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Haves and Wants 5/15/03
« on: May 15, 2003, 09:31 PM »
Updated with alot of older stuff not available anymore. Let me know if we can work a trade out.



          R2-Droid Factory Flight
          Silver R2
          Clean Shaven Rebel Soldier
          Christmas 2 Pack W/ C-3PO and R2
          Dooku-1st Version

Orange Carded POTF:


Green Carded POTF:

          Ceremonial Luke-Holo Sticker
          Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise-Color Photo
          Mail away-spirit of Obi-Wan

Freeze Frame:
          Hoth Leia

Shadows of the Empire:
          Boba Fett VS IG-88
          Darth Vader VS Xizor

Expanded Universe:
          Clone Emperor
          Luke Skywalker

Power of the Jedi:
          Bo Shek
Episode 1-
          Sio Bibble
          Naboo Royal Guard
          Sneak Previe Mace Windu
          S.T.A.P-Sneak Preview
          Final Lightsaber Duel(Tri-Logo)Obi Vs Maul
          Darth Maul W/Sith Speeder
          Queen Amidala(Coruscant)

Action Fleet:

          Death Star Playset
          Battle Packs-#3 Bantha - #4 Dewback
          Rebel Flight Control X-Wing
          Boba Fett's Slave 1

Action Fleet Transforming Playsets

          Vader's Lightsaber/Death Star Trench
          Luke's Binoculars/Yavin Rebel Base
          Boba Fett's Head/Cloud City

Darth Vader's Lightsaber(Orange Box)


          Theater Edition Luke(MOC Only)
          Imperial Shuttle(Loose is OK)
          Toy Fair Vader(Loose is OK)
          Jorg Sacul(MOC Only)
          Silver Boba Fett

Vehicles(Can Be Loose, but Complete)
          Naboo Royal Starship
          Vader's Tie Fighter
          Rebel Snowspeeder
          Tie Fighter
          Republic Gunship
          Naboo Fighter
          Podracer w/Anakin
          Podracer w/Sebulba
          Electronic FX X-Wing

Unleashed(Can Be Loose)
            Vader(New Sculpt)
            Leia Slave

Super Deformed(MIB Only)

12''(MIB Only)
              Electronic Boba Fett
              Electronic C-3P0 & R2
              Wedge & Biggs
              100th Edition Luke Skywalker
              Sith Lords 2 Pack
              Captain Tarpals & Kaadu
              Electronic Jango Fett

Beast Packs:(MIB Only)
              Bantha W/Tusken Raider
              Rancor W/Luke Skywalker
              Tauntaun W/Hoth Gear Solo

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