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All right, here's a few new customs I churned out today while watching TV:

Tomarr Mohr

The third Ithorian Jedi I've done, including Roronn Corobb, who I'm updating today. I considered using the new Momaw Nadon sculpt, but the head is a lot larger and didn't fit the base as well as the original version. The leather piece comes from a bunch of leather remnants I picked up at Michaels to add a little soft goods flair to my Wookiee Warriors and Jedi.

Head: POTF Momaw Nadon
Torso/Arms: Saesee Tinn
Legs/Hands: POTF Momaw Nadon
Robe: Naboo Qui-Gon

Kor Vaako

A Shistavanen Rogue, and the "man" to see on Nar Shadda if you're looking to move some product without paying tribute to the local Hutt crimelords. The wrists are attached so that they swivel.

Head/Hands/Legs: Lak Sivrak
Torso/Arms: Hem Dazon
Coat: Elan Sleazebaggano

ARC Trooper

I always liked the image of the ARC Trooper on Muunilist, from the Clone Wars cartoon, firing his rocket launcher, so I wanted to have an ARC with that same weapon. I finally found a suitable launcher from an old ALIENS figure, I also trimmed away the plastic kama and gave the ARC a black leather one for enhanced poseability.

Body: EE Blue Clone Trooper
Pauldron/Kama: #33 Green Clone Commander
Launcher: Kenner ALIENS Hicks figure
Base: Danger Girl Natalia Kassle with rocks added from hobby store train supplies.

If nothing interrupts me, I should have a few more today, and some updates to older versions...


Hey guys,

I kind of like the hood too; I think with a little detailing it will turn out okay. I did have to superglue it to his head though, to get the right shape.

I would have liked to update this weekend, but a splitting migraine kept me out of action the last two days. I worked on a few things tonight though, so new pics this week.


So I'm working on a "Senate Speech" Palpatine, since Hasbro's version sucks donkey. I've assembled the pieces and done the basic painting:

So my question is, where do I go from here? The picture washed out a little detail, but basically he's just got the base coat...I'm not sure what details to add, colors to drybrush with, etc.



Hey D_N,

I really like the parts usages you come up with for these's very imaginative and they end up being really cool designs. I may want to use a few of these in the future. I'm especially fond of the soldier with the Commando helmet...I wouldn't have thought it would look good on another body, but you pulled it off nicely.

Like Fritzkrieg, though, I have to say they look more like freedom fighters than members of the GAR or the Empire.

If I had to offer one criticism though, it would have to be the paint on the faces. These guys always look grimy to me, and for some reason it really bothers me. It looks less like camo or warpaint than just grease, and I think they'd strike my fancy a bit more if it at least looked like Camo paint.


Phruby: Thanks for the props. I was lucky enough to do some trading with Ryan so I have some really great casts from him, which you'll no doubt see pop up in a few future customs. I even got his excellent Ben Quadrineros kit, which should be fun to do, espcially with Mars Guo and Dud Bolt coming out this year. I really wish they'd make Ratts Tyerell...he's my favorite podracer (R.I.P.) and he'd be cool fodder for that  Jedi in REPUBLIC that's the same species.

Not sure what you're referring to on the Neyo re: his bandolier, but here's the reference I was working from:

Was the final film version different?

Darth Ennis: You have indeed seen the Mando before a few pages back, I was just posting him again to show I'd fogged his visor as some suggested, and I think he looks a lot better that way.

I'll try to be here as much as I can, in between work and my two big projects, landscaping the back yard and cleaning out the garage. I'm selling a lot of my toy collection (no Star Wars, just old Marvel, DC and McFarlane stuff) so it's a big project. The upshoot is with all the extra room in the garage I'll be able to set up a workbench so I can really crank out the customs and do some casting!


Dutch Vander sleeps with the mynocks.

Another great corpsified trooper, Fritz. I can't get enough of these guys. (But something tells me you're not going to stop these anytime soon!)

I also love the Baron Fel, very close to the Bradstreet reference. Although now that Chewie mentioned it, I must find that soldier figure so I can make a Kiefer Sutherland Jedi Knight... ;D



I still wasn't over his death in the series, Chewie...why must you pour salt in old wounds?!  :P

DRAB FEEST: I think the EU body works great...this guy is so interesting, he at least deserves a line in the series, even if it's just giving Rykrof directions to the can. The ribbed shirt looks really good, and sets him apart from so many other background aliens. The color choices are perfect, and the drybrushing, as always, is spot-on.

CHEEDO: My favorite. You are really working those Momaw and Garindon parts...I can't blame you, they're great fodder. Cheedo looks great, just a perfect example of a fringer in the SW Universe. I have to make one of these now, but I want you to paint it.  ;) Hint, hint.

