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Wow, I haven't been to this thread in over a year... maybe I'll update it just for old times sake. :D

I've been making a lot of Mando's lately, but dammit, every time I finish a Karen Traviss book I just go crazy for these little scamps.  :grin:

I modeled this guy (at least in paint scheme) after a Mando seen adjusting the electronics on his helmet in Karen Traviss' Mando article in Star Wars Insider. Since he was only shown from the shoulders up, I took some liberties with the rest of him.

Helmet/Body: Mando/Omega Squad Multi-Pack
Kama: Indiana Jones German Motorcycle Soldier
Belt: Hem Dazon & a holster from a BBI Military Figure
Boots: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Steeler

Hope you like!


Hey Kliqfan. The braids on the Wook came from a Street Fighter Cammy figure.

All right...I have a lot of new stuff, but haven't gotten pics yet...but here's a look at my finished Aiwha squad.

From left to right: Tyto, Sarge, Di'kut and Zag.

I am pretty burnt out on Commandos, so this will be my last for awhile...but I had to complete the Squad.  :D


I'm in.  All I need to do is learn how to sculpt.   ;D


You and me both, buddy. You and me both.  ;)


All right; this is Rykrof Enloe when we first met him, during the events of The Phantom Menace:

Here is Rykrof roughly ten years later during the Clone Wars. Note that the turmoil in the galaxy has kept our hero from updating his do. He wears his hair in the same, parted in the middle style that he did 10 years before:

Here is Rykrof in roughly the first year of the Clone Wars. Although he is sporting a rugged, manly beard, he still clings to the hairstyle of his youth. Time is passing him by. Although his beloved Alyssa loves him deeply, she wishes he would update his look. Oh yeah...and that the war would end, probably.

Here is Rykrof flung 24 years in the future, during the invasion of Hoth. Older, yes...grayer...still sporting his Van-**** and, I'll wager, still parting his hair down the middle.


Obtain a Rykrof Enloe head. With whatever meager materials you have at your disposal, sculpt Rykrof a new hairstyle...something that takes this poor hero out of the BBY's and will take him into the ABY's and beyond. We will cast the three best heads and send them to Chewie, so that he might have a variety of looks for our intepid hero.

Mowhawk? Buzzcut? The "Rachel" from "Friends?" It's all up to you...but please...this man has had the same hairstyle for over a decade, and it's time for EXTREME GALACTIC MAKEOVER!!!  :grin:


Thanks for the compliments, guys! As always, I appreciate the feedback.

Here's a few I cranked out tonight, nothing really major here. Just a few part swaps and some minor painting. I just set out to make some background characters, but actually came up with a story for these guys while making them. Who knows if I'll ever sit down and write it, but it does exist in my head.  :D  Anyway, on to the customs:

Venn Darrik, a high-rolling Arconan smuggler. Spends most of his time pretending to be tipsy, although his glass is never filled with actual alchohol when gambling. Just a ruse, really...

Venn's protocol droid. Just trying to make use of the extra C-3PO's I have from all the Ilum packs I bought. Enhanced photoreceptors let him stand innocuously at a distance, reading Venn's opponents cards and letting him know if he should fold via the small comm implanted in Venn's auditory canal.

And finally, because sometimes you get caught "adjusting the odds", Venn's Wookiee bodyguard, Chumossh. Again, needed to find a use for a figure I have a lot of. A short fuse and a lot of weapons tend to keep opponents at bay.

Like I said, nothing too complicated, just fooling around, but I hope you like them. I should have some more elaborate work up this weekend.


Hey JJ,

I always appreciate when you take the time to comment on my latest customs; I know how busy you are so it's always nice to hear from you, especially since you're one of the people who gives the most extensive critiques.

As far as the EU, I'm doing characters I enjoy. That's why I started out doing some characters from Zahn's work; the Sharad I put together not because he even cracks my top 50 favorite characters, but because I had done his son A'Sharad, so I figured I should do the old man as well. It was so easy it's hardly even a custom in my mind, but there you go.

His saber is a gtg sculpt from Jedi Master Ben, and made it into the pic not because it looks like Sharad's saber, but because it was nearby and I was too lazy to go to the fodder bins in the garage and fish out another one.  :P

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face at Celebration IV!


PPD's going to C4, right? He better be...he owes me a beer!


So how long is it until you attempt your masterpiece...a 3.75 Ruprecht the Monkey Boy custom? (Genital Cuff sold separately.)

 ;D ;D ;D ;D


Dressel: Thanks for the kind words; I really like the Wookiee Warrior as well, and Wooks in general. I have one more Wook that will be posted this week. Not much of a custom, more of accessorizing really, but I hope you'll like it as well. Maybe I should post a pic of all my wookiees together...

EUCustomMan: Sounds like you were looking for the silver lining in that story like I was. That Ugnaught Jedi WAS pretty keen.

Here's a Sith Lord I've been working on; I really liked the original concept drawing of Kit Fisto which imagined him as a Sith Lord, so once I got the excellent Sao Feng body, I had to give a Nautolan Sith a go:

I didn't want to go with a pure white on the skin; I wanted it to look really dry and necrotic, as if it hadn't seen moisture in a long while and was being corrupted by the dark side. Accordingly, you can see some of the veins in his head as the corruption takes it's toll on his flesh. It looks creepier in person, the flash washes out some detail and this was the best picture I could get. I also had to try to come up with some sort of approximation of Sith eyes on a different species...I actually like how they came out.

One thing I'm not happy with is the red band around his hanging tentacle, so I'll be changing it. Other than that, I've hit an empasse; not sure if he's done, I may revisit him a bit later.

