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HK-47? Any refrence shots?


Here's a detailed drawing of him...


And here's how he actually ends up looking in the game...


And just for fun, here's the original conceptual drawing of him.


I'm looking to make the game version of him. Some of the parts I'm working with are a Grievous bodyguard, the new GI Joe Overkill figure, and a saga Death Star droid.

Actually, this might be a fun group project...I can post my progress, and suggestions can be made by you guys...kind of how Master Phruby does from time to time.


Thanks, CHEWIE!

Those Agen Kolar robes are awesome. I went to Wal-Mart today and picked up three more Kolars just for the robes.  And two more clones. I think I need an intervention. ;D

Still no Clone Commanders, though.  >:(


Yeah, I'm going to go broke just on the custom fodder from this line!

I agree with all the possibilities you pointed out, SLC. Plus I think I'm going to incorporate parts of the Grievous bodyguards into HK-47 from KOTOR I and II. I've been wanting to finish that one for a while now.


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Some Other Customs
« on: April 3, 2005, 11:23 PM »
Looking good DD! Glad to see you made it here and this section is getting some more action! ;D

That Wookiee looks great! and so do all the Ithorinas, the blue one is a bit different....   ;) I think it would look a little better if you dulled it and toned it down a bit. I like the idea but he seems to bright.

You have any shots of the Black wook?

Thanks for the welcome, SLC! Anybody who's got a Ron Burgundy quote on his posts is aces in my book!

This will probably be my new "customs" hangout. I'll still pop in over at RS, but recent events there have left a bad taste in my mouth. Besides, I like the backgrounds on my posts here better; I find Navy blue soothing.  :D

I tend to agree with you on the Blue Ithorian being too bright. I went with Blue because the ones in KOTOR looked sort of gray-blue, and I kind of dug it. I'm going to give him a gray wash, and then spray him with some dullcote. I only wish I had Chewie's skill when it came to dry-brushing.

As soon as I take some new pics, I'll get one of the black wookiee up. In the meantime, here's a few others I have.

Here's a sniper scout trooper from BATTLEFRONT. This one involved the cutting, repositioning, and sculpting of the limbs.


Some rebel generals. In case you can't tell, I like Quarren and Trandoshans quite a bit for customs.  ;D

A VOTC field stormtrooper, and a Clone soldier from the Jabiim campaign. The clone started out as a white trooper, then I added the green ranking, which turned out well. Then I decided to try to detail the figure with a pen like Ricky UK does, and I ruined the figure. Some white touch-up and some dirtying up, and voila!

Finally, some Cantina trash! An Ugnaught (Yoxgit, perhaps?) and a Trandoshan thug. The Trandoshan was initially inspired by one Lance Quazar used in his interactive photonovel, and while digging up the parts he used in my fodder bin, I came up with this guy. He's shirtless...a little something for the ladies!  ::) This was also my first attempt at a CHEWIE style paint job...I think it turned out okay.

There! That oughta liven up this forum a bit!


Daddy like, Daddy like indeed. Now I just need to find a few spare red ones, and I'll make one. :)

Very good job. You paid good attention to detail on the black, I see. I'm thinking the cape would look even better if you starched it. :)


Yeah, we'll definitely be seeing a lot of these in the days ahead. I'm going to make Carnor Jax as well, once I find a few more of these guys.

I like your idea of starching the cape. I was already playing around with it, folding it into various "action" poses. Not sure which I'll go with yet, but I'll post pics when I do...and when I finish his head for the "unmasked" version.

Thanks for the kind words.


Since I'm new here, I thought I'd throw up a few more customs. Comments, criticism, and suggestions are of course, are welcome. High praise will also be accepted.  ;D

First, a Quarren Jedi.

Next, a Shistavanen Jedi and his Nikto Padawan.

An ARC Commander inspired by the Clone Wars cartoon, along with one of the jetpack clones from Battlefront.

An Ithorian Jedi. He's blue 'cause I felt like being a contrarian.

K'kruhk, as he appeared in Jedi: Windu. Gotta love Jan Duursema's stuff.

An Ithorian merchant. I love these guys.

A Trandoshan pilot. One of my favorites.

A Chadra Fan Jedi. I think there was one in the NJO series, although this one isn't based on that character, since I don't know what that character looked like.

Baniss Keeg.

Ithorian peasant. I think I stole this idea from CHEWIE.

Jaster Mereel. I added the backpack because I felt like it. He still needs his cape, though.

Another view of Jaster. I'm especially pleased with the belt, it's really accurate to the reference pic.

A Trandoshan Merc.

Whatta Wookiee!!! I may add more to this guy.

Clone Special Ops. Added 5/5/05.

Kir Kanos. Easiest custom ever.

There's a lot more, but these are the pictures I have right now. I'll update as I take more.


This took about a half hour to do, not including dry time.

I've got him pictured with a Grievous bodyguard staff here, because I didn't want to fish out my old Kir Kanos. (Which will be recycled soon, probably into a Gand.)


Whatta ya think?


   All right...I finished a script, and as a reward to myself, started my new Kir Kanos figure.

   I'll post a pic as soon as it's finished. Probably tonight. Hasbro made this the easiest custom in the world...


   I'd like to get more of the RS gang over kills me when I pop on the site and there aren't a ton of updates for me to peruse!  ;)

   Well, I hit about ten stores starting at midnight last night and going until about ten this morning. (With a break between two and seven to watch Clone Wars with my partner in crime Ryan.) I picked up multiples of all the Jedi for customs, a few red guards and a few blue, and ten clones. I wasn't going to get that many clones right off because I like to make sure most fans get a shot at them, but there were so many falling off the racks around here, I didn't even make a dent.

   Oddly enough, I only found one clone pilot and no clone commanders. Crap-cakes!

   I passed (for now) on the Grievious variations, the ships, and the beast packs. Gotta draw the line somewhere, and I know these will be abundantly clearanced come summer.

   I also picked up the carrying case at Wal-Mart, and despite my reservations, the Early Bird kit and the Lava Vader from Target.  I got most of my stuff at TRU though, because they had the prices low enough to compete, and if they're going to bring it close, then I'd rather they have my money than the unholy juggernaut that is Wal-Mart.

   In any case, I'm dying to customize some ranked clones and a few Jedi, but I may have to wait until later this week. I've got a lot of work due on Monday I've thus far neglected to further cement my place in this world as George Lucas' b*tch.   ;D

   How about you guys?


I'm gonna be all over Jedi customs with the excellent Kit Fisto body that's part of this new collection. Plus, Zett Jukassa is going to make for some great younger Padawans.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to the Royal Guards, as some parts from them will be used for some KOTOR style Mandalorians I've wanted to do for a while, and pieces of the Neimoidian Warrior and Mustafar sentry will be good for various fringer, scum and villainy types.

Oh yeah--first post! Thanks for telling me about this place, CHEWIE!


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