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I haven't used Oommoo, but I'd recommend letting it warm upstairs.  If that doesn't do the trick, then see how deep the hardness goes.  Try to poke through it, as maybe only some of the stuff at the top has hardened.  If that works, then toss out the hardened part and strain the rest into a new container.

I had a similar thing happen with Polytek Easyflo 60.  Both part A and B were in the same "ketchup squirter" type containers, but part A got cloudy and hardened a bit.  I just strained it with some pantyhose I borrowed from myself, into a new container.  Either something contaminated it, or it had some sort of photosensitive reaction...

You know, I always suspected that Jedi Master Ben was really John Travolta, and you've just confirmed it!

As long as Jedi Master Travolta doesn't start talking about Xenu and how good it is to boink Kelly Preston when we all can't, I'm there.

It's a Phenomenon!


I'm thinking a Han body would work best as a base, but I don't think I could pull it off.  Faces still frustrate the hell outta me. 

Someday...someday I'll make him with a Trident, fork with a cork, and separate genital cuff accessory.  For now I'll have to settle for researching genital harnesses.  If Slumber Parties sells one, I'll have my wife order it.   :-*

I based the extra armor off the ARC Trooper from the Clone Wars series.  If you look at the pics from the link below, you'll notice the chest armor is different from right to left.

ARC Trooper photos at RS

All shall be turned to the FIXIT side of the force.... all is going according to our design, in time you all will call FIXIT your sculpting medium...

 ;D ;D ;D

Was curious Ruprecht, what do you use for your mold making primarily?
Same stuff as most:  Smooth-On Smooth-Sil 920 for helmets, and Micro-Mark RTV rubber for everything else.

Thanks Brisk.

Unfortunately, I was never very good with Sculpy.  I'd sculpt a piece, boil it, and try to sculpt more on the same part, but Sculpy was too brittle and would either flake or break off. 

If I had any advice for Sculpy, I'd say:

1.  Invest in some good sculpting and/or dental tools
2.  Don't overboil the part, or it becomes way too brittle.  30 seconds is usually more than sufficient if the part is not too thick.
3.  Be patient with yourself.  It's sometimes discouraging when a slip of the hand or tool ruins a part you've worked on forever.  Just know that you WILL screw up at some point.  Roll with the punches that sculpting small stuff throws at you, and try, try again.  You won't create your masterpiece the first or even 50th time you sculpt something.
4.  Use a separate pot for boiling Sculpy. 
5.  If you try Sculpy for a month and don't find it to your liking, order some Fixit Sculpt from

ARCs ready to paint, 1 partially painted, 1 has a little Captain in him.  The headless trooper is the beginning of a Null ARC.  A lot of his accessories are the same as the other ARCs at this point, but that'll change.  Last pic is my work bench.


Not quite finished with my 4 ARCs, but here are some teaser pics:

Will Jorus C'baoth be making a cameo appearance, Depressis?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Your First custom...
« on: March 1, 2007, 12:47 AM »
I hope my painting has improved over this:

Talk about superchunky...

Probably my last update for a few days, this just takes too much time. 


Photonovels and Movies / Important Announcement
« on: January 31, 2007, 02:41 AM »

The ARC "armband" has a piece that is difficult to do.  Here's my method.  I'm thinking I could've just used a drinking straw to make the circular part cookie-cutter style, but here's the hard way in case anyone's interested.  Hindsight's always 20/20.  ;)

No probs Noodle.

The "syringe" was bought at a Hobby Lobby for 10 bucks.  It's a Sculpey product, so I'm sure you could find it elsewhere.  Here's a pic of what it looks like:


It comes with attachments that'll make circular, triangular, square, rectangular, and even 3-leaf clover beads!  Yay!  It will certainly make thinner strands.  The only drawback to using it with Fixit is it's difficult to clean.  Make sure you dip the syringe in water before you put the Fixit in.

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