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Are there any Vehicle Lines Scaled Somewhat Correctly?

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Jesse James:
I thought I'd bump this thread just because the new Minis starship battles game is to be in-scale with one another by ship class I do believe...  Not mixing classes though...  IE: an Executor Class Destroyer won't be in-scale with an Imperator/Imperial class Destroyer, but an X-Wing would be in line with at TIE Fight, etc...  Or at least that's the claim.  So far though I don't trust that 100% and think there will be scale screw-ups a-plenty.

I'm very curious to see the long awaited WOTC starships. From the pics we can see here some of the capital ships look really good, on the other hand some of the smaller fighters have that annoying warping effect due to the weak plastic

It's a shame that the original Micro Machines line wasn't scale correctly to eachother, that was one of the main reasons that the line didn't appeal to me.

Jesse James:
That's an interesting idea really Anton...  A line that does to-scale things only, and in relation to each other as well.  Fighters would be miniscule for instance, but a Death Star would be a fairly massive item (if even possible still, that one's tough to even fathom).  Still though, I could easily see capital ships with the teeny tiny fighters working out.  That'd be neat.

We just got into stock the Japanese F-Toys Vehicle Collection which are suppose to all be 1:144 scale. Besides the fact that they are all roughly the same scale, the level of detail is pretty amazing (especially considering the price). Here's an example:

I'm looking forward to getting in the 3rd series in the next couple weeks too. It has more starships like the X-Wing, B-Wing, A-Wing, and TIE Interceptor.


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