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loose parts for sale or trade
« on: December 22, 2005, 11:33 PM »
Mon Calamri officer pistol
OTC Dagobah Luke upside down head
Anikan, child padawan cloak
Anikan, secret ceremony cloak
Obiwan, Geonosis pillar, both parts
Luke Skywalker blue lightsaber
Cantina band, 4 diff. instruments
8D8 droid brander, no base
Darth Vader interrogation droid with stand
AT-RT driver chest plate, small gun with strap, 2x missile launcher with missiles
Han Solo binders
Yoda Jedi council chair
Anikan Mustafar amputee, both left arms, both right arms, both heads, cloak
Palpatine head with straight neck post
Captain Antilles cape
Wattos box chair
Jabbas skiff rail
Clone commander 2x visor, rope with hooks, handle
Clone Pilot control arm
blue lightsaber, black handle
long cloth cloak
short cloth cloak

Shmi Sywalker flashback slide
Pote Snitken slide
Lak Sivrak slide
Ishi Tib slide
Anikan young jedi commtech

12 inch, rebel fleet blaster, mouse droid, tan vest
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