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Modern Trading / SW Micro Trades?
« on: March 27, 2005, 06:53 PM »
Hi, looking for more Star Wars Micro's. Anyone have any they are willing to trade? I have a large army of military micros, and many other fine micromachines. Anyone Have anything?

Well, i have all the peices in a big board, currently working on making some diorama's. Also looking to sell off some military micro machines, for some star wars ones. Any one interested? I don't have a digital camera, so no pic's... yet.
Some diorama ideas:
Battle of Endor(Space
Battle Of Endor(Ground)
Battle of Hoth
Death Star Battle
Battle of Naboo Plains
Battle of Theed.
Also, i though of doing some scenes from the hit game, Star Wars Battlefront.

Hi i'm new to the board. Really into Star Wars Micros.
I have well over 200 star wars micro machines.
Take a look at what i have named my "Katana Fleet" for a ground/space assault.
10x AAT
5x MTT
3x Sith Infaltrator
25x Battledroids
1x Darth Maul
16x Kaadu
6x Fambaa's
12x Falumpeast with Cart
24x Gungans
1x Boss Nass
1x Jar Jar
30x AT-ST
15x AT-AT
30x TIE fighter
36x TIE Interceptor
24x TIE Bomber
6x TIE advanced
9x Super Star Destoryers
36x Star Destoryer
27x Skipray Blastboat
6x Republic Cruisers
3x Flash Speeders
6x Gian Speeders
9x Naboo Starfighters
9x A-wings
18x Escort Frigate
15x Imperial Landers
9x Imperial Shuttles
6x Imperial Probe Bot
27x Mon Cal. Cruisers
30x Blockade Runners
9x Rebel Cruisers
20x Rebel Transports
40x Speeder Bikes
21x Snowspeeders
21x X-wing
24x Y-wing
40x Stormtroopers
30x Rebel troopers
25x TIE pilots
10x Imperial Officers
20x Pilots(Rebel)
3x Death Stars
numerous other figures.

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