gets you 3 figures and then threw on an extra $30 for two stretch options.  I'll get the Spec Ops figure but I'm not positive what else, either one of the other figures or an accessory set.  I'll make that call when the survey goes out.

I've been eyeballing the Acid Rain stuff but don't think I'll get into any of it.  Price is the main reason but also space, I can't be adding new vehicles to the collection at this point. 

I also haven't picked up the Hiya Toys Alien either.  I kinda want one but I more want the Colonial Marines figures.  I should probably bite the bullet on the Alien just to help show that there's interest so they keep going.


LEGO / Re: Simpsons
« on: April 26, 2014, 03:10 AM »
My Target put out a shelf hanger full of these either today or late Thursday.  There were a lot of them there but there were some scattered around so someone had been going through them.  I didn't bother to pick any up, I'm not really a Simpsons fan.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: X-Men/Wolverine Movies
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:53 PM »
If it was just the director I would probably skip this film but I'm thinking about the half dozen or more actors and actresses that are in this that I like.  It's a story I want to see, written by a guy I trust with actors that I respect... So? IDK.  I'm probably still going to go see it.


I'm pretty happy with about 8 of them, better than FSS2.  I'm really psyched for Alpine, Bombstrike and I can't wait to see Vypra.  I hope they keep that steady-gun with Repeater that they used in last year's Con set, the one that originally came with the POC IG figures. 

I'm pretty much sold on the set, I just don't know how to pay for it.  I'm debating going for the whole thing or picking and choosing.  Ultimately if I get Alpine, Bombstrike and Repeater (hinging on accessories) I could probably live without the rest if I had to. 


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