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Are there any Vehicle Lines Scaled Somewhat Correctly?

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Obviously it doesn't (and probably can't really) happen in the basic Hasbro figure line, as much as we'd like it too...since ships like the Falcon, AT-AT, Star Destroyers, etc. would be ginormous.  I wasn't sure if this was the right area to post this or not, but I figured Titanium, Action Fleet, Micro, etc. were as close as we could get.  I was looking at the Titanium stuff the other day at Target, and was tempted to pick up the Death Star, but saw other ships that were the same size.  Basically, I was wondering if there has ever been a vehicle line like this that was in scale with each other (if that makes sense)?  A line where the Falcon, TIE, X-Wing, Death Star, and Speeder Bikes weren't all the same size, but scaled close to correctly with each other.  Kind of an odd ball question, I know, but I was just curious if we've seen anything like this.  It would be nice to set up a vehicle display where the ships could be proportional to each other, and maybe even dream of a scaled Death Star, even if the ships had to be smaller to accommodate that.  Anyways...long question short, are any lines even close?

Unfortunately, I think the answer is simply no.  The 3 3/4" line is probably the closest thing you'll get "to scale" since the Micro/Titanium lines are all designed to be the same size and throw scale out the window.  :-\

Darth Slothus:
Definately, when you consider that-- even in the ultra line, the ARC170 is so small compared to the tri fighter and others.

Unfortunately they are not scaled with each other. Hasbro somehow repeates the "mistakes" of Galoob by having a ship in certain dimensions in a box (Galoob also wasn't allowed to exceed some dimesions). ARC Fighter is too small for the Tri-Fighter.

Well, there is the Wizard's of the Coast minis line, actually.  Granted, it hasn't put out a lot of the larger ships yet that Brian mentioned above, but the ones it does put out are pretty spot on so far when it comes to scale.  I know they've done the AT-AT, AT-ST, and some of the smaller ships and speeders at this point, all to-scale.  I guess it's just a question of whether they add more new vehicles into the mix in the future, to round out the line.

They've got the upcoming Starfighters game, but I believe it's a stand-alone thing, and possibly/probably not compatible with their standard minis line, though it would be cool if it was.  BUT, that set is supposed to all be in scale with eachother, now that I think about it, and it's supposed to include pretty much EVERYTHING.  So that may be your best bet, if you're willing to tough the treacherous waters out that you'll encounter when it comes to completing sets from WOTC (blind boxes, Very Rares, rares, uncommons, commons, etc.)

I know I'll be picking it up since I generally dig collecting WOTC's Star Wars product.


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