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I could have been there too.

Sad thing, JJ, my buddy Mike just called me up...and he found 6 more that he wants to split with me. That'll put me at 21. I'm gaining on you.  ;D

Of course, your infantry will be a little larger, since I'll end up customizing a few of those... :P


I stopped at 5 loose Sand Stormies. Once I switched the pauldrons around, I didn't have much cause for any more.

I'm nearing 20 VTSC Biker Scouts though...can't help myself...must seek help...


The Legacy Collection / Re: Fan's Choice Returns
« on: July 11, 2006, 01:30 AM »
Well, personally I voted for Vos, but I had a few friends who voted for Revan, and two who voted for Bastila, so this sounds about right. Carnor Jax isn't a surprise by any means, but I welcome him anyway. I'm glad to see the EU getting some major play rather than another line of Tatooine Luke, Cantina Han, and Vader. It'll sell as well as any SW line does in a non-movie year.

Let's face it, there's plenty of movie figures warming the pegs as we speak. The majority of kids have moved on until the next SW event rekindles their interest, so it's the collectors time now.

As for not doing Revan right by not offering multiple's Revan hidden by the Sith armor. If you want to make Revan match your game character, start customizing! I know I will be.

The whole Dustin thing seems like a real controversy, but since I haven'y followed any of it, I don't really have anything to add...

Vos rules!


He's wearing bellbottoms!  ;D

Seriously, this is a great custom figure, Ripley. The blending of parts and sculpting look great, and the eyes really capture that cartoon feel. We don't see enough customs from you 'round these parts, so an update is always welcome...especially when it's as cool as this.


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CHEWIE's CUSTOMS updated 7.07.06
« on: July 7, 2006, 04:59 PM »
Can't wait to see the upgraded PN, Chewie...but I'm chomping at the bit for a new chapter as well!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Darthfloyd's Customs
« on: July 2, 2006, 05:25 PM »
Some very nice work, Darthfloyd.

One thing I might suggest is posting the pics here in your'll get a lot more response.

Oh, and...that Clone Wars Eeth Koth looks mighty familiar.  ;)


Sorry to hear about your lightning storm troubles, Fritz! Come back soon!

Sorry to hear about yours as well, Chewie. Things like that make me glad I live in Southern California, where all we have to worry about are massive earthquakes, poison air and the dangerous insurgency pouring over our southern border.

Um...on second a spare room?  :P


Thank you, thank you!

Chewie: Thanks for the lightsaber effect shot, it looks REALLY cool! This will be the pic I submit to the custom alliance, with the added effects!

Smarty: Zao is a character in REPUBLIC. If you get the opportunity, pick up the collected Clone Wars volumes from Barnes and Noble or your local comic shop...they're a great read (actually feel more like SW than the first two movies did, for the most part) and Zao is quite interesting. He looks at the Force quite differently than his peers.

Jedistyle: For Zao I used the Yoda body, and extended the legs a bit with the sleeve cuffs from Lak Sivrak. Thanks on the skin texture on Roronn...everything I learned about drybrushing, I learned from trying to get as good at it as Chewie.


I gotta give it up, Smarty, this is by far the most ambitious custom you've attempted yet, and it turned out great. This is easily the best figure you've done yet.

Take a bow...that verpine rocks!


Thanks guys. It's really cool that I can get feedback from such a talented peer group.

Ruprecht: Large Plex?

Darth Ennis: The rocket launcher actually comes from the Kenner Hicks figure, and works with the ARC perfectly.

And now an update...Darth Sidious over at 'Scum made a cool Master Zao, and since he's a character from REPUBLIC I've wanted to do for a long time, I just had to make one too.

The body is of course, a #3 Yoda from ROTS. The tunic is more of the leather remnants I bought; I think they're turning out REALLY well, I'm starting to understand Finswoman's appreciation for soft goods. The cuffs on the pantlegs are leftover Lak Sivrak sleeves, the lightsaber staff is from the new Momaw Nadon, and everything else is Teemto Pagalies.

A really easy custom. The only painting I did was the eyes (They're actually clouded, but the flash washed out the pale blue pupils) and the neck to match the head.


great only gripe is that the admirals head is shiny.

Yeah, but he looks kind of portly. Maybe he sweats a lot.  If you worked for Palpatine, would YOU be dry and secure?  :P


Hey Ennis,

Man, I haven't even finished all the characters I want to customize from Republic, and here you are starting on Legacy already!  ;D

I LOVE the Cade Skywalker you made. This was one of the characters I wanted to tackle in the next few weeks, and you have given me an amazing template to emulate! I think the paint on this is top notch, one of your better ones, IMO. And the scratch sculpted armor looks great! My favorite custom of yours in a long time...maybe ever.

Grand Moff Moorlish Veed also turned out really well. You're right, that Punisher head is pretty dead-on...and again, the custom sculpting you did looks awesome!

Vixen looks great, I love the leg details! You can never have enough dancing girls in the SW universe...or in real life, for that matter. Now where are my dollar bills?  ;D


I think some of us deserve credit for Chewie's massive thread, considering how much inane chatter we contribute to it.  ;D

Chewie, I like this latest batch. While mostly background characters, they all look great. I would have thought those Sahara and military heads too big for most Star Wars bodies, but you pulled them off quite well.

While it's always good to see another Rykrof, I think Kafrin is my standout favorite of this bunch. The colors go well together, and the parts choice makes him a convincing thug, doomed to low to middle management in the Badoo Corba.  ;)

Ya gots to pimp it like Trofarr if you want to move up to the big time. Oh, and in case I didn't mention it...MORE TROFARR!!!!  ;D


Ah, I am back in control of my old ID again! Thanks Chris!


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