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WTT UGH Scorch New on Card
« on: April 27, 2006, 09:45 PM »
I saw this figure at Wal Mart and grabbed him, knowing that a lot of people seemed to be looking for this figure- so I kinda bought him specifically to trade with somebody. Ideally I'd like to trade him for one or more figures off my want-to-buy list. I'd rather not sell him because I'm not sure how well I could recieve payments, especially with no access to a credit card much less paypal account.

I'm not sure where to find any price guides, but this figure cost me about $7 w/tax new in store.

The figure is an Ultimate Galactic Hunt variation figure, with a silver Padme Amidala hologram figure. The Card is in okay shape but there's some kind of smeary lines on part of the bubble- they might be removeable, I'm not sure. The figure should look okay for wall displaying and is straight off the pegs at Wal Mart, and would also be perfect opened. I can ship the figure loose with all included items upon your request.

I have three feedback trading/buying here so far- not great, I know, but I figure anyone interested would also want some kind of credentials. If you'd like I could try to take a photograph of hte figure but I probably won't be able to do so in under a week partially due to a lack of any digital cameras around the house.

The rules I want to lay down for a trade from my end is this- I would like a figure off my want list for this, but two are preferred if it's a cheaper figure such as most POTF2s. Alternatively you could also offer some kitbash fodder that I'm looking for- but you must state exactly what it is you're trading.

If you have a figure you would be willing to trade that's on my want list, but it is more valuable than Scorch, I can include a money order worth the difference.

I also need some kind of credentials on your part- reputation around the forums, past feedback, or at the very least good eBay feedback. I'm pretty new at trading so far so I can understand perfectly what it's like being new, but all the more I also feel I need to be cautious. If you cannot supply any credentials, I will have to ask you to send your item(s) first and I will send the Scorch figure after I receive what you send- sorry.

I also retain the right to deny any trade offers I feel uncomfortable about for any reason. Sorry, I hope to take somebody up on an offer, but I need to point this out just in case.

As a bonus for the trade, I can include any two of these items upon request:

TSC Hologram figure Yoda (1 available)
TSC Hologram Figure Han Solo (1 available)

C3PO Pez Dispenser loose (2 available)
Chewbacca Pez Dispenser loose (2 available- these are the '90s type, not the newer ROTS ones with the better scultping)
Yoda Pez Dispenser new on damaged card- ROTS version (1 available)

GI Joe 2004 Sand Scorpion action figure from Valor vs. Venom 2-pack, loose with some accessories from the pack including all that were clearly his (the scorpion has a small superglue spot on the bottom; also, the head has been removed and reinserted via boil-and-pop, in an experiment to see how Joe head joints worked)

If this goes a few weeks without response I might withdraw it and just keep the figure, I guess, but I'd be a lot happier to have an item or two off my list instead.

Also, if this post doesn't comply with the rules of this forum, somebody tell me- I read the guide but I might've missed/forgotten something.
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Re: WTT UGH Scorch New on Card
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2006, 10:44 PM »
pm sent