All right, I challenged myself to make an EU custom every two weeks for the next few months. Some of you may remember I started off with Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Previous page.)

Well, it's week 2 and I'm nowhere close to finishing Joruus C'Baoth...but, I still need an EU custom, right? So here's a quick one anyone can do:

The "Tusken" Jedi, Sharad Hett. With Hasbro's new VTSC Tusken Raider, this one is really simple. I just repainted the tunic, removed the soft goods, and used the lower portion of an Obi-Wan Clone Wars tunic, trimmed to fit. A little drydrushing with a lighter blue to being out the detail, and voila! Instant Sharad.


I haven't read all the CWA books, so I'm not sure if AIWHA squad is the group that gets wiped out, or if it's another squad...I'll have to find out. In the story I read they were rescuing women and children, and they bring a kid back to their Jedi general, assuring him he'll be safe...then order 66 comes down and they gun the jedi down in front of the kid, Pretty grim.

I know in one CWA book there's a lame story of HALO Commandos, and their parachutes amount to umbrellas that they hold on to. (As if that would support the weight of their armor.) It's really terrible and they look like Mary freakin' Poppins, and they thankfully get killed, except for their leader. It's a laughable story...


Have you read the NJO books? Saba is in them a lot as a secondary character. NJO is a great series of books, you should read them if you haven't yet. In the novels they always mention that the litle jedi children are all afraid of Saba...which is kind of funny because she is a loving mother to many children  :D

The last NJO book I read was Vector Prime, I know I have alot of catching up to do.

It took me a long time to read past Vector Prime too...all that mourning for Chewie kept me away from the NJO for a bit.  :'(

Awesome work as always, EUCustomman. I always look forward to whatever obscure alien race you're going to immortalize. Do you sculpt in wax and then cast the figures in resin? And do you have a pressure pot, because the casts you make are flawless...


12 a ghost town around here. Let me move these tumbleweeds out of the way...

There we go!

Here's a Wookiee Warrior I've been fussing over for two weeks...I think I'm finally satisfied with him:

I added the armor to the shoulder, and the crest to the helmet, as well as the dreadlocks in the back, and the long braids. I may add another dreadlock or two, but I'm pretty happy with him now.

Here's another commando, Sarge from AIWHA squad:

And one to show off the knee articulation:

AIWHA Squad is featured in one of those CLONE WARS ADVENTURES books. The art is terrible and the story is pretty basic, but I liked the designs of these guys, and I'm always looking to make more commando squads, so there you go. I do need to add some web gear to his waist, but haven't found the exact parts I want yet. If someone ever makes a decent cast of a removable commando helmet, I'll customize all their heads, but in the meantime...what you see is what you get.  :wink:

I'll probably have a few more customs done before the weekend's over, so stay tuned!


Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

Korbra: A full squad pic will definitely make it's way on here. Thanks for the encouragement!

Here's one I've wanted to do for awhile that I finally got around to:

I was never happy with Hasbro's Thrawn, as he was not very poseable, and had a terrible, blobby looking head sculpt. I always imagined Thrawn as more lean and chiseled, and so with Colonel Yularen being a pretty close body match, threw this together.

The head is from a VvV Duke figure. I tried to paint the eyebrows so that they gave him a haughty expression. The epaulets came from the new Admiral Norrington Pirates figure (and I'm dying to use Sao Feng for Sith customs!) It's hard to tell in the pictures, but his hair is black with a dark blue drybrush that adds a little more detail.

I also plan to eventually make him a nutrient frame backpack to hold the ysalamiri.


Can you freakin' believe I have not updated this thread since 6.24.06?!?

Some of you know me, and some of you are probably "meeting" me for the first time; I used to be really active on Jedidefender and Rebelscum up until about 7 months ago, when working two jobs really came down hard on my free time and kept me out of the customs hobby for awhile. I'm just starting to get back into it, and am attempting my hand at some new projects including sculpting. Here's what I've made in the last week:

Like a lot of you, I really like the Republic Commando's, and have decided to build a few custom squads; this is the first, a demolitions expert who likes to experiment with turning existing munitions into bigger and better implements of destruction. His varied levels of success and his uncanny luck at sabacc have earned him the nickname "Wildcard."

Basically just a Scorch  repaint with some custom gear, but like I said, I'm getting back into this slowly. I do plan on articulating his knees and feet like I have other Commando customs. This pic was taken before I "fogged" his visor.

Sev is modified from Hasbro's multipack, with the obvious knee and ankle articulation added, some subtle weathering, and a kit-bashed Sniper rifle.

I may yet weather the rifle a bit, but I figure Sev takes good care of his kit.  :D I also will probably add some numbers to his ammo counter.

Here's another member of my custom RC squad, their Sniper, Rayth.

Rayth is an interesting addition to Theta Squad, and somewhat of a dichotomy, as he is not only a proficient sniper and clone with the highest kill ratio in the Squad, but his knowledge of different species anatomy (the better to kill them) also makes him an exceptional field medic.

In one issue of insider, they had pics of Omega Squad, and one of them had a paint scheme just like "Boss" only in blue. Here's my take on that:

And a little action shot. I was bored.  ;)

And finally, the leader of my custom squad, Grail. (I haven't made a slicer for the squad yet, but it's coming.)

I realize these are all clones, but I have some non-clone stuff in the works. I'll post non-clone work soon.  Oh, and I owe two board members customs still; I haven't forgotten. If you're one of them, drop me a line and remind me what the hell I'm supposed to be doing for you. :D


I hear Madonna and Angelina Jolie came to blows while each trying to purchase those Jawa children.  ;)

Great work as awlays, eucustom man. Glad to see you have time to crank out some truly amazing work!


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