Author Topic: The Saga Collection Bib Fortuna  (Read 1523 times)

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The Saga Collection Bib Fortuna
« on: December 26, 2005, 02:36 PM »
One thing you should know if you plan to move to Northern Virginia: We never get the newest SW figures early. Two months late, usually. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to TRU, expecting to see ROTS Falcons and Mas Ameddas, but instead I saw 2 new Saga Collection figures, Bib Fortuna and Leia (Boushh).

Packaging: 5/5
I like the packaging, its a good cross between the Vintage packaging and the ROTS packaging. As some of you may know, the holo figure is located in the back of the cardback, and can bee seen through a small window.

Sculpt: 5/5
I thought the POTF2 sculpt of the good majordomo was dead-on, but this is that multiplyed by 1,000,000. The face sculpt is a subtle nod to Vintage collectors, as is sculpted with Bib's fangs bared, like the Vintage figure.

Articulation: 4/5
Ole' Bibbers has 9 POA. That's pretty good for a character that wasn't in many action sequences, and i'm happy with it.

Paint: 5/5
The paint on Mr.Fortuna is excellent, especially in the "armor" parts. The outer cloak looks a little more brown than the POTF2 version, and it seems more film accurate.

Accesories: 5/5
Bib includes:
-Dagger (Which fits most nicely in his sash)
-ROTJ Base
-And in my version, a holo Stormtrooper! My hologram Imperial army is practicely building itself.
The dagger is a nice sculpt, and features a two-tone paint job. Also, according to the Visual Dictionary, the dagger is film accurate. The holo Stormie is neat-o, but I wish he had a more neutral pose.

Price: 3/5
I had to shell out $7.99 at TRU for this, but hopefully it'll be cheaper other places.

Overall: 5/5
Bib is a great figure, and if you like obscure aliens, you'll like Bib.


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Re: The Saga Collection Bib Fortuna
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2005, 11:32 AM »
Nice review Hunter. I thnk my only gripe is articulation, which is annoying because I hate it when people complain about articulation. :P Given the figure and it's outfit, I realy should complain. He still looks nice and a thousand time better than his previous vesion, but all he can do is just stand there. Maybe we'll get a soft good VOTC version down the line. ;)
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Re: The Saga Collection Bib Fortuna
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2005, 03:50 PM »
just got mine yesterday.  "excellent" -Mr. Burns.  loving him much more then that POS POTF2 version.  my only gripe is he's a little too pink, at least on mine anyway.  but i'm sure i can fix that.  the POA doesn't bother me, but would've been nice if anything to use to customize with.  that's what i think about when it comes to a figure.  could/should i buy more then one to use for a custom?  the POA is a good determination factor in that.
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