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What does Silas face look like beneath the helmet?

thanks for the comments, guys!

 Under the helmet, my silas custom looks like a mangled, mutilated slave I pilot jango head. I plan in changing that soon into replacing it with a ball-jointed luke dagobah head with the hait painted black if I can find another one.

 I need somebody who can do this for me. Can anyone do this and if so, can I see pics of the result? I need my captain typho head, which is a peg jointed head, to be fully articulated as a ball-jointed one for a custom. Can someone do this for me or give me a tutorial on it if it isn't very hard?

update coming your way soon. Dav'sa arman out of his mandalorian armour.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Brent's Customs - Update 2/4-More KISS
« on: February 6, 2006, 10:31 PM »
oh, man! that is so cool!


 Info and a pic of the verpine shatter gun. as described in Hard Contact, it is a pistol; small and very delicate, but VERY powerful and very silent.

w00t! Could you hold on to a few stormies/ (and when you make them) aotc clones/ 300th boba fetts forme until march? Or do you just keep the molds and make them as you go? I'll have a specific number before the end of the week, as I leave for japan for two weeks on sunday if you need a specific amount.

 PS: Those stpormtrooper helmets look so well done! I just had to comment on them specifically because there's so muich room in them from what I can see and it still retains shape! wow!

Oooh cool!  They look awesome.

Would you by chance have any removable AOTC Clone helmets cast, or on the assembly line? 

 I second that question.

Please, PLEASE make more ardan torik photonovels! I'm dying to see what happens to him next!

is anyone willing to part with an EVOLUTIONS Darth Maul? I need his lower section/legs and pelvis specifically for a super-articulated endor trooper custom.

 Also, I'm looking for a SAGA endor troop jacket AND helmet

yeah, those trandos look AWESOME! They look as complete to me as they could ever be, in fact!

 I had the same thing happen to when I painted up a custom of mine. I had painted a mandalorian with metallic paint and wanted to seal it using dull cote, and it made the metallic paint run all over! It was a mess but it gave me an opportunity to repaint it :)

Along with everyone else, I never tire of seeing these!

 I have a suggestion though. How about trying a half-rotten clone corpse or perhaps a clone with part of his face blown off? You could dremel a section of the jango/clone head sculpt out and replace that area with a deadite skull (Although I wonder if such a gruesome thing would be allowed on these forums). Your dremeling skills look certainly up to it!

how about a cast of removable mandalorian helmets based off of the 300th boba fett sculpt? I can send in a 300th boba fett head if you do plan on making a mold of that.


 I had no idea how reflective the paint I used on dav'sa was until those close-up pics though. The green's reflected off of a lot of the helmet!

that is an INCREDIBLE a'sharad! I'm not too familiar with the story, but sharad and a'sharad hett are both interesting concepts as characters to me, plus your version of a'sharad looks quite accurate (well, from what I can tell)

the figure is indeed great and the articulation (save the legs) is great.

 Hey, Aeseven7; could I buy/trade the Ricky UK republic commando heads off of you?

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