BORACCA: Looks good, I like how massive he is! Sniff...he lived his life like a candle in the wind...sob...


Thanks guys! Hopefully things will slow down a bit so I can get back on track...I've got about fifty PM's waiting to be answered alone!  ;)

Quazar: The dio flooring comes from a Pegasus Hobbies "Technobridge" set. They're about 20 minutes from my work, and are where I get my customizing supplies, but they manufacture a lot of exclusive gaming supplies for miniature enthusiasts. Although most of those are too small for use with SW figures, the technobridge is a good size and you can buy multiples and extend the bridge as you see fit. You can check out their website here:

The set comes in black, but as you can see I added the rust and weathering details to make it more realistic. It came out really nice. I bought a few other sets from them to use as greeblies on vehicles and possibly a Separatist base dio, if I ever find the time!

I did manage to throw this guy together over the course of the last week:

The head is from one of Bantha5's excellent casts. The body is a Target clone, with styrene strips for the bandolier...I still need to add the buckle, but he's basically done. The shoulder pad is cut from an AT-TE gunners pauldron.


Well, it's been over a month (!!) since I last updated, and I haven't even had time to pop in for more than a few minutes over the last month...I've been extremely busy with work the last month and the only free time I've had, I chose to go out to dinner or a movie to keep from going mad!

I am working on some stuff this weekend, so hopefully I'll have something new to show off Sunday night...but in the meantime, here's that Mando with the visor modification, standing on a bridge I've been making for a diorama...

Until later!


Saga Collection '06 / Re: TRU Exclusive Endor AT-AT
« on: June 10, 2006, 04:19 AM »
AT-AT's were like flyshit in 1998, Artoo...  Hills, Ames, KB, and TRU all had them on clearance at the time.  Some of those stores were regional but KB and TRU had them in PILES.  I got like 4 AT-AT's ranging in price from $20 to $30...  Same with the FX X-Wing. 

That was a good time for custom fodder and army building. I picked up 5 AT-ATs clearanced at $20 each, plus a bunch of expanded Universe ships, Rontos and Dewbacks for $3-5.

For all those who want to wait for these to go clearance though...remember THAT is a big reason we're not going to see any new ships from Hasbro. Everybody bides their time and waits for the clearance price...Hasbro thinks there's no market for ships...and those who waited but miss grabbing them at clearance end up paying even more than the original retail price a year later to a "dealer..."


That's right...because Phruby and I are wise, wise men.   :P


Jello should be vegetable-free. The middle east has been at war for centuries because one of the tribes of Israel brought Jello with celery in it to a potluck. Religion has just become a convenient excuse.

Phruby: This is an interesting way to make molds, I think I may borrow some of these ideas in the future.  Can't wait to see how your Commando comes out.


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Roton's Customs
« on: May 23, 2006, 03:30 AM »
Now I'm not sure I care. The figure can't possibly measure up to the pre-pic posting hype.  :P


Great update! Makes me yearn for the day I can do one of my own...

KASHYYYK SCOUTS: Even though they're not "film accurate" these look really, really keen. The weathering and drybrushing on these is top notch, and the color selection goes great together.

GOFORPAPAPALPATINE: A much needed improvement, but I still am not a fan of this figure or his awkward pose. Looks like Zombie Palpatine...put those overly long arms out and make him go "braaaaaaaiiiiins"...

TRIBBEL SHELL: Great name, and a really fun custom. I really like civilians, and this guy is quite spiffy in his bright red dude. The boots look good as well, and the straps are a nice touch. The paint app on his head is perfection itself.

ORA TELLE AND KOLLEN MANE: Nice updates to these two, but will Hasbro EVER get around to making a security body that isn't a hunchback? You did a nice job of disguising the base figures flaws though...nice work!

RYKROF AND TYLIN "BOOTLICKER" GERE: Much improved versions to the originals from so long ago, if only because you abandoned those security bodies. These look really good, I like how the rebel-esque jackets give them an immediate appearance of higher rank. Tylin's still a self-serving jackass, though.  :P

XIZOR: Great paint app on the robes, and a good choice of color. He almost looks a little plain though...not as flamboyant as the Xizor we've seen before, but maybe since he's not a Vigo yet? Also, wasn't Xizor in Black Sun because Vader killed a bunch of his people, or was he already in Black Sun when that happened? I can't remember.

BROTH TELLER: Phenomenal job on the paint app on this guys head; great colors and detail. Again you show us why you're the drybrushing master! Great update!

Oh yeah...Tylin's a jerk.   ;D


One can never have enough epoxy, for sculpting, or just correcting an area where you accidentally punch a hole through while dremeling. (It's happened a few times...)  :P


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