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The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:

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. . .Not having Chewie rip some poor clone's arms out of his sockets.

I was watching the new trailer for Lego Star Wars II, and Chewie's special attack is ripping arms from sockets, as one stormtrooper unfortunately discovers first-hand.

How cool would that have been in the movie?  Could have been a nice little moment of levity, done right around the scene where Yoda takes off, and it would have been another tie-in to the original trilogy, as George loves to do so much.  And it would have been right up there with Yoda whipping out his saber in Clones, as one of the biggest "fans go crazy" moments of the whole trilogy.

The largest missed opportunity in a series of missed opportunities.  Oh well.

Haha, that trailer was kind of funny.

I'm surprised they showed 2 lego minifigures making out...i thought those toys were directed towards kids! :o


Darth Broem:
I thought for sure Lucas was going to either have Chewbacca or another wookie rip a battle droid's arm out of it's socket in ROTS.  Instead we get the Tarzan yell again :(

I think the fact we never saw Qui-Gon's ghost.  How cool would it have been if he appeared to Anakin just before he wiped out all the Jedi at the Temple or perhaps just before running into the office to save Palpatine?

And the Lego Star Wars II trailer is pretty sweet!

The PT Holiday Special. :P


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