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With all the exclusives being released for the 4" line since Midnight Madness, I thought I'd take an informal poll to see where everyone stands so far.  For the most part, I don't seem to notice the panic and hysteria here at JD that I've seen on other boards regarding many of these items, so I'm guessing most people are relatively caught up with most of them.  That wouldn't be terribly surprising though, since it seems like a lot of collectors here really go out of their way to help eachother out, which is pretty cool.  So here's my current tally so far:

Early Bird set - Yes

Lava Vader - Yes

Holographic Yoda - Yes

C3 Vader - Yes

Target Clone - No

TRU Anakin Starfighter - Yes

Kohl's Bonus figure vehicle sets - No, but not interested in them.  Not totally sure these are even Kohl's exclusives at this point though.

Did I miss any?  I really hope Hasbro slows down on the exlcusive insanity soon, since it's really a serious pain to try to keep up with them all.  The Holographic Leia is coming in a couple months, and I think I've seen rumors about more Target Clones coming in other colors.  But aside from those, I haven't heard of any other exclusives on tap so far, which is relieving.

So where does everyone else stand on these so far?  All caught up, or are some of them still eluding you?

Revenge of the Sith / Do you actually rifle through ALL the pegs?
« on: April 29, 2005, 05:01 AM »
I'm curious if you guys are becoming as jaded as I am now when it comes to finding new figures on the pegs.  I used to rifle through every single figure, on every single peg, until I'd checked every last one of them for new stuff that I was missing.  I'd go through hundreds of them over the course of several stores probably.

But nowadys, I find myself walking into a store and glancing at the fronts of the pegs, possibly flipping through several in the front, and that's it.  I've grown tired of flipping through them ALL, when the success rate of finding anything new in the depths of the pegs is about .005%.  They stock the new cases on the fronts of the available pegs, and there's plenty of collectors in my area so I know I'm not going to find any hidden treasures at the back of the pegs, so I've finally said the hell with it, and stopped wasting all of my time sifting through everything.  I still get the urge to, and wonder if I'm ever missing something new by not using the old browsing methods, but all in all I think I'm just saving myself time and unneeded stress by just avoiding the hassle altogether.

So do you guys still flip through all the figures on all the pegs?  Anyone else gotten sick of doing it like I have?

Newbies / Howdy.
« on: April 8, 2005, 02:25 AM »
Hey everyone.  Yet another disenfranchised Rebelscum reader reporting for duty.  I've been a career lurker so far, but have actually gotten up the courage to do some talking finally, since I'm rather excited about the new RotS movie and figures.  So here I am.  I was headed in this direction already, since it sounded like this is where most people were going and also due to the RS owner's rude comments over there, but thanks to CHEWIE and Lando for the personal invitations as well.

I'll probably still lurk for the most part, but I'll pop in from time to time to expound some knowledge too.  So I look forward to chatting with you guys.  Looks like a very friendly bunch here from what I've seen so far!


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